Tricky Witches
by Twinkledru J.

I wonder if it was all just a trick from the beginning, if she just used the guy to get what she wanted like she used me. It seems like a lot of trouble to have gone through when she probably had enough magick to do it on her own, but mine is not to question the ways of humans. I just grant their wishes.

See, what happened was that Willow started seeing this guy. She said she just wasn't sure what she wanted anymore, and and maybe she'd try guys again. Except of course, being Willow, she couldn't just come right out and say that. First there were the big doe eyes, and then the hints, and then the roundabout discussions, and then the inevitable group hug.

I thought it all seemed a little silly and naive, but hey, that's Willow for you.

So, then this guy -- god, I can't even remember his name...did she ever even tell us his name? Anyway. This guy dumped her, and Willow came into the shop crying and weeping and told me about how mean he'd been and how she'd come in and found him with another girl and I got so mad for her. Because I know how that is. Men are silly little children inside, even sillier than Willow, although sometimes I think it's impossible for anyone to be sillier then Willow. But then I look at Xander and hey, I don't wonder anymore.

So we were sympathizing together, and bitching about Buffy and Xander and how they really were getting on everyone's nerves with the awkward cuteness (never mind that that was Willow and Tara back in the day), and me and Willow got drunk. And there might have been some physical closeness, and some meaningful eye contact, and then some more physical closeness.

At any rate, later on, Willow looks at me, all teary-eyed and depressed, and says "You know what?"

And, because I am infinitely stupid and was drunk and couldn't see it coming, say "What?"

And she says "None of this would ever have happened if Tara hadn't died. I wish I could go back and just keep Tara in bed for a few more minutes."

What I wanted to do was to laugh in a carefree and gently scornful manner, and say "Oh, nice try sister," and get back to that alcohol, and possibly some more of the physical closeness.

But the rules were the rules, and she had made her wish and she had been spurned, so instead, I could say was "Granted."


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