Come On, Everybody
by Embitca

It was an ambush, plain and simple. They were all waiting for him when he got to Lance's hotel room, like animals past their feeding time and very, very hungry. And Justin was the kibble.

JC started in on him first. "I should have known your showing up on TRL the day after my appearance was all about grandstanding and pushing your way into my limelight."

Justin's eyes bugged out slightly at that. "But, JC, you wanted me there. I voted for you! I ran the phone lines!"

"Well, you should have said no. You can't expect me to know what's best. I wear rainbows, for crying out loud! And they frequently clash!"

And then Joey started in on him. "You never came to see me in Rent. You're so unsupportive, Justin. It's always all about you, isn't it?"

Justin stuttered. "J-Joey? I came to see you! What are you talking about? I came backstage with JC, opening night, remember?"

Joey balked at that, but recovered quickly. "But that was just the once, just once you came to see me and all those times you were in New York. You just coulda been more supportive, man. I don't know what's got into you."

Justin looked around the room for support, hoping against hope either Lance or Chris would come to his rescue, but Lance was just nodding his head in approval and Chris was clearly winding up to deliver his own speech.

Chris got right in his face and started ranting, "I don't know why I'm mad at you, Justin, but I know you owe me an apology for something! Inconsiderate fuck!"

Justin just stood there with his mouth hanging open. This was all a bit mind-boggling and he had no idea what to make of it and he was suddenly noticing that his friends, his BEST friends, appeared to be closing in on him. Chris was the first to grab his arm. "Guess what, Jup? It's payback time!"

Joey came up behind him and grabbed him by the hair. "Yep, time to get Dirrty!" Joey yanked painfully on Justin's hair until he was bent backwards and the only way he could accommodate the position without breaking his back was to sink to his knees.

Once he was on the floor, JC just stood in front of him, gnawing on a fingernail and looking really pained about it all. Justin wanted to apologize immediately (for what, he didn't know), but he didn't get the chance. When the three pairs of pants in front of him suddenly unzipped, the idea of an apology just sort of flew from his mind to be replaced by "Huh?"

The "Huh" was quickly followed by a very loud gulp (and possibly some panting and drooling) as three impressive penises (and he swears he's never seen them before! honest!!) were displayed in front of him. He tried to back up quickly because the three hard cocks were close enough to smack his face and possibly dislocate his jaw, but Joey was too quick for him and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Justin forward until he was very close to the fat cock Joey was stroking with his other hand.

Some attention to his peripheral vision indicated that Joey wasn't the only one pounding his dick and then the only sound in the room was the sound of skin on skin and the occasional moan and once or twice he thought he heard, "Fucking Timberlake," but he couldn't be sure because the blood pounding against his ears made it difficult for him to hear anything at all.

And really, all his attention was wrapped up in his visual sense as he watched fluid drip from the head of Joey's cock. Justin licked his lips and glanced up at Joey just as Joey grimaced quietly and spewed a load of spunk all over Justin's face, splashing it onto his lips and cheeks and enough landing in his eyes to make him blink rapidly and then decide to shut them tight to avoid the sting. He gurgled a bit, stunned by the blast into his face. (Although, honestly, what else could he have been expecting?)

Joey edged slightly out of the way after zipping up his pants. JC moved into his vacated spot and clamped strong fingers around Justin's jaw before Justin could pull away. "Shh, don't move."

JC stroked his cock directly over Justin's face, almost close enough for Justin to lick, but not quite, so he remained still while JC masturbated above him. Joey had jerked off onto Justin quickly, but JC took his time about it and when he was ready to spill, he cupped Justin's chin lightly and tilted it so he could come directly on Justin's mouth and cheeks, careful to avoid his hair and eyes. Justin licked his lips and shuddered lightly, wanting to take JC in his mouth, but JC was already tucking himself in and moving out of his reach.

Chris had been standing to the opposite side of JC and moved in closer as soon as JC took his cock out of the way. As Justin turned to look at him, Chris ran fingers down his right cheek, trailing a path through the two loads of semen which were sticky and wet on his face, and then slid his fingers into Justin's mouth. Justin moaned and sucked as Chris started to rub his cock furiously. When Justin caught the tempo of Chris's movement and changed the rhythm of his sucking to harmonize with it, Chris's breath caught in his throat, his hand stuttered and then a third load of semen was joining the other two on Justin's face.

Justin sobbed briefly when Chris removed his fingers from his mouth. After Chris had fixed himself in his pants, he just stood there and stared at Justin for a moment and then he smiled, "Fucking Timberlake," and ran a finger lightly over Justin's brow before walking away.

