End Of An Era
by Charles

There had been tears in Silent Bob's eyes as he had washed Jay's hair. The shampooing had been done with great tenderness, and now the time had come.

"Just fuckin' do it, man. Cut it off already! Jesus, it's just hair!"

Silent Bob picked up the scissors and took a deep breath. This was the hardest thing he'd ever had to do.

"What the fuck?" Jay roared as he turned his head to look at Bob. "I'd do it myself but I ain't double-jointed like that. So hurry the fuck up! I swear to God, I'm not gonna be a pussy when it's time to cut your hair."

Silent Bob nodded and Jay, satisfied, turned back around. Bob sighed as he cut Jay's hair and set it aside. He was going to miss that golden mane.

Silent Bob waited for Jay to stand up and then Bob sat down. "See man?" Jay said as he took the scissors from Silent Bob. "No gay-ass tears from me!"

Bob nodded and waited for Jay to begin the cutting. Jay sniffled. "I got somethin' in my eye!" Jay muttered as he wiped away a few tears. Silent Bob turned his head around to look at Jay, but Jay cuffed Bob's head. "I didn't say you could look you fat fuck."

Silent Bob shrugged and turned around again. And he too, shed a few tears when he felt the scissors cut his hair.

Later, after they'd taken a shower together to get the loose hair off, they put their hair into the box.

"I know, I know. It's for a good cause," muttered Jay. Silent Bob nodded and pulled Jay close. The two of them looked at the locks of hair, Jay's blonde intertwined with Bob's brunette. Jay put his hand in Bob's, and together, they closed the lid.


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