by Miss Ellie

Wow, this place is really amazing. I'm kind of shocked one family would have so much money, and would buy such an expensive "summer cottage." Jenny uses this as her home, to avoid paying the room and board charges at school, and with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, I'm just what she needs. Who would want to live on campus anyway? I know the kind of girls who do that, and most of them would probably end up dead for crossing my path. Them and their asshole bad boy, football playing boyfriends.

The outside has a rather gothic feel to it, almost looking like a miniature model of a medieval castle, even has a little moat around it (you probably think I'm joking, but I'm not). The place is fenced in with a very high and large wrought iron fence, and has a foot bridge leading from the front yard where the car is parked, to the front door. The backyard has a foot bridge leading out to what looks like a small gazebo with another man-made lake. What is this family with their lakes anyway?

The building has three floors, with a spiral staircase leading to each. The first room I come to is the dinning room, which has a huge chandelier hanging above it. This room also has a large screen TV set, a very plush couch, DVD and vcr players and a small bar with ice machine. A table in the center of the room has a ton of the latest magazines, most of which I most of which I don't care for. Vanity Fair (who cares), Elle (ditto), Cosmo (double yuck), The New Yorker (snooze) and Rolling Stone (feh).

Jenny is saying something about the books she lent me.


"What, Jenny?"

"Did you find anything interesting in this one?" Holding up Papillion.

"Sorry, missionaries to Africa aren't exciting to me."

"What are you talking about? Didn't you know it's about a daring prison escape?"

"Sorry, Jenny, I'm too busy reading this," I found an interview with Weezer in RS, which seems to be about as good as I'm gonna get.

The kitchen really isn't much to scoff at either, but who cares about it? A chef does all the work here anyway, and this is getting boring enough as is. My bedroom is on the second floor across the hall from Jenny's room. Right now I'm going to lie on this nice bed and sleep for a good, long time.

Jenny's room is the nicer of the two, of course, but I'm not complaining. Another wide screen TV with a DVD player and VCR sits in the middle of her room, with another stereo with probably a few hundred CDs, tapes and LP albums. Lying out on top are the new albums by Zwan, the Roots, Ours and King Crimson. Her room has many posters of different films, including Fight Club, Blade, The Godfather, Psycho and a couple for The Pussycats, all of which are signed by Melody.

I'm probably boring you right now, you don't really care about this house, but I certainly am astounded by it. And just to think a few short hours ago I was listening to my cell mate breaking down. I often wonder how Tammy is holding up without me there to comfort her. She's probably bouncing around in a padded cell now, with her hair matted in blood from bashing it against the toilet, screaming how "That fucking whore Faith fucked me over," all the while plotting the revenge of the century and screaming something nasty about Jenny and/or Buffy. That, or she's now the bitch of some really nasty bull dagger who's beating the shit out of her, heh heh heh.

"How's your dinner, Faith?" Jenny with blue eyes blazing, smiling at me at the dinner table. I shake my head yes, "At least it's better than Chef Boyaredee!" Jenny blushes while her cook shoots a nasty look my way. "Just kidding, yes, I like it a lot."

Tomorrow I plan on paying the gang a visit. By now they've read about the Hitchens lawsuit and the list of prisoners who have been released to the public. I'm sure Willow is steaming mad they let me out, probably afraid I'm gonna break up her and little Tara, just like I fucked Xander before she could. Heh, I won't break them up, they're both invited in on the fun. B, on the other hand, is probably back with some stupid limp dick boy, maybe even Xander, who is probably happy I'm out for other reasons, reasons that won't come true, at least not until I've had my fill of B and Red. I'm supposed to be on my best behavior, but if I see that little farm boy, I'm gonna rip his fucking heart out, and shove it down his throat. It isn't like anybody would miss him, and I sure as fuck would be doing B a favor.

For being on the nice side of town, the nights here sure are noisy. A railroad track is two miles from the house, and wouldn't you know the busiest night of the year would be my first night here? Why do they always blow their whistle anyway? I've seen the place, it's a single lane track, if there was a train coming the other direction, they sure as hell better have more than just a train whistle. Way I look at it, anybody stupid enough to drive their car on train tracks when a train is coming deserves to fucking die.

The next morning I'm face to face with Jenny much too early.

"Rise and shine sleepy head."

Oh God no, not this already. Nobody should tell me when to wake up, except for me. I'm nude, wrapped up in blankets, wondering if I should get out and put on a little show for Jenny. My erect nipples clearly show through the silk sheets. I can imagine her blushing again, acting embarrassed and modest about me doing a little dance for her, but deep inside wanting me.

Before I can, she walks out of the room and calls from the hall, "Don't be too long, you're supposed to be up by now, but I let you sleep in a little bit. I got you an interview for a job at the library at noon, better get dressed, washed up and eat a little something."

Knowing it's either this or the big house, I'm up out of bed, and walking down the hallway to the shower in the buff. I hear Jenny gasp as she walks out of her room. I laugh as I shut the door behind me and get in the much too large for one shower. I wonder if I'm everything she thought I was? Jenny should be joining me right now, her lathering me up, massaging my breasts, my hand rubbing her belly, sliding between her legs, parting soft, moist lips. She does have one of those shower massager things. That definitely is going to come in handy.

The shower today has to be cut short, since Jenny informs me I have 20 minutes to get dressed, throw some food down my throat and be off. Thankfully the library is just down the street, but I still am not happy with this setup. I was thinking it would be so much easier, just me and Jenny sitting around all day. We'd listen to some music, have some fun with each other in bed, maybe hit the clubs at night after she made her prison call, join the others and it'd be like old times. Never did I think the grind of being a wage slave would play a part in it.


God, what a lame fucking job. I hate the people I'm working with already, and I've barely been here an hour. The boss yells at everybody to get back to work, yet he's spent the entire day with a bottle in his mouth. When he walks by, he reeks of the $5 liquor he probably bought at the local secondhand store.

Then there are the bitter old women who can't stop bitching about what sluts their daughters are. They look at me with disgust, probably because I didn't wear a bra today, and their tits are no longer firm like mine.

But that's nice compared to the young guys who are here. Brad, the douche bag frat boy from the local college never looks me in my eyes, only at my tits. Okay, so I deserve that for wearing this shirt without a bra, but the way he keeps asking me out, even when I tell him no is pissing me off. Is he that fucking stupid that he doesn't even know what "I'd rather eat dog shit" means?

God, Jenny, why this fucking dump? Why now?

I sneak off to the basement to have a Mars bar in peace, and to get away from the bitter bitch posse, and Brad the deaf frat boy. *Sigh* Only three hours until I can get back home. I'm bringing myself a Discman tomorrow. If only Jenny would tell me how to make those cool mixed cds.


It was a Tuesday when Jenny came home crying. I was off early from the library because of an anthrax scare (my co-workers didn't believe it wasn't me, but thankfully my boss blamed Tariq, a foreign exchange student from the Middle East instead).

I was sitting on the couch, watching a re-run of Who's The Boss when she came in.

"Faith, what are you doing here?"

"No Jenny, I think the real question is what is up with you? Why are you crying all of the sudden when you were happy this morning?"

She sighed and walked upstairs to her bedroom.

"Hey Jenny, I got off work early today, don't think I'm skipping out on you, making you look bad."

Girl wouldn't answer back to me, and when I went upstairs, her door was locked. I didn't pry until later that night when it was time for supper. She still wasn't any better and I still was curious as hell to what was the matter.

The steak was too done for my tastes, but compared to the gristle filled shit they'd serve us a the pen, I was in heaven. Jenny had hardly touched her food, which was odd, since her maid had cook her favorite meal.

"Faith..." she started out, eyes getting red again.

"Yeah Jenny, what is it?"

She sighed again and shook her head. "I'm not sure I should tell anybody about this, I mean, I just don't..."

"Trust me?"

Jenny shook her head again. "No Faith, no, not at all. I trust you will keep your promise to me, I really do."

Jenny got up from the table and started to walk back upstairs.

"Okay then Jen, if you really do trust me, why won't you tell me what's gone wrong?"

Jenny walked back down the steps and sat beside me and started to speak, but stopped again mid sentence. "It was Jack. I mean, it is Jack."

Is that name supposed to mean something to me?

"Who is this Jack person and what did he do to you?" My anger was visible to all those around me, I could just imagine some scum bucket frat boy kidnapping Jenny and having his way with her. I could also imagine my boot kicking the little asshole right in the balls, then after he was down, kicking him in the mouth. I'd laugh in his ugly face as he was spitting blood and teeth on the ground. Then I'd pull out my knife to rip open his scrotum, taking out his nuts and playing volleyball with them...

"Faith, now you have to promise me something right now."

"Okay J, whatever you say."

"Huh, Faith please take this seriously. Look now, you made a solemn commitment to me, to the state and before God Almighty. Maybe none of that means anything to you, but to me it means EVERYTHING. You have to promise not to act on this no matter how much you're tempted."

I gave a half-assed promised, shocked that Jenny actually fell for it.

"My college career might soon be coming to an end."

"Uh oh, Jenny, did you get caught cheating?" I patted her on the back. "Want, take, have." I chuckled.

"Faith, please you should know me by now. It's not like that at all, I wish it was like that, actually."

Long, boring tirade from Jenny ahead...

"I thought I had the coolest teacher ever. He was smart, witty, funny and had a real passion for social science and social justice. Not to mention he had a dedication to Christ; the type I'd never seen. I thought, if anybody is nearly perfect at this school, it was him. Even though he's almost fifty now and married, I could see myself marrying this guy. I know that sounds stupid. But now he's made an ultimatum that I can't ignore, and I just don't know..."

Jenny didn't have to say any more, I knew right away what the game was.

"Couldn't you just take this course with another teacher next year?"

"No, Faith, you didn't hear it yet. It isn't sleep with him or I fail the class, it's sleep with him or he reports me to the college on a plagaerism rap. He told me if I even told anybody else, he'd still turn me in."

My face turned a deep, dark red, my fists clenched so hard my body ached.

"Faith, no, calm down. You can't let anybody know about this, and please, if you love me, don't act on it."

I sat down on the sofa with Jenny next to me.

"Violence never solved anything, Faith, okay? I think you should know that he's already touched me, so I know he isn't joking around. Don't say a word, and for the love of God, don't act on this, or he will get you in the end, he has the power."

"He didn't fuck you, did he?"

Jenny shook her head no.

"Some piece of shit gropes you and tells you if you don't fuck him he'll get you kicked out, and you're telling me to calm down? Jenny, open your fucking eyes, you're not alone on this, he's probably done this to every girl who has ever given him a hard-on."

"No, no, I know that can't be. Jack would never do that. He's a good man. It must have been something I did. My shirt was too tight, my dress was too short. Something... He wouldn't just grab my breast and say this for no reason."

Looking at her outfit today, you might think her body was smooth and flat...

"Jenny, you can't be serious. We're talking about a sick fuck here..."

"Faith, watch your mouth! Don't talk about him that way! You don't know him like I do."

"Fuck him, Jenny, you can't seriously be defending this fucking asshole, no how, no fucking way!"

Jenny started to cry again, "Look, Faith, just let me handle this on my own." She went upstairs and locked the door to the bathroom. The shower came on but I could still hear her tears over the water.

One thing about Jenny, she's very trusting and always leaves her bedroom door open. I frantically searched through her papers from school, trying to find the name and number of Jack Asshole. I heard the water go off and my heart sank. She'd walk in here in just a few moments. Finally, it caught my eye. "Anthropology 101 with Jack Golden." Nice name for such a fucking cocksucker I thought. I quickly jotted down his name and put her satchel where I found it.

She came in the room in her bathrobe dammit, wondering what I was doing here.

"Oh sorry Jen, didn't think you'd mind me coming into get that John Coltrane CD you got yesterday."

"Not at all Faith, just put it back when you're done with it."

She eyes me suspiciously as I walk away. That pose that suggests you're about to say something, but you never really do.

While Coltrane played loudly in the background, I thought up my smirking revenge on Mr. Dickhole.


"Hello, this is Williams Memorial Library, I'm looking for a Mr. Golden, Jack Golden? Is he in? Yes, tell him that his copies of "The Anarchist Cookbook" and "Guerilla Warfare in The Streets" are two weeks overdue." Naw, that isn't embarrassing enough.

I'm hoping to get his wife at home, I can always make shit up. If she's anything like him, the idea that her husband might have checked out The Story of O, or Tropic of Cancer will probably fill her head with the images of her husband jacking off in the bathroom to stories of promiscuity and sadomasochism. Later she'll attack him with mace or some other weapon as he walks through the door, with the Bible tucked under one arm and the NOW handbook under the other.

I pick up the phone, hoping to catch him at the office, but all that greets my ears is a rather lame answering machine message, that not only includes his home number (which, in a rush, I transposed the last two digits of from the syllabus) and a calendar of upcoming events. I debate rather to wait until tomorrow, or put a threatening message, but I change my mind and go for home.

"You sick fucking piece of shit, I know what you did. Don't think you get away with this, you fucking asshole. Believe me when I say I know who you are and I know where you fucking work!" Hmmmm, no, maybe not. "Listen you bastard, unless you want your career ruined, you better stop this fucking shit. I'm not the kind of bitch you want to fuck over." No... again.

Dialing the number, with the *67 code to protect Jenny's number, I'm frantic, wondering if I can do this. The same annoying male voice answers the phone (how can Jenny stand to listen to this stupid asshole?). "Listen you asshole, you think you can dick me over, but you're the one who will pay in the end." Yes, perfect.

"Hello? Hello?" I go silent, "I think you have the wrong number," the cocky stride in his voice has lessened and he's beginning to sound scared. I can almost see his smile disappear and face turn a few shades paler, or maybe redder, depending on his emotions. "Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about, dick, I know what you did." With that, I hang up the phone.

I think I've done enough shit for one day, what's next, who knows. But one thing is for sure, I am no doubt going to pull the library trick, but later, haha, much later.

>From the sounds coming from Jenny's room, she's listening to old Hank Williams and Patsy Cline records, and oddly enough, The Rolling Stones' Wild Horses. I have a temptation, half from my heart, half from my clit, to go in there and really make love to her good and proper, but considering what she's gone through, I think better.

Through the week, my dreams are a mishmash of half remembered memories of childhood and other moments I'd rather forget. Never really remembering them, they're easy to shrug off by morning. Each day I've made different calls, to the office, to his house, from Jenny's place, from the library (but never to his wife, I always hang up when she answers).

I stay as neutral as I can, trying not to let on about what I'm doing, and mostly ignoring Jenny. My fear is always that she'll tell me Jack told her what I've been doing. Why she'd have anything to do with him is still beyond me, but knowing what I know about Jenny, she's probably still volunteering for helping him with after school shit. For all I know he's already taken her three ways to Sunday while the two of them brainstorm some lame charity event.

"Oh, hi sirs, is this the office of Jack Golden?" I say, trying on my best southern accent, trying to be sweet and innocent, just the way Jack likes them. I thought saying "sirs" instead of "sir" was a nice touch.

"Why yes it is, how may I help a fine young lady like yourself?" The cocky, arrogant stride he must use on his students is in full evidence.

"By getting killed, you little prick. You fucking think you can dick me over, but you'll learn, asshole."

He sighs and the dread is back in his voice. "Why won't you stop calling me? I've not done anything to you."

I stay silent for a few moments, his frantic "Hello?" "Hello?" drones on, but I hang up. I can imagine his heart exploding as the line goes dead, probably slumping in his chair, with a defeated slump in his posture. Any hard-on he may have gotten from the prospect of a new score has been dashed to bits. Hell, he'll probably be too scared to get a hard-on for a week.

It is the next day I decide to make my strike. I've gotten a good look at Jack's schedule, and he's working late on Thursday. He has a 6pm class that lasts until 9.

In the afternoon at work, I call his house, hoping to get his wife, and just my luck. "Hello, is this the Golden residence?"


"Is Jack there? This is the Williams Memorial Library in regards to a couple of books that are overdue."

"Okay, could you please tell me their titles so I can remind Jack?"

My eyes flame with passion as I begin my spiel.

"Yes, Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller, Under the Roofs of Paris, also by Henry Miller, The Story of O by Pauline Reage and Total Abuse by Peter Sotos. The first three are a week overdue, and the Sotos book is only two days over due. But psychology major at the local college really needs it. Quite frankly I'm tired of getting two or three calls a day from him."

His wife goes silent for a moment, I think I see why she and Jack are still married.

"Hello, are you still there?"

"Yes, I am..." she pauses, carefully choosing her words. "Is your boss there?"

"Why yes he is, want me to get him?" I grab a co-worker, whom I've let in on the joke, promising him a handjob if he goes along with me.

"Yes ma'am, can I help you?"

"Who are you? Are you really from the William's Memorial Library, and what is this about my husband checking out sexist books?"

"I'm sorry ma'am, but our records show that somebody has checked out a few books with your husband's library card and never returned them. Has he lost it recently?"

I'm cracking up as the conversation continues on for another five minutes, I can see his bitch ass feminist wife now, throwing herself around the apartment, cutting herself with glass, grieving about what an asshole she's devoted her life to. Her voice is getting louder and more shrill. For a second I almost feel sorry for her.

The disgust of jerking Brad off in the bathroom is worth the joy I've received from ruining her day, and later tonight, that of her husband. He's been after me since he came to this shit job, that going out with him would be doing myself some great favor, how he's the greatest man and lover to ever walk the face of the earth. Funny enough, he can't maintain an erection for barely five seconds at a time, even with me pumping away on him. He spurts on the bathroom stall door, barely missing my face and hair, with a seemingly weak orgasm from the noise he makes, not to mention in a barely erect state. But he does compliment me on my good taste in men. Ewwwww.

I got to rest myself for tonight, and with Jenny getting ready for some big meeting she's hosting at her church, I'm taking time to relax in my room. The excitement of the anticipation of teaching Jack a lesson weighs heavily on my mind, but alas, the long day's work has finally allowed me to fall into a deep sleep.


I'm whisked back to the field behind my best friend Beth's house. I've not seen Beth since I was about 7. We used to play a lot in her yard, as the house I lived in was broken down and the backyard was full of old car parts. My stepdad was into that kind of shit. Beth and I were chasing her puppy around, a Pomeranian about six months. Mom and stepdad never allowed me to have my own dog, and when I brought one home one day, stepdad shot him in a drunken rage. He nearly put my mom in the hospital after she let me give him a proper burial. stepdad had a temper when he was drunk, and his fists was always turning mom's face three shades of blue. She was always crying, I never remember her happy as long as stepdad was around.

What he had in store for me was much worse.

"I think he's so dreamy!" Beth and I were discussing boys in living room.

"He gets so antsy whenever you kiss his cheek."

"Boys are so weird, I swear, they make no sense." What I'm saying then is what I'm saying now.

"He's no Michael J Fox though!" I say with a dramatic swoon. Beth and I keep laughing, I don't even realize my stepdad had walked into the room.

"Faith, get your ass in here!" he shouts at me from the other room.

On a side note, I found mother's bruised up face something of comic relief. The bitch knew what was going on and never once said a thing or tried to stop it. She made Beth leave, who had a scared look on her face, but nothing like what I was wearing right now. I thought this is it, the time I'm getting the big beating, but I wish I would have been beaten then, at least I could have stood that.

The stupid dick makes me sit on his lap. This little prick, who reeks of alcohol and diesel fuel is putting his hands all over me. He has them resting on both of my shoulders.

"Faith, I'm worried about you, you and this whorish attraction you seem to have for boys. You're not a whore are you Faith? You don't put that cute little mouth of yours on their tiny 7 year old dicks do you?" He then sticks his hand down shirt and rubs roughly over my chest. All of the sudden I feel something hard poking me on my butt. His laugh is creepy and low, sort of like a whisper right in my ear.

I started to cry a bit, not knowing what was happening to me, but I knew it wasn't right or natural.

"You don't fucking cry you little cunt. You even think of screaming Faith and I'll hurt you worse than you could ever imagine."

Then rubs my belly, continuing this lovely chat. I'm crying my eyes out, trying to think of pleasant things to keep my mind off of what's happening to me.

"You know what the best thing about little girls Faith?"

I shake my head no, tears still streaming down my face.

"They're so easy to hurt. I could shatter you like a china doll right now, and there would be nothing you could do about it. And if you want to press your fucking luck, just try screaming for your cunt mommy." This time his laugh is long and loud.

"You know what's the second best thing about little girls Faith?" His voice has this weird tone to it, that in years since I've come to know means only one thing. "They were put on this earth only to serve their stepfathers." He starts laughing in my ear as he puts his hands down my panties. He rubs my crotch very roughly which makes my tears stream down harder. I'm trying not to scream or make any noises, but the pain and fear in me start to throb.

"They're a special treat that were meant only for their stepfathers, nobody else. Would you agree with me Faith?"

I say nothing, petrified beyond belief, not knowing what he's saying, my innocent mind not quite understanding anything at all of what's going on right now. He takes his hand out of my pants for a second to cover my mouth, and squeezes my nipple with other one. I scream loud into his hand and the tears flow heavier now.

"Don't you agree, goddammit, Faith, don't you agree?"

I shake my head yes, agreeing with him.

"So you're all mine now? I can do with your body whatever I want to?" I keep shaking my head yes, not sure what he means.

Then I feel a hot splatter go on the back of my panties. At first I thought I shat myself, but I hear him moaning and exhaling sharply. "Oh God, Faith, you're going to be worth something in this life after all. How does it feel to be daddy's little come catcher?" He laughs that same sick laugh in my ear.

I vomit all over his hand, he's quick to take it away and shake it.

"God fucking dammit! You stupid cunt! What's wrong with you, whore?"

He pushes me to the floor, towering above me, trying to scare me, and it's working. His erection throbs inches from my face, an angry color red.

"Don't scream you fucking cunt, or I'll make this worse on your than I have to!"

I could see my mother in the other room, out of the corner of my eye. She knew exactly what was going on and did nothing to stop it. She's pretending to read some fucking romance novel book, where everybody falls in love and only fucks the one they truly love, not the one they truly love's child.

I feel my panties being ripped off; loud thunder is crashing in the sky as I fight from sleep, trying to wake myself from Hell. The thunder keeps crashing, echoing in my head the same confusion I felt. My world is a totally vast empty space, just like my soul.

Finally I realize the crashing thunder is outside and I awake in a dark room. It seems Jenny had drawn my blinds before she left. I run to vomit, feeling the day's meal coming up.

Looking at myself in the mirror I do the only thing I feel like doing. Punching the mirror with all the force I can muster, it shatters, leaving just the wooden board behind it. I feel much better not having to look at myself in times like this.

It had happened again, I had another dream about that bastard. Last time I had one, was the night I killed Finch while Buffy and I was on patrol. I start to get the fear again, the fear of being trapped, or being caged. I know I can't go back to that place, but right now I'm fearing that I'm gonna go too far with Jack. Every time I think of the word Jack I'm reminded of my stepfather's face. The more it reminds me, the more desire I feel to hop the bus and go cross town.

My hands are all cut up and bloody, I be sure to wash and clean them so nobody on the bus becomes suspicious. I can see the headlines now, "Local girl back in prison after hopping bus."

I had a special kit made up, one that Jenny knows nothing about ready for the time when I can finally get free and do what I have to do to Jack. Jenny left a note in the kitchen:

"Be back at 11, sorry so late, big youth conference tonight. Order pizza and anything else you want on my dad's account if you like! Luvs and hugs, Jenny."

On the bus ride over to the campus, I keep wondering how my life would have been different, had I been raised the way Jenny was. I wonder what Melody Valentine is doing right now, if she's cuddling up with Josie and Val, what they're watching on TV. But strangely, most of all, I wonder right now if anybody can see the scars on my wrists. When I was 10 I finally tried to end it all. That is when I was taken away and left with my grandmother. If only I could have been her child, but wishing is for people who have nothing better to do.

"I'm a soldier in the Lord's Army," I hum to myself as I step off the bus. Lucky for me, Jack's building is right in front of me, now to hope I got him at a good time.

"Third floor, room 86." I've memorized this, yet in these situations I tend to forget. The bag I'm carrying weights a ton, or so it feels that way. Nothing metal, can't have those metal detectors that were installed post September 11 go off.

Oh, my timing is good. You'd think this was fiction how well this is playing out, but just as Jack is about to leave his office, I walk in and close the door, locking it with a key I found in the janitor's closet.

"Hi, Jack, want to have some fun?"

If you could only have seen the look in his eyes at that moment.


I know what you're thinking right now. Either you have a big wet spot on your pants, because finally somebody who gets away with too much is gonna get what is coming to them. Every person who ever shit on you, everybody you ever wanted to eviscerate will now become Jack. That piece of shit who buggered you at age 8, telling you you're daddy's special girl. That jock who stole your girlfriend, or the little bitch cheerleader your bf cheated with. Or of course the dumb little blonde who tried to murder you to save her boyfriend's life.

All of that is going to fall away for the time you're reading this, and maybe, just maybe you can convince yourself that everything is right again with the world afterwards. But it won't last...

Or maybe you're going to be one of those bleeding heart types, who feels everybody deserves a second chance.

Or you're one of those law and order types who think that vengeance is wrong and using the justice system is the only way. But then again, if you really believe that, you're probably too busy chasing after criminals to read this story, right?

Oh, you won't admit that you know that I'm right and you're wrong, but deep down, where it counts, you do.

The sharp, high pitched gasped and hyperventilation coming from Jack's mouth reminds me of my castration fantasies of Snidely.

"How did you get in here? How did you find me, and just who do you think you are?"

"No Jack, I think the real question is who do you think YOU are?"

He stepped back a few paces, trying to sit back down in his chair, but missing time and time again.

"Young lady, you don't actually think you can get away with this, do you?" He pushes the intercom, acting like his secretary will all of the sudden come to life.

"It's a bit late for that Jack. I saw her leaving just a few moments before I walked in. Don't bother screaming, Jack. It'll just annoy me and make your throat sore. And you don't want to annoy me anymore than you have to."

"Young lady, you don't know who I am! I can have you thrown off this campus never to return. I can make sure your great grandchildren are never allowed to attend here."

"Who said I attend this dump?"

"But how... I mean... you called me, right?"

"Stop playing innocent, Jack. You know what I'm here for. I wasn't born yesterday, you know."

"How could you... I mean... how do you know about.... I mean..."

"Shut up, asshole! You're not listening to me. You're not getting away with this. You think you can, but you're fucked."

He tries to run for the door but I block it.

"Let me out of here!"

He tried reaching around me, but I grab his arm and throw him across the room, Slayer style.

"How did you do that?!? You maniac bitch! Are you on PCP?" He covers his mouth and looks embarrassed.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to use sexist language!"

