by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

"I may have been watching many things tonight, JB, but my television wasn't one of them." Richie grabbed Jon's arm as he stepped into the room, pulling him close before he had chance to turn the lights on.

Kicking the door shut, Richie pushed Jon up against it. He grabbed fistfuls of Jon's hair and held him still as his tongue plundered the other man's mouth. Jon moaned and wrapped his arms around Richie, returning the kiss with the same fervour.

Without breaking the kiss, Jon moved them backward, pushing against Richie until they fell onto the bed.

"Not that I'm complaining Richie, but what are you doing here?" Jon whispered against Richie's lips.

"Kissing you." Came Richie's reply, his lips sealing over Jon's again. Jon whimpered, fingers tangling in his lover's hair as he lay down on top of Richie, their legs entwined together. Panting hard, Jon threw his head back and rocked against Richie, lust coursing through him. "Oh no you don't!" Richie muttered and rolled them over so he was on top. He squeezed Jon's legs together with his thighs, pushing him down on the bed. Jon moaned and arched up against Richie, their lips meeting again.

Breaking the kiss, Richie licked and sucked his way down Jon's throat, sucking on the pulse point hard enough to mark him. Jon groaned, grabbing Richie and pulling him back up to kiss him hard.

"Richie... He whispered, thrusting up against him, their bodies rubbing against each other. "Please..."

Laughing breathlessly, Richie ripped Jon's t-shirt off him, dropping it to the floor. He ran his eyes over Jon, grinning when the singer squirmed on the bed. He swept his hands across Jon's chest, playing with his nipples, then down over his rippling stomach. His tongue followed the same path, worshipping and teasing Jon until he was writhing on the bed.

"Need you so fucking bad," Richie muttered, unzipping Jon's jeans and pulling them down his legs. Jon groaned and pulled Richie back up, his tongue pushing past Richie's lips.

"My turn" Jon flipped them over so that he was lying on top of Richie. He pressed kisses all along Richie's jaw as his fingers got to work unbuttoning his shirt and pushing it off his chest. He grinned and ran his fingers down Richie's sides. Richie laughed and pushed Jon's hands away, his own hands sliding down to cup the younger man's ass. Jon lay forward on top of Richie, fingers clumsy as he reached between them to unbutton Richie's jeans. Richie lifted his hips up as Jon peeled the jeans down Richie's legs, his hands sweeping down his legs, Richie jerking under his touch. Jon laughed. "Look at you," he breathed. "Want you, Richie..."

"C'mere you," Richie whispered, his lips catching Jon's as he rolled them over so he was on top again. "Want you so much, Jon. Want to touch you, want to taste you." He kissed his way down Jon's body, holding his hands to the bed as he nuzzled his balls, lathing them with his tongue. Jon swore and thrust up, fingers tightening into fists on the sheets as Richie's hands moved to hold his hips down.

Jon called out Richie's name in a strangled cry as his cock was engulfed by the guitarist, teeth scraping gently along the underside, before Richie pulled back, swirling his tongue around the head. Jon whimpered and tried to thrust up but Richie held him tight against the bed. Slumping back to the bed, Jon reached up, fingers tangling in Richie's hair as he chanted his name in a mantra. Chest heaving as he struggled to draw oxygen in, Jon could feel his orgasm tingling in his spine, rushing up and down his nerves.

"Richie... oh God, please... Please... so fucking close, Richie. Gonna come... gonna oh... " His voice trailed off into long-drawn out moan - a moan that turned into a whine as Richie pulled up, kissing him. Jon whimpered as he tasted himself on Richie's lips. He wrapped his arms around his lover, rubbing against his hip, desperate to finish off. "Richie...."

Richie groaned, his hips rocking back against Jon, whimpering as their cocks brushed over each other. "Need you Jon. Want to feel you.... Inside me... please... "

Jon groaned, a shudder of lust wracking through him. "Oh... Richie... uhh.... " He captured Richie's lips under his, fingers tangling in his dark hair, holding his head still as he plundered his mouth with his tongue. "Yes... Oh God..." He hissed, fingers sliding down to play with Richie's balls, one finger sliding slowly into him.

"Jon...." Richie grunted, spreading his legs wider as Jon pushed a second finger into him. "Oh, fuck... feels so good."

Jon laughed and kissed Richie. "If my fingers feel that good, babe, imagine how good it'll feel when my cock's inside you."

"Damn tease," Richie ground out, bending his knees when Jon encouraged him to. "Do it, Jon. Fuck me. Need you so bad. Now, please..."

Jon swallowed hard, Richie's words shooting straight to his cock. He groaned and leaned forward, kissing Richie hard as he pushed slowly and gently. "So tight, Richie... Love you."

"Love you, Jonny... uhh... " Richie collapsed back against the pillows as Jon pulled out before pushing back in again. "More... please... need you, babe." He reached up, pulling Jon's head down to deepen the kiss, fingers twisting in his hair.

Jon grunted and obliged, speeding up his thrusts and he leaned forward, sealing his lips over Richie's. His hand snaked between them and circled Richie's cock, pumping him in time with his thrusts.

Richie tensed on the bed, eyes shut, mouth open in a silent scream as Jon's cock brushed over his prostate, white lightening shooting through him. He shuddered as his orgasm hit him hard, Jon coming at almost the same time, crying Richie's name as he collapsed down on his chest.

Still breathing heavily, Richie wrapped his arms around Jon and pressed a gentle kiss to his sweaty head. Jon sighed contentedly and snuggled closer.

"Gonna sticky..." he mumbled and lifted his head. He reached for the box of tissues on the bedside table, wiping the come from his chest and hand. He dropped the box and the dirty tissues on the floor and pulled the sheets up around them, lying back down on Richie again, their fingers tangling together. "Missed you," he told Richie, kissing him softly.

"Missed you too, Jon. Couldn't stay away, had to see you."

"Glad you did," Jon smiled through a yawn. "Love you, Richie." Jon whispered.

"And I love you," Richie told him, smiling fondly as Jon's eyes drifted closed as he fell asleep.


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