by cheebs!

She opened her eyes at the grinding of stone on stone, a sound she knew from playing in the old quarry as a child, and beheld an ever-narrowing stream of light.

It took every ounce of her resolve not to scream.

When all that remained were pinpoints, she listened but heard nothing beyond the echo of her own laboured breathing. Still she counted to one hundred before making her way to the side of the coffin, noisily throwing her torso from side to side in the inches of foul water and muck she'd landed in. She fell often but never stopped for long, going on by sheer refusal to admit defeat.

Upon reaching her destination, she began rubbing against the stones, hoping they might be rough enough to cut the rope. They were sharp enough to scrape her exposed skin, leaving patches raw and bloody, but the rope remained intact.

She sat as best she could on a pile of debris and leaned back against the wall, breathing hard, willing away the tears stinging her eyes. She'd been through worse; she could handle this. Even if it felt like every bone in her body was broken and she was weaker than any other time she could recall.

Unable to do anything but wait as her strength gradually returned, she sat and watched the pinpoints of light move, dim and finally vanish with night. Then fear truly set in, and she shook as things in the dark skittered and scratched. She prayed they were not her usual things.

At the first touch of coarse, wet fur against her flesh, she threw herself away from it. She landed on her side, screeching as bone ground against bone in multiple locations. In agony and exhausted beyond sleep, she lay in the muck and stared into nothingness as something slithered past.

Then the biting began. Sharp teeth nipped at her oozing wounds. She uttered something, muffled by the tape, and thrashed about in an effort to dislodge the vermin. It worked for a time. They quickly found she was unable to actually do anything to them and swarmed over her in earnest.

Were anyone near the well's sealed top, they would not have heard her stifled screams as she was eaten alive.

When at long last something crawled into her chest and began feasting on her heart, the ropes suddenly unknotted and fell.


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