"Oh, fuck off you stupid cocksucker. You obviously don't care about those young girls you've been fucking."

"How dare you question my belief system? And please don't use homophobic language in front of me!"

I grab his arm and bend it back, grabbing a finger, threatening to break it.

"OK, asshole, look. You've fucked your last girl. Either you can leave this place right now, or I'm going to make you wish you'd never been born, what will it be then, eh?"

"How dare you threaten me! I'll have you in prison so soon you won't know what hit you!"

I bend back a finger, the sound of breaking bones echoes in the room, along with his screaming.

"One last time, motherfucker, want to leave now? Or do we have to do this the hard way?"

"Let me go! You never answered me! Are you on PCP or not? I'm gonna call security right now, as soon as you let me up!"

I grab his arm and pull as hard as I can. I can hear his shoulder disconnecting, a sickly sound that I don't really want to hear again. He's passed out from the pain, giving me the perfect opportunity to tie him up.

He's lying stomach down, feet and hands tied to the desk legs. I found his walking cane in the corner of the room; this might come in handy when questioning his motives. This guy doesn't seem like the type to learn his lesson the first time. To ensure maximum pain, I pull off his pants, but leave his underwear on. I really have no desire to see more of this guy than I have to.

I take out the water sprayer, with ice water in it, and give him a few shots in the face. He wakes with a start and moan.

"Oh, my shoulder! What did you do to me?"

I stand looking at him, with a shit eating grin on my face.

"Why, Jack, what were saying again about having me arrested? And something about how you were going to get out of this? I forget your exact words now, care to remind me?"

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"Oh, c'mon now, Jack. You don't look old enough to have Alzheimer's yet. And I doubt I look as stupid as you think I do. I know about everything. Blackmail, sex, hot young girl meat for a dirty old man."

"I, I, really don't know what you're talking about," his nervous laugh betrays his confidence. He's about as sure of himself as I'm straight. "You have me confused with someone else, I swear, where would you hear such a story anyway?"

I raise the cane above my head and swat it down on his ass with full Slayer strength. His scream assaults my ears, it's amazing how this big tough guy is turned into a whimpering puppy so quickly.

"Now, asshole, want to tell me why you're fucking around with these girls?"


I bring the cane down on his dislocated shoulder. He starts to scream and cry again, begging me not to hit him again.

"All right then, Asshole Jack, you will tell me what I need to learn then, right?"

"Why don't you mind your own business? Please, for the love of God! You have no right to come here and..."

I'm rearing back reading to smack him across the back with the cane when he finally breaks.

"All right! Don't hit me! I'll talk, God, please, don't hit me again!"

"Well, time's wasting, bitch. Tell me what I want to know."

"You don't understand what it's like to be me! You really don't. Caught in a marriage I've hated for the last 25 years. It's torture!"

"Oh, cry me a river, asshole. I really care about you and your wife's problems. Why are you fucking these girls? I don't remember reading about blackmail in the Bible, huh?"

"I'm just a man! I have wants and needs too, ya know! Why, I'm sure you get as much love as you need! Why is it okay for you and not for me?"

"I don't have to resort to blackmailing anybody, you pathetic prick! Besides, you have a wife waiting for you at home!"

"Oh please, that ugly cow? You don't understand, you never will, you're not me."

"Try me, Jack, I want hear this horrible story of your home life, really, I'm sure Jesus on the cross didn't even have it as bad as you."

"Hey now! Watch the blasphemy."

"Oh fuck off, Jack. I'm really sick of this stupid shit. Maybe your students fall for this ACT of yours, but I sure don't! I can read you like a book, you probably don't even believe any of this, do you?"

He looks at me with a look of contempt, the kind of anger that comes only from being caught in a lie.

"Well, Jack? Did I hit a nerve?"

"Goddammit! Why won't you LEAVE ME ALONE?!?"

"AH! Such blasphemy, Jack! Shame on you! Blasphemy makes Baby Jesus cry."


"I knew it, why your students couldn't figure this out sooner? I'm sure you're much more convincing in front of class, but none of them know the real you. That is, unless they're good looking and young, and you want them to meet Mr. Happy"


He starts sobbing uncontrollably. Damn, I'm good with this kind of thing. Should get my own TV show like that psychic guy on TV.

"My wife is so frigid. And never does anything with herself. After our first kid, I was totally impotent around her. I mean, who would want to touch her anyway? But then when we moved here, and I thought I'd get a job at the local college. WOW, what a change of scenery can do."

"So, you come to school, see the young meat, and you can't control yourself. They'd never touch you with a ten foot pole, so you improvise."

"No! Not at first! God, you don't understand, just being around all these cute young girls. Wow. I was walking around all day long with a raging hard-on. These girls, damn. I had to stand behind one of those podium things to hide it."

He starts laughing that dirty old man laugh that reminds me of my stepdad.

"I used to be able to get away with going to the bathroom to wank off during my lunch break, but soon that didn't do much for me. I even tried to get classes towards the end of the day, ones I knew lots of sexy girls would be in, so I can carry my rod home to my wife, but as soon as I got around her, I was instantly turned off."

"Wow, Jack, that story totally justifies every bad thing you've ever done! I'm so sorry I ever judged you, I mean, how was I to know you were being persecuted so horribly?"

"Hey, stop mocking me! I said you couldn't understand, now untie me and I promise not to file charges against you!"

"Look, Jack. You're not getting away this easy. Pricks like you have been fucking over us girls for too long. So, you get on a girl's good side, thinking you're Mr. Holy Joe, a man they can trust, then if they're unlucky enough to give you a hard-on, you go in for the kill?"

"I just couldn't control it anymore! I was going crazy, and using my hand wasn't working anymore. What was I to do? Go to a hooker?"

"If it takes that, then yes! What have these young girls done to bear the brunt of your dysfunctional marriage? Or better yet, get rid of the dog and get a young wife. I'm sure you can fool some young piece of ass into marrying you. How much do you make at this joint a year anyway?"


"I said, oh nevermind, asshole."

I hit him on the legs, this time for fun. I start to worry that this cane is going to break and I won't have anything to make him sorry. Oh wait, the cucumber, I laugh to myself thinking about what's coming up, but he can't possibly know.

"Why are you laughing? You think this is funny? Trying to ruin my career?"

"What, you think you're funny? Ruining the life and careers of dozens of young girls?"

"Well, not dozens..."

"How many, asshole? And when did this shit start?"

He's trying to ignore the question again.

"Look, Jack, want this cane in your asshole?"

"All right! Ok, want to know? It's been 20 years since my first girl here. Boy was she sweet, kind of like this bitch I got in my class now, Jenny. Oh boy, what I wouldn't give for a piece of her ass, hah ha. I want to rub my dick on that little pot belly of hers."

I rear my foot back and plant my Docs right in your mouth.

"Stop talking like a horny truck driver and tell me!"

I'm trying not to give away the fact I actually know Jenny. God knows what Pricky McHard-On here would do to her.

"Goddammit! You knocked out a tooth!"

"I can always knock out more until you tell me."

I rear my leg back again when finally he blurts it out.

"300, give or take a few. I mean, there were a few when my camera was broken and..."

"Camera? You take pictures of them? Wow, looks like you creepy lechers really are too embarrassed to buy your own porn."

"No! How else would I be able to blackmail them? They were too stupid to realize that they could use the pics against me just as much as them, but that never came up."

I start to look through the bookshelf, looking for this photo album.

"What are you doing?"

"What do you think? It's time to take away your power, Jack."

I notice that most of the books in front are hiding ones behind. Then, I hit pay dirt. I open one that was dated from 1994-95 and start thumbing through.

While I'm usually turned on by the site of a beautiful young lady naked, I'm nauseated at his pics. Beautiful young women, their cheeks stained with tears, being posed in typical porn magazine pose. Graphic close ups of their assholes and spread vaginal lips, many with hymens still intact, greet my eyes on each page. All of these girls' faces are covered in come, some with it oozing from between bruised lips or distended assholes. Their pain and degradation forever captured on Kodachrome.

I close the book and hit him on the head with it.

"You sick motherfucker! I should fucking kill you!"

He's trying to move his arms to deflect my blows, but can't do it. When I get tired of this, I take out a lighter from my pants pocket and set that album ablaze.

"What are you doing?!? YOU HAVE NO RIGHT!"

"Oh, save it, Jack. You're the one that has no right. No right to fucking live!"

"That's my property!"

"No it isn't, Jack Ass. I'm sure the girls who you forced to spread for your camera thought you were stealing their property too!"

"Oh, give me a break! You girls are all the same. You don't realize what power you have over me. You just have to shake your hips, pout your lips, and bammo! I can't control this!"

"Oh, sure. Those girls just forced your cock down their throats, didn't they? I'm sure each and every one of them wanted their first time to be with a raging pervert."

"HOW DARE YOU! How do YOU know what THEY wanted?!? I'm sure they all got off on it! Each and every one!"

I'm frantically searching for this year's book, to make sure he doesn't have anything on Jenny.

"What are you doing?"

"Oh, just looking for more shit to burn, you know me, Miss Pyromania and all."

I found it, but to my relief, there are no pictures of Jenny, aside from her yearbook picture, which I assume is how Jack picks them. A few crossed out pics are there, and sure enough, I find more naked pictures, just the same as the previous volume.

Like the one before, this one too is set on fire. I see his camera on his desk, and decide to grab it.

"Oooooh, this is one of those professional jobs. Wow, that's so cool. $5000 camera just for taking pictures of your rape victims. My, you're a class act, Jack."

I open up the back, Jack lets out a scream of misery as the film is exposed.

"Come on, Jack. I'm sure those girls' pussies looked just like the other 300-some. You see one, you see 'em all, right?"

"That's not the point! You're destroying MY property!"

"Oh, okay then cumwad, so you're not denying it then?"

"It's not your business!"

I take out the 12 inch cucumber from my bag.

"C'mon now, Jack. You've made a career out of making girls suck you off, what's the harm in you seeing what it's like?"

I pull his mouth open, he tries to bite down, but I put enough pressure on his jaw to let him know I'll break it if I have to.

"Gagh, ahgh, lagh meh gah!"

"Shut up, Jack, this will only take a few minutes."

I slide the cucumber down his throat, keeping just enough of it in my hand, to control its motions.

"Hey, bitch, you like this? How about this? Awwwww, that's so cute the way you're gagging. I bet your throat is virgin, isn't it?"

I start thrusting the cucumber in and out quickly, fucking his throat hard and rough with it.

"I bet you do, don't you? You sick bitch! You like getting your throat raped, don't you? Stupid asshole, you get off on pain, don't you?"

My mocking laugh drowns out the guttural sounds that suggests he's ready to vomit.

"Just a little bit more, bitch. I don't have to come yet, let me come, all right? Oh, wait, this cucumber isn't going to come," I thrust it in as far as I can, laughing while he starts to cry. "Yeah, that's right, I could do this all night if I wanted to."

I finally take the cucumber out of his throat, and a torrent of vomit comes out. I quickly hold his jaw shut, forcing him to swallow the puke.

"Swallow, douche bag! You stupid bitch, swallow!"

He does with a disgusted grunt.

"We're just about done here, but before I go, we got one more thing to take care of."

"Let me go, please, I won't tell a soul, just cut me lose and let me go!"

He's crying like a baby, it's so funny.

"Wow, were is that man who just 30 minutes ago was threatening to have my thrown back in prison? You don't act so proud now, do you, dick?"

"I'm sorry, let me go, I don't even know your name, no harm will come to you!"

I dip the cucumber in some Vaseline I have in my satchel.

"Come on now, Jack. You also seem to be a good ass fucker too. You really like getting girls up the ass, don't you? I can understand that, and I'm sure they like it a lot too."

Before he can reply I pull down his shorts and shove the cucumber up his ass in one savage thrust.

He lets out a scram like I never heard.

"Oh, such a small, tight hole for your cock, I understand why you like it. Hell, if I was a guy in your position, I'd try it too."

I grab the cucumber and start to jackhammer fuck him with it, much like I did with his throat, but a lot faster. His screams keep getting louder and louder. For a minute, I worry somebody is going to hear us, but even if I am caught in the act, it's going to be worth it to teach Mr. Pervert a lesson.

"You like that, don't you, faggot? Huh? Does little Jack like to be my bitch? Awwww, how cute, Jack is a screamer. You might be saying no and crying, but your heavy breathing is telling me yes. Awwww, little Faggot Jack likes getting his ass fucked, how sweet!"

He starts puking again, all over the floor in front of him.

"Idiot! You were supposed to eat that! Oh well, I guess I can let you clean off this cucumber when you're through."

I look up at the clock, noticing that Jenny will be home in 90 minutes.

"Well, Jack, it's been fun, but it looks like this is the end."

I shove the entire cucumber up his ass, this nearly makes him black out from the pain again. Wow, for such a tough guy, he sure passes out a lot.

I quickly pull it out before he can wake up, and shove it in his mouth. I know, that's gross, but hey, can you blame me?

When he comes to, he spits it out, landing it in the puddle of vomit he left.

"Cut me loose! I'm sorry, just, please, CUT ME LOOSE!"

"Whatever you say, Jack Ass!"

He cowers into the corner of the room as soon as soon as he's free.

"Oh, what's wrong, Jack? You don't want to hug me goodbye?"

Taunting him, I stand over him, pulling down my pants, no panties today.

"Come on, Jack. Don't you want to see my pussy?" I squat down to his level, with my crotch only inches from his face.

"Just leave me alone! Get OUT OF HERE!"

"Look, Jack, so nice and pink, don't you think?" I spread it open for him, just like he forced the girls in his books to do.

His head is down, he's trying to close his eyes tighter, ignoring me. Ha, it worked. Now he'll never be able to think about young girl ass again without thinking of this night.

"You didn't have to do this!"

"It's over, Jack. Go home and sleep. You have a busy day tomorrow."

I laugh, walking out, knowing full well he's not going home tonight. He knows I'd probably follow him home and use whatever tools he has there on him. A drill to the kneecaps, maybe bust his teeth out with a hammer, oh, the possibilities are endless.

I'm lucky enough to get home a full hour before Jenny does. I'm in the shower, cleaning myself up, and using the showerhead to get off. Jack's agony still has me turned on.

Maybe justice does live after all.


Ho boy. I'm on a bus to Los Angeles, should get there in a few hours. All because of Jenny. Don't get me wrong, I love the girl, but boy can she whine. Actually, she's a bit more upset that I'm skipping town to Los Angeles, I told the girl I'd be back in the morning, though I'm not sure myself if I was telling the truth. I just saw my parole officer yesterday, so I doubt I'm going to be in any trouble if I don't show up for work tomorrow, unless my worthless drunk of a boss dykes me over and calls the parole board.

I was sitting in the living room, minding my own business when Jenny stormed the room.


"Oh, hi, Jenny. How was your day?"


"OH, sorry, I didn't really lie, I just forgot to tell you I accidentially broke the mirror in my bathroom. Sorry."

"No! FAITH! You said you'd not..."

The housekeeper was staring at her, Jenny motioned her away. Now Jenny comes close to me and is whispering.

"You said you'd not hurt Jack! You promised me! How could you do this?"

"Why do you think I did something?" My perfect poker face makes her second guess her accusations.

"Faith, Jack showed up to class today and I could tell he was beat on. He wasn't right, and now he's fired. That man doesn't have a job now because of you!"

"Wait, hold on, Jenny! You can't prove I fucking did this! I told you that Jack has done this to many girls, how do you know it wasn't their dad?"

"Faith, in his rambling on, he mentioned something about a dark haired devil visiting him last night."

"He's probably an acid head too. You know how those goddamn hippies are. Always having flashbacks. Probably was listening to the Dead or something, and remembered something he saw in his youth."

"FAITH! His shoulder was dislocated and he was covered in vomit, what did you do to him?"

I stare at her in silence.

"Faith, I don't care what he did, you had no right to do that! Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord!"

"Oh, get out of my face with that shit, Jenny!"

"Faith, look..." she starts to whisper, "you were right, he admitted it in class. He said that he just took this job to be around 20-something women. But that doesn't mean what you did was right, don't you even care that you ruined his life and career?"

Jenny's eyes were filling with tears.

"You lied, Faith! You lied, and now because of you Jack will never walk again."

"What did I do?"

"He had a nervous breakdown in front of class. Rather than stick around and let the girls get ahold of him, or their boyfriends, he jumped out the third story window."

I started laughing. By now Jenny has no fucking doubt that I was the one who fucked up Jack.

"FAITH! That's not funny! I think he might be paralyzed."

"Christ, Jenny. What do you think I did? Pushed him out the window? I wasn't even near your college today, I was at the library, filing those new technical manuals. God, what a lot of fun that was. Maybe pushing people out the window would have broken up my day nicely."

She starts to cry, "It was so sad, seeing Jack lying there, people who he victimized or their boyfriends just walking by, letting him writhe in pain..."

"It's sad because nobody kicked him while he was down."

"FAITH! No! I had to call 911 for him, nobody else would, I had to. It was so sad to see this once great man in such pain. Why did you do it Faith?"

"Jenny, do you even remember what he said?"

"Huh, what, Faith?"

"That he only took this job to be around young ass?"

"Faith, I'm sure he didn't mean it. He had to have said it in a moment of duress! Besides, I'm sure I'm the one to blame. I mean, I'm the young, uh," her voice dips to a barely audible whisper, "piece of ass," back to regular voice now, "that he wanted."

"Jenny, he's been teaching for 20 years."

"He said he's been with over 300 girls since starting there, but you had no right!"

"Looks like you won't have to drop out now Jenny, or go down on Mr Pervert."

"Don't call him that! Faith, I'm going to bat for him, it's all my fault he lost his job and will probably will never walk now."

"Goodbye to bad trash, I always say. It's just a shame that whoever did this didn't cut off his prick."

"FAITH! Don't even joke about that! You did this and I'm shocked you didn't. How can you live with yourself, Faith?"

Do I even really need to go on with this? It went on like this for a few hours. It's really sad how forgiving that girl is. I'm sure somebody could murder her own mother and she'd probably give him a room at the house to stay so he didn't have to stay in a prison cell.

"Fuck it, I'm out of here. Try to help out your fellow girl and look what it gets you."

"Where are you going, Faith? You can't leave! It's a parole violation."

"Los Angeles. Will be good to be around people who don't have their heads up their ass."

"You'll go back to prison, and I'll be in trouble! Don't go, Faith! Don't go!"

"I'll be back in time for work tomorrow, chill out."

I knew I'd never be able to face the Sunnydale gang at this point, so I might as well go see what Angel is up to. Rumors travel through the grapevine quickly, seems he's a daddy now. Yeah, Darla gave birth, then staked herself. If I was forced to go with a vampire chick, I'd pick Drusilla any day of the week, but then again, Angel did love the blonde bitch for over 100 years. Why, I don't know.

The first sound I hear when approaching the LA gang is Wes's yelp. Still the same scared old Brit deep down. So much for him being a bad ass now. I want to vomit. I still remember torturing him, what a pussy.

"Faith! What are you doing here?" Angel was concerned at usual, thinking I broke out.

"Hey, what's up? I got out! I mean, they released me, I'm supposed to be with some girl in Sunnydale right now, but fuck her. Did her a favor and she freaks on me. Oh well, to hell with her, I'm here for the night until she calms down."

"Why didn't you tell me about this? We could have had a set up for you right here."

"I know, but hey, I think I'm gonna get a piece with this one."

I see this skinny girl in glasses standing around, for a second there I almost shit myself, thinking it was Tammy, but on closer inspection...

"Um, Faith, this is Fred. She'll be your roommate for the night."

"I will?" Fred says with a surprised tone of voice.

"Got a problem with that?"

"Faith, calm down, she's just shy, is all." Angel is a good guy, trying to calm me down. I know Fred could be some fun, so I'm five by five.

"I'm sorry, I'm Fred, I'm kind of new here."

Her laugh disarms me, it's much too like Tammy's, but no way could this be her.

Fred takes my bag in hand and shows me to her room.

She keeps laughing to herself, I'm getting a bit worried for her.

"Sorry, I just... thought of this really funny thing in science class."

Uh oh, science?

"Um, you don't happen to be related to somebody named Tammy, do you?"


"Nothing, I guess not, then."

I'll have to keep an eye on this girl.

She's dressed very smart, the way you'd expect a girl genius to dress. She plops down on her bed. "This one is mine. The other one is yours," she smiles, kind of nervous like, as if she wants to ask me something but is too shy to.

"Wow, they're both so big," I say jumping on mine.

"Oh, don't do that! Angel won't like it very well if you break the bed."

"Bah, according to B, he could really break the bed, if you know what I mean."

She laughs at me, "That's funny, Faith. Gross... but funny."

I stop jumping and sit on her bed. She scoots over a bit, shy like. It's been over a month since I was last laid. She's the kind of girl I'd really like to get to know. Her innocence and uncertainty is so adorable. I'd picture Jenny acting this way if we ever had this kind of tension between us.

"Why do they call you Fred?"

I put my hand on hers, she trembles a bit, but doesn't try to move it.

"It's shorter than saying Winnifred. And I hated that name anyway. It's always been Fred, even when I was little." She shakes her head yes and smiles at me.

Without half thinking, I move my head towards her and kiss her on the mouth. She's very unsure of herself, but she returns my kisses. I'm shocked she doesn't try to break away from me. I can hear her heart beating louder as the kiss continues.

When I back away, she smiles at me, swallowing hard. "Wow, I didn't know that... I mean." She's babbling, much like Willow, and I can tell she doesn't have much experience in this field.

She seems kind of scared and wraps her arms around me. I'm not used to this tender stuff, but as horny as I am, I'll take what I can get. I can feel her nipples poking into my chest through the thin material of her top. It's so loose I didn't even realize she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Faith, I've never..."

I put my finger on her mouth, trying to shush her.

"No, I mean, not with a boy or girl, this is my first time."

Want, take, have, or do I?

My voice trembles, so uncertain, never asking before, "You sure you want to?"

She nods an affirmation.

Her body is so small and delicate, and something about her makes me want to be extra gentle. Usually when I'm with a virgin, I'd fuck them senseless before they know what hit them. Pulling off her top, she lie on her back, with her legs spread. I take off mine and bring my mouth to hers again. It feels good to get out of these clothes. I notice her looking at my body, kind of uncertain whether it's polite to ogle or not. She smiles when she sees me smile at her.

My mouth tenderly worships her breasts. Her small nipples fit easily in my mouth, her moans of ecstasy let me know I'm doing something right. She's squirming beneath me, feeling so good brushing up against me. While my mouth is busy on her breasts, I unzip her skirt, removing it. Her panties are soaked, she manages to remove them while I put my hand on her hips, softly massaging them.

She's squirming more and more, her slickness rubbing over my stomach. I try hard to avoid making intimate contact with her. Don't want the little thing to come too quickly. I kiss between her breasts, moving on down towards her tight stomach. The way her stomach quivers when I kiss it makes me even hornier.

Some of the images in Jack's books flood back into my head, but I'm able to quickly put them out. The sick crudeness of pornography is one thing, but in this context, there is nothing more beautiful than a girl with spread legs. The soft, pink folds cry out for my tongue. I softly lick her leg up one way, then down the other. I tease her, my breath close to her most intimate area, but not quite. I do it with the other too, making sure she's restless.

"Please, give me what I need," she begs.

I slowly trail down from her bellybutton, down to her clit. She lets out a loud moan as I begin to lick her. I rub her lips, parting them, enjoying the beautiful view. The fact she hasn't given this away to somebody yet is a crime. Her taste is sweeter than honey on my lips, and I can't get enough of her. I'm voraciously lapping at her, licking and sucking on her lips, she's thrashing, bucking her hips, soft pink lips grinding into my face.

Just when I think she couldn't possibly have any more, she starts again. I'm amazed such a little thing could have so much in her. My face is getting covered in her nectar, not that I'm complaining. It's been a long time since I was on the bottom, and I've forgotten how nice it can be. To smell and taste her, and see her soft, delicate folds inches from my face causes me to let go. I'm moaning into her cunt, breathing heavy. When I think my tongue is about to fall out of my mouth, she finally stops. Her breathing is harsh and jagged and she can barely speak. I cuddle up to her, holding her tight in my arms, careful not to use Slayer strength and crush her.

Tears of joy are streaming down her face as she puts her head on my shoulder.


I pet her head, softly caressing her face. "Yeah, Fred?"

"That was so beautiful." She's gasping for air, the afterglow of her orgasm still washing over her. "And thanks for not breaking... you know."

"Wouldn't dream of it," I smile, lying to her, but oh well, she doesn't have to know how close I came to popping it.

Fred isn't quite sure what to do, I gather. The small pecks she covers my face in feels like softest silk, but her hesitation leads me to believe she's too timid to go any lower.

Her licking of my neck makes me shudder slightly, reminding me of my encounter with Harmony all those months ago. I tenderly stroke the back of her head, which slows her down somewhat. I'm wriggling here, trying to move my breasts up a bit, hoping her mouth will brush over my swollen nipples.

Her slow trail down my breasts is making me so frustrated. But her hesitation gives her actions a certain tenderness I've never felt before. I grab her hand and put it on my other breast. She tenderly grabs at it, pinching it gently while her mouth finally reaches the right spot.

Her hot breath and hungry tongue on my swollen nipple makes me feel even more ticklish. She knows how to be a good tease, and I start to wonder if she isn't a really talented bottom who hasn't been on top before tonight.

Her kisses go lower, first between my breasts, then down to my tummy. Her mouth isn't so much licking me as its worshipping me. She knows how to make tummy worship tickle in all the right places, if you know what I'm saying.

My clit is aching for her mouth, I'm getting wetter and wetter with every lick on her way down to its ultimate destination. The ticklish feelings in my spine are increasing as her mouth barely grazes my clit. Her soft, wet mouth is the perfect match for my drenched lower mouth.

The tender way she is caressing me and licking me is how I always imagined Jenny would make love. Awwww, make love. I never thought I'd like the sound of that word. I'm enraptured as my orgasm hits me full force and I feel myself melting into Fred. I've been imagining this whole time that Jenny was the one making love to me.

Wow, I really need to make it back to Sunnydale in a hurry. I have to work through this with Jenny, or I may never have another chance to make things right.

Fred is kind of passed out between my legs, I think. I rub her head, she looks up and smiles at me.

"Wow, you sure are loud when you... you know," she starts to giggle.

I was so caught up in what I was feeling, I had no idea what sounds I was making.

"Fred, come here for a bit," I motion to the head of the bed.

I wrap her in my arms, holding her close, our naked sweaty bodies entwined. It feels good to have her against me, her affectionate embrace more powerful than I would have thought.

