Games People Play
by Abaddon

The door opens. It's Wesley, as per schedule, and he stares at her for just a moment before he closes the door behind him. Lilah smiles to herself and waves him in, pleased she still has the capacity to shock him, even if he won't admit it. Hell, especially if he won't admit it, because now getting him to admit that he was shocked will qualify as round two in their game this week.

He's not surprised by the fact she managed to get inside his little inner sanctum; Lilah's always had a way with picking locks since grade school, and she figures he left the lock so easy to pick to give her something to do. That's her Wesley: so thoughtful. For the first few months, he'd leave carefully arranged clues to dead end cases throughout the flat which she would then find and have scores of underlings investigate, to no avail. He even left the door to the secret compartment open one day, just so she could find the chains.

She's never flaunted the rules of their little arrangement so openly at him until now, but that's not the key to his surprise either. The key is that she's currently got her skirt hiked up around her waist and her knickers down, and the Abomination Formerly Known As Connor is fucking her quite well, considering his only sexual experience to date was with his mother figure who was possessed by evil at the time. Lilah moans more than she needs to, really, clutching Connor to her as he climaxes and collapses onto her, and she smiles at Wesley, running her tongue over her teeth. He just raises an eyebrow and stares back, and damn, if that isn't the most annoying thing of all.

Connor makes to move, already in the process of clumsily apologising, and Wesley lets him get off her before he interrupts him. Lilah just lies against the bed, caring not one iota for her modesty because quite frankly both men have by now seen everything there is to see, and because it's fun to tease Connor like this. The only sexual contact he'd had before her was with Cordelia, and she was possessed by an evil spirit at the time. After they managed to kill the Beast, Angel got his girlfriend back, and Connor got a rather hurried explanation of why Cordy can hardy put two words to him anymore with getting all flinty in that way she gets.

Angel might have just primed and readied him for the kill.

It was a pretty easy conquest, after all. The right words, the right touch, a certain sway to the hips, and Connor would have done anything she wanted -- just like he ended up doing. He wouldn't have even come to her office willingly if his father hadn't pushed him away, and Lilah makes a mental note to thank him for that. Maybe some flowers, and a tasteful Polaroid or two. Nothing says I want you dead but I respect you' more than blackmail, after all.

"I'm sorry-" Connor speaks, but Wesley holds up a hand to stop him and he falls silent.

"That's alright. I'm sure she didn't tell you this was my room." That was directed over his shoulder at her, and Connor's too embarrassed to do anything but do up his buttons and look at the floor. "Or anything else we share."

"No," Connor mutters, and pulls on his trousers. "She just said-"

"I can imagine what she said," Wesley replies simply, with a certain edge that Lilah knows Connor can't gauge. Oh, it's nice when your lover reserves certain tones of voice for just when he's amused and dryly annoyed by her. Makes a girl feel all wanted.

Connor's still standing there, fully dressed now, and somewhere between dorky and surly. He'll probably go off to kick things and kill things, and jerk off -- Lilah's certain that they don't have the vocab yet for how repressed this boy is. And just to make things easier, she gets up off the bed, still buck naked, and opens the door for him.


The door opens. It's hardly a surprise that Wesley planned on upping the stakes, but she never realised he'd go this far. The man can still shock her, and that feels good, and it's startling how much she enjoys being shocked by him. She turned up just on time, and here he is. With Connor bent on hands and knees and Wesley fucking him from behind, one hand wrapped around Connor's cock.

Lilah's breath catches, and she stops and watches for a moment, feeling her own arousal grow over the way the light glistens across the sweat on their bodies, and the small moans Connor makes every time Wesley thrusts in. She could never get Connor to moan like that, but damn now she might have to. Her fingers creep down her skirt, and she seats herself in a nearby chair, trailing over the fabric and between her legs. Lilah doesn't wear underwear when she visits Wesley, which makes everything easier and she's already wet when her fingers reach her cunt.

Connor can't actually see very well, considering Wesley has him gagged and blindfolded, but once Lilah enters the room he leans over and starts giving him a calm, controlled running commentary of just what she's doing, her other hand undoing her blouse to cup a breast briefly. Voyeurism has always been one of Lilah's special kinks, and she's annoyed Wesley hasn't got a video camera set up. Or knowing Wesley perhaps he has.

What passes feels like an eternity and an instant and finally Connor climaxes with a groan and Wesley soon follows. Lilah removes her wet fingers and wipes them on a handkerchief; she's always been so very anal when it comes to her own fluids, but not so much about anyone else's. Wesley pulls out and cleans himself off, sending Connor away with a gentle word and a deep kiss that's meant just for her to watch, and when she sees the confused but submissive look on Connor's face as he shuffles off, Lilah is tempted to empathise.

"So," Lilah murmurs, stretching out of the chair like a cat. "Did you wish it was his father?"

Wesley doesn't get mad, of course. His eyes don't even flash. After months, he continues to have perfect control, and that's why she loves him. That's why she hates him. Instead he pulls her skirt down, the buttons falling to the floor and jabs two fingers quickly inside her, slick with Connor. The other hand reaches to grab her shoulder and hold her in place as she squirms, fingers bruising on the skin, and she'll be staring at those bruises for days and bringing herself off while looking at the reflection. Wesley's eyes bore into hers without revealing anything, and his fingers go in and out, in and out, slick and fast and devious as he works her clit, and finally she comes with a cry, mouth open, wanting to collapse.

Wesley smiles. "For that remark, I won't use the handcuffs this time."

Lilah wants to kill him in that moment, but she doesn't. That would be far too quick.


The door opens. It's another arranged appointment, but this time all the pieces are already set. Lilah's on her back, and by now she could count the cracks in Wesley's ceiling. He's the one fucking her, panting and sweating and yet controlled at the same time.

Connor's the one who's walking through the door, and he freezes when he sees them, immediately back pedalling, and stammering out an apology.

Wesley only has to look at her, and Lilah knows her part. She forces a smile and finds it easier than she expected, waving him in with a vague motion of her arm. Connor does close the door, still uncertain, and Lilah considers offering up sacrifices to whoever trained him in the first place.

"Connor, dear," she calls, far too brightly, and if he gets off on mother figures, she can play that as well. "Come inside. We were hoping you'd join us."

Connor still doesn't realise he's being played, but he does undress himself. It's not exactly the typical nuclear family, Lilah thinks as he joins them on the bed, and Wesley leans over to kiss him, but when you've been used and thrown aside, you take what you can get or you get very bored. The look on Angel's face alone will be worth any threat he might make, and as for Cordy? Ha! Definitely a Kodak moment, and one to display proudly at the Wolfram and Hart Christmas party at that.

Besides, she can't wait to see what game Wesley comes up with next.


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