Wheel Of Fantasy
by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

Richie woke with a gasp. Jon was kissing him and he was stroking his cock, hand inside his boxers. He wrapped his arms around his lover, pulling him closer, his lips pliant beneath Jon's.

Jon smiled, running his tongue over Richie's lips before pulling back, running the backs of his fingers down Richie's cheek. "Morning."

"Hey," Richie returned the smile with a yawn. "I could get used to being woken up like that."

A faint blush crept over Jon's cheeks as he lay on his side next to Richie, fingers trailing over his chest. The blush faded, replaced by a slow grin, lips placing a kiss on one nipple. "Happy Valentine's Day, baby." Jon rolled onto his back and folded his hands behind his head, his grin turning cheeky as he watched Richie's reaction.

Richie's eyes roamed appreciatively over Jon's naked body. Mostly naked, he amended, trying not to laugh at the ribbon and bow tied around Jon's erection. "Is this my present?" He asked running one finger along the underside of Jon's cock. A whimper and a nod was his only reply. "I wonder what it is," he mused, leaning forward to kiss Jon, his tongue pushing past his lips. Jon groaned, shifting position to wrap his arms around Richie, their erections rubbing against each other as he moved.

"And what do I get to do with my present?" Richie mused aloud, somewhat breathlessly. He ran his finger down Jon's stomach and around his belly button, chuckling when the singer jerked beneath him.

"Anything you like." Jon smiled, wriggling against Richie, pulling him down for another kiss.

Richie quirked an eyebrow. "Anything?" he repeated. "Absolutely anything." He grinned. "I like the sound of that," he decided, pulling the cotton belt from the bathrobe that was on the floor beside the bed. He dangled the material along Jon's stomach, trailing it up over his chest. Jon giggled, eyes widening when he saw what Richie had in his hands. Meeting Richie's eyes, he nodded once, almost imperceptibly. Richie grinned, pulled Jon's hands from behind his head and wrapped the belt around his wrists, tying the other end to the headboard securely but loose enough for Jon to pull free if he wanted to.

Jon tugged lightly against his restraints, whimpering softly. He felt himself grow even harder, his breath quickening. "Oh God, Richie..." He trailed off as Richie leaned over him, taking something out of the bedside locker. Richie showed Jon the sleep mask and Jon groaned as Richie slipped it over his head, shutting off his vision.

"How's that, baby?" Richie asked, leaning over and kissing Jon but pulling away before the singer could deepen the kiss. He laughed at Jon's mewl of need and the way he rolled his hips up. "Got a few more surprises for you yet, Jonny," he told him, standing up off the bed.

Jon licked his lips in anticipation, head cocking to the side as he tried to hear what Richie was doing. Drawers slid open and closed, a suitcase was unzipped and then the bed dipped as Richie sat back down again.

"Spread your legs." He instructed, grinning broadly when Jon complied. Richie shifted, settling down between Jon's legs. He ran his hands along Jon's thighs, the muscles twitching under his touch. Jon moaned and Richie felt himself hardening at the sound. He covered two of his fingers with lube, sliding them slowly into Jon. The singer gasped, arching up into the sensation, hands clutching at the material around his wrists. Richie teased Jon with his fingers long enough to loosen him up, before pulling out and lubing up a dildo. The cool metal against his fevered skin made Jon cry out, throwing his head back against the pillow.

"Ahh... Richie... Wha...?"

Richie kissed him quiet. "You'll see," he told him. He slid the dildo all the way in, and pulled it out again, repeating the action until Jon was writhing on the bed, arching his hips up. Although Jon couldn't see, Richie grinned as he flipped a switch on the bottom of the dildo and it started vibrating gently. Jon swore and Richie increased the power of the vibrations. He moved the dildo slightly, positioning it so that it rested against Jon's prostate, the vibrations driving him crazy.

Panting heavily, Jon pumped his hips rapidly, desperately slamming back down on the dildo. He was gonna come, he could feel it boiling in this stomach, racing through his veins. He was so close, so close, so...


Richie chuckled, and pulled the dildo out, turning it off. He slid it back into Jon, but not deep enough to bring him off.

He leaned over, kissing Jon hard. "Not yet, baby. You're going to be begging me by the end of the morning," he promised, running his hands down Jon's sides, making him squirm and arch up against him. Richie moved to lie next to Jon on the bed, pulling a square box from on top the cupboard.

Jon shook his head, scissoring his legs. He rocked his hips, trying to push himself back down on the dildo, but couldn't get enough stimulation. "Rich, please..." he moaned, tugging on his bonds, but not hard enough to free himself.