Her head is on my chest, "Is your heart beating for me?" She looks at me with her eyes full of hope and love, so what can I say?

I kiss her on the forehead, "You alone, Fred." I wink and hug her tight. "I hate to do this, but I'm only able to stay here a few more hours, and I'm not really in the mood to retire to my own bed..."

"Yay," she's so happy to cuddle up with me for the night. She's asleep in my arms in no time flat, I must have been too much for her.

I don't really sleep much, but at 5am I am up and ready to shower. I always enjoy having the sweat of a lover all over me, so the shower is bittersweet to me. But I can't go to work reeking of sweat and sex, or at least I shouldn't. Brad would probably jump my ass in the bathroom, and if there is anything I don't need, it would be to have him inside me.

I wake up Fred before I go, to give her a hug and kiss, and the number of where I'm staying. I don't have the heart to tell that I probably won't be making love to her again, but she doesn't need to know that yet.

The bus seems to get me back home much quicker than it took to get me to LA. Rather than go home I go straight to the library. I'm actually five minutes earlier than I usually. While I'm tired as hell, I'm able to do my job halfway decently.

Around noon my desktop phone rings.

"Hello, Williams Memorial Library, how may I help you?"


"Uh, Jenny?"

"You're back! You did come home, and you're at work!"

"I told you, girl. Now look, we got a lot to talk about tonight, so have some good Italian food waiting for me."

"You read my mind, Faith. How does three cheese lasagna sound?"

"It's a date," I give a little wink that Jenny can't see, but Brad is standing around looking jealous. I stick out my finger, letting him smell Fred on me. It's faint, but the look on his face tells me he can still smell her. He then runs for the bathroom and doesn't come back for ten minutes. Huh, boys.


My day at the library was endless. Actually, before Jenny called it was going smoothly, at least smoother than usual. After she called, I was left with an uneasy feeling about our talk tonight. I'm not sure why I even care what she thinks, but I do. If she was mad I'm sure she would have told me. But why am I scared? What is she going to do, send me back to prison?

"Faith!" Jenny runs up to me and hugs me when I come through the door.

"Hi, Jenny. See, kid? I told you I'd be back for work!"

"Shhhhhhh, don't say anything. You can't let anybody know where you've been."

"Does this mean you've finally come to your senses?"

She breaks the hug and gives me one of her looks of forgiveness. No words accompany, but I know that things are five by five with us again.

"That's what I want to talk to you about, Faith, can we sit down here at the table?"

The table is set like it's some kind of romantic dinner. A big bowl of tossed salad, three kinds of dressing in those fancy glass dispensers, a basket of bread, big casserole dish with the lasagna, and two lighted candles as the center piece.

"Well, ok, Jenny, let's spill it. Get this over with, because I'm starving."

"Faith, it's cool, this isn't some kind of important talk, we can talk while we eat."

I grab a few slices of bread, not really minding my table manners. It's so funny how proper Jenny is, acting all delicate when putting lettuce and tomatoes into her salad bowl. Even pouring ranch dressing over it is some kind of action that requires the utmost concern of detail. Me? I just pour the motherfucker all over my salad to help mask the vegetable taste. Lots of salt and pepper too, which Jenny seems to think is gross.

"I've been thinking a lot about this whole Jack incident. About why it happened, and how you handled it."

She cuts such baby sized slices of lasagna. I just grab a huge chunk of it and put it on my plate. If I don't eat it all now, I can always heat it up later. Jenny keeps cutting tiny pieces that wouldn't choke a bird.

"Why do you think I handled it?" I ask with a mouth full of bread, lettuce and noodles.

"Faith, I know you did this. I found my Anthropology syllabus in your room, with Jack's name and office number circled!"

"Got me, I admit it."

There goes Jenny, cutting another microscopic piece of lasagna.

"But, Faith, what I'm trying to say is it's okay. I forgive you, in fact, no, let me start again."

In my hunger, I didn't even realize what a hot outfit Jenny was wearing, I can totally see through her shirt.

"Faith, I want to thank you. I freaked out on you, I mean, I should have, but the thing you did to Jack is what I was dreaming of since the first day he propositioned me. I only if it were me, I'd really have cut off his... you know what."

I take another drink of my Dr Pepper, acting as though I didn't hear her the first time.


"Yeah, Jenny? You'll have to repeat that again, couldn't hear you over my chewing."

"Silly girl, I said THANKS!"

I smile at her, taking hold of her hand, fingers intertwining. I notice her nipples pucker as our fingers make contact. She gives me a nervous laugh and breaks the contact. She kind of crosses her arms as much as she can while still eating, but I know she knows that I know. She so wants me. I smile internally as my own nipples pucker.

"Jenny, its ok, I would have done this for any friend. Besides, it's the least I can do. After all, you are part of the reason why I'm here and not rotting away in the big house."

"I never said I approve of your means, only that I would have done the same thing. Well, same thing if only I could have grown a spine as strong as yours."

"Hey, we girls have to look out for each other. To hell with all that girl power, feminist bullshit, it's all about having your buddy's back."

"You make it sound like we're in some kind of war, Faith."

"Oh, but Jenny, when it comes to assholes like Jack, we are."

Jenny actually laughs at my comment. When she can laugh at me calling Jack a nasty name, I know she's finally came around. And maybe, just maybe, she's growing a spine as strong as mine.

I wish I could tell you later that night Jenny and I made beautiful love to each other for hours on end. But that would be a lie. In my head, I keep replaying my encounter with Fred, only with Jenny in her place. I go to bed each night with a warm feeling in my heart. Used to be my thoughts of her would only produce a tickle between my legs, but this new feeling is even better in many ways.


Fred calls me at home one night; kind of surprised me, but not really. Even as shy as she is, I was sure she would be interested in getting in touch with me. After the night we had, I'd be more shocked if she didn't. Jenny answered it for me, at first wondering why Fred sounded so much like a girl. Jenny is such a peach sometimes.

"Hi Faith! I just realized you lived in Sunnydale! I've heard so much about that place from Angel and Cordy."

"Hi baby. I fancy you."

"Um, Faith..."

"I can still feel your kisses on my breasts. So soft and delicate."

"Faith! This is Fred, is that you?"

"I know who you are, sweetie. My nipples are aching to feel your mouth again."

"Faith, this is quite discommodious. I'm not used to being talked to in this manner."

"What? Well, you should get used to it. You could really make Cordelia happy. Who knows, it might just be the thing to get that stick out of her ass."

Fred laughs, "But I want you, not her."

"I tingle when I think of your touch."

Fred is still silent, though I can hear her breathing on the line, or I think it's her breathing.

"I'm hungry to taste your body again. If you were with me right now, I'd lick you all over. Frontward and back."

"Faith! I'm blushing; I don't know what to say. I mean, I don't usually talk about this sort of thing. I think I'm too nevous to talk."

"Didn't you enjoy our evening?"

"I wish I could relive it again. I would visit you, if I knew your address."

"What do you want to do to me?"

She makes a faint scoffing sound, "I, I, I really don't think I can say those words, Faith."

"Come on, Fred. You weren't shy when you were grinding your cunt into my face."

She gasps, "Faith! What if somebody hears? I have a reputation to uphold," she says, laughing.

"It was a really beautiful sight. I've seen things that nobody else has. It's a shame to keep that hidden for so long."

"Well, a girl like me doesn't get much attention."

"You just aren't looking hard enough."

"C'mon, Faith. Why me? You could have had any girl you wanted."

I swear I can hear breathing while Fred talks.

"Why ask? Being with you was so soft and delicate. Like I was floating on air. Is it everything you hoped it would be?"

"It leaves me wanting more. I wish I could be there with you."

"What would you do to me?"

She lets out a long sigh, "Faith, what wouldn't I do?"

"Do you want to kiss me?"

"Of course, Faith."

"But where do you want to kiss me?" I put a little extra sass in my voice.

She gives another nervous laugh. "I don't think I can say this."

"Close your eyes and imagine I'm naked with you."

"I can do that."

"My body is a temple, waiting to be worshipped."

"God, Faith, do all girls taste as good as you when they..." she clears her throat.


"I can't believe I'm doing this."

"My nipples are aching for your mouth. I can feel your tongue."

I hear some heavy breathing again, but it isn't coming from Fred. I take the portable phone over to the railing and look over and see Jenny! Oh my god, the little minx is pleasuring herself to our conversation! I can't ever let Fred know this, or she'd go even more silent than she already is.

"Can't you taste my nipple in your mouth?"

"Oh, Faith. I don't think I can do this much longer."

"Can't you see my legs are spread for you? Wanting and waiting."

"Oh... Faith."

"Tell me what you'd do. I'm open for you and you alone."

"I... think I might have to... kiss you."

"Where would you want to kiss me?"

"I would kiss you..."


"Between... your...," her voice is cracking, and getting lower. "legs."

"Can you feel my hand? It's softly caressing your thighs."

"Oh god, Faith!"

"I can feel my hand moving between your legs. Can you feel it? Gently stroking you, feeling you getting wetter and hotter. I can feel you breathing heavy into me while I part your lips."

Now the heavy breathing sounds in stereo. I think our little geek girl might finally be getting into it, that, or Jenny has invited a friend to listen in too.

"Oh Faith... I love this."

But before I can say anything more, Jenny has to go and come. I can tell a split second after her gasp of ecstasy that she wishes she could take it back.

Of course now Fred is freaking out?

"Who, who is that? Is somebody listening to us?"

Jenny slams the phone down, and for a second I think I'm busted.

"It must have been a crossed wire."

"How could that happen? Did somebody else hear us?"

I spend a good five minutes calming her down, assuring her that nobody else knows.

Jenny locked herself in her room for the rest of the day, not even coming out for supper.

I feel almost bad. I have only love for Jenny, but I still want one more night with Fred. I'm half tempted to go up to Los Angeles again, but think better of it. After the conversation tonight, Fred might not want to see me so soon.

The next morning Jenny tries to act cool, but I'm still teasing her. I don't understand why she's embarrassed that I know. Doesn't she know I'd tell her if I was pissed off?

Before I leave for work, I give her a hug and tell her, "Don't."


It's a couple of weeks later when the subject finally comes up, actually brought to a head by Jenny. The way we look at each other, talk to each other, it feels like we could end up kissing at any moment. That tension is so delicious, yet so frustrating as well.

"Faith," she says her voice trembling. It's 10 at night, and she's sitting on my bed. I'm halfway through Sandman collection three. I usually hate to be interrupted, but for her I'd put anything on hold.

"Yeah, Jenny?"

"There is something I've been meaning to talk to yo about for a long time, but I never know how to say it."

"So, just say it! If either of us die in our sleep, it's too late then."

"Faith! Don't talk like that, that's so morbid. But, you are right."

"So, what's on your mind, Jenny?" I softly touch her face, but rather than flinch and try to push it away, she presses her hand softly against it.

"Faith, I don't know how to say this exactly, but I think I'm falling for you."

I smile a knowing smile, she knows I've read her face and reactions before.

"I feel so bad sometimes. My parents are liberal, but still taught me that homosexuality is wrong. I've rejected that so often, but yet a little bit of that outdated belief still lives in my heart."

I break out into song for her. "It ain't necessarily so; The things that you're liable to read in the Bible; It ain't necessarily so"

She chuckles, but still with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"The big reason I stay here during the summertime, and not on campus, is I couldn't control myself last semester. I mean, I did, but had I not left then, I would have probably been thrown out of college!"

"So you're a bad girl after all, eh, Jenny?"

"My roommate stirred in my feelings I've tried to suppress since I was 12. There was no way I was going to get through the semester without telling her how I felt. I even..."

She whispers in my ear a confession I promise to not reveal. Though it is something I've done myself, I won't repeat it here.

"And now you are stirring those same feelings in me again."

She wipes a tear from her eye, but then bursts out into a laugh.

"Oh god, I finally said it, I think I feel free now."

I hold her in my arms, she feels so much more powerful than the time I hugged her on the event of my homecoming. I'm not sure what to say, so I just blurt out what's on my mind.

"Do you want me to fuck you?"

"I don't think I'm ready yet, Faith. I'm sorry."

"Shhhhh, it's okay, I'm willing to wait."

"I can't sleep alone anymore, Faith. Will you sleep with me?"

I nod my head. She leads me to her room. This big bed would be depressing to sleep alone in.

"Hold me, Faith."

I get her in the spoon position, pulling her close to my body. I can feel her shiver and quake as my hands touch her tummy. It feels so soft and warm to the touch. My hands are close enough that I can feel heat rising from below, but instead of putting my hands lower, I keep them where they are.

She sighs contently before falling to sleep. The warm feeling in my heart spreads all over my body. Though I've said it before, now I know it's true. I'm really in love. How can this be?


So by now you'd think that Jenny and I were daily fuck buddies. As much as I'd like to think that, it isn't so. In fact, we've grown further apart in the days since that night two months ago. Sure, we still pal around a lot, but the intense sexual tension has gone away.

Sleeping with her only lasted about a week. Said it was making her feel uncomfortable, and if I wanted my home life to be smooth, I'd accept her decision and get on with my life. Whatever that means. C'mon, Jenny, let's do it already, I promise I won't hurt you.

"You'll be late for work!" she scolds me, sounding more like a mother than a friend. She was so much happier lying in my arms; does she really mistrust me that much? Our final night together was a restless one for her, at times she acted like she wanted to get away. Getting out of the grasp of a Slayer is not easy. I held her as tight as I could without hurting her. For six days she seemed to like it, then all of the sudden, bammo.

"I think this is getting too intense, Faith."

Okay, fair enough, but her threshold of what is too "intense" is laughable. I've not even kissed her on the mouth yet, not even closed mouth.

Christ, I'm going crazy here with lust. I'd love to force that dumb ass little fundy fuck to suck my cunt. I could probably convince her that not wanting to go down on me was homophobic, or some other equally idiotic notion. Or convince her it's God's will for her to eat me out. That might work better.

Now I wonder, was it love or lust? It's Faith, me! Am I even capable of true love? Yes, of course, I am. And with Jenny, I hope. But I'm human. My hormones are getting the best of me again. Can't she understand that?

Right now I'm too tired to think about this. I just want to go to sleep, tomorrow is Thursday, only one more day left until the weekend.

Things were going shittier than usual on Thursday when I got a phone call.

"Hello, Sunnydale Public Library, Faith speaking."


"Yes, hello?"

"Faith! It's me! Fred!"

I let out a little shriek of excitement that draws everybody's attention.

"Faith! Are you okay? I thought I heard somebody shriek."

"Baby, you don't know how happy I am to hear your voice!" I'm nearly jumping up and down. I feel a slight tickle between my legs as I imagine the fun we'll have. Oh wait, gotta invite the little thing down here first.

"Everything okay, Faith?"

"Now that you've called, better than you could ever imagine!"

"Wow, Faith, I was afraid I was bothering you. Your roommate said you've been testy recently."

"Huh, testy because of her. But I think you could cure all that. Please tell me you're coming to see me!"

The head librarian shushes me. The fuckin' bitch.

"Faith, I don't know where you live."

"Well, silly, then I'll give you my address!"

"Okay, Faith, but I might have to wait a bit first. I will get there by tomorrow, though."

I give Fred the address, my voice carrying a slight melodic quality to it. I am so fucking happy! I've never been this happy in my entire life. I can't wait to see Fred's smiling face again. That, and I can't wait to stick my tongue right up her...


"Oh, sorry, Fred. I got spaced for a second here."

My nipples are so hard they're aching right now. Oh god, if only Fred could be here for me.

"So I'll see ya sometime tomorrow, okay?"

"God, Fred. I wish I could drive up there right this second and bring you down here. You have no idea how much I've missed you."

"Okay, Faith. I promise I'll try to get down there ay-sap."

I make a kissy sound into the phone before hanging up.

I'm walking on air the rest of the day. Not even the smoking cows outside can bring me down. Usually I'd want to put out their cigs right on their eyeballs, but right now I'm so happy none of that matters. My girl, my Fred, will be sitting on my face this time tomorrow!

I go to bed, still horny as hell. No matter how many times I masturbate, it's never enough. My nipples are still rock hard as I restlessly fall into a light slumber. My thoughts all night return to my night with her all those many weeks ago. If I close my hard and think hard enough, I swear I can feel her probing tongue.

I was sad when I woke up this morning. Rather than being greeted downstairs by the friendly face of Fred Burkle, I was rudely awakened 30 minutes earlier than usual by Jenny. The girl was on the phone, speaking much more loudly and excitedly anybody needs to be a 7:30. From what I can gather there was some kind of emergency at college. It seems a water main broke in the gymnasium and Jenny needed to get a repairman from church to fix it.

Hey, when you can't get back to sleep, and the satellite is out, you gotta improvise.

I take the extra time I have this morning to get in some special grooming, if you know what I mean. Since Jenny kicked me out of her bed, I have to admit to not keeping up on my shaving as well as I should. Not that I look like some hairy legged man hater or anything, but I don't have my usual 'bare all over' look.

Jenny is going to shit when she finds my pubes in her electric razor. Not that I care or anything. I don't have time to clean out her razor, and besides, if she would have only put out earlier, then I'd not have so much to cut off all at once.

I smile in the mirror, a glow of certainty. A slight twitch of anticipation. Aw, that sweet feeling. After weeks of being dead from the waist down to everybody but me, I'm on fire.

It's noon time, or close to it. The cows are out front again, choking and coughing and smoking their cigs. As usual, I come home at this hour for lunch. That, and to check on the mail. Well, I only do that about once a month around this time. Jenny would flip out if she found out I subscribed to Maxim and FHM. Gotta get the mail before her or else I probably won't be reading this month's issue.

I notice a bus pulled outside Jenny's house as I'm walking up. A small girl, with a smaller suitcase steps out and looks around worriedly.


I ran up to her, nearly dropping the leather jacket I'm carrying.

"Faith! Did I find the right house?"

I give her a big bear hug, kissing her on the forehead, then on the cheek, then on her lips. I laugh one of the happiest laughs I can remember having. She seems almost taken a back at first by my affection, but is quick to return the kisses.

"Damn, girl. I was scared you'd fuckin' bail on me! Oh god, the fun we're going to have this weekend!"

"Can I take my suitcase inside first?"


I bring Fred into my bedroom, showing her were she can place her bag.

"Is this your bed? And room? Wow, it's so nice."

"Naw, not anymore, baby. It's our room now." I smile giving her another hug.

"Do you work someplace, Faith? Don't let me keep you from your job."

"I'm on lunch break, and you're coming back with me."

"Ooooooh, can we go to Taco Bell? I love tacos!"

"You read my mind, girl. I wish we had time for a little fuck now."

Fred gave me a nervous smile.

"Well, I won't be any good to you being as hungry as I am, now will I?"

She winks at me. My heart is all a'flutter. My panties are starting to get a little damp, too. Oh god, hurry up four O'clock!

Lunch at Taco Bell was an eye opening experience. To look at her, I thought Fred never ate anything. But she was eating more than I could afford. While I could make do with a Mexican Pizza and two taco supremes, she had about three times what I had. By the time it was time to head back to the library, she acted like she wanted more!

"Sorry, I just sometimes get hungry and can't stop myself."

"Don't sweat it, baby bird."

My sense of euphoria is almost shattered soon after I got back to the library. An old annoyance from the past seems to have invaded in the time since I left for lunch.

Everything was all right for almost an hour, then it happened. Fred and I were stealing kisses in the corner of the room when I heard a fimilar whining voice break the silence.

"NOOOOOOO! It's spelled W-y-m-y-n-s Studies! You spelled it the patriarchal way! You're a traitor to women!"

"Oh shit," I say, "it's Willow."

"Oh no!" Fred says with a nervous tone of voice. "She... she..."

"What? What happened, Fred? Is everything okay?"

"She came visiting a few days ago. I was sleeping in my bed, minding my own business, then when I woke up, I found her in my bed. She had her face, you know, down there, she was, uh, smelling me. And she was... touching herself, you that way."

My face flared with anger. While Willow was whining on about male oppression and sexism, Fred was trying to calm me down. It does figure Willow would be into this thing, right? It's the self righteous twats who have the most to hide.

"Don't hurt her, I don't want you back in jail, Faith. I need you."

"Oh, I won't hurt her, but I might make her wish I was punching her. Watch this..."

I walk over, hoping she doesn't notice me, the sneak attack being the best way.

"This is very offensive to my feminist nature! What kind of woman would spell that word the sexist way!!! And for Wymymn's Studies?!?? How dare you! I'm going to organize a protest of this library until this is changed and an apology is written in the school paper! Uh huh! That's what will happen, that is what I'm going to do! See this? This is my face of determination. I'm determined to shut down your sexist machine, yup, I..."

"Oh, wow. Look at you now, Red! Majoring in Cuntology 101. How cute. I gotta wonder how Wolfboy is taking to this. Or have you cut his balls off and put them around your neck?"

Willow gasped, turning around at me. "Faith! What are you doing here? I didn't think a woman like you, who would objectify herself for the pleasure of men by wearing all that leather, would even be smart enough to read!"

"And does Wolfie know you like to go around smelling other girl's panties, while they're still wearing them?"


"Or do you share with Wolfie? Sad, I thought Oz would be nicer than that."

"HELLO! GAY NOW!" this time a bit louder.

"Am I speaking a dead language?"


I try to walk away, but some kind of dust storm prevents me from doing so. When it finally settles, Willow is standing there in a black cheerleader's outfit. A pink triangle is on the blouse and rainbows wrap around the skirt.

"I said... HELLO! GAY NOW!" she shakes her pom poms before jumping on a table.

Then she starts singing the worst song I ever heard. Her creaky voice made it a thousand times worse than it had to be.

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray, hooray for gay!
Hooray! Hooray! Hooray, hooray for gay!

I once was straight! I was a fool!
Boys and their sausage made me drool
I didn't know what I was doing was sexism!

Boys have kept girls down long enough!
Girls who love them also make it tough
For other girls to make it in the world!

But thank Thespia that all has changed!
Now my sexual life has been rearranged
I love them femme and I love them butch!

Fred and I look back and forth at each other. What is she gonna fuckin' do? Conjure up a machine gun and blow us all to hell? And I can't believe I'm thinking this, but poor Brad! God knows what Willow would do this poor, lame ass. Or should I think "Goddess knows" in case Willow can read my mind?

And I'm GAY NOW!
I loves to dive the muff!
I'm really GAY NOW!
No more penis will I touch!
No more Osbourne Wolf for me!
You know I'm GAY NOW!
Being straight is too old fashiony

Willow nods her head each time she says "gay now." It's like there's a disco band or something behind her. Funny, I thought it was gay men who liked disco and folk music was what the dykes listened to.

And if a smelly boy wants me to gargle his spunk
He'd have to be that sexy James Marsters hunk
He looks like an ugly girl when I'm drunk

I'd kill myself if Tara cheated on me!
But I can cheat on her all I want, see?
I can erase her mind and she's good as new

I eat 'em out when they're on the rag!
I hope to Christ this is offensive, man!
You sure do look like a homophobe to meeeeee!

My Wymyn's Studies teacher said razors are a vice!
Oh goddess why can't sweet Tara follow her advice?
It makes me fear she'll be a traitor to all wymyn!

So if you're a homophobe I will know!
And I'll follow you right to your home
And hack out your brain with a veggie cleaver!
And feed it to Miss Kitty Fantasticooooooooo!

In case anybody here didn't know, that's my nickname for Tara's pussy, too!

Then she starts singing the chorus over and over again. I try to approach the table to drag her down, but she's put up some kind of magical force field to keep me away.

Then, if things couldn't get worse, she starts shrieking at the top of her lungs, over and over again.


Finally, this really cute blonde girl walks through the door, and upon seeing Willow, she almost runs away. Then back again.


Willow is still up there shrieking at the top of her lungs. "GAY NOW! GAY NOW...."


"Oh, hi Tara! Hey EVERYBODY! This is Tara! I dived her muff last night! Does that offend your Puritanical values?"

Tara rushed the table and dragged Willow to the floor.

"What the hell are you doing? You promised me you'd not embarrass me again. God, Willow, look at you, you look spastic."

"I learned a new spell on Sabrina this morning! How to change my clothes! Don't you like? It's my gay pride outfit! I sewed it myself while you were sleeping last night. You sure do sleep well... AFTER I DIVE YOUR MUFF!"

Tara looked at Fred and me with a look that said 'please, take me away from this weirdo.'

"I'm gonna wear it in the gay pride parade this year! The one you didn't want to march in, SELF HATER!" Willow starts jabbing Tara in the chest angrily.

"Willow, get home, now! You've embarrassed me for the last time, we'll talk about this later."

Willow looked as if she was about to cry, but did as Tara wished. As she left, a huge round of applause erupted in the library.

"Look, guys, I'm sorry about this. But ever since Willow started this whole women's studies this at school, she's been insufferable. Please don't call the police on her, okay?"

"I can see why Willow's chasing the little man in the boat now. You're cute."

Tara blushes, and starts to stutter. "Oh, well, I, I mean, I..."

Fred gives her a hug and a little kiss on her ear.

Tara blushes three shades of purple before walking home with a giant smile on her face.

I look at the clock, it says 3:30. Wow, time sure flies by quick when you're having fun.


The room smells like sex and nothing has happened yet. A turned on Slayer and her geeky friend make for a powerful combination. Nothing is more powerful than a turned on Slayer.

Fred is so sweet and cute. She's like a kid in a candy store when she's about to get laid. Laid only for the second time if you can believe her; and I do. She's nearly skipping home, holding me hand, smiling at me with a big cheesy grin. The glasses she wears accentuates her brown eyes.

"Why didn't you call me earlier, Fred? You're about ready to burst! I could have probably helped you with that."

Fred giggled slightly, a nervous laugh, "Well, I thought you might have somebody else, so I waited. But then I thought it couldn't hurt anything. Besides, Charles and Wesley were starting to annoy me. Always fighting over me, talking like I'm not even there!"

I stroke her forehead as we walk in the front door.

"Faith, what's going on here? Whose luggage is in your room?"

"Oh, Jenny, this is Fred. She's a friend from Los Angeles. She is living with us until further notice. Get over it."

"Hi!" Fred waves as I rush her upstairs.

"Faith! Come here and talk to me about this! It's not nice to spring a roommate on me without telling me first!"

"Can't talk now, horny."

I shut and lock the door behind me. Fred lays out on my bed. Her arms are wide and pull me tight to her. She's as ravenous as I am. Last time she'd barely look at me, but now she has my bottom lip in her mouth, sucking on. Her mouth opens, letting my tongue probe around.

