by Francis

She sat in front of her computer and she was bored.

Willow had to admit that even a computer-friendly soul like her sometimes find themselves in front of their computer without a clue of what they were doing there in the first place. On Willow's part she was waiting for Tara to get home from the "Magic Shop", which is their code word for the Sex Shop. Their supplies of sensual body lotion had thinned and it was time to stock up for another month of sack-rolling fun.

She checked her e-mail, which mostly came from Cordelia reporting the events of the week in full detail. Sitting their and reading her latest report Willow wondered what might have been if she and Cordelia had hooked up. Of course, that meant that it would have happened back in high school. Sometimes she pictured herself cuddling next to her, and she found the feeling it evoked in her to be blissful.

The Wiccan knew, of course that these were normal thoughts for her to have. She'd bet that Tara was having fantasies like that as well, maybe instead of her , it'd be Buffy, Anya, and maybe, even Faith. Truth was she herself had these thoughts.

It's normal, she said and moved on to the next mail still form Cordelia. Soon she found that she needed a break from all the demon-slaying reporatge, she clicked onto a new browser window and went straight to a search engine called Google.

She had done it a million times before, she typed her name and Tara's onto the search function box and sent the program through. A second later she could not believe her eyes, what once came out a just a host of links to web-pages about trees came back with links to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which was listed as a science-fiction/fantasy show.

"What the..?" she asked a little confused to no one. If Tara was there then she could easily verify she was just imagining it. Trembling she rolled her cursor over the link and clicked. Her machine whirred and purred and the site came out. It was true, there was their pictures on the website. Day and time of airing was listed and the logo of the UPN Network proudly there.

"This must be a joke, we're airing on UPN?" she said shocked but realized soon enough that the new Star Trek series was also there, it wasn't bad company. Even with those thoughts she knew that this was a prank Tara had set-up.

She clicked and clicked for what seemed to be hours, downloading pictures of herself and Tara and the gang. Willow also found hundreds upon hundreds of links to a show about Angel. She knew that somehow this was the work of some demon that was taking over the Internet to expose them.

Joss Whedon, she remembered the name and was determined to look him up.


Tara arrived much later than expected as she bumped into a few of the members of the Wicca group she and Willow joined two years earlier. She had a difficult time explaining to them what she was doing in the sex shop, though they had a pretty good idea from the off-set.

She found Willow skimming through leafs of computer printout, looking thoroughly lost and disheveled< she looked up at her and smiled a weak smile. "What's wrong?" she asked Willow, holding her lover's head next to her heaving chest.

"Someone's watching us," Willow whispered in a conspiratorial whisper. "I don't know how, But they're watching everything we do."

"Who's watching us!" Tara said alarmed but with the same whisper. "Everyone. There's this guy Joss Whedon, he tapes us, all of us and then he sells our story to the UPN Network."

Tara looked at Willow cautiously, she suspected that someone might have hexed her girlfriend through the web. It was something a powerful witch at her level could do. "Calm down," she hushed. "No one's watching us."

"Yes, they are. They're even doing things to us," Willow pulled away form Tara's embrace and took a sheaf of paper about half-an-inch thick and handed it to her. "They're even making fanfiction about us."

The blonde Wiccan laughed. Fanfiction was something she and Willow enjoyed writing and reading. They had published a few dozen slash stories about Xena and Star Trek under their shared nom de plume. Once they even wrote themselves into the Xenaverse and had a blast doing it. "They're probably just writing a sequel to our Xena fanfic."

"No, no they're not. It's really us, you and me and everyone else I know," Willow was almost on the verge of tears. Tara took the printouts to calm her down. She took a peek at the top paper and found the strangest thing there. Written there were the words 'Willow/Tara'.

She read further on:

"Title: Going Down "Author: Dyn "Rating: NC-17 "Summary: Simply put; Willow goes down on Tara.

"Tara giggled as Willow pushed her tongue in and around her warm and wet core. She moaned loudly as the redhead flicked her tongue on the swollen nub of her clit.

"'Oh Willow, eat me more', she gasped. Willow who is the better lover obliges."

Tara looked down on Willow, her face pale with fear and confusion. "Di...did..did you write this?"

"No, I didn't!" still in whisper. "And there's more, not just you and me, but all of us. Me and Spike. Me and Angel. Me and Giles. You and Faith. You and Dawnie. Us and Buffy," Willow paused for breath. "We're in a television called Buffy the Vampire Slayer!"

"Show me."

"What? Show you what?"

"The website where you got this?" Tara commanded. Willow suddenly felt better knowing that someone else believed her. She reached for her laptop and typed in the on her browser. A few seconds later, the site came up, far different from what Willow had seen only an hour earlier. The domain name was still for sale.

"I don't understand," Willow said. "It was here, I clicked on all the links that was how I found those fanfics," she pointed at the stories had in her hand. She leafed through them and they were still there alright.

She read another one:

"Title: Buffy's New Circle "Author: Monique "Rating: NC-17 "Summary: Buffy forgets Riley by joining Willow and Tara in spell-casting."

"Are you sure you didn't write these, unconsciously?" Tara wondered,

"Are you saying that I made it all up?" Willow looked as if someone had smacked her in the face.

"I'm sorry, Willow, it's just that I think of other people sometimes too. And it's good that you're fleshing it out on your writing."

"Tara, you have to believe me, there is a show. We are the show," Willow pleaded. Tara moved towards her lover and held her face in her hands.

"Of course we are, we're beautiful Will. If it's true, then don't we owe our audience that we be happy," she slid the word 'if' in for her own protection. She bent down and kissed her furiously. "We need to be very happy," she smiled when they pulled up for air.

Willow forgot everything momentarily, she raised Tara's skirt and slid down her panties and just like in the fanfic about them:

"Tara giggled as Willow pushed her tongue in and around her warm and wet core. She moaned loudly as the redhead flicked her tongue on the swollen nub of her clit.

"'Oh Willow, eat me more', she gasped. Willow who is the better lover obliges."


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