A Night To Remember
by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

"If it isn't one damn thing, it's another," Keith muttered as his jacket got caught in the car door. He sighed and pulled it out, still grumbling under his breath as he walked into the hotel. "First Mickey's full of 'flu, then Bryan's dragged off do interviews. I haven't seen him all day, and only one kiss." He smiled at the memory of the goodbye kiss they shared that morning, fingers tracing his lips. "Great, and now I'm getting sentimental and even talking to myself." He shook his head with a wry smile as he opened the hotel room door.

He pushed the door shut behind him as he stepped into the room, but it didn't slam. He looked back over his shoulder at the door and narrowed his eyes. Why was there never a decent door to slam when you really wanted to? And why was it always so bloody hot in hotels? Stalking across the room, he pulled the drapes apart, opening the window the let some fresh air in.

He turned, sinking into one of the large chairs and resting his feet on the conveniently placed coffee table, he let out a sigh of contentment. Shifting slightly to get comfortable, he felt his eyes start to close as he relaxed, when a quiet noise filtered into his consciousness. A moan. A very familiar moan indeed.

Keith stood, a frown creasing his forehead. Quietly and carefully he made his way across the suite to where the bedroom door lay slightly ajar. He slipped in, half afraid of what he'd find, but what he saw took his breath away. The lights had been dimmed, flooding Bryan with pale light, as he lay there on the bed, completely naked and pleasuring himself.

Stumbling backwards Keith leaned against the wall, not daring to make a sound as he watched, unable to tear his eyes away from the vision in front of him. A familiar throbbing started between his legs as his own arousal grew, flooding Keith's body as his lover grew closer and closer to climax.

Biting down on his lip to stifle the groan he could feel at the back of his throat, Keith balled his hands into fists behind his back to stop himself from touching himself through his now very tight jeans. His elbow must have nudged the door as he moved because the door slid shut, this time making a noise as it connected with its frame. Keith winced; of all the times to find a door that did actually slam, now was probably the worst.

His eyes still didn't leave Bryan as the hand moving between his legs stilled, the sound registering in Bryan's brain. Ever so slowly Bryan opened his eyes, swallowing heavily. His eyes met Keith's across the room and he visibly relaxed, lips curving into a smile as he purred his lover's name. Shifting his position on the bed he arched his back, rolling his hips forward seductively.

"Do you like what you see?" Bryan's voice was hoarse with lust, sending a lightning bolt of desire through Keith.

Growling, Keith pushed himself up from the wall and stalked across the room. He crawled across the bed and leaned over Bryan. His hands on the pillow bracing himself, he bent down and, without touching Bryan, kissed him thoroughly.

Moaning into the kiss, Bryan wrapped his arms around Keith's shoulders, trying to pull him down but Keith pulled back. He unwrapped Bryan's arms and pinned them to the bed above Bryan's head. Breathing heavily he watched as Bryan blinked dazedly up at him, also catching his breath. Keith waited until he had Bryan's full attention before shifting to kneel outside Bryan's thighs, forcing his legs shut.

"What's the matter, Bryan?" Keith bent forwards, whispering in Bryan's ear. "Don't I do it for you any more? Do you need a little extra to get you going, is that what you were doing?"

Bryan shook his head in denial, struggling to free his hands from Keith's g rip, yet arching up against him at the same time in desperation. Rocking his hips up, Bryan fell back to the bed, crying out as the sensitive skin of his erection rubbed against the harsh denim of Keith's jeans. Wincing, Bryan's eyes closed and he missed the tremor that shook Keith's body at the contact and the look of lust that was plain on his face.

Keith changed position on the bed again, this time moving to lie next to Bryan, still holding the singer's wrists down. "Or were you thinking about me while you touched yourself, imaging it was my hands playing with you?" Bryan rolled his head to the side, eyes opening and pinning Keith with an intense gaze. His tongue flickered over his lips as Keith continued. "Because I've been thinking about you all day. Thinking about you and all the things I want to do you. Only, I find you doing it yourself. Couldn't you wait for me, Bryan?" He paused, raking his eyes over Bryan's naked taut form, smiling as his lover moaned his name. "Do you have any idea how hot you looked, with one hand pillowing your head, the other wrapped around your hard cock, as you worked to bring yourself off." Keith paused, shifting his hips to try to relieve the pressure on his own throbbing cock, moaning beneath his breath as he only managed to emphasize his own arousal. "How close were you, Bryan? Were you going to come with your hand on your cock and my name on your lips?"

Bryan gasped as a fresh wave of arousal washed over him, his breath quickening at Keith's words. His body tensed as he rocked his hips up. He was so close, so close. Just needed.... He moaned as Keith watched, still not touching him. His eyes slid closed and his bit down on his lower lip as he cried out, arching up into the empty air.

