by TaleWeaver

I've already met my daughter's future husband. I met him some time ago, but I've only just realized that he will eventually marry Sydney.

Michael Vaughn. My daughter's handler, not her lover - yet.

Less than two minutes after I met him, I knew he was in love with her. I was torn between being terrified that his feelings would cause Sydney's unmasking - even her death - and being glad that the person who affects her most in the CIA will have more incentive than anyone to keep her safe.

Sydney's mother killed his father. The irony of life never ceases to astonish me. If Sydney finds Irina, I think she will eventually offer Vaughn the chance to kill her to avenge his father. I think - I pray - that he loves Sydney more than his vengeance. Not like Daniel Hecht.

I checked out Hecht thoroughly, but background checks don't tell you everything. I found out what I really needed to know in that single phone call. My God, he actually asked my permission to marry Sydney, and then stood there and took my condemnation. It only confirmed my judgement when he talked about Sydney's job. After the obvious precautions she took in discussing it, he left a message on the machine! He wasn't strong enough or smart enough to guard her back, or even keep up with her. Not for a lifetime.

Michael won't ask my permission, he will inform me of his intentions, because he has excellent manners. Sydney's is the only opinion that matters to him; that is as it should be.

My guess is that Michael will become a permanent fixture in her bed within a week of the destruction of SD-6; once SD-6 is brought down, Sydney won't wait a second longer than she has to, to become his and to make him hers.

"Sure, I'll help you break into the Vatican."

Such an odd phrase, to cement such a love. I wonder if Sydney realizes that she offered him a lifetime commitment - in one form or another - with her question. I wonder if Michael realizes that he accepted her offer, and gave her his own commitment in return with his answer.

Do either of them even realize that they are in love, and are loved in return?


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