This is a place to post any and all fanfiction. What's fanfiction? Well, remember that time when you were five and you played Indiana Jones with your friends but instead of Indiana fighting the Nazis, he was fighting space aliens? That was fanfiction. Or the time you and your buddies got really stoned and came up with an alternate ending to Breakfast Club where Judd Nelson took Molly Ringwald away from her family and they lived in a trailer by the river while Aly Sheedy wrote the great American novel? That was fanfiction. Or the time that you spent a day working out exactly what the break-up between Tom and Nicole was about and included scenes to act out to your coworkers? That was fanfiction too.

And remember that time when you sat down and wrote a 122-page story about how Dana Scully and Rupert Giles got together and founded a new empire of Watchers to watch over Slayers that contained recombined alien DNA? That's the more obvious fanfiction.

Fan Fiction. Stuff you, as a fan, make up about the things you love.

For the sake of ease, however, in this world, we're just talkin' stories. Big beautiful pieces of text about all sorts of things.

Fictional people, tv shows, movies, books, real people, original work, comics, bands, anime, actors, politicians, cartoons, businesspeople, concept album characters, action figures, radio programs, whatever. If you're a fan, and you're writing stories about it, you're writing fanfiction. And it can be posted here.

You post by joining the list. Once you've posted on the list, it gets archived on here. It's as simple as that.


stock disclaimer

All stories on here are works of fiction. All people used in these stories belong to other people, either themselves or their creators. All media products used are the property of their creators, the companies that produced said product, and whichever company holds the rights to said product.

These stories are fan-written creations. They were written as acts of love and adoration, and are strictly not for profit or any material gain.


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