For a moment, Justin closed his eyes and gave in to his frustration as shudders wracked his body. When he opened his eyes again, he was alone in the room with Lance. Justin was about to wipe his face with his sleeve when Lance said, "Don't touch it." Justin froze, then dropped his hand to his side and just looked at Lance, waiting.

Lance picked up the digital camera that was sitting on the table and then walked over to Justin while he turned it on and made some sort of adjustment to it. When he caught Justin eyeing him curiously, he said "Red eye reduction" and then held the camera in front of him and took Justin's picture, using the LCD screen to focus his shot. Justin stopped breathing during the time it took for Lance to snap a few more pictures from different angles.

When Lance was done he slid the camera into his back pocket and then he unbuttoned his jeans, making Justin moan. Lance paused and grinned, "You can jerk yourself off now."

Justin didn't waste any time, quickly unzipping his pants. As he was pulling his cock out, already hard, Lance stepped up in front of him and laced his hands through Justin's hair. "And while you're stroking yourself, I'm going to fuck your mouth." Then he pushed Justin's face back so Justin was looking up at him. Justin gasped and said, "Yes," and then pursed his lips into a tight circle around Lance's cock as Lance slid into his mouth.

Lance held his head steady in his hands as he rocked deep into Justin's mouth. Justin felt the cum on his face slide against Lance's pelvis and then he choked slightly. Lance quickly adjusted his depth to keep him from gagging. After that, Lance kept a steady rhythm into Justin's mouth as Justin furiously worked his own cock which had been erect from the moment Joey had first grabbed his hair.

When Justin felt himself getting closer to orgasm, he closed his eyes and moaned around the cock in his mouth, but Lance pulled on his hair and said, "Look at me."

Justin opened his eyes again and flicked his gaze up at Lance who smiled fiercely and said, "God, J, you look so fucking hot like this. I don't want you to come yet."

Justin nodded slightly and then slowed his hand down, concentrating instead on the feel of Lance filling his mouth and the sticky feeling of cum drying on his face. He ran his palm over the head of his cock, spreading the pre-cum about before he started stroking the shaft again, slower this time while he waited for Lance's next move.

Lance pumped into his mouth several more times, lengthening the stroke a bit more each time until he was just hitting the back of Justin's throat with his final few strokes. Justin teared up and gagged briefly on the final thrust, but then Lance pulled out of his mouth and said, "I'm going to come all over your face like the others."

Lance proceeded to beat off hard, gasping instructions as he worked his cock up close to Justin's face. "Stick your tongue out for me, yeah." Lance's hand slid down to the back of Justin's neck, just holding him lightly, and then he said, "Make yourself come."

Justin immediately started pumping his own cock hard with his fist and he felt his balls tighten with his impending orgasm. Lance aimed his release at Justin's mouth and all over Justin's face as he emptied himself with a few short final strokes. Justin tasted the bitter flavor on his tongue and swallowed convulsively before he shuddered with his own orgasm, spending himself all over his hands and the hotel carpet.

Finished and suddenly exhausted, Justin bent his head down, resting it against the side of Lance's leg, who was still standing over him and lightly massaging the nape of his neck. After a minute or two, Justin took several deep breaths and then rubbed his face along Lance's pant leg in order to get most of the muck off of him. He looked up and grinned when he heard Lance laugh and say, "Asshole."

"How'd you convince everyone they were mad at me?"

Lance's lips curved upwards slowly, pleased with himself. "I mentioned something about that crack you made to Blender, then one thing led to another and they were all furious. It was easy enough to steer the revenge in an appropriate direction."

Justin laughed. "I fear you." Then he ducked his head down and spoke to the floor. "You know that line didn't really come out the way I intended."

Lance sighed and said quietly, "I know."

Justin looked up at him again then. "Were you pissed at me?"

Lance snorted. "Pfft, don't be stupid." Then he reached a hand out and helped Justin get to his feet. "How's the foot?"

Justin stepped on it gingerly and then walked around the room a bit. "A little sore, but it's fine." He headed to the bathroom to clean himself up, but then thought of something else and stopped. "So what are you gonna do with those photos?"

Lance smirked. "I'm going to Photoshop them until they look fake and then I'm going to post them to the JJB."

Justin just shook his head and said, "Hmm, well make sure you print me a set of the originals," and then walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. He heard Lance's laugh through the door just as he reached the sink.


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