I'm quick to lift off her one piece dress, trying not to break the kiss for too long. And as last time, she's not wearing a bra. This is such a turn on to me, not because of her cute little nipples the same shade as her pussy, but I just know she's a total kinky girl if she'd only get the nerve to talk about it.

As soon as it's off she's at me again. The kisses are both soft and hard and very electric. I'm not even sure how experienced she is, but everything is running on instinct. She even goes so far as to lift my shirt off. Damn, what's gotten into this girl? Whatever it is, I want a double dose of it.

She reaches to take off her glasses, but I stop her.

"I like them better on!"

I unbutton my pants. This she's still a little bit shy and nervous about. I bend over in my thong panties, laying the expensive leather pants neatly on a chair. After what it took to get those, I don't want anything to happen to them. Damn PETA fuckers.

I can feel her staring at my ass and it turns me on. I know she's gonna turn her head the second I turn around, and I'm right. It's kind of fun to watch her, she makes me laugh.

"Why are you laughing at me? Something I did was wrong?"

"Fred, I'm with you. It's okay to look at me. You better believe I looked at every inch of you while I was eating you out last time." I wink at her, she gulp, actually acting surprise!

"C'mon, I'll show you mine if you show me yours. I'll go first."

We take our panties off at the same time, Fred being a bit more modest and slow about it.

"C'mon, Fred. I'm gonna see it anyway, get those fuckin' panties off already!"

I sit on the bed with my legs slightly spread, one leg elevated, the other not. It feels odd doing this. Shouldn't we have done this the first time? I don't care. This kind of show I'm doing for her is turning me on, if the kisses earlier didn't do enough.

She almost blushes a bit when I spread for her. I throw my head back and close my eyes.

"Your, your, you... I mean, it's so... nice." Fred says, acting sort of stunned. Usually I would give the standard "Don't just stare at it, EAT IT!" line, but this is Fred. I love the little thing, and don't want to scare her away.

Besides, I think the girl got the point of it already. I can feel her warm breath inches from it, then moving north slightly. It's not exactly what I wanted, but she kisses my mouth again. I feel her hands moving down my body. Maybe not the touch of a sexpert, but what she lacks in technique she makes up for in enthusiasm.

Fred would be such a good vampire. The way she kisses and licks my neck erotically. The hairs on the back of neck stand up as she licks down m collarbone.

She's kinda kinky, even if she doesn't mean to be. The way she licks my shoulders. At first I wonder if she's going to trial down the back way, not that I'd be opposed to that, just as long as she doesn't jam any fingers up there when she's eating me out.

She licks down my arm, then back up again, lifting my arm to even lick my arm pits. Not really something I've tried before, but what the hell? I'm very ticklish there, even much more than my stomach. I'm laughing and shaking, Fred seemingly obvlivious to this fact. I don't want to rush her, but I think I might pee myself if she's not too careful.

Thankfully she makes a line right for my chest. I'm sticking my tits out a bit, hoping she'll ge the hint and start sucking on my... mmmmm, that's the right spot.

My nipples are so hard and swollen. They feel gigantic in her mouth, almost raw. But she knows how to make me come. I can already feel the pressure building in my core like I'm about to explode. Everything in my head is spinning in that delicious way right before a really killer orgasm. She's sucking and kissing and licking at them so soft and sensuously, yet somehow feral and animalistic.

"Oh, GOD, oh FRED! Unnnnnnghhhhh." I hold her head closer to my chest as I feel my first truly great orgasm in a month hit me. But she knows enough not to stop just yet. I'm wondering if she even heard me, or if she's too preoccupied.

Then like a good girl she switches breasts. Damn, I get the feeling when we sleep tonight I'm gonna be her pacifier, not that I care. B fell asleep all the time sucking on my breasts. It was a nice feeling to fall asleep and wake up to.

Right now the only thing I can smell in the room is our arousal. I still can feel my come running down my legs, the soft squishing sounds as Fred fingers, and my muscles clamping down on her fingers.

Her kisses cover my body, stopping at my stomach which is another favorite place of hers to worship. She loves my tummy, everything about it. She way she licks at it, tracing circles in a circular motion right down to the bellybutton, which she lovingly rims. Licking it, tonguing it in and out like a French kiss, kissing it softly with just her lips, sucking on it, you name it, she's doing it. I tremble and moan, knowing what's around the bin. It's like she knows exactly what it takes to make me wait for what I need, then gives it to me when i least expect. She gives me a few more false starts while continuing to lick my bellybutton. She moves her cute thumb onto my clit makes me come again and weaker still in the knees. But she knows enough not to quit.

She moves her face down, rubbing her nose over my clit makes me buck my hips again. She spreads me open and starts eating me out like a pro. Licking my clit at first, then at the soft folds inside me. I know now she isn't shyly closing her eyes or turning her head. I feel her tongue slide over my folds, licking, kissing, worshipping them. She way she's flicking my inner lips with her tongue is a unique sensation that few girls know how to do. Either Fred is lying about her experience or she's been reading a lot.

Lost in the overpowering feeling of oncoming orgasmic rush I come all over her face. I feel ALL my tension draining out of me in the fluids that now are coating her cute face and glasses.

I fall back on the bed, nearly exhausted, she follows, falling into my arms. I hold her close, kissing her face, forgetting I'm all over her. But I don't care, I want to kiss her face, kiss her all over.

"Mmmmmmm, Fred. You know what I needed."

She hugs me tight, tight like she's afraid she's gonna float away and kisses my face.

It's so adorable to see her grab her dress and dry off her glasses. She's licking at the lenses even, the little vixen is hungry for Faith. I can't help but laugh at the scene. She looks up, face red and giggling too.

"I have to see for later, you know..." as if she has to justify anything to me.

"I hope I made you... feel good!" She laughs and rests her head on my shoulder.

I giggled at her. "It's okay to say 'come,' Fred. I need to teach you how to speak pillow talk. You have such a cute voice. That little twang. You'd sound cute with a filthy mouth."

"But I don't say things like that, usually. I guess I'm just modest."

"A girl who can eat pussy like that can't afford to be modest. C'mon, just say something dirty to me, it turns me on."

"I want you to...ummmm...I want you to..."

"Mow the lawn? Make you breakfast? Wash the windows?"

"No, Faith! I want you to want you to eat..."

"Breakfast with you at McDonalds? They stopped serving breakfast hours ago, baby girl."

"No, silly, you know what I mean!"

My eyes flash with a naughty glimmer. "I don't know what you mean." I say giggling. "Tell me what you want me to do."

"I want you eat my...uh..."

"Casserole you just baked for me? Not what I was thinking of, but I'll take it."

"NO! Faith!" she begins to laugh, "I can't say it."

"Sure you can, just close your eyes, and pretend you're all alone."

"Oh, god, Faith. I want you to eat my.... puh... I want you to eat my pussy!" she says, her voice cracking and going all high pitched.

I shriek with laughter, giving her a huge hug, rubbing her back.

"See! You can do it! Now, just to get you to say it a lot, and without having your voice crack."

"I guess it wasn't so bad, Faith. I mean, you have seen more of me than anybody ever has, so why should it be a big deal for me to say puh...uh, I mean, vagina."

I giggle at her. "Okay, guess I can't expect too much out of you, dirty mouth girl. You're so naughty. I'm gonna turn you into a filthy, raunchy girl by the time this weekend is up."

She hugs me tight, almost as if she's scared. "Well, not too raunchy I hope!"

"Don't worry, we won't do anything I wouldn't do. And besides, if I'm not mistaken, a special somebody has a bit of payback coming!"

"I do?"

I push her on her back, straddling her, my hands gently holding down her shoulders.

"You didn't think I'd let you go hungry after that show, do you? Besides, it looks like baby bird said her first naughty word. I have to make sure you REALLY come for me now!"

She squirms beneath with a huge smile on her face. I lift her up in my arms, holding her tight, my head on her chest, hearing her heartbeat quickly in time with me. I cup her ass with one hand while I suck on her nipples. She has her fingers in my hair which feels so good. I love to suck on her little tits. I can almost fit a whole one in my mouth which is a nice change of pace, and Fred seems to like it. I can feel her skin goose pimple and little beads of sweat form on her back.

I love to kiss all over her chest and stomach. She might not have much of a tummy, but like her, I'm all about the tummy worship. I love the way her stomach rippled with ever little peck I give it. And the little gasp she gives when I lick her bellybutton. She's very ticklish and squirmy. It feels so good to have her wriggle her body against mine when I'm kissing her.

She's totally drenched with desire. Her scent is intoxicating like the best perfume, but so much sweeter. The way she's spread wide open, no shame or embarrassment, is such a turn on. She trusts me so fully, I'm in control and she's okay with it.

My tongue laps down lower, even running over the thin patch of hair above her cunt. When she feels my tongue run over it, she gives a little grunt like she's embarrassed about something. I think it looks so cute this way, almost like a tiny V pointing down to heaven.

I have no real desire in teasing her tonight, sorry Fred. Not that she minds. The way her body jerks and spasms when my tongue comes into contact with the tiny bud of nerves is so delicious to see. Her cunt is almost breathing. I love to spread her open and lick at her. She's so beautiful. I can't get enough of her, and she can't get enough of me it seems. I don't want her to ever stop. Such sweet nectar, so much sweeter even than B or Red.

"Mmmm, Faith, I want your fingers inside me."

"This might hurt, baby bird. You sure?"

"Hold me, it's okay. Just do it."

I hold her close to me, my mouth on hers. I kiss her deeply and passionately, moving my hand between her legs. It feel so good and wet. She feels like fine silk on my fingers. I find her hymen and push in slowly with three fingers, warning her first. I kiss her deeper, letting my tongue massage her tongue. I feel my fingers break the thin membrane and some tears come to her eyes. I kiss her cheeks, licking up the tears. The salty taste is actually kind of nice, but I don't want to be in the habit of kissing them away. She lets out a big sigh, one that sounds almost content.

"Don't fuh, uh, don't finger me too hard yet, Faith. I want to get used to this."

"You okay?"

"Yeah, it just feels, different, kind of sore. But not hurting."

God, I love the way this feels. She's so tight and soft. Much softer than B, and might tighter than Red. I'm so tempted to finger fuck her right now. I can imagine how good her folds would feel gripping and hugging my fingers. I don't rush things though. I keep kissing her, she returns the kisses with some of her own.

"Okay, Faith, go slow!"

I move my fingers out of her for a second, so I can go down on her at the same time. There is a little blood there, but nothing horrible. I lick her clit again, making her sigh. At least I know she's not in too much pain to enjoy this.

"Mmmmm, come on, Faith. I love you."

I kiss and lick her clit, making her wetter so I can finger her with less resistance. I start by sliding one finger inside her. She moans softly, a moan of pleasure. It feels so good to slowly move my finger in and out of her. I can feel her body tensing up and my tongue traces letters of the alphabet over her clit. The way her fingers clamp down on me when she comes makes me feel so wet. I love the way my finger slides in and out of her, penetrating the tight hole. How soft and yielding it is. And knowing it's driving her crazy makes it feel all the better.

I push her further up on the bed and turn her around, so she's not sitting on my face. I want to get every drop of her nectar, missing any would be unthinkable.

"C'mon, Fred. Just grind into me!"

She has so much more confidence now than she did even when we started this. The way she grinds at rubs herself into my face allows me to see deep inside her dark pink core. The beautiful way it breathes and spasms as her orgasm nears. I'm licking and sucking at her clit, making her squirm even more. I love the way a girl feels when she's squirming on my face. Her arching back, the way she runs her fingers through my hair, grinding her cunt into my face harder and harder, fingers scratching at the back of my scalp.

"Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Oh, Faith! Ooooooooooooh!"

That was the big one. And again, such a small girl, so much come. All over my face, like a flood. She falls forward, her cunt is still in my face. I push her off, then cuddle up to her again, tickling her, making her laugh.

"Are you okay? You're not hurting now, are you?"

"Mmmm, no, just a little sore. It's so nice, Faith. I love you. That was... so special. Now you've officially taken my virginity!" she giggles, cuddling up to me.

"Wanna get a shower together? It's big enough. Jenny would flip out if we came down stairs with each other's come on our faces."

"Sure! I need some food after this!"

I gasp, looking at the time. "Holy fuck! It's 9 o'clock. I thought we were only here for an hour or so, but it was five!"

"Five hours in Heaven! Faith, can we still get a bite to eat?"

"Don't stress, baby bird. I know how to use the microwave. Hope warmed up spaghetti is okay."

"Mmmmm, I love spaghetti! The real stuff, not the veggie sauce crap that Cordelia makes. She's so anal about her weight."

We walk out the room laughing, both naked. Jenny's walking to her room and sees us.

"You guys, be decent for once! And next time be on time for dinner!"

She's shielding her eyes, still trying to get a bit of a peek at us. It's so funny, she's even more shy than Fred was our first night.

"C'mon, Jenny. Join us in the shower. You and I could be Fred's first threesome! Or, or... Fred and I could be your first!" Fred giggles again, so cute, so sexy.

Jenny blushes and shuts her door. I bet you anything she's going to be thinking about that when she's masturbating. Why she doesn't just give into her urge and get it over with already I'll never know.

I turn on the water, letting it heat up to an appropriate temperature.

"Are you and Jenny... you know...?"

"Fuck Buddies?"

"Yeah," Fred says, as if she's worried she's asking too much.

"Naw, I can't even get her to kiss me. We have cuddled before."

"Awwww, you cuddle so nice. She won't let you kiss her?"

"Nope," I'm trying to avoid the conversation, but since Fred doesn't seem to be jealous I'm not worried.

"Well, her loss! You kiss so nice! Mouths and.... other... parts." she says giggling.

I kiss her hard on the mouth, half to get her off the subject, and half because she's so adorable I can't help myself.

"And your kisses taste so sweet. Like honey!"

"Actually, that's probably you," I say, trying not to giggle.

"You mean, my..."

I nod my head.

"Oh, I'm tasting... my...self." At first she looks like she's about to spit it out, but she just blushes again and gets in the shower with me.

"Better take off your glasses, unless you want to wash them as well."

Fred gently places them on the sink, right beside Jenny's razor, the one that is still probably full of my pubes.

I grab her around the waist and pull her into the shower. She gasps and laughs, I tickle her. God, I love how she laughs. How Willow could ever molest such a cute girl is beyond me. But I bet red is paying now. No sex from Blondie would be hell on earth for me too. Why am I thinking of her when I have Fred?

Fred is so cute, trying to fight to get out of grasp, giggling, squirming, all ticklish like, rubbing her sweet ass against my mound. I let her out of my arms, she turns around giving me another hug.

It's fun to work the shampoo into her hair while she's washing my tits with her soapy hands. I'm still shampooing her long, flowing hair while she's on her knees in front of me. The water beats down on her hard while she spreads my lips open. Oh god... my clit is kind of sore from all the fucking we've done tonight, but raw in a good way. It doesn't take long for me to come, and come I do. I feel so great as I go weak in the knees. Of course I got most of it on Fred's face and some in her hair.

"Don't worry, Faith, I hear it's good for my hair."

Awwwww, so cute.

"Want a second helping? You should rinse and repeat, you know."

Fred looks up at me again with that adorable face. Of course, part of me was only kidding, but here we.... oh.... go...... ahhhhh....... again! Christ! What a machine my little Fred is.

I stand her up now and bow in front of her. Worshipping at her altar. She's so much more inexperienced than I am, which is such a turn on. I know that I'm the only person who has ever made her REALLY come. And the girl is so beautiful. I love to admire the dark pink folds while I'm licking her. It's a special prize that she's only given to me. I used to think that whole "wait until you find somebody you truly love before you fuck 'em" thing was a load of shit. But now that somebody has actually done this for me kind of makes me wish I'd waited, at least until I had met B.

After Fred says she's had enough, I do finally let her go. I was gonna see how many times I could make her come before she passes out, but no luck. I give her a little slap on the ass as she's exiting the shower to dry off.

Next we're in the kitchen trying to find a snack to eat. This isn't always easy if you know Jenny. She has a ton of these shitty Lean Cuisine meals in the freezer, none of which actually taste good, even with a shaker full of salt. Fred doesn't seem to mind, taking the meat loaf and mashed potatoes one to the microwave. Given how I've not felt this good in months, I take the glazed chicken dinner.

So this might not be as good as spaghetti and meat balls, but who cares? Tomorrow is another day for me and Fred to play. If I wasn't so fucking exhausted tonight, I might eat her out on the table here.

Did I mention we're both in our underwear?

"You think that girl at the library today is going to dump Willow?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Oh, sorry, Faith. I just hate to see her hurt."

"It sounds like somebody has a crush."

"No! No I don't! I'm with you this weekend, and you alone. Please Faith..."

"Calm down, baby bird. I was going to say you have great eyes. I like her too. Too bad Willow turned out to be such a fuckin' nut."

Fred nods her head. God, I can't get the idea of Blondie out of my mind. I feel bad about it, really I do, but the lovely image of Tara spread wide in front of my face is turning me on. *sigh* Maybe I'm not cut out for this love this after all. And after fully deflowering Fred, too...

I look at Fred, she's so cute waiting in front of the microwave, giggling at odd moments when the food under the cellophane pops. Should I be honest with her? It would have been better if we had a better meal to talk over, for starters


She looks up from her meal, a fork full of meat loaf and whipped potatoes.

"Yeah, Faith?"

"I want to ask you something, but you're gonna hate me."

"I can't hate you, Faith. What is it?"

I sigh, take a deep breath, then just blurt it out.

"I'd like Tara, you know, the blonde girl, to join us this weekend. You're a great lover, and you made me come so much, and she..."

Fred gave out a little squeal after swallowing her food.

"Oh, Faith! I was thinking the same thing, but didn't want to offend YOU! You think she'll say yes?"

"Fuck yes! After living with Willow for so long you know she'll want to stay with us for a bit. And besides, I can be very convincing when it comes to the bedroom." I lick my lips suggestively, imagining it's licking Tara.

"This could be so much fun. I've always..."

She stops, and I raise my eye brow, waiting for her to finish her sentence.

"You've always what?" I say, with a wicked grin.

"Wanted, you know... two girls... to.... you know..."

"Fuck you?"

She nods her head, face turning red.

"What other kinky fantasies do you have running around in that genius head of yours?"

She turns almost purple, stammering around.

"I can't say. Faith, I said the 'p' word tonight, that's a lot for me!"

"Well, okay, baby bird. But we gotta get you talking before Tara gets here. We're gonna let you live them all out."

Fred happily ate her meal happily, acting like this was some small victory. I guess it is in a way. A victory for me, too. Who knew the little vixen wanted to share?

Way I look at it, with this three way relationship, there is no losing. Tara gets both of us, and I get two of the cutest girls in the world. I smile internally, knowing that no matter what Jenny does, she can't bring me down any longer. Even when Fred isn't around, I'll still have Tara. And since I'm restricted to visiting LA, Tara can sometimes go up there and make Fred happy.

Okay, so she isn't ours yet, but she will be, mark my words, she will be.


Morning... My bedroom. I've got Fred on her back and we're going at it. The way she squirms, giggles and wriggles under my tongue turns me on. I place her hand between my legs as I go back to eating her out. Her hands glides gently against me, my wetness increasing. For somebody so inexperienced, Baby Bird is picking up the finger fucking game quickly.

Awwwww, they feel so good sliding in and out of me, and Fred likes it too. Or is that my tongue?

"Ohhhhhhhhh, Faith!"

There is nothing like hearing a girl on the verge of coming calling out your name. Knowing that it's me that she's thinking about, and knows that it's me that's allowed her to come.

Just a little more and I'll be there as well.

I love the little whimpering sounds Fred makes when she comes. Buffy was too much like me, a screamer. It must be the Slayer in her, that or B is a bit of an exhibitionist. But Fred sounds so cute and innocent. Like she fears somebody else will hear her. Or that she just wants me and me alone to know how good I make her feel.

I love licking at her pretty pink folds. So soft and delicate. She's still inexperienced enough that she doesn't last too long, but it's still good for her.

"Uh, ummmmmmmm. Ooooooooh, Faith."

It's like a drug. I feeling her body tense up and come, I know I still got it in me. And like two good lovers, one's orgasm quickly leads to the others. Though we really should work on coming at the exact same time.

I can feel myself on the verge of coming as my inner muscles start to spasm. Fred gives out a cute little gasp every time I clench down on her fingers. As if she's shocked this is happening. C'mon Fred, you gotta know you're a little machine!

I fall on top of her, her legs still spread. Her fingers slide out of me with a popping sound. I'm face to face to her, smiling all the while. Our hair is all mussed up from sleeping, and our clits are touching together.

"That was wicked hot. Want to go again?" I ask with a sly smile.

"Sure, but maybe in the shower?" She winces, as if I'm gonna be upset.

"Fuck yeah! My little Fred loves the shower. I like it!" I grab her hand, pulling her towards the bathroom. There is no Jenny around at this hour, so we have the house all to ourselves.

Of course, we didn't spend as much time in the shower as we did last night. We had a whole house to explore. From the time we got out of the shower and dried off, until the time we were dressed, it was around two and half hours. We took turns going down on each other in different rooms.

My favorite had to be coming all over Jenny's bedspread. Just the idea that when she came into her room she'd be smelling me had me all hot and bothered. Fred was having an especially good day and I came all over her fucking bedspread.

Of course, this made Fred grumpy.

"But it's a waste if I can't taste you! C'mon, Faith, just a little!"

"You're so greedy, Fred! It isn't like you haven't tasted me already today. Let Jenny's bedspread get some love!"

My kinky little Fred will probably do anything I ask her to do.

"If you talk dirty to me when we do it on Jenny's floor, I'll give you first dibs on Tara."

Of course, talking dirty to Fred wasn't what talking dirty is to me, but hey, I give the kid credit. The fact she's talking at all now when we're intimate is a real step forward. Of course, I made the bargain not thinking she'd go through it. I'm a woman of my word, so when she's tongue deep in Tara, I'll use my fingers. Hey, I never said that I was going to stay out of the picture!

Oh, and now the kitchen smells like us too. Something about lying down on the counter that Jenny's maid makes food is especially sexy. Of course, we're good girls and clean it up, but every time the maid cuts up veggies there I'll remember I left part of me behind. Fred too!

"Okay, time to get dressed and get Tara."

"Do you really think she'll come with us? Doesn't she love Willow?"

"Who cares? Nobody can resist me, and she's unhappy anyway. Even if we only take her from hell for a few days, it's still a vacation. Come on, Baby Bird, time to haul ass."


As I walk across campus I'm still wondering the appeal. Fred is excited because this is supposed to be one of the best science schools in California. As for me, I'll pass. When it comes to college, I'm only on campus for two things: partying and pussy. It isn't like you can actually learn anything in school. I say if these brats want a real education, put them on the street for 30 days with no money. Then we'll see what happens. It'll be me, the girl who would fail out of college saving their rich asses from drunken hobos and dirty old men who want a piece of young meat.

Me and Fred walk by the message board I stood in front of when I gave B her coming to. Thank god I don't have to put up with her bullshit today. She makes me crazy, especially since she's probably whoring around with some other beefstick that isn't her precious Riley. Awwww, no reason to be bitter. I got my Fred and I'll soon have my Tara. They're individually twice the woman B could ever be. I know they won't stab me in the gut!

"There they are!"

Fred points out Red and Tara going into the cafeteria. I wasn't planning on them being together still, but I ain't backing down now.

"TARA! You can't ignore me forever! Just... just listen to me!"

"Willow, I think you've said enough already, let it go, okay? It's done. I might be back later, but I'm leaving you."

"Hey Blondie, care if I sit with you?"

When Tara saw me and Fred she began to blush again.

"Sure, I guess. You might have to put up with Willow. She won't leave me alone."

"I have no reason to leave you alone! Tara, you belong to me! I own you! Without me you are nothing!"

Fred is hiding behind me, stepping closer to Tara, then back to me again. We have to move slightly so we don't block the hungry lunchers on their way to their seats.

"Hey Fred! Wants me that I should dive the muff again?" Willow, using her little girl voice on Fred.

"Stop teasing her, Willow." Tara said, maybe even thinking Red was joking, and not knowing what happened.

Fred hid behind Tara now. "No! Willow, leave me alone!"

"So, Red, care to tell your lover, the love of your life, your soul mate, what you did with Fred?" Willow looks at me with absolute hatred in her eyes.

"Hello! Gay now!"

"Willow, shut up!"

"Faith! How dare you speak to me in that tone of voice!"

"Fred, what did she do to you?" Oh my god, Tara really doesn't know.

"Well, I was asleep in bed, then all of the sudden I woke up, and I found Willow. She was..., smelling me, you know, my... panties, and, touching herself."

Fred put her arms around Tara from behind. I was pretty surprised by her forwardness.

"NO! Tara! Don't let her touch you like that! Only I'm supposed to touch you like that. You belong to me, Tara! TO ME!"

"Give it up, Willow. You said I was supposed to be the only person you wanted to be with sexually."

"I know I'm supposed to be faithful, but I play the field quite a lot. SWEET FUCKING THESPIA! Oooops, guess I'll have to cast that spell again."

"What spell?"

"Nothing, Tara. It's nothing."

I do my own mockery of her song.

"Gee, Red. What was that line again? 'I'd kill myself if Tara cheated on me, but I can cheat on her all I want, see? I can erase her brain and she's as good as new!'"

"It's 'erase her mind,' not brain! God, Faith, you're so lame, I swear I... oooops."

Tara touches Fred's hand, lifting her shirt slightly so Fred can touch her bare stomach.

"So, Willow, how many?" Tara's voice is shakey and cracking.

"How many what?"

"How many other partners? I know you used that spell on me once, but god, how many times did do that as well? You promised me you'd never do it again, and I believed you! I thought you loved me!"

"I do love you, Tara. That is why I want to fully own and possess you."

"How many, Willow?"

"Well, after the five cheerleaders in one day, I kind of lost count."

"Five cheerleaders? One day? How dare you say you love me?!"

"Tara! Don't be so mean. I know you're not on the rag, so why be mean?"

Tara started to cry. I was quick to comfort her, putting my arms around her from the front, hugging both her and Fred.

"Tara! I want to see your face again! Move it, Faith!"

Red tries to push me out of the way.

"Try that again and lose both arms, Red."

"I'm moving out tonight, Willow. I'm finding a motel. You're not going to abuse me anymore."

"No need for a hotel, T. You're gonna stay with me and Fred in a nice house."

"Are you guys sure? I mean, the landlord and all, and I could help pay the rent."

"Faith lives with Jenny." Fred piped up. "She's a bit odd, but she won't mind."

"We better call first, Faith. I don't want to intrude."

