The Key And The Doors
by Hecate

There is an open gap between the worlds

She was the key and she opened a door

They think we closed it, they think Buffy closed it. They think her death was enough , that the blood alone was already enough. But it was only her blood and not the key and she came back, didn't she.

And the door was the portal to a hell but sent her sister to heaven

She died for me and she got a reward for it. And they took it away from her. She's just a shell of herself now, like there was a part of her they couldn't bring back, a part that made up her inner self, the part that made her Buffy. And that part is still up there, in heaven, wherever heaven is. I should know that, I opened the door to it, didn't I? But maybe, maybe that part just ceased to exist.

And her sister's blood closed the door she had opened.

They don't know that it was for nothing. Buffy doesn't know but I guess she feels it. Dying wasn't enough. It was enough to give us some time but the door isn't really closed and I didn't turn into a human...Maybe it was closed, maybe it just wasn't locked. Maybe bringing her back opened it again, I don't know and it doesn't matter because I can feel it, I can feel it every second of my life...

Only the key can lock a door

And something is seeping in from the other side, from the hell behind the door. And it seeps into my life and into hers. We're connected to it. Me, because I'm the key, her, because she touched it, was touched by it when she jumped into her death.

She is the key

I have to close the door. I'm the only one who can really do this, I'm the only one who can lock it forever. It was my destiny but Buffy took my place. But she isn't enough. She didn't understand it back then, I doubt she will understand it now. You have to turn the key to lock a door.

She has to close the door.

My blood won't be enough. Buffy would have closed the door then because my blood is her blood is my blood. It's the same. But I'm more than her blood. I'm me and I'm older and stronger than everything Buffy could ever be.

She is the key and she can open doors

I can make Buffy happy again. I can open a door to heaven again. I did this before, didn't I? It wasn't Buffy's suicide that sent her there. It was an open door and I opened the door. I'm the key and sometimes keys fit into different locks. Sometimes they do, don't they. Please, let me be right.

She is still the key.

I will close one door and open another

She is the key and there is a gun in her hand.


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