He Said Please
by Peja

Ducky pivoted slowly around as his front door burst open.

"I wondered if you'd come."

Leroy Gibs hesitated in the doorway, his eyes wide with haunted need.

"You heard."

In answer, Don waved the other man inside. "Close the door."

Gibs did as he was bid, locking it out of habit, then turned back to the older man. "I had no choice."

Nodding, Ducky settled on the sofa and held out a hand to him. "Come."

Gibs scrambled across the room to kneel at the other man's feet, his head resting heavily on Mallard's knee.

Ducky smoothed the silken hair, his blue gaze contemplative. "You are trembling."

Gibs nodded. "Its all hitting home."

"You took a foolish risk, pet."

Another nod. "I wasn't thinking about me. The president..."

"Was surrounded by trained secret service agents."

"He would have killed the man I asked to...."

"No excuses." Mallard said softly. "You endangered your life. A handgun against an automatic. Standing in full view."

Glancing up, Gibs dared a smile. "You have spies everywhere."

He stroked Gibs' pale cheek. "This surprises you?"

Leaning into the caress, Gibs' eyes slid closed as a passionate sigh parted his lips. "Please?"

Pursing his lips, Mallard considered a moment, then nodded.

The younger man sprang upwards onto Mallard's lap.

Mallard wrapped him in the safety of his arms and gently claimed his trembling lips.

A soft groan passed between them as the kiss ended and Gibs settled his head down on Ducky's shoulder.

He was home.....safe.

Alive and loved


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