"Naw, you're what we need. And you're with me. Jenny would never deny me."

"Tara! NOOOOOO!"

"Stop it, Willow. I've been your doormat for too long. I'm my own woman now."

Willow began to sob. "Self-hating homophobic, misogynistic, anti-feminist, Uncle Tom ingrate lesbian! No wonder you didn't want to take Wymyn's Studies 101 with me! That makes you a bad dyke, Tara, very bad dyke!"

Willow shook a newspaper in front of Tara's face like she was a puppy who took a shit on the carpet. I swear to Christ, if she hits Tara, Red is gonna be in the hospital with two crushed hands.

"Not that I care what you think, but with your cheating heart, you're the last person who should lecture somebody on what a good human is."

"I couldn't help it! When I see gay people not acting as gay as me I get pissed! And hurt! I have to power trip! It keeps my head from exploding! It just makes me want to scream! It makes me want to walk up to them and punch them right in their self-hating, homophobic, Judas Iscariot faces! Why can't we all just act like Ellen and be done with it? Scream, 'HEY! I'm GAY!!!' to every stranger we meet on the street and keep screaming it until they acknowledge they're fine with it?"

I'm tryin' hard not to laugh. Oh yeah, sure, Willow, whatever. Fred is snuggling up next to me and Tara, almost shaking. Can't say I blame her. But hey, I gotta speak up and put Willow in her place.

"Look, Red. I'm not gonna act like anybody other than me, okay? Especially not some nuthouse dyke like you. Now please, go fuck yourself and fuck off and die. If Tara says she wants to stay with us, then she is. If she doesn't want to be around you, accept that. Now hit the fuckin' road before I throw you across the room."

"FINE! I'll just... I'll just... turn Faith into a BUNNY! When she's around Anya, and I'll cast a spell on her to be a cat.... then.... she'd EAT you! Then Tara and I will be together forever in love!"

"No we won't!"

"Yes we will, Tara! Hmmmmph, screw you guys, I'm going home! You can pick up your stuff later, Tara. But first I'm gonna sew 'HEY! I'm GAY!!!' into everything so you can't hide your gayness anymore."

"Just keep it, Willow. I don't want to be reminded of you anyway."

We start to walk away when Willow shouts at us.

"STOP! Hold on!"

"What do you want, Red? I'm tired of this crap."


"No! Willow, stay away from me!" Fred backs up a few feet, dragging Tara by the arm with her.

"You have my sweater, Fred! I left it in LA! I want my sweater back!"

"Leave me alone, I don't have your sweater! Cordy does."

I finally rush her, making sure she can't get past me and to Fred.

"Give me my sweater back or I'll play the guitar!"

"Goddamit, Red, leave already!"

Willow walks off in an angry huff, acting like a five year old who was denied dessert. We're halfway to the parking lot, easily a mile from where Willow was, when we hear this loud wailing, "TAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" We hear it again before the bus comes to pick us up. I'm so happy when the door finally shuts behind us.


"So where do you guys want to eat?" Fred and Tara are looking out the window at the scenery, not really paying too much attention to what I'm saying.

"How about Clancy's Rib Palace?"

"Tara? Is that fine with you?"

Tara turned her head slowly around, very sadly like, god, that fucking bitch Willow needs her ass kicked. Cheating on this sweet chick.

"Yeah, it's fine, but I'm not in much of a mood to eat, but I'll go with you guys." Tara smiled a broken smile, really all she could muster at the moment.

Ah, the old rib palace. The place I ate alone way too often in my prior days in Sunnydale. Has it really been over four years? B must have shitty taste in food. Everybody who counts knows ribs is the tastiest food ever. It's God's food, made by God Himself right in Heaven.

"Guys, I don't think I have enough money to pay. Mind if I just sneak a few bites off your plates?" Tara stammers and mumbles most of it towards the end.

"My girls never have to pay," I smile at her, "hey, I'm not rich, but my girls are gonna eat on me tonight."

"You mean I can lick rib sauce off your tummy?"

Fred covers her mouth and starts to blush the second she says it, like she was thinking something and never meant to say it outloud.

Tara tries not to laugh, smiling big.

"C'mon, hippie girl, laugh a little, it's good for you."

"I'm so dumb today," Fred kind of giggled herself. It was great to hear everybody laughing. Tara might even have a cuter laugh than Fred.

"I'm not really a hippie, Faith. I just like Renaissance Faire stuff, kind of. Just the clothes, not the Faires."

"So you do shower, and don't have hairy legs, then, right?"

Tara giggled softly, "Of course. I just thought you should know, since, well, I don't like being called a hippie."

"Sounds cool to me, Bunny girl. Though you really need to start wearing one of those low cut shirts, you know, the kind that show off your tits?"

Tara blushed, giggling. "Nobody wants to see that."

"I would!" Fred speaks up again, this time blushing, but seemingly meaning to say this out loud.

Then came the waitress to break the odd silence.

"Go first, Tara, you earned it."

"I don't know guys, you sure?"

I touch her hand, nodding. The waitress looks a bit freaked out at first. Hey, it's California, better get used to it, babe.

"Okay, I'll have a small basket of ribs."

"One size only, Bunny, all you can eat." I tells her.

"Okay, I'll take one plate of ribs, and... mind if I have a few sides?"

"Yo, I'm paying, get what you want!"

"An order of coleslaw and french fries."

Fred and I just order a plate each of ribs. If she's as hungry as I think she is, I don't want to be filled up on ribs, we're gonna have a rib eating contest!

"It's so nice of you guys to do this, but really, you don't have to. I can always stay at Immoral Liassones Hotel."

"Fuck no! You're not staying in that shithouse. I had to before, trust me, Jenny will be fine with it. And if she's not, she'll get over it. I'm five by five with her, trust me."

The waitress brings out our order. Tara is so dainty and dignified when she eats. It's like Jenny, only she takes bigger bites.

On the other hand, Fred is really digging in, even before I can take a bite, she has almost a whole slab eaten.

"These are so good! They remind me of my mom's ribs."

I pick up the pace, shoveling the ribs into my mouth as fast as I can. Tara is looking funny at us. We must look like those dogs in cartoons who eat their food in a few seconds.

I wave down the waitress as she's on her way back with somebody else's order.

"Two more plates!"

She looks at us like we're insane. We've got sauce all over our fingers and mouths.

"Shouldn't you eat your first..." then she sees the cleaned up plates.

"Sure, be right back."

"I am so gonna beat you at this, Baby Bird."

"No way, Faith! I'm gonna win."

Tara is still halfway through her first plate of ribs.

"How's the coleslaw, Bunny?"

"Cabbage is too strong, but I can manage."

The waitress brought back our second plate, which went pretty much as quickly as the first one. When she is walking by, I signal for her again.

"Two more plates, please." Fred says, her big smile coated in a thin layer of sauce.

The waitress sighs, walks back and bring us another plate.

And as you can imagine, those too quickly disappear.

"I've never seen anybody eat the way you girls do."

When she leaves, I lean over to Tara and whisper, "I'm good at eating something else, too." I lick my lips and make her gulp down her bite of food. Her face starts to burn different shades of red. Oh yeah, she wants me. You still got it, Faith.

When the waitress brings back our food, she stays at the table.

"The manager wants me to make sure you're not dumping them on the floor. Never can be too careful, ya know. Since we put our Diamond Joe's place out of business, his family has been doing that."

But before she can finish her sentence, we're already halfway done with the food.

"Okay, I've seen enough here. I'm gonna go get you another plate."

And as we're finishing that plate, another one appears before us. And another, and another, and another, and, yes, yet another.

"This is your 9th plate! You girls can't possible still be hungry!"

"I'm just getting started!"

Fred giggles, "I don't even feel like I've eaten anything."

Tara orders her second plate, probably mostly out of boredom from us taking so long to finish. She looks so overwhelmed.

"Bet you wish you could eat this much, eh, Bunny?"

"This, this is enough for me."

By now we had a ton of people gathering around our table, watching us eat. It's like the rednecks have nothing better to do than to watch us. I bend down a bit, so the people on the other side can see down my shirt. Not shockingly, everybody on that side cheers for me when I finish, barely, before Baby Bird.

By the fifteenth plate, we're both getting pretty bloated. If I didn't think my pride would be on the line, I'd not finish this next plate, but with so many people watching, I just have to beat her!

"Wow, Faith, my tummy is getting a bit crowded."

I try to play tough, "Yeah? Well, I could eat another 20 plates! Dare me to try?"

After five more plates, I'm about done for. I can't even finish, and Fred barely can as well. I finally give up in defeat, not that it really matters.

"Yay! I win! What do I win?"

The manager was standing next to our waitress, looking very angry.

"I would ask you not come back here again, or if you do, not to eat so much."

"It says all you can eat!"

"Your bill comes to $22.50, and you ate about $150 worth of food! You're gonna bankrupt me!"

"The sign says all you can eat!" Fred repats, the little minx.

"Pay your bill and leave, or I'll call security."

Tara and Fred seem a bit hurt by the manager's angry tone, but I couldn't care less. Right now I'm wondering how would be best to fuck with him. There is a pet store next door that sells rats for about seventy-five cents a piece.

Fred almost wipes her fingers on her napkin, but I grab them and lick them clean. She giggles as my tongue runs over her fingers. I love to suck on her fingers anyway, especially if there is good BBQ sauce on them.

I go back to the bathroom, piss on the floor, then leave.

Tara doesn't like the idea of the rats, but Fred sure does. I knew I'd end up corrupting her sooner or later, just didn't know sooner came today.

I placed about 10 of them at the back entrance by the kitchen. Not sure how many people would notice them. When I find a phone booth, I call the health department. Yeah, I know, what a shitty thing for me to do, but who cares? Don't fuck with me and my friends, especially not my friends.


"C'mon on in here, Tara, room enough for three."

It was so cute to see Fred taking Tara by the hand, leading her to her new room. Is this the same, shy girl who was scared to even fuckin' look at me naked just last night?

Fred and Tara sat down on the bed, Fred with her arm wrapped around Tara's shoulders.

"So, we get to... sleep in the same bed?" Tara sounded nervous, like she didn't know.

"Sure thing, Bunny. Hope you don't mind being packed in like sardines. I promise not to hog the sheets."

Tara gulped. "I'm not sure if this will work or not, I mean, I just broke up with Willow..."

Fred reached over and kissed Tara on the cheek. "We're your friends." Fred rubbed Tara's tummy, making her giggle.

"C'mon, Fred, stop that, that..." she kept giggling, loosening up, maybe. Like, okay, c'mon, Tara, Willow was a bitch, she fuckin' cheated on you. Now you can forget all about her with our help.

"You guys, I'm not sure if I'm ready or not. I mean, broken hearts don't heal easily."

"We'll mend you a new one," Fred hugged her tight, Tara smiled.

"Yeah, c'mon, Bunny, we won't hurt you. Just some hardcore BDSM, skin flayers, giant anal dildos, that sort of thing."

Both Fred and Tara got a horrified look on their faces.

"Fred, you're supposed to laugh, it's a joke, remember? We worked on this line this morning?"

She laughs loudly and nervously, Tara still seems a bit shaken.

"Well, if you won't hurt me... I guess..."

"Nope, this will be totally painless, now, let's get naked."

Fred was still a bit nervous, sliding the slinky, one piece black dress over her head. Still standing there in her panties, I walked up behind her and pulled them down in one yank.

"C'mon, Bunny, you can't really be this fuckin' shy, can you?"

I have my boots already off and am taking off my leather pants. No panties for me, no way. My shirt comes off next. Me and Fred are standing side by side, waiting for Tara to even start.

Fred is nervously tweaking my nipples while she waits for Tara to start getting naked.

"Okay, Tara, Fred is gonna get you naked, I'm gonna watch."

I get comfy in the big chair in the corner, my one leg draped over the arm. C'mon, you can totally see pink right now. Tara blushes in my direction, still sort of hugging herself as if she's having second thoughts.

"I don't know you guys, maybe if we turned off the lights? Nobody wants to see my naked anyway. I'm not a hard body or anything."

"Fred, take off her shirt."

Tara remained firm in her desire to stay clothed.

"Can't we turn off the lights just for a second? I could get naked real fast then."

"Fred, tickle Tara."

Fred got her fingers working, pushin' Tara closer to me, Tara was so busy trying to get Fred to stop she didn't realize my hands were lifting her shirt above her head. When it was all done, Tara was standing bare backed to me.

"Wow, no bra for you, Tara." I chuckle. The girl is obviously more kinky than she'd let on.

Fred grabbed her, giving her a hug and a kiss on the mouth.

"Fred, turn her around for me."

Tara looked down, finally realizing her topless state, turning a few shades darker red than before.

"Hmmmm, yes. I'd say it's worth all this trouble, but I want to see more. Fred, take off her pants."

Tara's eyes flashed with embarrassment at first as her pants were now down around her ankles. But she held tightly to her panties, not wanting to let them go.

"C'mon, Bunny, think I've not seen that before?"

I spread my lips open for her, leaving nothing to the imagination now. She looks horny and hungry for Faith pussy, but not quite sure if she wants me to see her stuff yet.

"Fred, come over here."

Tara relaxed her grip on her panties as Fred sat down on my lap. I stroke her hair, kissing her on the mouth.

"You do want to be treated like this, don't you?"

Tara nodded her head. "But can't we slip under the covers... you know?"

I kiss Fred on her breasts, sucking her little nipples to full hardness, running my fingers over her clit, spreading her lips open.

"This can be all yours, see, Fred isn't shy."

Fred spread her legs further, not thinking about the visitor in the room. I could tell that Tara was getting incredibly horny, but still, she won't budge.

I push Fred off my lap and towards Tara.

"Bow before her, Fred."

Fred does as she's asked, her head perfect in front of Tara's bellybutton. Tara, almost forgetting, quickly grabs hold of her panties again.

"I'm sure you know what to do, Fred."

Fred shyly gave her tummy a little lick. Tara's eyes are wider than saucers right now, wondering what will happen next.

Cute, delicate kisses all around her bellybutton, licking the tummy, brushing her chin against the soft, white flesh.

"C'mon, Fred, really get into it, like we did last night."

Fred slowly stuck her tongue out, licking around Tara's adorable bellybutton. Making kissing, sucking, licking sounds, almost as if she was tongue fucking the cute button. Tara certainly was a giggly girl, still laughing, and getting more wet.

Fred kissed lower, coming against the barrier of Tara's panties.

"Lick her through the panties, Fred, she'll love it."

Fred is still an inexperienced rug muncher, but with enthusiasm like this... wow. Bunny is already near coming, her panties are soaked in her juices and she's throwing her head back, arching her back, mmmmmmmmm, and she's a squirter like me.

Before she could bring her hands back down again, Fred quickly pulled the panties down in a quick tug.

Tara sat on the edge of the bed, with her legs spread, which Fred took as an excuse to go to town again.

I get up, walking over to her as she's finishing.

"Gee, Fred, I thought we were gonna share. I said you had first dibs."

"I was just cleaning her up after she, you know... but she's all nice and ready for you now."

I bend down to be at her same level, putting my hand between her legs.

"Christ, Baby Bird, you're soaked. Maybe our new friend should take care of you?"

Fred got up on the bed, pushing Tara down on the bed.

"I think this means she's going to eat you too." Fred giggles and gives her a little wink before assuming the position.

I get down on the floor, my head between her legs, her legs over my shoulders and get a good deep smell of her quim. She smells slightly more musky than Fred does, but yet a bit more sweet as well.

God, I love a girl with curves in all the right places. Spreading open Tara's lips is such a treat. The way she jerks her body when I suck and nibble on her clit, and god, to finger fuck her. The pillow soft folds caressing my fingers as I slide, one, then two, then three fingers into her.

>From the sounds of things, Fred is having the time of her life, the deep breathing, the soft whimpering sound as she orgasms, she's even trying to talk dirty again.

"Oh, god, Tara. Eat my... puh... my, oh yes, I'm gonna co...uh...mmmmm...."

I have to keep myself from laughing, I swear I heard the girl call her thing a "piddy."

Mmmmm, and I love the taste of a new girl. I think sliding my tongue into Tara is my favorite thing to do. Getting the juices all over my tongue, hearing her soft moans, her bucking hips, my nose rubbing against her clit. She's so calm and still and into the moment, the way she's eating out Fred while I'm going to work on her. She acts as if it's a shock when she tenses and comes in my mouth. I'll just make sure I work extra hard to have this happen again.

I can't get enough of my girls.

Moments later, Fred is laying on her back, with Tara between her legs and me sitting on her face. I love grinding into her face, acting intense and tough to her shy and vulnerable act. But boy she can keep up. I'm talking filthy to her, letting nothing back, almost sounding like something from a porn movie. Her face is red, blushing, though I don't know if it's my filthy mouth or Tara's tongue that is getting her so hot and bothered.

"I'm gonna get you a shirt that says 'Faith's Piddy Eater.' You little vixen." I say winking at her, she probably realizing her mistake earlier. I wink at her again, she likes this kind of mild abuse. It's almost like she's about to laugh, and she is, then she comes again.

I keep grinding into her face, feeling yet another orgasm coming on.

Taking a break, lying in each other's arms. Hell, I'm actually dizzy! These girls are driving me crazy in every possible great way. And we've only been here a few hours. God knows what we can be doing later tonight, I have some wild kinks that need worked out. Looking down at Bunny's sweet ass is just one of them.

"Wow, that certainly was a new experience." Tara is visibly shaken, almost shocked. "Willow would never be..."

I raise my eyebrow, wanting her to finish, to say something nasty about her so-called ex lover, but she just leaves it there. Not that Red was so fuckin' loyal to you or anything. But her silence tells all. Somehow, though, I assumed Red was frigid. How could she not be with the type of "stick up my fucking ass" attitude.

"Well, you're our girl now, at least for the weekend, unless you want to be for longer."

Tara is still breathing heavy, my fingers trail down her spine, rubbing the part of her back above her ass crack, "I don't know if I can stand this level of intensity forever."

Fred is tightly hugging me, the way she always does in the afterglow, as if she's gonna float off. and needs to hug me tight to stay grounded.

"Can I have fun with Tara, next?"

Tara sighed, but in a more happy way, "Sure, I guess now is as good a time as any." She gives Fred a sort of drunken , goofy grin, the kind of grin you get when you're high on fuck.

I love to watch the two love birds at work. So shy and innocent before I got them naked, now they're wild fuckin' animals, filled with animalistic desire. I sit with a nice vantage point. over looking Tara. I almost think of sitting this out, but she's too hot.

While Fred is busy on the lower half, I'm busy sucking on her breasts. Soft and gentle, lightly biting them, making her moan and squirm. I love Tara's nipples, not that Fred's aren't great, but sometimes you just need something a bit more substantial. And this way, Tara can really get what she needs, leaving Fred to dives the muff and me to give her tits the attention they deserve.

I love the way Tara grinds her hips in time with Fred's licks. It's like a perfectly choreographed ballet. A very hot and sexy ballet where you get to come instead of showing off a bunch of stupid dance moves.

While Tara is still coming down from her sex high, I notice the clock.

"If you guys want to eat we better get our fuckin' shower in a hurry. Supper is in sixty minutes."

"Guys, hold on a sec, I gotta, go... first."

I hold her shoulders, looking her straight in the eye.

"You're gonna think I'm joking, but can I... watch you pee?"

Tara's jaw dropped to the floor, it was like I was asking her if I could butcher her pet cat for meat.

"Faith... I just met you, I mean, sure, we... just had a lot of crazy sex, but that?"

"C'mon, Bunny. It's not a big thing. Me and B used to watch each other all the time."

"But, that's such a personal thing, ya know, I don't know if I feel comfortable..."

"C'mon, girl, it's not like I've not seen everything you have already."

"I know, Faith, but..."

I lean forward, gently biting her ear, licking it, whispering. "I'll let you watch Fred masturbate me if you do."

"But... why... would you want to watch me... pee? Isn't that something dirty?"

"Only if you make it out to be, hell, B used to think masturbating in front of somebody was dirty, until she watched me do it. Best seventy-two hours of her life, I think."

"C'mon, Tara, just squat over the toilet, yeah, like that. Awwww, fuck yeah!"

I brought Fred over, licked her finger, still tasting of Tara come, and had her begin to masturbate me.

Tara looked really nearly nervous and shy, like she was doing earlier, only this time without her clothes to cover her.

"Spread your lips open, Tara, I'm not gonna have to teach you how to do this, am I?" I playfully laugh, smiling back at her. She manages a nervous, sideways grin.

I'm feeling the clit tingle intensify, and moving throughout my body. I'm gonna end up coming before Tara even begins.

Tara throws back her head, a few drops of piss start, then stop.

"C'mon, Bunny, just pretend you're alone."

A few more drip before the stream of piss starts to flowing. I keep my eyes fixated on her cunt and the clear liquid that's gushing from it. She has her eyes closed and she's sighing contentedly, her legs shake a bit like she's having an orgasm.

I feel my own orgasm rushing on, the both of us are gasping, sucking air, as if we're trying to be silent, our orgasmic screams only meant for the bedroom and not for the sacred bathroom. We're both whimpering softly, and as she's about to finish, I climax, very loudly.


Fred is here grinning at the both of us, I'm still here a bit stunned at what just happened.

"Wow, I got you to do it. That was amazing!"

Tara, cleaning herself off and blushing still was at a lost for words.

"That was better than B! You were so fuckin' sexy."

"Well, I guess I just had a lot of practice with... this... kind of thing."

I reach in to start the shower.

"This might be a tight fit, but we can do it."

I step in first, my head out the window.

"C'mon, you two, water's fine."

I can only imagine what Jenny is thinking right now, if she even knows Tara is here. I heard her downstairs, boy, won't she be surprised?

I'm giving Tara the special treatment, Fred doesn't seem to mind. She's washing her hair while I'm giving Tara a nice scrub down with the sexy shower massager. It's so much fun to spin her around, wash the shampoo out of her hair, off her back, making her sure her sweet ass is nice and perfectly clean, turn her back around, give her front a nice washing. I'm avoiding her trim, not wanting her to be stimulated there yet, cleaning off her legs.

"Hey, Baby Bird, you know what to do with this, I'm sure."

I spray her down with the water, giving her the same treatment. It's so funny to see how shocked she is. She should know by now what I was gonna do. She's playfully deflecting the water as I wash her clean.

Finally I hand it to her so she can begin with Tara.

I stand behind Tara, beginning to kiss her shoulders. Fred turns it on the next setting and pretty much mimics what my mouth is doing with the massager.

I'm kissing the top of spin, licking and kissing on further down. My tongue trailing down the indentation, then moving to the sides, then to the other, then back again. My tongue is trailing still lower, Tara probably knowing what's in store.

"Faith, I've never..."

I shush her, tell her to relax and enjoy.

Fred is being a naught girl, licking Tara's tummy again, I've turned her into a tummy addict I think.

I tickle the sensitive part above her ass with my tongue, this always felt so fucking good when B did it to me.

I make kisses down her left cheek, then her right. Then back up again. She's trembling, sweat gathering at the base of her spine. I lightly lick the crack of her ass up and down, making sure I don't get to the destined spot. Gently teasing her, kissing her cheeks again, then starting again up her spine.

When the time is right, I bend her forward slightly, giving Fred the motion to turn the water massager on it's highest setting.

The warm water beats gently against her clit while I spread open her ass. I lick and suck at the tight pink rosebud, moving my tongue over it gently. It's the same technique for tummy worship, only softer and gentler and slower. The fact her most intimate parts are totally open to Fred and I is washed away by the intense orgasm hitting her body.

Thoughts return to the first time B and I rimmed each other. I thought it was going to be totally gross, but it was wonderful. Something Fred is gonna learn very soon.

Tara was moaning loudly both of our names, my fingers slipped into her soaked cunt while my tongue continued dancing along her tight ring. I felt her muscles tighten up one last time before her explosive orgasm.

She nearly collapsed on top of Fred, out of breath.

I shut off the water, and we got a few minutes to get calmed down.

"Wow, that was... more..." Tara managed to get out.

"Say no more, Bunny. It's time for us to eat and get a bit of our strength back."

Like a forgotten errand finally remembered before bedtime, Fred blurts out, "What do I get for beating you at ribs?"

"Let's get dressed first, then we might find out." I wink at her.

Tara whispers in my ear, "Wow, that's something Willow would never do, even if I asked her."

Stupid Red!

Sitting at the table downstairs, I have Fred on my lap, feeding her, cutting up pieces of steak and putting them in her mouth. It's so cute the way she curls her lips around the food.

"Wow, and you're another friend of Faith? Until a few days ago she was so... anti-social."

"Jenny, for fuck's sake, I'm right here."

"I know, Faith, it's just... seems to sudden."

"I can leave if you want me to. Faith said it'd be all right, but if you don't..."

Jenny sighs, "It's okay, I don't mind, it's just odd thinking my house is host to 24/7 kinky sexy."

Fred starts to giggle, drawing a puzzled look from Jenny. I love how innocent and cute Fred is, girl probably doesn't even know what she's doing is kinky.

I cut up a piece of my steak, feeding it to Tara. The way we're giggling and joking around has Jenny sad. She leaves the table for her upstairs room. Oh well, her fuckin' loss. It wasn't like I didn't give her fuckin' months to get this pally with me. She'd be saying dumb words like "piddy" and having her asshole eaten out.

Oh well, can't say I'm really sad now. Feeding my two girls, and thinking about eating ice cream and honey out of Tara's bellybutton has me too hot and bothered to care about what could have been with Jenny.


Ah, what time is it again? Does it really matter? No... I have Tara on her back, naked, with lots of food stuff around. I want to make a sundae on her tummy, then lick it off with Fred, but for now we'll settle for honey.

Oh, and I'm fucking Tara with a cherry. Fred giggles as the small red fruit slides in and out. Tara sighs, breathing heavier, almost ready to come. My eyes are wide and I'm grinning, loving how her folds hug the fruit when I pull it out, as if they don't want it to leave. Or the fruit is too happy within its warm, snugly confines to leave.

Tara is so wet and slick and the cherry is dripping with her juices. I hold it up, licking it clean, then putting it back inside Bunny. Fred is looking hungry, sort of disappointed I've not given her a taste yet.

I pull out the cherry and raise it above her head. She has her tongue stuck out and catches the drops on her tongue. She takes the whole thing into her mouth and sucks it dry. I'm amazed...

I take the cherry out of her mouth, making an audible popping sound, not unlike Tara's trim. I put the cherry back inside her soaked quim, fucking her with it some more.

The cherry is so slick and moist and going in and out of Tara faster than before. I'm almost afraid the stem will come lose and the cherry will be lost inside of Tara. Imagine how embarrassing that would be! And I also imagine the hard-on the doctor would get fishing his fingers inside of my sweet Tara.

