For Truth And For Love
by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

"Jon, are you OK?" There was no reply so Richie repeated the question. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," came the mumbled reply.

Richie frowned. "Doesn't sound like nothing. He glanced back over his shoulder to where Alec, Tico and David were pouring over issues of playboy, peals of laughter in the air. "Come on and join in the fun. We've got playboy and it's not the same without you..." He offered.

Jon shook his head, still not looking up. "No thanks, don't really feel like it."

"You're turning down playboy? Wow!" Richie laughed despite himself. He stopped and took a good look at Jon. The singer was curled up on the seat, hair covering his face, staring out of the window. "What's wrong, Jon?" Richie asked as he sat down next to him, watching him carefully. "And don't say nothing. You know you can talk to me if you need to?"

Jon sighed and nodded. He pushed his hair back behind his ears and turned slightly to look at Richie. His blue eyes were tear-filled and the pure misery etched on his face broke Richie's heart. He wanted more than anything to reach out, cup his cheek and brush away the tears that were threatening to spill over and trail down Jon's cheeks. But he couldn't. Jon wasn't interested in him, not like that.

Jon took a deep breath before he spoke, voice quiet. "I love Dot," he smiled weakly. "You know that, yeah? She... she means everything to me, Richie. We've pretty much been together since high school. I can't imagine life without her, but... uhmm..."

Richie smiled softly. "But someone else has caught your eye." Jon nodded and blushed. "Oh, Jon... That's not a crime. It happens to everyone - you're in a relationship, not blind. It would only be wrong if... if you were serious enough about this other girl to cheat on Dorothea."

Jon shook his head. "No, never, I couldn't do that to her. I just..." He sighed and looked away again. "I just can't get him out of my head."

Richie's heart flipped at Jon's words. "H... Him? I didn't think that was your thing"

"It isn't. Or at least... I... I don't... I didn't... didn't think it was. I like girls. Hell, I...I love girls. Everyone knows that." Richie nodded even though Jon wasn't looking at him. "But this guy... I love being around him. He's funny, he's smart, he's good looking and, as soppy and girly as it sounds, he makes me feel good about myself."

Richie nodded, chewing thoughtfully on his top lip. "What are you going to do about him?" He asked carefully.

"Dunno." Jon shrugged. "Probably nothing."

"Why not?"

"I... I don't know how he feels about me." Jon shrugged again and ran his fingers through his hair. "What do I do, Richie?"

Richie took a deep breath. "Tell him," he suggested, praying that Jon was trying to say what he thought Jon was trying to say. Hoping against hope that Jon was talking about him.

Jon shook his head. "I can't. What if he doesn't like me? Hell, what if he does? What do I do then? And if he doesn't feel the same way, if... if he knocks me back... I don't think I could face him again." The tears overflowed, streaking their way down Jon's cheek. Jon reddened further and angrily swiped them away with the back of his hand.

It was now or never, Richie realised, leaning forward and kissing Jon lightly on the lips. He pulled back, nervously worrying his upper lip with his teeth, waiting for Jon's reaction.

A stunned expression wiped the fear from Jon's face as he brought his fingers up to touch his lips. Pushing his hair back from his face, he looked up at Richie, eyes shining with wonder, a thrilled smile tugging at his lips.

Richie sighed in relief, grin matching Jon's as he leaned forward again, cupping Jon's cheek in his hand, kissing him again; harder this time, his tongue slipping past his lips.

"He does like you. Lots." Richie whispered. "And you can believe me when I tell you he would never ever knock you back, would never want to hurt you." He glanced back over his shoulder, but the other three were still engrossed in their magazines. "We... We can't take this any further here, but..." He stood and started walking away. "Meet me in my room in five minutes and I'll show you how much he wants you. How much I want you."


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