A sharp smack to the inside of one thigh stopped him straight away. Richie's fingers slid around the dildo and he wiggled it gently. "Stay still or this comes out. Be a good boy." Jon whimpered once but forced himself to lie still and wait for Richie. "I think you're going to enjoy this," Richie told him, dipping his fingers into a pot of chocolate sauce. He pressed his finger against Jon's lips, a shudder running through him as Jon's tongue darted out, swirling around the digit and licking the sauce off.

"Hmm... chocolate," Jon licked along the length of Richie's fingers, sucking it gently into his mouth.

Richie groaned, his eyes sliding closed and his arousal growing as Jon's skilful tongue worked his finger. "Jon, stop, please..." He forced himself to pull away, biting down on his lip to stifle his whimper of loss.

Taking a deep breath, he pulled a wheel out of the box and placed it on Jon's stomach.

"Cold!" Jon gasped and reflexively jerked away. Richie apologised and rubbed the skin around the board, smiling as Jon relaxed with a gentle 'hmm'

"This," Richie explained, "is called 'The Wheel Of Fantasy. I spin this arrow here," he spun the arrow to demonstrate despite the fact that Jon couldn't see. Jon giggled as the board rocked, tickling him. "And wherever it lands, is where the chocolate sauce goes."

Grinning at the sharp intake of air from Jon, Richie spun the arrow, eyes following its progress around the board. His grin grew as it slowed, finally stopping on 'lips'. He dipped his fingers into the chocolate again, rubbing the sauce over Jon's full lips. He bent his head down to Jon's, licking the chocolate off before his tongue slid past Jon's lips and plundered his mouth, sharing the taste.

Jon whimpered, resisting the urge to pull free of his bonds and wrap his arms around his lover, pulling him close and never letting him go.

Without breaking the kiss, Richie moved from his place next to Jon to straddle his lover's hips, leaning against him, the board digging into them both. "Let's see where it goes next." Richie was breathing hard as he spun the wheel one more time. He laughed aloud as it came to stop on 'breasts.'

"It says 'breasts'," Richie told Jon. "But since you don't have any of those, I guess these will have to do." He reached up, flicking Jon's tight nipples with his fingers.

Taking a rough-bristled paintbrush from the box, he dipped it into the tub, coating Jon's hard nipples with the chocolate. Jon gasped at the twin sensations from the cool chocolate and the coarse bristles of the brush. His hands twisted in the rope, chest arching.

"Ri... Rich... Oh fuck, Richie!" he breathed as Richie bent down, licking the chocolate off, teasing the hard nubs with his tongue. He bit down gently on each nipple, soothing the bite with his tongue. Jon cried out, feet scrabbling against the sheet as he tried to push the dildo further in. "Richie, please don't tease. I can't... I need. Oh Richie, please... Please!"

Richie chuckled breathlessly, his cock brushing teasingly against Jon's as he sat back down again. "Don't tease?" He echoed, laughing. "You wake me up wearing only this bow." He tugged the bow gently. "And you expect me not to tease." He ran his fingers down Jon's jaw, kissing him softly on the lips, tongue flickering out to remove a slither of chocolate from the corner of his mouth. "I'm not done with you yet, baby. You're just going to have to 'suffer' a little while longer. It's not as though you're not enjoying it. We both know you can free yourself with one hard tug, but you're not are you, Jon? You're enjoying the struggle far too much."

Jon whimpered and Richie spun the wheel once more, his grin growing wider as the arrow pointed proudly at 'cock.' He slid the red ribbon from Jon's erection and straightened the bow out. "Lift your head up, baby." Jon obliged and Richie wrapped the material around his head as gag, knotting it behind his head. "You're a screamer and Tico's room's next door. Do you really want to wake him?" Jon shook his head, biting down on the ribbon.

Richie settled back down between Jon's spread legs, dipping the brush back into the chocolate pot. Starting at the base of Jon's cock he slowly painted his erection in long strokes to the head. The first time the brush touched his cock, Jon squealed, thrusting his hips up hard. By the time Richie had completely layered him with the sauce, Jon was thrashing his head from side to side, writhing on the bed, begging Richie to let him come. A thin layer of sweat glistened on his chest and he was breathing hard through his nose, teeth starting to clamp down on the ribbon.

"You look good enough to eat." Richie was breathing hard as he reached down; pushing the dildo fully in, Jon's groans reaching his ears. "If this falls out, I'm not putting it back in," was all he had to say as he flipped the switch, turning the vibrator on.

Jon screamed through the crude gag, his back arching as the vibrator set to work on him. He rapidly pistoned his hips; his whole body as tense as a coiled spring with the pleasure coursing through his body.