"Close your eyes, Bunny."

I pull the cherry out gently, mesmerized by the way her outer lips keeps a hold of it for as long as possible. I rub the cherry on her lips, allowing her to get a good taste of herself. She grimaces, wrinkling her face slightly, but then accepts the cherry into her mouth. I pull the stem out, allowing her to finish eating.

I put my head between her legs again, after teasing her for the last 30 minutes or so, she's about ready to burst. Running my tongue over her clit makes her jerk back and forth, her breathing heavier and more ragged than just seconds before. Fred knows what to do, putting her mouth Tara's nipple, sucking gently.

Tara comes almost instantly with a loud moan. I know Jenny heard that one. God, I never thought my little Bunny would be a screamer. Christ, I need ear plugs the next time!

Her come is all over my mouth. I swallow a lot of it, but keep some in my mouth, as I reach up to kiss Fred. She licks my lips clean, and sticks her tongue in my mouth without warning. I break the kiss, then reach down to kiss Tara on the mouth. By now my mouth is "clean" which kind of bummed her out. Bunny seems to have a taste for herself now since she ate that cherry.

"Wow, guys, so this is what it's like to have a girlfriend who knows what she's doing."

Fred looks sympathetically at Tara. "Well, we'll always be good to you!"

"Guess Willow was a cold fish, then, eh?"

Tara looks like she wants to hold back, but blurts out before she can get it back in, "In the three years I was with her, I never once..." then she stops, covering her mouth. But we both knew what she wanted to say.

"Well, Bunny, it looks like we have a hell of a lot of fun to catch up on!"

I get the bottle of honey and drizzle it on her tummy and on up to her tits, nearly covering everything above her quim in it. Me and Fred start from the top of her breast and start licking on down, slowly, both of us in perfect time, licking and sucking on Tara's nipples. Fred is a bit faster than me, but I like to savor it, the flavor of the honey and the salty taste of her sweat making it an even sweeter experience than usual.

We kiss down to her tummy, almost fighting each other to see who can get to her bellybutton first. Our tongues dance along the edge , alternating fast and slow. We both reach her button at the same time. Both of us try to stick our tongue in, but we keep reaching each other's tongue. It feels good and electrified, the way a tongue kiss should. But it's Tara who needs the loving the most. I sit back and let Fred have first dibs. I squirt a bit more honey in her belly button and let Fred lick and suck it out.

Then I squirt some more in and do it the same. The feeling of softness and warmth of her tummy while I rest my face on it, licking it out is exactly why I like girls like Tara. I swear to god, if she ever loses her little pot belly, I'll kill her. Jokingly thought, of course.

While I'm still busy worshipping Tara's tummy, Fred is already downtown going to work. The girl's pussy eating skills keep getting better and better. It almost seems like she's willing to experiment more with Tara than me, as if she's afraid I'll get mad at her. Well, I guess we'll just have to see about that. But at the rate she's going, I might not even have to let her use me as a teaching tool. Though, practice does make perfect, I say with a glint of lust in my eyes.

I whisper into Tara's ear, while she's shaking and moaning, writhing, that I want a 69 with her. I mount her face, then reach my hand down between her legs. At first Fred looks like I just interrupted her party or something.

"Shhhh, it's okay, Baby Bird, I'll stay out of your way."

While she continues licking Tara's clit, I'm back to finger fucking her. Again Tara doesn't last long, but we stay in this position, none of us willing to relinquish our position. I'm so close to coming, and after a third time in our session, I can tell Tara is too.

But our night isn't over there, not by a long shot. Tara comes again, and I come myself, but the night is just beginning. Little Fred is especially in need of a good hard fuck.

I have a bottle of BBQ sauce I managed to steal from the shithole joint that kicked us out yesterday. I open it up, letting Fred get a big whiff of it. "Mmmmm, BBQ!" She licks a bit of the sauce that has dried up on the lid, then I spread it around her already wet cunt.

This is better than any ribs I've ever eaten. I never thought about putting food on my lover's quim before, but I'm loving it. The slightly cold sauce must feel great on Fred's burning hot core. And I'm loving to lick it off. I put some more on, and let Tara get a nice taste of.

I dip my fingers into the jar, getting the sauce to cover my fingers, then insert them inside Fred. I gently pull them out then stick my tongue inside her, going to work finding the sweet BBQ sauce, made even sweeter by Fred's come.

Again, I let Tara do the same thing. For somebody who didn't like to eat the ribs yesterday, she sure is enjoying it now. Before long, we're nearly out of sauce, but Fred keeps on coming. Tara bends over and whispers something in my ear.

"I love the way you think, Bunny!"

I get Fred into a 69, her on top. My legs are spread, feeling her hot breath against my clit. She's spread open, in a better position for me to probe her with my tongue. I'm licking around, finding the last traces of the bbq sauce I had inside of her. My fingers replace my tongue as I start to lick at her clit. Fred is still so tight, I often wonder if any of this is painful to her. If it is, I'd never know it the way she's making love to my clit with her tongue.

I hear Tara whispering to Fred, "Shhhh, it's okay. sweetie. I'm just going to eat your ass."

Wow, Bunny has a raunchy mouth on her, I knew she wasn't so shy, just like Fred, I'm able to bring the animal out of her.

Fred is kind of shy, seemingly not wanting to go through with this. "Relax, sweetie. It'll feel good."

Fred willingly obeys and boy she must be glad she did! Her body is jerking hard, I can hear her moaning into me while Tara runs her tongue along Fred's ring. I'm sucking hard, yet gentle on her clit, running my teeth along it. Looks like Baby Bird won't be able to hold out much longer. She's moaning and screaming in pleasure into my cunt.

Finally the girl comes, and she comes with force all over my face. I can still hear Tara's tongue going to work on Fred's backdoor, so why should I stop? Besides, I need to come again, too. I love to clean off Fred's little pussy anyway. Once she's came, she usually comes again very quickly, and even stronger the second time. I'm sliding my fingers in and out of her, her wet sex making a sort of slurping noise as I continue to fuck it.

Very few girls I know could take this much, and the only one I truly loved was Buffy. There is no doubt these two girls are my new soul mates. It's like we can sense when each other will come.

"Get ready!" I heard Fred giggling, and before I even realize what is happening, a huge orgasm is hitting me at full force.

Oh god, that's a monster. My head is swimming, but I still concentrate more on making Fred come again. After making me feel like that, she deserves it. And boy do I love making her come again, and again, and again. And Tara seems like such an ass girl. Not that I blame her, my two girls have the most worshipable asses ever, at least since B, and if not more so.

When Fred comes again, she's almost as loud as Tara was before. No more shy girl whimpers for her, she's not able to hold back any of it. Jenny even knocks on the wall for us to quiet down, not that we care what she thinks.

My god, we're nearly fucking passed out, the three of us on the bed. All shagged out, at least for now. When we open our eyes again, it's about 15 minutes later, the tiny catnap put us in the mood for some more loving.

"I'm thirsty," Fred pipes up.

"I think we all are, sweetie." Tara gives Fred a little hug, and holds her hand.

"Guys, I really need a beer. Or any kind of alcohol."

"Well, I'm 20, Faith. I know you're not old enough."

"Hey, sad but true, Bunny." Then we both look at Fred.

"I'm old enough, but I don't like alcohol. Actually, I never really tried it..."

"What, you kidding, Baby Bird?"

Fred meekly shakes her head no.

"Faith, I've had it before, but didn't like the hangover."

"Oh, c'mon, Bunny. It's not like you have to drink til you're fucking shit-faced! Just a little tipsy."

I hear Jenny yell from downstairs. "Guys, I'm going out for a bit, don't do anything to wake the neighbors!"

I roll my eyes, "Get fucked, Jenny!" I scream back.

The door slams, we laugh. Ha, got her goat.

"I'm gonna go look in the mini-fridge in Jenny's room."

"Faith, do you really think Jenny drinks alcohol? Besides, what is she, 16?"

"Nonsense, Bunny. All these fundy girls have their secrets. I've seen her sex toy collection, I've even borrowed a few of her toys without her permission."

Flipping on the lights, the rooms reeks of pussy. Ahhhhh, it almost puts me in the mood to go at it again. I could tell Jenny was doing something naughty when we were going down next door. That knocking on the wall must have been her foot from when she was doing her thing. Naughty girl, I just know one of these days she's gonna tackle me or one of the girls and pounce on us.

Fred and Tara are behind me. Fred is still a bit woozy from her last orgasm. I'm bent naked over her fridge, looking through it. I almost give up on my search, but then I find it. And sure enough, wouldn't you notice it? Hidden behind all of the 40 oz Cokes and bottled water is a bottle of Jack Daniels. Two bottles of JD! One totally filled up, one half empty. Wow, Jenny must like to party.

I open the half drank bottle and take a big swig.

"C'mon guys, it's good!"

Fred grabs the bottle and takes a small drink.

"Wow," she coughs, "that burns!"

"Only until you get used to it! C'mon, Bunny, have a drink! One won't hurt."

"I don't know, Faith. If I drink too much, you know, hangover city."

"Hair of the dog, as they say," Fred intones, trying to do a Humphrey Bogart impersonation.

"That's cute, Baby Bird. Here... have another sip!"

Fred does as I say, coughing and gagging just like before. I laugh at her.

"My throat is burning!"

"Naw, it's cool. You'll get used to it soon enough."

God knows with her size, she'll be drunk in a hurry.

"C'mon, Bunny, have a drink."

"Well, okay, Faith, but just one."

Bunny took a much bigger drink than just one, wow, she nearly downs the rest of the bottle.

"Wow, that's nice," she has trying to stifle a cough.

Then Fred grabs the bottle out of her hand and downs what was left in it.

"Hee, I feel sorta dizzy." Awwww, I knew it wouldn't take Fred much time to get drunk.

I start drinking on the unopened bottle, and so does Bunny. Before long, we're all totally fucking shit-faced.

"Wow, then like, she tried to unjam the toaster by putting a fucking fork in it! I swear to Christ, Chocha was one stupid fucking cunt. She was screaming and crying, her fucking hair almost caught on fire! This one fucking guard who was fucking her had to rescue her! Oh god, and they knew I fucking did it, but couldn't fucking prove it! I still laugh to this fucking day."

I have Fred and Tara rolling on the floor with laughter with tales of my time in prison. The people I fucked with, the people who tried to fuck with me and ended up getting fucked back a thousand times harder.

"Guys, you know what I think we should do?"

"What, Baby Bird?"

"Why don't we go downtown and get us some navel piercings? Wouldn't that be cute?"

She rests her head on Tara's bare tummy, starting to lick it.

Tara is giggling, "Stop it, Fred, I'm ticklish right now. You'll make me pee."

"I'd love to see that!" I speak up.

"Peeing on Jenny's floor, I like it!" Wow, Baby Bird must be bitter.

"I think Baby Bird is right, Bunny. Wouldn't that look cute on us? Even little Fred has such a nice tummy. Then, we could get those velvet choker things, with each other's initials on it! Yeah, that'd be the motherfucking bomb!"

"But what about money? I don't have any."

"I got a goddamned job! I'll get paid this coming Friday." I belch loudly, which would usually be nasty, I think, but my girls are laughing again.

"But I can't expect you to pay for my stuff!"

"Just as long as you're there to hold me, and finger me, I'll be happy."

"Awwww, I love you guys." Tara puts her head on my chest, holding me close. Fred puts her little arms around us, squeezing tight.

"Guys, we gotta get dressed first. As much as people want to see our bare asses, I know the fucking cops in this town would throw us in jail."

We sloppily put our clothes on. I'm not quite sure what I'm wearing, or if it's even on right. We stumble out the door, walking towards downtown. We're loud, funny, obnoxious and rude.

"Maybe I should get a tattoo that says 'My piddy belongs to Tara and Faith!'"

"That'd be cute, Baby Bird. You really do love us, don't you?"

"Why yes, I love you guys so much. I love it when your heads are down there, and my head is, you know, down there for you too," she's giggling, blushing. Even when she's drunk she has a hard time talking dirty.

Everybody is looking at us when we're walking downtown. Fred takes a header towards the pavement, dragging Tara with her. Oh my god, Baby Bird forgot to wear panties!

"Ooooops! I showed off da muff!" Fred is laughing her ass off. Tara tries to stand up but falls down drunk again on top of Fred. Tara laughs, tries to stand up, but has to get me to do it for her.

Some people are staring, one guy has an obvious hard-on from seeing Fred's stuff. I walk up to them, making them back away nervously.

"God, my girls are sweet, aren't they? They're my girls!" I laugh a sexy giggle before skipping back towards them. They're off the ground and dusting themselves off.

"Wow, Fred, you better be careful, not sure who might see you."

"It's okay, only you and Tara find me attractive anyway1"

"That guy's hard-on says otherwise."

"Eeeek" Fred hugs me tight, barely letting me walk.

"It's okay, he's too shy to approach me I think. Must be some snob who is too good to get drunk on cheap alcohol!" I laugh, resting my head on Tara's shoulder.

"There's the tattoo and piercing place! Think if I show off da muff we'll get a free piercing?"

"Don't do it, Baby Bird, don't want to give the perv any more of a thrill than you have to."

"Ooops, but I'll have to, this is a once piece thing!"

"It's okay, we won't let the man touch you down there."

"Heh, thanks Tara!"

>From there on out it's pretty much a blank page. The only thing I remember is hours later, waking up lying stomach down, with Tara and Fred. It seems like the pain hits us all at once!


We look down, noticing our pierced navels, and the splitting pain in our heads.

"I knew I shouldn't have gotten drunk."

"Relax, Bunny, at least you finally got that piercing. And wow, so did I."

"And me too!" Fred lifted up her dress, showing off her piercing with pride.

"Guys, the best way to get over a hangover is with sex!"

"My ride will be here soon!"

"Oh fuck, is it Monday already?"

"Yeah, don't you have to be at work?"

"Fucking hell! I'm already two fucking hours late for work. Christ, Jenny will never forgive me."

"Well, as long as you're a little bit late already..."

It was another 69, one last one for the weekend between us. Fred was gonna be the lucky girl who got it with both tongues. I agreed to be on ass duty this time and Tara was on the bottom.

It's amazing how wrapped up you can get into sex. There was a knock on our door, but I was too involved to even hear it. I felt so bad for Fred with what happened next, her being so shy and sweet.

When the door opened, Jenny, along with Gunn and Wesley walked through the door only to be met with a shock.

"Oh my god!" I heard Jenny say.

Fred was still spread wide open by Tara underneath her, and I had her ass wide open, my tongue still worshipping her tiny pink rosebud.

"Oh my god, who said that?" Fred was nervous, hyperventilating.

"WOW! I gotta get a picture of this!" I heard that annoying limey fruit Wesley say, as he rushed off out of the room.

"Oh my god! They didn't see anything, did they?"

I let her ass cheeks go back together, and Tara's hand cover's up Fred's quim.

"I don't know what to say."


Fred gets off the bed, covering herself in the bed sheets.

"I thought you said you were waiting for marriage, Fred."

"I'm sorry, Charles. It's just with that creepy Wesley guy around all the time, I needed somebody to look out for me."

"But why didn't you just tell me you were gay?"

"Because I was afraid it'd break your heart, and you wouldn't protect me from creepy limey boy."

Wow, Fred must still be drunk, I'm not used to hearing her bad mouth people, even if it is Pussy Limey Boy.

"But I still would have made sure he'd not hurt you. I am a gentlemen after all. Besides, Wes annoys me too. I'd kick his ass just for fun."

"Awwww, I'm sorry Charles, so no hard feelings?"

"Naw, none, Fred. Now, get dressed and let's go home."

Wesley came back in the room with camera in hand.

"Bloody hell! C'mon, Fred, get on the bed and spread your legs for your special Uncle Wesley!"

Gunn hit Wes square in the face.

"No, leave Fred alone." It's kind of cool that other people are so willing to be Baby Bird's bodyguard, though I am a bit jealous.

"Hee, hee, thanks, Charles."

"We'll miss you, Baby Bird."

"I can come back next weekend, right guys?"

Charles nodded his head, but Wesley was looking bitter, his left eye swelling slightly, acting they have a say in the matter. Hell, even if me and Tara have to drive up there and drag her back down here, she's gonna end up here one way or another.

Me and Tara exchanged naked hugs with Fred, who almost had tears in her eyes.

"I'll call you, Baby Bird."

"Okay, I'll call you too, ay-sap!"

As soon as they were gone, Jenny was livid.

"Get dressed, Faith, you're going to work! I had to jump through hoops with the boss there so he'd not fire your ass. I think I have a date with him now, oy vey. But it's no big deal now, you'll just have to get your ass to work and maybe put in some overtime."

"Yeah, whatever," I drunkenly slur.

"My god, have you been drinking? Faith! That's a parole violation!"

"Oh, get that stick out of your ass, Jenny."

Jenny walked off in a huff. But no worries. I got showered, dressed and took Bunny with me to work. Nobody even seemed to notice she wasn't supposed to be there.

That had to be the longest day in my life. When we got home, we passed out on the couch. I was laying on top of Tara, my arms wrapped tightly around her. Awwww, she feels so good.


I'm awaken hours later by what sounds like thousands of cars blowing their horn. Where am I? The room is too hot and I'm sweating. This certainly is not Jenny's house, not even if vandals nicked everything. I look down, noticing I've been sleeping on concrete. Tara is nowhere to be seen. Or at least I think Tara was here.

I sit up, stretching a bit. My body is killing me, last thing I remember I was falling asleep in the arms of my lover, now I wake up to this? Was all that just a beautiful dream? And who brought me here? I know Jenny was bummed that she didn't get to have fun with me, but I know she's my girl. But then again, I thought the same thing about B, until she stabbed me in the gut. But Jenny is better than B, I know it.

The noise outside is deafening, even in the expanse of this warehouse. A giant fan in the back of the room seems to blot out the sound a little bit, but not enough. It's sounding like a war zone here. I even hear guns popping off in the distance. I walk up to the fan, trying to get cooled off a bit, but wouldn't you know it just recycles the hot air already here? Would a fuckin' floor fan be too much to ask for? Not finding one here. This place is totally empty.

I open a side door, going outside to have a look around. The early morning sun nearly blinds me. God, I'm in the fucking shithole of the world. It even smells like a sewer here. The palm trees blowing in the wind only seem to make the smell worse. God, what now? Shit scented trees? I'm surrounded by the squalor of a low income housing project. The cheap, nearly cardboard houses are stacked up against each other, looking like they're nearly gonna collapse on top of each other. Of course, when this town turns to Arizona Bay, not even the rich fucks will be spared, so I guess it doesn't matter.

The freeway is just a few feet above the building. So, that is where the sounds came from. The cars creep along, engines roaring, horns honking, as if it was gonna make the dildo in front of them go any faster. There is no doubt I'm in Los Angeles. I can actually read the fucking signs on the highway, I'm so close to it. I give the finger to some old bitch in a BMW. A few other drives stick their finger out their windows. Yeah, yeah, yeah, assholes.

I'm scared shitless by an airplane that comes roaring over the building. I duck inside, thinking it's gonna take the fucking roof off the joint. Ah, good ol' Los Angeles. Where the LAX flight pattern is right over where the poor people live. Not that I really care about them. I remember hearing helicopters from time to time overhead when I stayed at the Immoral Liaisons Hotel. And some airplanes, very small ones that would take off from Sunnydale Airport. Nothing like this though.

I'm sitting in the middle of this floor, all alone. I'm not frantic, but I'm getting there. What has happened to me? I almost want to cry, but know I can't allow my weak side to show, especially if somebody is watching me. A quick scan of the warehouse ceiling doesn't reveal any cameras, but that doesn't mean there aren't some hidden.

God, I should have known stupid Jenny would be involved in something crooked. That has to be it. She ended up getting herself and Tara snuffed, and I was dumped in this warehouse two hours away. My memory had been erased of everything, and i just remembered it all, which means the men in black will soon be by with their little flashy red dot thing.

Okay, I didn't just think that, did I? God, I'm going out of my mind now. No, I'm not crazy yet, but I'm close...

Oh great, now my mind is on a loop. I must blot out everything. Or go look for Fred. I should probably warn her that bad guys are on their way. But what day is it? How long have I been out? A calendar on the wall is from June 1986, complete with picture of Nancy Reagan and Arnold from Different Strokes.

I wonder for a moment if I should go out into the daylight. Maybe find a phone that works. The pay phone on the wall is out of order, probably hasn't worked since the calendar on the wall was changed.

I look down, noticing just how undressed I am. Sure, I have my boots on, but no knife. I gots to have my trusty Jackal with me, or else it could be curtains. Can't always depend on your fists, even if you're a Slayer. I got on these cute penguin pajama pants, and a white t-shirt with no bra on. Maybe the convenience store across the street has a pay phone, I could call a cab. But I got no goddamn money for the fair.

I sigh, sadly, and wonder how I could get across town to my sweet Fred. I'm almost suspecting Wesley is involved somehow, since I got a piece of his Fred and he didn't. Or maybe he's still miffed at that little torture episode a few years ago. The Brits always seem to hold onto bitterness for far too long.

While I'm over at the store, begging the man to let me use his phone.

"C'mon, your pay phone is broken too. It's a local call. Hell, I'll give you these three quarters."

"Silly customer! The phone is not for personal calls!"

"Oh well, you asked for it." He flinches, like I'm gonna pull out a gun and blow his fucking brains out. Not a chance. I lift up my t-shirt, showing him my tits. His eyes are fixated on me for a few seconds, and obvious bulge begins growing in his pants.

"Sweet Gandhi in hell! My poor loins!"

As he disappears into the back, I jump the counter, making it to his phone.

"Fred? Are you okay?"

"Sure, Faith, why do you ask?"

"What happened to Jenny? Or Tara? Have they tried to call you?"

"Faith, what's wrong? Aren't you at home with them?"

"I thought I was, but when I woke up today..."

"It must be the Warehouse Gremlin."


"The Warehouse Gremlin, silly. He gets all the kids from the east coast who migrate out here."

"Am I safe from him? He isn't gonna kill me, or my friends, right?"

"Naw, he doesn't have any teeth or claws anyway. Just a really fast car."

"Okay, I'm gonna come to you, I just have to find my way."

"It should be easy to find. Just tap into the Warehouse Gremlin's mindset, and he'll lead you to me."

"Ohhhhhhhkay, Fred. I'll c-ya soon."

She giggles and hangs up the phone.

Outside the gang warfare continues.

"I'll kick yer muthafuckin' ass, S.A."

Then an endless reign of gunfire rings out.

Just then Apu comes back.

"You didn't use the phone while I was away... restocking the... beef jerky, did you?"

"Nope, sure didn't."

I giggle looking at his pants. There is an obvious wet spot on the front of his pants, but rather than tell him, I skip across the street back to the safety of my warehouse.

A few hours later, when the gunfire dies down some, and most of the lunch hour crowd is back at their office, I set out to find Fred. Of course, the idea to walk there seemed like a good idea when I first started out, but now two hours into my journey I second guess myself.

The hot winds blowing in from east are burning my skin, and my shirt is soaked with sweat. Oh fuck, just remembered, if I get arrested for anything, I could go back to big house. I look like I should be in a wet t-shirt contest. I try to cross my arms, for once being almost shy about my tits. The hot sun is making me almost delirious. The concrete jungle doing nothing to cool things down. The heat is trapped in the streets I walk upon. Then... darkness.

I think I'm dying because I see my entire life flash before my eyes. I know the man in my dream who treated me well. The man who was my real daddy, the one who treated me well and always gave me candy. I don't remember what happened to him, I just know all of the sudden HE came into my life.

Demon monsters from hell don't worry me any, because I know what a real monster looks like. It doesn't have giant teeth, horns, scaly skin. The real demons in the world are human, and oddly the ones bleeding hearts like Jenny or Buffy are most hesitant to take out.

"You're daddy's good little girl, aren't you?"

He's sitting in his favorite chair in the living room, reeking of motor oil and beer, sitting in nothing but his underwear. He's forcing my hand to places where they shouldn't be, and smacking me whenever I try to move them.

"Stop moving your goddamn hand! Don't be a bitch like your mother."

"Where is mommy?"

"Your mommy is in the other room, and she doesn't care about you. She doesn't care about me either. We're a team, Faith. We have to get through this together. Your mom is a frigid cow. She's not let me fuck her in over a week, and that makes daddy's feel very sad. You don't want your daddy to feel sad, do you?"

I want to scream "YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DADDY!" But the way he's grabbing my shoulders I know it's not a good idea to piss him off.


"Yes, daddy," the words sting coming out of my mouth. I want to rip out my tongue every time I call him daddy.

"You love me, don't you?"


"You want to make me happy, don't you?"

I nod my head silently.

"Then don't move your hand, sweetie."

"I'm not you're sweetie!" my in brain is screaming, but my mouth whispers a low "sorry, daddy."

I try to move my hand again, but he senses it and holds it in place.

"Stop moving your goddamn hand, Faith!"

I remember that summer. Every single day my stepdad forced me to do something I hated. Either during the day, or he'd wake me up in the middle of the night, and force me to do whatever. At first I fought with all my might. Being a normal child, that wasn't much against a brute like him. By the end of it, I was so defeated I'd let him do anything he wanted to me. He even started to have his "friends" come over on some nights. So it goes.

What I wouldn't give to run into him now. Faith, the Slayer has five minutes all alone with her stepdad. Oh, the things I'd do to that sick motherfucker...

Though in my near death hallucination, I visit one scene that doesn't look familiar. Maybe I had repressed it all these years? I never remember going into my parent's bedroom before. It was always off limits to me, at least it was after HE came into my life. I think he feared I was going to get into his mechanics kit and destroy his equipment. Or afraid I'd kill him with one of his tools.

"You stupid fucking cunt, have you forgotten everything I told you to do?"

He smacks the back of head, even harder than before. I'm crying, on my knees, he's shouting at me to shut up.

"You're gonna ruin my high! Shut up and stop crying you fucking bitch!"

Then something comes over me. Something I should have thought of before, but never did. It was fear and helplessness before, but now it was rage and pain that guided my motions. One minute I was doing as he told me, "lick my shaft slowly, you fucking stupid whore!" then the very next second my teeth clamped down hard on his prick.

He was shrieking in pain, legs crossed, falling forward. I spat out what now seems to be tiny meat and mouthful of blood. That which caused me pain for so many months on end now looked so pathetic, tiny and worthless when severed from the monster that owned it.