"Keith, please," he gasped. "I can't... I, I need... Oh, God, Keith..." Bryan's pleas trailed off into another moan as his legs scissored open and closed, desperate for something, for anything.

"What is it, Bryan?" Keith voice was low and had taken on a flirtatious tone that sent a shiver down Bryan's spine. "What do you need, baby?"

"You!" Bryan choked out around another moan. "I need...Oh, God... I... I need to come!"

Keith grinned. "Not yet, Bryan. Not 'til I say you can." Bryan's eyes snapped open and he shook his head. Keith nodded. "Yes," he replied, leaning forward to whisper in Bryan's ear. "You've had your fun and now it's my turn." He bit down on Bryan's earlobe hard enough to bring tears to Bryan's eyes as he pulled away. He released his grip on Bryan's wrists and slid off the bed, facing the window.

"Keith?" Bryan started to sit up, stretching his arms.

"Lie back down," Keith instructed, turning around. Bryan sighed, but complied, chewing on his lower lip in anticipation. "Spread your legs and place your hands back above your head."

Catching Bryan's eyes with his own, Keith started to slowly unbutton his shirt, hands skimming over his chest as it was uncovered. Bryan broke eye contact and swallowed hard, eyes following Keith's hand as he pinched his nipples. Keith moaned, his shirt falling to the floor as his hands played over his chest, teasing his nipples to hardness.

His hands clutching at the pillow beneath his head, Bryan squirmed. He was breathing heavily as he resisted the urge to grab Keith, throw him to the bed and fuck him senseless. But there was a greater part of him that wanted to see this through, play this game that Keith had started.

As though reading Bryan's mind, Keith slid his hands down to rest on the waistband of his jeans, smirking at the needy mewls escaping Bryan. Kicking his sneakers off with a thud, his jeans and boxers landed on the floor with his shirt.

He climbed back onto the bed, lying on his side facing Bryan, one hand propping his head, the other slowly stroking his erection. Bryan whimpered and screwed his eyes shut, turning his head away; he was so turned on, the last thing he wanted to see was Keith pleasuring himself.

"Bryan, look at me," Keith asked quietly. "Please?"

There was a pregnant pause, neither man moving for long moments. Keith winced; had he pushed Bryan too far? Just as Keith was about to sit up and end this, Bryan rolled his head back, slowly opening arousal-dilated eyes.

"I could see you as you touched yourself, Bryan. Just like you can see me now. Lying with your legs spread wide, one hand pillowed behind your head. Your damp hair sticking to your scalp, those gorgeous eyes closed, lip sucked into your mouth as you tried to keep quiet. But it didn't work, I could still hear you. Whimpering and moaning." Keith's voice grew breathless as he continued to stroke his cock, bringing himself closer and closer to the edge. "I could see your hand wrapped around your cock, but you'd been teasing your nipples. They're all tight and straining for attention, goose bumps trailing down your chest and stomach, showing me where your fingers traveled. And do you know what I want to do, Bryan? I want to take your lip into my mouth and suck it for you, to kiss you hard. I want to knock your hands away and touch you, feel your cock beneath my fingers. I... I want to make you come, Bryan." Keith broke off, panting, his hips pumping hard as his orgasm tingled at the base of his spine. "Oh, God, I'm gonna come, Bryan. Can you feel it, baby? Ice and fire running through your veins."

Bryan growled and grabbed Keith, rolling him onto his stomach and guiding him to his knees. Pressing a kiss to the back of Keith's shoulder, Bryan grabbed the lube from the bedside locker. He shuddered as he coated his cock, cool fingers running over fevered flesh.

He gently slid his cock into Keith, and, meeting no resistance, pulled nearly all the way out before thrusting back in again. He set a fast pace that brushed over Keith's prostate with every stroke and quickly brought both men to completion, one of Bryan's hands curled around Keith's cock.

Bryan slumped down next to Keith, their fingers lightly tangled together, both gasping for air as they caught their breath.

"Where... Where did that come from?" Bryan wanted to know.

"I don't..." Keith shook his head. "I'm not sure." He turned his head to face Bryan, searching his eyes, "You liked it, though?"

Bryan nodded slowly, a slow smile spreading across his face. "I'm not sure. I think so, but... Perhaps we should try again, just to be certain."

"What? Now?"

"Why not? Unless, of course you feel too old for round two..." Bryan suggested lightly, fingers tracing random patterns over Keith's chest.

"Old?" Keith's eyes narrowed as he rose to Bryan's challenge. "I'll show you old," he threatened, laughing as he rolled on top of Bryan, their hips grinding against each other's as their lips met in a searing kiss.


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