Richie dipped his head down, licking up some of the sauce that had dripped down onto Jon's thighs. "Oh, and there's one more thing." He looked back up at Jon. "You're not allowed to come until I say you can."

Jon sobbed, shaking his head from side to side, his hands clenching at the rope tethering him to the headboard. He never could decide if he loved or hated Richie for teasing him. He sucked in a deep breath through his nose, forcing himself to calm down and relax. Or at least try to. Still panting heavily, he lay mostly still on the bed, unable to stop his hips rocking to the vibrations of the dildo. His chest was heaving, sweat glistening on his body from the effort of staying still; to Richie, he'd never looked better.

Richie groaned, a wave of arousal hitting him as he watched Jon's struggles. Bending down again he sucked the chocolate off Jon's balls, taking each one gently into his mouth and cleaning the sauce off them, his hands holding Jon's hips down against the bed.

Jon's protests and moans grew louder as Richie moved from his balls to his cock, licking in slow strokes from the base upward but never touching the head. Jon was trying to buck up into his mouth but Richie held him tight against the bed, nearly dislodged more than once by Jon's efforts.

Richie rocked back on his heels, catching his breath, unable to tear his eyes from Jon who was shuddering on the bed. He'd licked all the chocolate from Jon's cock, except the bit left on the head mixing with the pooling pre-come. Learning forward once more, he sucked the head into his mouth, tongue swirling around, removing the chocolate.

He could hear Jon begging, the words distorted by the gag but the meaning was crystal clear. Jon needed to come.

"You taste good, baby." Richie tugged the ribbon down and plunged his tongue into Jon's mouth in a brutal kiss. "But I bet I know something that'll be even better." Richie's fingers curled around the vibrator and he pulled it all the way out before slowly sliding it back in again.

"Richie, please... I can't..." Jon was panting hard, hips slamming back down to meet the vibrator, tremors wracking his frame as he struggled to contain the orgasm he felt building. Richie kept fucking him with the toy, fingers soothing the quivering muscles along Jon's thigh. Jon tensed, his back bending into a tight bow off the bed. "Oh God, Richie. Stop, please... Just..." He groaned, feeling Richie's tongue flickering along his thigh, hot breath tormenting his already flaming skin. "Just fuck me already!"

Richie stopped what he was doing and glanced up at Jon. "Well," he conceded, "Since you asked so nicely..." He pulled the vibrator out and slid his cock in its place, not giving Jon chance to adjust before he started fucking him with a fierce rhythm. His fingers tangled in Jon's hair, pinning his head to the bed as Richie fucked his lover's mouth with his tongue.

Jon's orgasm hit him hard, wave after wave of pleasure sparking and crashing through him as he screamed into the kiss, Richie coming almost at the same time. Jon's eyes rolled back in his head under the blindfold and he slumped down on the bed, completely exhausted.

When he came around a few minutes later, he was sitting up, back to Richie's chest, nestled in his lovers' arms. He blinked against the harsh light of the room, a dopey grin spreading across his face. His ass was gonna hurt for days after the pounding it had just taken but it was definitely worth it. His grin grew and he lifted Richie's hand to his lips, pressing a kiss to the pulse point on the inside of the guitarist's wrist.

"Love you," he mumbled.

"Love you too." Richie replied nibbling gently on Jon's earlobe, making the younger man squirm slightly in his lap. "I get the feeling you enjoyed that," he commented dryly.

Jon laughed, twisting around to face Richie. "What makes you say that?" He asked kissing him.

Richie grinned back at him, running his fingers down Jon's cheek. "Just a feeling." Jon kissed Richie's fingers, his head dropping down on Richie's shoulder. "You're not worn out are you, baby?"

"For some strange reason, yeah I am."

"You're getting old!" Richie teased. Jon lifted his head up and stuck his tongue out at Richie. Out of the corner of his eye, Jon saw the jar of chocolate sitting on the cupboard next to the bed. He snatched it up, and dipped his finger inside, running it down Richie's nose, leaving a chocolate smear. Richie laughed and ruffled Jon's hair, kissing him gently on the lips, before wiping the chocolate sauce off his nose. "Or not," he amended.

Leaning back down against Richie, Jon laughed softly, twining his arms tightly around the guitarist. "S'nice," Jon muttered, nuzzling Richie's neck.

Richie glanced over at the clock then reached out and flicked the light switch off, wrapping his arms around Jon. "Go back to sleep, baby. We don't have to be anywhere for hours yet."

Richie grinned as he felt the singer's breathing even out, sleep claiming him. Nothing to do for hours, Richie amended silently, and still at least half of the chocolate left.


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