Desire: The Answer
by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

Jon's gaze slid from Tico, over to the door and back again. He met the drummer's eyes and nodded. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came.

Tico moved around to stand behind Jon, leaning down over him, hands resting on his shoulders, warm breath ghosting over Jon's ear as he spoke. "Think about it, Jon. Think about all the stupid risks you've been taking, letting just anyone dominate you, whoring yourself out. And look at where it's gotten you." Jon whimpered as Tico ran his fingers over the still open cut above his eye. "This would never happen with me," Tico's voice dropped to a whisper, sending a tremor through Jon.

Jon swallowed hard. "I..."

"What's it gonna be, Jon" Tico's hand slid down Jon's chest, catching a hard nipple between thumb and forefinger. "I need an answer." Jon arched his back, pain shooting through his chest as Tico pinched his nipple tighter and harder. "Well?"

"Oh... Fuck... Tico... " Jon's breathing sped up as need and pain coursed through him. "Y... Oh, God, please... Uh... Yes!"

Jon slumped forward in the chair, chin falling to his chest as Tico let go of his nipple and walked to stand in front of him. He tipped Jon's chin up with his finger, meeting the singers eyes.

"Now tell me that you meant it, that you weren't only saying yes to stop me hurting you."

Jon nodded and didn't break Tico's gaze. "Yes," he repeated, voice stronger. "I... I meant it. I want to... this... with... with you."

Tico grinned and turned to stand in the centre of the room. "Come here," he ordered. He watched with undisguised lust as Jon moved to stand in front of him, consciously holding his hands over his semi-erect cock, faint blush across his cheeks. "Hands to your sides." Tico nodded as Jon obeyed and circled around the singer, running his hands over his chest and back. "Looks like all that running is starting to pay off," he commented approvingly. He kicked Jon's legs further apart and ran his hands along his thighs, feeling the muscles ripple under the skin. "Good strong legs," he commented to himself, walking around Jon again. He laid a sharp slap to Jon's ass, watching as the singer tried not to react. Tico nodded again, reaching between Jon's legs and playing with his balls, tugging hard on his cock. Jon whimpered softly, hands clenching into fists at his sides, struggling to stop himself from pulling away. "Responsive," he noted, moving to stand in front of Jon again. Tico raised an eyebrow at the strong blush covering Jon's face. He gripped Jon's chin in his hand, holding his head still as he prised his mouth open. He ran two fingers over Jon's gums, feeling the rough rise and fall of his teeth, before pushing them to the back of Jon's mouth down his throat, testing the singer's gag reflex.

Jon gasped and spluttered, choking as Tico's fingers slid down his throat. Tears streaked down his face as he coughed, twisting out of Tico's grasp and pulling away from him, massaging his jaw.

Tico laughed and grabbed his wrist, pulling him to a standstill. "You will call me Master T, or Sir," he instructed. "And I will refer to you as j, or boy. I do not expect 24/7 servitude from you, but you will be punished for any transgressions. Do you understand?"

Jon swallowed hard, his eyes widening as Tico's words sank in. His mouth was drying and his tongue darted out to wet his lips. He opened his mouth to speak but no words came so he nodded instead.

Tico raised an eyebrow. "I said 'do you understand'?"

"Y... Uh.... Yeah." Jon replied falteringly, crying out when Tico grabbed his still-throbbing nipples, pinching and twisting them painfully. "Y... Yes, Sir!" He amended.

"Good boy." Tico let go of Jon's nipples and took his wrist again, pulling him over to the other side of the desk. "On your knees, hands behind your back."

Jon nodded and sank to the floor, spreading his knees and crossing his wrists behind his back. He dropped his gaze to the floor, missing the grin that spread across Tico's face. He looked up again at the sound of paper ripping, questions and panic flashing across his eyes; Tico had just torn the piece of paper he'd signed regarding his hard limits.

"They don't apply anymore." Tico took pity on Jon and explained. "I know who you are, so hiding your identity isn't necessary. I would never hurt you, so you don't have to worry about visible marks. And as for the sex..." Tico paused, running his eyes over Jon's naked body.

Jon shook his head. "No..." He interrupted, taking a deep breath. "I... I'm not gay, Ti... uh... Sir"

Tico scowled. "Pity. But we can work around that." He sat down in his chair and pulled more paper from his desk. "I have some work to do," he told Jon. "You just kneel there like a good boy."

Jon dropped his gaze back to the floor, his eyes sliding closed. He forced himself to relax, breathing heavily through his nose as he fought the urge to get the hell out of there.

Nearly an hour passed, Jon noticed, when Tico stood up again, nodding to himself. "Well done," He praised Jon, pulling him to his feet. He ran his finger along Jon's hard cock, raising an eyebrow as Jon whimpered softly and shivered, but didn't try to pull away. He pushed Jon to the floor on his back, straddling the younger man's hips. "Since you've been such a good boy, I think you deserve a reward," Tico decided, dipping his head and flickering his tongue over the head of Jon's cock

Jon groaned out loud, his hips thrust up and his hands curling into fists at his sides. Tico laughed at Jon's reaction, taking the hard cock all the way into his mouth and sucking hard on it, swallowing as Jon came with a cry. He stood up and wiped his lips, turning away from Jon. Adjusting the crotch of his jeans, Tico picked up Jon's clothes and threw them at him.

"Well, come on - we've got a photo-shoot in less than an hour"


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