I grabbed it and made my way to the bathroom, flushing it down the toilet. He was screaming, crawling on the floor, he was right outside the bathroom, nearly swimming in a puddle of his own blood. I look down the hallway, noticing he left a trail of hot red liquid all the way from his bedroom.

"Why, Faith? Why? You know I loved you."

I grab a toilet plunger, feeling the sharp end of it.

"Please, Faith, no!"

I position right as the base of his skull, ready to drive it through his brain stem, killing this fucking asshole once and for all when I hear another 757 scream overhead, waking me up. Goddammit!

I look around, and son of a bitch, wouldn't you know it, I'm back in the warehouse. Now I don't know what to think. Is this even the same warehouse? When I look around, I notice a big table and two chairs there. What, I have company?

I rub the sleep out of my eyes, walking towards the two chairs, that obviously have somebody in them.


Who knows if this Warehouse Gremlin that Fred told me about had brought two more victims, or if this was gonna be some kind of gang war hit.

"Hell..." but before I can finish, I notice who this is. The tattoo on the left arm of one of them was exactly like the one my stepdad had.

And in my other chair, well, dear old mom.

Both of them are bound and gagged, their eyes shielded from what is about to become of them. Both of them are frantic, knowing that whatever it is, it's not gonna be good. The heat is baking on the inside, but oddly enough I'm feeling cooler than ever

I look over the tools on the table, not believing my eyes. My god, is this what I've been dreaming about all these years? I see just about anything I could want. Albert Fish's implements of hell are nothing compared to this shit.

I have comically huge strap-on here, what appears to be a very hungry rat, a cigarette lighter, my Jackal knife, a glass thermometer, a pair of scissors, a pair of pliers, a scalpel, a hammer, a hot glue gun, some lye, a water hose (since when does this place have water?) and strangest of all, a manual meat grinder.

I'm sure I can find some good use for this shit. Well, not that I've not dreamed about almost all of this before, but I have even more here than in my dreams. My sick imagination immediately takes over, knowing what I'm gonna do with these things.

I walk over to them, still standing behind them, and remove their blindfolds.

"Well, well, well! Looks like the spider caught something in her web!"

They both scream into their gags. I'm wearing a huge smile on my face, a similar smile I get after a session of extremely pleasurable sex. I actually feel a tingle between my legs when I notice how freaked out they look.

"Gee, mom and dad, aren't you gonna say hi to your only daughter?"

They strain against the ropes, trying to move, but whoever tied them tied them tight enough so they couldn't move.

"Awwwww, don't make me feel bad, give me a hug! It's been so long!"

I love playing games with their heads.

"You don't want to give your own flesh and blood a hug? After so long? I really mean that little to you?"

Stepdad is actually screaming, sounding like he wants to be heard.

"Awwwww, I'm sorry daddy, I forgot you can't speak with that gag in your mouth. Here, let Faith take it off for you."

"You crazy bitch, what the fucking hell are you doing with us?"

I grab the hammer, smashing one of his kneecaps. He screams and cries, trying to grab a hold of it, but can't.

"Now, that wasn't a very nice thing to say about your only daughter, is it?"

"You're not my fucking daughter! You're a cocksucking whore!"

Idiot hasn't learned his lesson, so I smash his foot with the hammer.

"Gee, you have such a dirty mouth. Didn't you mother ever tell you it's not nice to use those words in front of a female?" I smirk at him, giving him a shit eating grin that seems to make his pain even worse.

I grab the scissors, walking over to him, bending down on my knees.

"What are you doing? Look, I didn't mean what I said before, I just..."

"Shhhhh, don't worry, daddy. I'm just making it cooler for you. It's so hot in here, isn't it? You shouldn't have to suffer with it anymore."

I cut off his clothes, pants first then wife beater t-shirt. Then lastly, of course, the underwear.

"Don't cut me! Please, Faith, don't cut me!"

"Shhhhh," I soothingly stroke his face, "don't worry, you're safe with me."

Then I repeat the procedure with my mother. The thousands of dollars she spent on plastic surgery, rather than food, had paid off well, I must admit. She looks like a walking Barbie doll, rather than the 50 year old cow she really is.

I ungag her, but she doesn't have much to say. As with most mothers, she tries to guilt trip me out of my actions.

"But Faith, I'm your own mother! I'm the only one you will ever have!"

"Naw, I have a mother. Well, had one, a real mother. She died a few years ago of a brain tumor. You know? Grandma? She loved me, and I loved her. You... you're nothing to me."

"No!" she screams, shaking her head.

"All those days spent on my knees in front of your boyfriend. Then you go and marry him, then it happens more and more, and..."

She's screaming no at the top of her lungs, frantically shaking her head, as if it'll keep my voice from being heard.

I hold her head, looking her right in the eye. "A real mother doesn't let her own child get raped by their stepdad."

"No, I never knew..."

"You fucking knew, too. You knew every goddamn time he touched me."

She was silent, I took my Jackal knife, slicing off the fingers of her left hand above the second knuckle.

While she was still screaming in pain, I went to the chair, grabbing the strap-on. Putting it on made me feel a certain sense of power. Looking down at it, having a fake cock was kind of cool. It almost felt apart of me. My comically huge cock bobbing slightly as I walked towards my stepdad with the glass thermometer in my hand.

"Faith, what are you doing?"

"Something that should have been done long ago."

I slid it into his dickhole, which made him grunt a bit. A few tiny drops of blood made their way to the surface.

"Why, Faith, why?"

"Why? Stupid asshole. I almost was gonna let you get away without me doing this, but you insult my intelligence."

I took my black boot off my left foot and slammed it down straight on his cock. The glass thermometer shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces inside his cock, shredding his urethra.

The mangled piece of flesh between his legs looked like bloody, gory mess. I laughed as I squeezed his cock, feeling the shards of glass inside move around, further cutting him up.

"I used to laugh at the last name of our neighbors, the Glasscock family. But well, now dad, it looks like you could change your name to Glasscock, eh?"

I scream with laughter as I cut him lose, he feels hunched over on the floor, his ass perfect exposed.

"This only hurts at first, you'll love it in the end. Oh, haha, I send you'll love it in the END, didn't I? Fucker."

I slam my cock right up his ass in one thrust, tearing him open. He's screaming in pain as I slide in and out of him. Fucking his ass with my huge cock, his blood the only lubrication.

"Jerk off in mommy's face," I tell him. "C'mon, I'll stop fucking your ass if you jerk off in her face. Jerk off in the whore's face, she likes it."

He can't bear to bring his hand to his cock, and I don't really want to touch it again, but I make an exception this time.

A few shards of glass go shooting out his dickhole, as does a lot of blood. It's so funny to watch him bleeding out of both ends. I can feel his warm ass blood running down my legs and I continue to buttfuck him, and the shards of glass and blood flying in my mom's face only encourages me to fuck him harder.

She's screaming, some of the glass is cutting her face. Oh, her perfect, fake, plastic Barbie face is gonna get cut up! I get bored with this, and grab the blowtorch. Very careful as to not catch myself on fire, I turn it on full blast, letting it roast his nuts some. I can see and smell the flesh melting, dripping onto the ground. Why he hasn't died yet makes me think he's one tough motherfucker.

Finally I withdraw from his ass and let the rat out of its cage. It crawls right up his ass, burrowing inside the giant hole the dildo left. I take off the strap-on, throwing it in the corner, careful not to touch the dildo part.

Just when I think he's finally dead, he starts screaming again, the rat must have hit paydirt. It comes running out of him, with a chord of his intestines behind it. The rat hits a snag as he can't run any faster, and starts to feast on his guts. Finally, after what had to be only a minute or so, he's dead.

Just to make sure, he's really dead, I use my Jackal to remove his head. I cut along the neck slowly, cutting away one layer of flesh, then cutting through the muscles. I'm not able to sever his neck, but the fact that i know he'll never come back to life after this gives me a feeling of great satisfaction.

"You killed him! How could you? You inhuman monster! You didn't have to do all that, but you killed him!"

My mother is frantic, screaming, still trying to get her good hand free, so she can wipe the glass and blood off her face.

"Don't worry, ma, I'll clean you off."

I spray the water in her face, making sure she's good and clean. The glass had taken a few chunks out of her, but otherwise, she looks tip top.

I throw some of the lye in her face, and it lands with a sizzle.

"It's called a chemical burn. Lye reacting with water." I say in my best Brad Pitt voice.

Her face sizzles and burns, smelling even worse than stepdad's cock did on fire.

"Oh, your hell is just beginning. And don't even think of screaming, nobody here can hear you."

And indeed, her screams are drowned out by the sound of another 757 landing at LAX.

I cut a tiny flap of skin on her arm with the Jackal.

"You know, mommy dearest, that parents are supposed to protect their children from the evils of the world? That when we go out there, it's you and fathers who are supposed to make sure that their baby doesn't end up in the hands of a monster?"

I use the pliers to rip a tiny bit of flesh, her screams come, but are drowned out by the rush hour traffic outside.

"I didn't hear you!"

I tear again, just enough for her to feel it, but not enough to allow her to pass out. That's the problem with amateur torturers, they do too much, then their victim goes into shock, feeling nothing afterwards.

"But what happens when the parent becomes the monster? Hmmmmm?"

"Faith, I don't know."

Again, I tear a tiny piece of flesh free.

"You're still not answering my fucking question!"

"Faith, I love you very much, and so did your stepdad."

I grab the hammer, smashing it down on the Jackal as it tears through her forearm.

"Dare me to remove it? Or do you want to talk?"

"Faith, I never knew what was going on, trust me, honest to god, I didn't know."

"Fuck you. Don't even try to insult my fucking intelligence. You think I'm stupid?"

I pull the Jackal out of her arm with Slayer strength, pulling with it pieces of bone, blood and flesh.

"I'm tired of playing with you, this is over."

I take the knife and slice out her clit with it, then remove her outer lips. I fuck her over and over again, sliding the knife in and out of her hole, her sharp screams of pain echoing in the room, but soon are drowned out by air traffic.

A giant pool of blood is running down her legs, and I hear her take her final breath. I push her over, drowning her body in water, then up dump the rest of the lye on her, allowing it to melt off any flesh. It doesn't do the job I want it to, but since I don't have an acid bath around, it'll have to do.

I straighten up a bit, put my boot back on and pull up my pants and go outside. I look down, and much to my amazement, I don't have a drop of blood, or anything else on me.

I hail a taxi, "Take me to the Hyperion, please."

I feel something moving underneath me, and I wake up, I think. I look around, and I'm back in Jenny's house. Underneath me, Tara is stirring, then opens her eyes. I smile at her, getting a very sweet and loving smile back.

"Did you sleep well? Dream a pleasant dream?" she asks me.

I nod, "You don't know the half of it, Bunny."

I kiss her softly on the mouth.

Now that I'm thinking back on my dream, I'm kicking myself. C'mon, I was in a dream with my stepdad and a meat grinder, but I didn't use it on him? Oh well. It's supper time, and I'm feeling the old double H even more than usual.


Ah, love. Yes, I'm in love. Months go by and I'm still in love. The old saying is that love buds in the spring, but here it is late September and our love is still budding. I know, I know... this doesn't sound like me. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, you turned the channel and you're now reading somebody else's thoughts, but I'm serious. Serious as a motherfuckin' heart attack.

It's a Wednesday night, and I can't sleep well, but it doesn't bother me. Fred is out in Los Angeles, and I miss her a lot, but I feel just fine snuggled up close to Bunny. God, she feels so fucking good holding me tightly. It's incredible, and more than just a physical reaction; I can actually feel the love radiating from her. Of course, it's even better when Baby Bird has her arms around me too, but I like to think she can get the signals Tara says she sends her for the both of us. Not that I believe any of that hippie Wicca bullshit. But don't tell Tara I said that. She'd be hurt.

But they're my girls. Not my bitches, but my sweet girls. I love everything about them, from the way Fred is still kinda shy with her body, to way Tara holds me in my sleep. Don't get me wrong, Fred is a wicked great snuggler, but Tara is so much more so. Though by this point, I don't know who can eat me out better. Fred sure has taken well to pussy licking classes, and we're both so eager to teach her, too.

"Something wrong, sweetie? Can't sleep?"

"Naw, Bunny, I'm okay, just thinking a lot."

She softly strokes my face, "Want to tell me about it?"

"It's B," I start. "I could have sworn I saw her today, when I was picking up our lunch at Doublemeat Palace."

"Do you... miss her, sweetie?"

"No, that's the thing. I though I'd at least be happy to see her face, but she kept trying to hide from me. Ya know? I'm not mad at that, but I am mad at her."

"Can I be honest, Faith?"

"Of course, Bunny, go ahead."

"You did steal her body, you know. I'm not saying you weren't justified, but..."

"Naw, it's cool, Bunny. I admit it, I was an asshole for stealing her body. Been there, done that, paid dearly, but I'm better."

"What did today make you feel?"

"I want to think I'm over her, but I still felt anger at her, and hatred. She stabbed me in the gut. Even if I deserved it, there's no way I can forgive her ass for that shit."

"You're only hurting yourself, Faith. Buffy probably doesn't even know you feel this way."

"But I loved her, I..."

She holds me closer. I don't like this sharing of feelings shit. So I shut up.

"Faith, I know what it's like to be shunned. You don't have to talk, I understand. But if you want to listen..."

I rub her back, "Go on, Bunny..." I sigh.

"I never told anybody else this, but Buffy and I..."

I chuckle softly.

"Well, you know... Before I met you, I didn't think anybody could make me feel that way. Willow was..."

"A cold fish?" I laugh.

Tara tries to stifle a laugh. "That's horrible, Faith! But it's good to hear you laughing again."

"But Buffy has changed. Trust me, Faith. She's so selfish and self-centered now. I know it's impossible to forget what she did to you, and what she means, but don't take it personal if she shuns you. She shuns everybody now."

I sigh into her chest, trying to stop some tears, but they still come.

"Shhhh, it's okay, Faith, I'm here."

I go underneath the covers, putting my mouth on her tit.

"Shhhh, calm down, Faith, that's it," she says, with jagged breath.

Did I mention what I like best about Tara? She likes to baby and nurture me. Some might call her a pushover, but nothing could be further from the truth. She actually has stood up to me a few times; the girl is growing a spine to be sure. But even better than that is the love. Once, when I woke up really horny, she didn't get pissed at all that I woke up her up and started eating her out.

I'm sort of stirred from my half sleep by her cries of ecstasy as she comes. So, once again, I'm above the covers, holding her tight. I can feel her juices flowing down her leg, and mine, but I don't care. Sleeping on the wet spot with her is a joy.

Oddly enough, I'm soon able to drift off to sleep, with warm and fuzzy thoughts about Fred and Tara and I living in a big house in the country.

The next morning I'm awakened by the television set. Bunny was up watching the news. She was sitting cross legged, nude on the bed. I sort of startled her when I reached between her legs.

"Oh, you're a frisky one this morning," she laughs at me.

"Well, when I have you to wake up to, who can blame me?"

Our playful mood is quickly broken though when I notice a familiar face on the news.


"What is it, Faith?"

I grab the remote from the nightstand, turning up the volume.


Tara knew instantly what was wrong. Of course, I had told her before about Tammy, mostly in a joking mood. I never thought it would come to this.

"Nineteen year old prison Tammy Bennett broke out of the Sunnydale Women's Prison today, after killing two guards. Not much is known about this case at the moment, as this is a breaking story. But needless to say, Miss Bennett is armed and extremely dangerous."

Tammy's words echo in my ear, funny how I almost forgot all about them. I wasn't even really listened to the fucking bitch back then.

~Mark my words Faith, you will not get away this easy. You might be leaving tomorrow, but you better look over your shoulder, because someday, I'll be there for you.~

Fuckin' hell.

~I knew the first time I saw you, standing there with that Buffy whore at the Bronze, I had to have you. Always and forever, never to part.~

"Oh, shit! Buffy!"

"What about Buffy?"

I stare a the TV screen in silence, the words the anchorman is saying isn't even reaching my ears.


Still, nothing, I'm trying to think of something to help. Maybe I should be thinking more of my ass right now, but Buffy could be in danger...

Tara puts her arm around me, holding me tight.

"What about Buffy?"

"Tammy! That fucking bitch! Tammy is gonna try to kill Buffy! She, was a psycho, ya know? She was my bitch, yes, and she made me come, but she was stalking me, and, fuck. Goddammit. She's gonna try to hurt Buffy."

"How do you know? Shouldn't you worry that she might be coming for you?"

"No, she's gotta beef with Buffy. She told me so in prison. I didn't think the bitch could get out. I thought she was just a stupid fuckin' net geek who talked big. Christ! Fuck!"

I'm shouting loud, not even realizing my voice was carrying.

Jenny knocks on our door. "Faith, is everything okay?"

"No. We're seriously fucked here."

Jenny opens the door a hair.

Tara and I both scoot under the covers. Any other time I'd moon her or show her my tits, but not today.

Jenny walks over to our bed.

"This better not be a ploy so you can show me your... thing... again. You know I didn't appreciate that, Faith."

I point to the TV.

"Any word yet if the suspect has left the city?"

"Tom, police here are warning everybody in a 100 mile radius to keep on the lookout for anybody matching Miss Bennett's description."

"Oh, god, Faith! What will we do?" Jenny looks at me with worry, and I wonder where her trust in God is.

"One thing is for sure, you're not going anywhere today, Jenny."

"But I have a midterm in American history. Faith, I can't miss it. The teacher won't allow for make ups."

"So, you'd rather risk your ass for a class? C'mon in, room for one more."

She almost does it, but seeing the two of us naked she recoils back.

"Faith, is this some kind of sick joke? I don't want to be in your threesome."

"Get your mind outta the gutter, Jen. Besides, you think I'm thinking about pussy right now?"

"Faith, I'll be all right. We all will. I know, you told me about Tammy, and I even counseled her myself for a while. She is crazy, but I'm sure she'll be happy enough to be free she'll hit the road. She killed two guards! That's the gas chamber automatic here! You think she'll hunt your or me down and risk that?"

"Okay, Jenny, go. But if anything happens to you, I'll kill myself. I promise you that. I brought you into this shit."

"Faith, don't say things like that! Nothing will happen to me. Nothing that wouldn't have anyway. Everything that's meant to happen will eventually. Now stop it with the suicide talk and get dressed."

For the first time since she got here, me and Tara don't get intimate in the shower. We switch off days who gets the tongue work, but today, nobody did. It's my turn to get the goods, and I could really use it today, but watching the news had made us late.

Long day at work, to say the least. A library is a place a girl like Tammy is naturally drawn to. Every skinny girl, every girl with glasses, every girl with dark hair has my natural suspicion. Part of me thinks this is Tammy's punishment for me. Not actually doing anything, just letting me think she might be doing something, but never actually do it.

Now I'm conflicted. Should I tell Fred? I mean, Tammy knows nothing about her. At least I hope to god she doesn't. But I can't go another week without my Baby Bird. I wish the cops would arrest Tammy's ass already. I'm sure there are plenty of speeders that are being pulled over right now while Tammy makes it through undetected.


Days go by and still no word or sign of Tammy. What was the story du jour a few days of go has been pushed out of the headlines for pointless crap about heroic rescues of cats and other feel good bullshit. Of course, what I could really go for is some more Martha Stewart gossip, so I turn on CNN, then Fox, then MSNBC for my round-the-clock Martha watch.

Rather than spend Saturday as a prisoner, I'm going out. I decided to tell Fred, but that didn't keep her away. Since me and Tara are friskier than we were when the news first hit, we spent all of Friday night in bed. We're all zombified tired, but we want to see the city again. Besides, if we're dead, we're dead. Might as well be someplace cool when it happens.

"You know, sweetie, if you're still wanting to talk to Buffy, maybe we could go to the University Sunnydale campus today. She usually hangs out with... Willow today." Tara's eyes go from happy to sad when she mentions the name of her former lover.

Right now I'm not good for commitment. Fred is in front of me, eating me out. My eyes are about to roll back in my head it feels so good.

"Nmmmmm, yeah Tara, whatever you say..."

When I come, I come hard, nearly collapsing on top of Baby Bird. Not that I'm keeping score, but me and Tara have come more times than Baby Bird, a situation that has to be rectified.

Fred is keyed up right now, coming rather quickly, but with her whole body shaking, I'm assuming she felt everything I did.

"Sweetie, we don't HAVE to go to the campus if you don't want to. I just thought I'd mention it. If you meet up with Buffy. It might help things."

My head is still swimming from my orgasm and the taste of Fred. I kiss Bunny hard on the mouth. She only was sucking Fred's nips this time, didn't get a chance to go downtown before she came.

"My, somebody is sweet today," Bunny says with a wink.

Fred smiled a nervous grin, face turning three shades of crimson.

But back to the subject at hand...

"Bunny, you know me. Don't apologize. Just promise you and Baby Bird will keep me from killing B."

"You gotta promise me you won't hurt Willow, too."

"I promise!"

My left hand is behind my back, fingers crossed. Fred chuckles silently, but Bunny must not hear her.


You know how I feel about college. The cool autumn day seems to be an excuse for every fuck ass activist on campus to hand me their shit. I can't walk two feet without some asshole handing me a flyer hawking some stupid fucking idea. If it's not the environmentalist loonies, it's the stuck up "Children of Billionaire Oilers" fuckers. And if it's not the Men's Right assholes, it's the feminist cunts who are getting in my face about some stupid shit or another.

The Jesus Freaks, Hare Krishnas, Sabrinas, Mormons and American Atheist Society all seem to hone in one me at once. God, why anybody would actually come here by choice is a mystery to me. Though I do see why girls like Willow fit in so well here.

Finally, Tara spots a familiar face.


"Oh, hi, Tara."

"You're not here to carry out another vengeance wish against frat boys, are you?"

"Will you let that drop? So what if I killed twelve boys in one day here? It was only twelve! You should have saw that royal family I took out in the twelfth century. Now that was a massacre."

"Anya, these are my friends, Fred and Faith."

Anya seems preoccupied, watching some freak sing her way out of a parking ticket.

"Oh, hi guys."

I often wonder if Anya would hate me or not. I did try to kill Xander once, after all. But water under the bridge, as they say. At least with Xander. Anya the fuckin' vengeance demon might not be so fuckin' forgiving. Part of me almost thinks about running.

"You know, I'd totally like to beat her with her own rib."

Two steps back...

"Where are you going, Faith?" Baby Bird asks me.

"Beat who?" Tara wondered.

"Singing like that on a beautiful day! It's noise pollution! People where I come from wouldn't stand for it! You should at least be drunk if you're forced to listen to that!"

"Who is that anyway?"

Might as well talk to her. If she's too busy talking, she can't do me any harm. That is, if she even knows who I am.

"Oh, that's Marti. She's from the Isle of Noxon, probably on her way to Los Angeles."

"How do you know so much about her?" I ask.

"Faith, when you're a demon, you know all other demons by sight."

"Where is this Isle of Noxon place?" Tara asks, her voice implies she isn't buying Anya's story.

"The Isle of Noxon is somewhere close to Sweden. It's been notorious from the beginning of time as the birthplace of all bad art. Everybody from this place is originally named Marti or Marty. It's just that the guys spell it with a 'y' and the girls with an 'i.'"

"Ah, okay, that's why..."

But the bitch cuts me off.

"You know when have a favorite TV show? And how it's really, really great at first? But then all of the sudden it starts sucking?"

Fred and Tara are nodding their heads. I'm just wondering if I could throw my Jackal from here and hit this Marti demon in the neck or not. I'm a bit rusty on the ol' knife throwing thing.

"It's meant for teens and twenty-somethings, but all of the sudden it starts reading like some pathetic middle aged woman's bad boy fantasy?"

They're still nodding, and I'm about to unsheathe my knife when Tara grabs my arm.

"Well, if so, then the show was a victim of a Marti Noxon, or Marty, if you will."

"So, how do they stay in town?" I ask.

"They have a great union. They basically get into the Screenwriter's Guild by hook or crook. Usually crook. Claiming their mental disabilities are covered under the Americans with Disabilities act, even though they're not American."

"Well I'll be damned!" I say, acting as if I care.

This crazy bitch Marti actual gets back in her car and runs over the meter maid's foot. I wish I could follow them, to see the big car chase that's gonna follow, but before I can get away, Willow walks up. Oh well, maybe I can catch a repeat on Cops.

Of course, Fred hides behind me and Tara. Poor girl is still traumatized from Willow's turn as a pervert.

"Hey guys, you doing cool today?"

She says it in this really dopey stoner voice, not even sounding like herself, then I smell it.

*cough* "Christ, Willow. What the fuck? I'm gonna get a contact high."

"Smoking pot is cooooooool, mmmmkay?" she drawls on, like that guy with the big head on South Park.

"Yeah, but couldn't you at least smoke some good shit? You actually smell like shit, literally."

She's eating a bag of potato chips, every once in a while doing that stoner laugh.

"Want some, Tara? I don't want to give any to the traitor here. Wearing those pants, appealing to doody head boys."

"Doody head boys?" asks Tara.

"Yeah, Tara! You know how I feel! I'm GAY NOW! I loves to dive da muff! You know I'm..."

"Shut UP!" I scream at her. "We know this already."

"It doesn't hurt to remind you again. Diving the muff is coooool. Nothing jutting out to hit you in the eye, no balls to slap your chin, just soft, smooth skin."

Fred and Tara look at her horrified.

"It's like, you just have to... lick. Nothing to get caught in your throat, no hot, burning jizz, just smooth skin."

"So you bitches do shave yourselves down there?" I ask jokingly.

"NO! Hello! Gay now! Razors are a vice, Faith! If you shave, you're a bad dyke, Faith!"

"So what do I care?" I get up in her face.

"Look, guys, don't fight. Maybe it'd be best if you left, Willow."

"No! Tara! Don't be mean to me! Call me Vixen!"

"Willow, please leave."

"It's cool. I'm gonna go get some action. Rug munching is cool. Dick sucking sucks, but carpet licking is coooooooool. And I need some more pot."

"Well, just as long as you're not doing it anywhere near me."

"Me and the wymym from class are gonna go to the maternity ward today. We have to castrate all the male babies, make sure they can't rape when they get older."

"Fascist," I spit out.

"Traitor! Homophobe!" Willow screams at me.

"Whatever," I roll my eyes.

"Men without balls can't rape, Faith! Take away the tool for the job and they can't commit violent acts against wymyn! Do you actually WANT wymyn to be RAPED? HUH? DO YOU?"

I push Willow off the bridge. She lands with a splash in the water.

"Tara! HOLD ME!" she's screaming as she's splashing in the water. "That hurt, Tara! I need comforting!"

"Well, I guess she won't be able to cut off any balls today," I say with a laugh. Fred and Tara are looking down at her with contempt. By now Anya had left before we could realize it.

"Willow, stop whining! You only fell five feet, and the water isn't even deep."


"Willow, I said, get out of there"!

"Hold me, Tara! Comfort me!"

The three of us just leave the little bitch there in the water. She's still wailing for Tara when we're halfway across campus. "TARRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAA!"


On the way back home, we're feeling hungry and need to eat. So we stop off at the Doublemeat Palace. I still half expect to see Buffy, or who I think is Buffy anyway. When we get there, Anya is there, ordering the special double meat sandwich.

"Hope you don't mind if we sit with you."

Anya turns around quickly, "Just as long as you didn't bring crazy Willow along, you can. The last thing I want is to listen to that humorless shrieking harpy when I'm trying to eat."

"She was in the water last time we saw!" Fred was giggling.

"And wailing for Tara!" I add.

So, we're halfway into the dinner, Bunny and Baby Bird are sharing a large fry and 24 piece chicken nugget dinner. Me and Anya are enjoying the double meat surprise when it fucking happened. In walked B. Fuck.

"Oh my GOD! Anya, you're just the person I wanted to see!"

I have my head down, not wanting to shock Buffy. That, and she's not the person I really want to fuckin' see right now. Sure, I love B, or loved her, maybe. Once upon a time. Of course, there were plenty of girls I ate out on a regular basis, but that didn't mean I loved them, for fuck's sake. It isn't like she was that great a lay anyway. Tara is ten times the lover B ever was, and Fred is getting better every time we meet up. A few more weekends and the little thing might even be better than me.

"Sure, kiddo, what is it?"

"I am so pissed off at my doctor right now!"

"Why? Did he make with the Russian fingers a little too low?"

"Ewwwww! No, not at all! He's a liar!"

I finally raise my head, looking Buffy in the eye. "Then you should get along just fine with him."

"I never lie, Faith! Only when the lie is to forward my own selfish agenda, but that's okay, because I'm Buffy, blonde and stunning! And I'm from California! You're a brunette from Boston, and you're... oh so... Faith like."

"Stabbed any more friends in the gut lately, B?"

"All the time, Faith! Spikey needs blood, and whatever Spike needs, I give to him."

"Buffy, what was it you were asking again?"

"I need you to get vengeance on this doctor! For Spike! When Spikey is happy, I'm happy!"

"Did the doctor try to kill Spike?" Tara asks.

"Nope, even worse, he accused Spike of lying!"

"And this lie was...?" Anya asks.

"He told me if Spike cuts out my clit it won't grow back! Spikey told me he wanted to cut it out, because it makes girls feel soooo good to have their clits cut out! He told me it'd grow back in 24 hours, even sooner for me, because I'm a Slayer!"

Everybody at the table spat out the bite of food they had in their mouths. I nearly vomit on myself just thinking of the idea.

"Spike has this pair of pliers he was gonna use to rip it out! He told me it'd grow back real soon and I'd have the bestest orgasm ever! The best one any woman ever felt, because other women don't know they grow back!"

Anya was the first to speak up, "Buffy, you can't seriously be this..."

"Stupid?" I finish.

"Well, Spike is evil..." Tara began.

"No he's not! He loves me! See?" Buffy gets some water and cleans off her make up. "See this black eye? I got it from him hitting me while we fucked! You hit people you love. The harder you hit them, the more you love them! I love Spikey a whole ton. I hit him a lot more than he hits me, because I love him more!"

"Buffy! That's horrible!" Tara spoke up.

"No it's not! It's love!"

"Buffy, my dad used to hit my mother all the time, it's horrible."

"No, Tara! We hit each other because we love each other! I love Spikey so much I hit him for an hour last night! His face is all big and swollen to five times it's normal size! And it's all purple and nasty. Now everywhere we go, people will know how much I LOVE him!"

Buffy let out a loud, long shriek, the kind you do when you're so happy you can't talk.

Poor Fred looks traumatized at the moment. She grabs onto my arm, holding it tight, like a frightened child.

"C'mon, Anya! You got to torture my doctor! He can't call Spikey a liar anymore!"

"Buffy, I hate to say it, but you're an idiot. And it's time somebody took out Spike." Wow, Anya stands up to B!

"Nooooooo! I'm Spikey's whore! See? I even have it tattooed on my tummy!"

Buffy lifts up her shirt, revealing a poorly done tattoo.

"See? It say's 'I am Spikey's wa-hore'. Ooops, he misspelled 'hore'! Put a 'w' in front of it!"

All of us get ready to leave, no longer wanting to be around B. Who can blame us? She's still badgering poor Anya.

Buffy pouts and stomps her foot. "Buffy want doctor dead so Spikey can rip out her clit. She wants nice orgasm!"

"Have you been drinking again, Buffy?" Anya asks, though I don't know what she means. No way could B be this stupid drunk, she must have had her brain rattled around too much from Spike's "love."

"Buffy love Spike and hate doctor! Doctor said Spike lied! But Spike told truth! He wants to make Buffy come! The doctor is just jealous he isn't sexy like Spike and don't get to make Buffy come!"

"Buffy, you need help, please, I love you, stake Spike and be done with it." I hope Bunny only means love in a friend's fashion.

"Buffy let hundreds of people die so she can fuck Spike! Buffy don't want to be a Slayer anymore! She's a vampire layer!"

"Yeah, whatever," I say, throwing the wrapped up, partially eaten sandwich at her head.

"Buffy wants orgy in heaven with seventy-two virgin vamps."

As we walked home that night, none of us spoke much about Buffy's outburst in the Doublemeat Palace. But I finally got over my feelings of sadness over losing her, and her avoiding me. If this was what she had become, Spike can have her. And who would want her after that pathetic faggot had his tiny, shriveled cock in her? But I have to admit, watching Spike tear out her clit might be funny. In the same way it'd be funny to watch a bull dyke drown Andrea Yates in her cell's toilet.

Every bush we pass puts my Slayer instinct on high. Even when Tara is sitting on my face I'm partially thinking that Miss Psycho Tammy is outside, ready to break through the window. Thankfully Fred's tongue hits the right spot and the thought vanished until the next morning.


After Buffy's meltdown a the Doublemeat Palace, I almost forgot the reason for even trying to contact her. I'm on the phone now, but it keeps ringing and ringing, not even her answering machine message is kicking on.

Finally, somebody picks up the phone, oh shit, it's Red.

"Hello? Hello? I hear breathing... FEMALE breathing! Is this a dirty phone call? Hello?"

I'm still quiet as a mouse.

"What are you wearing?" she whispers.

I hold the line for a few more seconds.

"I'm not wearing a bra!" she says in her sexy 'little girl' voice.

I hang up, not wanting to talk to her, but at least she didn't start singing this time. Not that I hadn't already left about fifty messages on B's machine. That might be why she unplugged it. I'm just lucky I've not been stabbed in the gut over it.


By now it's early December. No more drama, no worry about Tammy, no nothing. Jenny runs into the room, wide smile on her face.

"Guys! I just got off the phone with Melody! The Pussycats are gonna play a show here on December 20th! And I got us ten backstage passes! Want to invite any of your friends along?"

"Wow, the Pussycats! Does that mean I get to meet them?" Baby Bird's eyes flashed with child-like glee. It was so cute to see her this happy. Me and Tara were more reserved, but still, it was obvious how happy we were.

We spent most of the days at home after that watching the documentary movie about the Pussycats' rise to fame and listening to our P-cats CDs. Jenny was even able to talk Melody into sending an advance tape of the upcoming cartoon series. Could a comic book be far behind?

"So, who's your favorite Pussy?" I ask the girls, as we're laying on the bed.

"Valerie! She's the bad girl with a heart of gold!" Fred answers, rubbing my shoulders. I laugh inside, oh, so that's why she took such a liking to me.

"Josie, because she's the leader, ya know. We all need somebody when things go wrong." Tara smiles at me, rubbing my tummy. And is that why she likes me, too?

"I like Melody, because she never got mad at me, or stopped writing, even when I was a bitch to her in my prison letters."

"You wrote to Melody, Faith?"

"Yup, sure did Baby Bird. She writes to a lot of prisoners it seems, or so says Jenny."

"Why were you mean to her?" Tara wonders. I almost don't answer her, but I'm working on being nicer. All the time, I'm becoming nicer and nicer.

"It was the big house, Bunny. To hear this girl tell me to keep my head up, when I had nothing to keep my head up for, that... that pisses you off."

Tara held me in her arms, and Baby Bird was quick to rest her head on my stomach. I was totally caught off guard by her tongue sliding into my belly button.

"Hahaha, stilly girl." I say, patting Fred on the head.

Next day in the mail, there is a package from Melody to Jenny. It's so cool to have Melody's personal home address. I can imagine what life must be like in the Pussycats' Flat. I bet they have all day threesomes. Melody might try to act sweet and innocent, but you can get she's a little kink meister down deep.

In the package were t-shirts! Ten of them! I try my own, and it's a perfect fit. Loose enough to be comfortable, tight enough to show off my nips when I'm not wearing a bra. I suspect the same is so for my girls, so I put two shirts on our bed so they'll be waiting for them when they get back from the store.

That and I found a secret stash of FHMs and Maxims in Jenny's room. Including the issue with Kim Cattrall. My god, she's so fuckin' hot! Especially for somebody's grandma. Maybe I should start hanging out at the senior citizen's center more often.


We're late getting to the concert. I'm really pissed right now. Jenny stayed late at college at some fuckin' youth group meeting and took forever getting ready. She's wearing the same crap she always wears. What the fuck?

"We're missing Apples in Stereo right now." Baby Bird turns up the radio.

"At least you guys can hear it on the radio!"

"Jen, we could be listening to it live if you hadn't stayed after school."

"I had to stay, Faith, I'm sorry! Otherwise the youth meeting wouldn't happen tomorrow!"

"Well, just as long as we get to hear them play that song from the Powerpuff Girls soundtrack live..."

"Signal in the Sky?"

"That's the one, Bunny."

And then, wouldn't you know it?

"This next song is Signal in the Sky."

All of us let out a moan of agony at the same time.

"Gee, guys. I got you backstage passes. Isn't that enough?"

After a few more seconds of silence, Baby Bird leans over and gives Jenny a big hug, almost causing her to wreck the car.


The parking lot. Oh my, the parking lot. Remember that corny 80s video about heavy metal fans? Well, in the 21st century they should make one about the idiots who protest concerts.

I run afoul of the National Organization of Humorless Shrieking Harpies. It seems these crusaders have been out protesting every Josie concert since the tour began. All dressed like your typical woman under Taliban rule, carrying around signs that read "NO MORE ATTRACTIVE WOMEN IN SEXY OUTFITS."

I flash my tits at them. A few of them shriek angrily at me, one who seems to be the youngest is trying to hide how she's creaming in her jeans. But I know better. She's gotta remain poised and cool, not letting on she liked what she sees, or else her sisters will split her head open. But I know better. She wants me. Oh yes, she wants me. And she probably wants the Pussycats too.

The Bronze parking lot is already full and it took an effort to get in the door. We get in the door as Dressy Bessy is onstage.

Tell me what they're doin' in California...
Can we go there this summer?
I'll wear a flower in my hair
If we go there this summer
I'll walk right to that salty air

Ah yes, right on time me thinks.

It's so cute to see Bunny and Baby Bird dancing with each other on the floor. I'm sitting back with Jenny at a table, knocking back a brew I got with a fake ID. I tell Jenny it's a Pepsi, and she takes a huge fuckin' drink of the shit. Hahaha. She coughs and spits, it's so cute.

"Faith, that wasn't nice. You know I don't drink."

"Bottoms up, Jenny. It's good for you."

Bunny and Baby Bird come back looking sort of tired.

"Wow, that's a busy dance floor! Let's go again!"

"Naw, Fred. Sorry, but I need to sit it out for a while."

I take Baby Bird by the hand. "Wanna dance with me?"

Baby Bird likes to do this crazy dance thing, hand in hand. Sort of jumping up and down pogo style. Wow, what a little ball of energy. After a few minutes of this she's even making a Slayer tired.

I put a stop to this right soon. I drag little Fred back to the bathroom and have my way with her.

There are a few dozen other people in the bathroom listening to Fred as I eat her out. She has such a filthy little mouth. And to think this girl wouldn't even say 'pussy' a few months ago.

When we're back, Dressy Bessy is just finishing up their set. There is some kind of commotion on the dance floor. All I hear is somebody, who sounds like Red screaming. "EVERYBODY MUST GET STONED!"

Oh god, it is her. Fred and I laugh as she makes her way to stage, handing a handful of joints to the guitar player. Two feet from her is a policeman who puts her in cuffs.

"HATE CRIME! HOMOPHOBE!" She starts screaming. "You're only arresting me because I'm gay!"

"Come with us, how stupid can you be, kid?"

"HEY! Arrest those people there! They smoked pot with me! Most of them are straight! Bet you won't arrest them, huh? DYKE BASHER!

A group of angry looking hippies spit on Willow as she walks by. This delays the concert until enough cops can come by to arrest the whole lot of them. I wish I could be a fly on the wall tonight. This is gonna be one hellish night for Willow.

"It's not MY fault! My boyfriend, when I was still a stupid breeder... he got me hooked! I'm a victim of the Patriarch! It's all a man's fault I turned into an addict and got arrested! Damn you Oz and your stupid penis!"

By the time we get through the crowd and back to Bunny and Jenny, the band is off the stage and things are being set up for the Pussycats.

"Hey Jen, let's go backstage and meet the girls."

"Faith, they're getting ready to go on. You can't bother them now. It'll be cooler to see them after the show anyway."

"Yeah, they'll all be hot, sweaty and horny and ready to bone." I say, thrusting my hips forward. "You gonna get jiggy with Melody again, Jenny?"

"Faith! Shhhhh! Somebody might hear!"

A few clueless teens look our way. I smirk at them, especially when I see how red Jenny's face is, again.

I almost forgot to tell you. We caught Jenny and Melody Valentine having sex yesterday afternoon. Jenny is trying to play it down, but my god she fucks like a pro! And with the secret camera Fred installed in her room... well... Jenny has a beautiful ass. Not to mention a rack that nearly puts mine to shame. Fuck. It's a crime to keep those puppies covered up.

"Calm down, Jenny. You can't be all flustered when you meet your lover girl after the show."

Jenny balls her fingers into fists and grunts wordlessly for a few seconds.

"Ooooooh, the Pussycats are coming on stage!" Baby Bird squeals, nearly over the sound of applause. The four of us go for a closer look. Fuck tiredness, I'm gonna dance my ass off tonight.

So don't be fooled by what you see,
In movies magazines and on TV,
What do they know about you and me,
We don't care what they say,
We'll be alright we'll be ok

Baby Bird is bopping around, jumping up and down, switching between me and Bunny. She's jiggling and wiggling like she's on a coke binge.

"Come on, guys! Keep up with me" She giggles and keeps up this insane dancing.

After about five songs it's too much for the rest of us, so we go sit down, leaving her on the dance floor with Jenny. Fred grabs her and twirls her around. Jenny looks like a fish out of water. Bunny and I sit back, me with another beer, her with a Pepsi.

"Oh god, look." I point to Buffy on the dance floor, sad and alone.

"Maybe you should go talk to her, sweetie. At least to tell her about Tammy." Bunny puts her hand on my shoulder.

"Do I really want to tell her?"

"Faith! If you ever loved her, you should."

"Yeah, but you know, the knife my gut..."

"Faith, if Tammy kills her and you never warned her, it'll be on your conscience forever."

"I'll risk the chance. Besides, after 50 messages on her answering machine, if she doesn't know yet, she never fuckin' will."

"Go, sweetie. You'll feel better."

Baby Bird walks up and tugs on my arm, wanting to dance some more.

"I gotta go, Fred. I'll talk to you soon, okay?"

"But the final two songs, won't you dance with me?"

Jenny and Bunny both agree to dance, I got a date with a Slayer. I feel almost cold as I walk across the floor to B. I feel numb, almost scared. What do I say?

I tape B on the shoulder.


"Yeah, B. It's me. Care to dance? Or is Dead Boy #2 waiting for you?"

I put my arm around B, slow dancing with her, even if this is a fast number.

"Spike... left. He left yesterday."

"Ah, so now that Dead Boy #2 is gone, you can finally come and hang around with your friends?"

Bitter me, yes, I am. So what? Somebody has to do it. Red, Xander and Giles are too gutless to call her on her shit.

"I deserve that, Faith. I deserve it. God, I was so stupid. Those things I said in Doublemeat Palace, what was I thinking?"

"It was great sex, B. It's too powerful a draw. You know about us, that last time we went at it. Nearly had the house fall down on us."

"Well, actually, Spike and I..."

I chuckle at her. "Stupid girl."

"God, I can't believe I let things get so fucked up."

"So, does the gang know about the break up?"

"I'm avoiding everybody. I've not spoken to Willow or Xander in months. Not since Spike and I... I pretty much told them to fuck off when they said Spike was bad for me. I even let Spike beat the crap out of Giles, just for fun. Oh god, they're never gonna forgive me. I'm fucked."

Wow, B using strong language.

"That thing with Spike was so wrong!"

"Oooooh, so you're becoming a little kink meister, eh, B?"

"Spike got off on being watched. Towards the end he'd always invite his new friend Marti over. And after a while she brought her tranny lover Leigh along with her. They'd usually jerk each other off while Spike and I went at it. But the last time Leigh fucked Spike up the ass. That was two nights ago. Yesterday he left with the two of them for Los Angeles. Angel called me this morning. Leigh staked Spike after he called me a slut."

"Hey, chin up, girl."

"Everything has turned to shit, Faith. My lover is gone to Los Angeles and got staked, and now I'm stuck without any friends, not to mention I now have a stalker."

"Well, I wouldn't say NO friends." I wink at her.

"Faith, I couldn't impose on you."

Kids keep bumping into us. Goddamn slam dancers.

"Naw, B, really. I had the intent of smashing your face in next time we met, after you tried to kill me, but now... Well... We're five by five again. That is, if you can forgive me for stealing your body."

She leans her head on my shoulder, nearly crying.

"What's wrong, B?"

"Faith, do you think... maybe... just one more time... you know..."

Josie makes an announcement from the stage. "This is the last song of the night. Time for the lovers to slow dance."


"Please, Faith. Just once. I really need to feel something again. I never felt the way I did with you with anybody else. Not even with Spike, as great as that was."

I hold B tighter, even getting a tiny bit grindy with her.

"B, I'm sorry. Really I am. But I got two girls at home who love me more than I deserve. And I love them back."

"But I could love you. C'mon, Faith. We were meant to be together. We're the Slayers. Same bloodline."

Let me be your one light
And if you'd like a true heart
Take the time to show you're mine
And I'll be a blue moon in the dark.

"B, we can't. I know you love me, and I loved you too. But right now we can only be friends."

I can feel her heart breaking as we dance. The way she holds me tighter and her tears sting my shoulder.

"If you ever want to talk, I'm here for you, B. I live in the big house on Mockingbird Lane. If you ever want to drop by, just do it."

While you sleep you'll see me there
Clouds race across the sky
Close your eyes and don't ask why
And I'll be a blue moon in your eyes.

"Faith, I always pictured us together, living in a house. Raising some kids. Two boys, two girls. Just the six of us. Our friends would be there too in houses close by. We'd all be one happy group."

Oh god, now I'm gonna start crying. Why is she laying this on me? For a split second I almost take her up on her offer, until I see Tara and Fred dancing together. The smile Tara gives me brings me back to earth.

"B, look at me. If a fuck up and criminal like me can make good with her life, I know a good girl like you can. C'mon, you're the Slayer. I know everything seems like shit now, but trust me, girl. In a little while everything's gonna be all right."

Buffy sighs and squeezes me tighter still. "I know, Faith. But you gotta promise me something."

Morning comes and sleeping's done
Birds sing outside
If demons come while you're under
I'll be a blue moon in the sky

"What's that, B?"

"Go with me when I confront the gang. God, I can't believe what I did to them, especially Giles. I wish I could go in a time machine. Undo all the Buffy stuff that Buffy did."

I have to chuckle.

"Though first I'd change the past between us."

"Shhhh, B, don't. And of course I'll go with you. I'll go with you tomorrow, in fact. Just don't drop by too early. I know what an early riser you are."

"Oh, Faith! Thank you!" She gives out a happy sigh and I know she's gonna be all right. Buffy is such a dumb kid, but I can't help but love her.

"I mean it, B. I'll spank you if you wake me up before eleven."

Let me be your one light
And if you'd like a true heart
Take the time to show you're mine
And I'll be a blue moon in the dark.

With that, the song ends and the band leaves the stage.


The backstage. Fuck me running, this is so cool. I tried to get backstage a few times back in Boston. The places there have too good security. Never bothered with the Bronze. The bands who usually play here suck ass, but it doesn't matter. I'm shootin' the shit with the Pussycats and I didn't even have to break any windows or heads to do it.

"So where's Adam M?" Baby Bird asks Josie, cluelessly.

"He's just a beard. It's all about Val and me!" Wow, seeing those two kissing nearly made me moist on the spot. Jenny and Melody are over in the corner, making out. And I'm horny again.

Buffy came back with us, but isn't doing much. She's nursing a Pepsi and making small talk with Val here and there, but she isn't in the mood for talking. She looks at me with those sad puppy dog eyes. Who knows what she's thinking though, if anything. This is Buffy.

I notice B, Josie and Val making there way to a backroom. Damn, the old girl has her groove back. And here I just thought they were gonna talk.

I can hear Jenny trying to keep her voice down, but about to come. Melody's fingers are obviously sliding in and out of Jenny's soaked cunt. Then I notice there are no kids around, not many people around but us. I love it, the Pussycats are really NC-17 underneath it all.

The ambient noise around me blurs into one long hollow drone. What's going on? I can feel my right leg, it feels broken. A horrible pain shoots through me as I'm waking up.

Was that all a dream?

I look down at my shirt, noticing three signatures on it.

No, guess not. What the fuck happened? And what's that noise?

I'm in the back of Jenny's car and the horn keeps blasting. I reach up, shaking Jenny's shoulder.

"Mind laying off the horn, Jen?"

I shake her again, nothing.

It's then that I notice a huge car, some kind of Hummer, or whatever they're called shining its headlights at us.

Jenny's head is resting against the horn.

"Dammit, Jenny. How can you fall asleep over all this noise?"

I shake her again.


I'm careful to move her head, then notice how loose it is.

"Oh fuck!"

Her head snaps back, then forward again. Her neck, it's broken. The lights go out for a few seconds, and I notice that the dashboard is wet.

When the lights shine back, I see they're covered in blood and the windshield is shattered.

"Fred..." I hear a voice behind me say. It's Bunny.

"Faith, where is Fred?"

"What the fuck happened, Bunny? Where the fuck are we?"

"Fred... through the windshield. Hurry..."

"What happened?"

"Car... crash. Go, get Fred."

"Bunny, I can't leave you behind too."

"Faith, my... I cut myself on the belt."

God knows Jenny would buy one of those environmentally safe cars. You just know there had to be a catch. Whoever heard of somebody cutting themselves on a belt?

"Go, Faith. Fred is hurt. I can feel it."

"What happened, Bunny? Show me what happened."

She moves her hand and her intestines start to spill out. I grab them and push them back into her stomach.

"It's okay, they can sew you up at the hospital. Just don't let them fall out."

"FRED! Fred is hurt. Faith, go get her!"

"I have to bring you with me!"

"No! Faith! It's too late for me."

"It's never too late, goddammit! I'm not leaving you, or Fred. Or Jenny."

"Is Jenny all right?"

I shake my head. "Her neck broke. Who the fuck hit us anyway?"

"That car..." Bunny points at the Hummer that is shining its light at us again. Bunny is frozen in her, not saying anything. I feel for the pulse on her neck and feel nothing.

I hobble out into the night. I'm not sure what time it is, but I know it's late. There is no other traffic. I grab Jenny's purse on my way to Baby Bird. My leg doesn't feel so bad, then when I step in a hole the pain returns. Gotta find Jenny's cell.

Fred is lying on the pavement, twitching and moaning, covered in blood. I try to scoop her up in my arms, but some of her flesh falls off her forearms, causing her to squeal in agony.

"Baby Bird, hold on, you'll be all right." I lie, of course I lie. Like I'm gonna tell her she's dying? She's too smart to buy into my lies, I can't make out what she's saying, but I know in there was an "I love you."

"Goddammit, I'm calling 911. You're gonna make it, Baby Bird, you're gonna make it."

I thought the Hummer was abandoned, probably the driver in bad shape too. Who knows, but then I notice a shadow moving around in the front seat.

"You sit still, I'll be right back."

I walk up to the car, then the driver's side door opens and somebody gets out.

"Who the fuck are you? You just gonna let us all die? You fucking asshole, talk to me!"

"Ah, Faith. So it's you."

"Tell me who the fuck you are. Why did you do this to us?"

My leg is dragging on the pavement as I walk towards her.

"Stay back!"

I hear a gun cock.

"Who do you think I am, Faith?"

I see her face in the moonlight. Oh Christ, it's Tammy.

"No! Fuck!" I scream.

"You didn't really think you'd get away from me, did you?"

"You fucking bitch!"

I feel my cheek almost break as she slams the handle of the gun against my face. I'm down now, crawling towards Baby Bird.

"Don't kill her!"

"And why shouldn't I?"

She stops in her tracks. I'm able to run to Baby, one legged all the way. I'm holding her again, stroking her face.

"Faith, get out of here," she barely whispers to me. I hold her tight to me.

"Baby Bird, don't..."

But before I can finish the sentence I hear the gun go off, sounds like a fuckin' cannon. Fred's head explodes all over my shirt.

"FUCK!" I scream, looking down at the headless corpse of my lover.

"What the fuck do you want from me?"

"After all I did for you, Faith, you go and get a good life on me. You could have stayed back in the prison, made up for the wrong you did, but no, you had to go get some whores for you, then I saw you, you were dancing with HER."


"Nobody ever gets away from me."

She slams the gun handle up against my head again, nearly knocking me out cold.

"Suck it, bitch. Suck it like you would a cock."

She sticks the barrel of the .357 Magnum in my mouth.

"Suck it like the whore you are."

I look up in her eyes. The tenderness I once knew was no longer there. Only hate and anger stair down at me. She doesn't shake or anything as she towers above me. Worst of all, she's looking me right in the eyes.

Everything I love has been taken from me. Any other time I would fight, but tears stream down my face as I think about my lost lovers and the wonderful past few months. Now the only thing I can think of is how the barrel of the gun tastes kind of sweet and tangy. It taste just like... oh fuck... B.


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