Good Enough To Eat
by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

Richie gasped and wriggled on the bed. The cream that Jon squirted slowly on to his chest was cold. The cream was sprayed around one of his nipples and he arched up, pulling on the handcuffs. He tensed, straining to see through the black cloth that covered his eyes, but could see nothing but black. Breathing heavily, he tried to relax again. He could hear Jon laughing softly as he moved around the bed and turned his head to the sound.


A calloused finger was placed over his lips to silence him, the fingers replaced by soft lips as Jon leaned over and kissed him before pulling away. Richie moaned, drumming his heels on the bed in frustration. Jon slapped the inside of his thighs and Richie stilled.

"Stay still or you don't get your present," Jon admonished him, voice rough with desire.

Jon waited until Richie relaxed before picking up the canister of cream again. He coated Richie's other nipple and squirted out a line of cream across his chest. Shaking the can, he drew lines down Richie's stomach and along his hipbones. He covered his lover's cock with the cream, the spray moving down as he pushed the cream into Richie's ass with a warm finger.

Richie moaned and pushed down against the finger, whimpering softly when Jon pulled away. The finger was quickly replaced with something else...something soft. Richie squirmed, sighing when he got no stimulation from it. He frowned and started to open his mouth when the same softness was pressed against his chest, something sitting on each of his nipples. He gasped, the gasp turning into a laugh as another softness was rolled down his stomach, and pushed into his belly button.

"Jon!" Richie groaned, thrusting his hips up when another one of... those things was placed on the head of his cock, feeling heavy yet light all at the same time.

"Oops, almost forgot..." Jon muttered, half to himself as he picked up the can again. He bent down and brushed his lips over Richie's, before spraying the cream over his lips. "Open your mouth slightly, babe," Jon requested. Richie obliged and felt the same small, soft something pressed against his lips. "Hold it there." Richie moaned, tongue darting out to taste the sweetness that parted his lips ever so slightly. "You can look now," Jon told him, pulling the cloth from his eyes, and holding Richie's head up so he could see his reflection in the floor-to-ceiling mirror on the wall opposite.

Richie's eyes widened and he barely stopped himself from laughing out loud as he looked at himself in the mirror. He was lying stretched out along the bed, hands cuffed to the headboard over his head. He was covered in cream and strawberries; the berries between his lips, on his nipples and his cock, and one sitting just in his ass. The cream was starting to melt on his heated body, trickling all over his skin. He moaned and met Jon's eyes in the mirror.

Jon grinned and trailed his fingers down Richie's face, turning the guitarist to face him. "You look good enough to eat." He crawled onto the bed, kneeling next to Richie, erection tenting his tight black jeans. "And I think I'll do just that," he whispered, tongue darting out to lick the cream off Richie's lips, pulling the strawberry from his mouth and eating half of it, before feeding the rest back to Richie.

Richie groaned, his tongue catching some cream that had smeared on the corner of Jon's lips. Jon's tongue followed Richie's back into his mouth, his hands holding the guitarist's head still as they kissed.

Jon tried to break the kiss, breathing hard, but Richie reached up as far as he could, tongue flickering along Jon's lips, parting them. Jon whimpered, and returned the kiss, their tongues duelling, as they tasted each other, the taste laced with the sweetness of the strawberries and the richness of the cream. Jon pulled back slightly, and this time Richie allowed it, running his tongue over kiss-swollen lips, watching with dark lust-dilated eyes as Jon picked up a strawberry from the bowl and ate it.

Jon picked up another strawberry and held it to Richie's lips, chuckling as his tongue darted out and pulled both strawberry and fingers into his mouth, licking at them both. Richie sucked the juice from Jon's fingers, tongue running along the palm of his hand. He could hear Jon's breathing speeding up, a damp patch spreading across the crotch of his jeans.

He pulled his hand away. "Richie..." He moaned, meeting his lover's eyes.

"What?" Richie laughed, eyes twinkling. "It's my birthday," he pointed out. "I'm allowed a kiss if I want one, aren't I?"

"A kiss?" Jon echoed leaning down, his lips brushing over Richie's.

He moaned and reached up, sealing his lips over Jon's, tongue seeking entry again. Jon whimpered into the kiss, hands fisting in Richie's hair as the kiss deepened once more; their teeth clashing with the ferocity of their need.

Jon pulled back again, running his tongue along Richie's chin. "Is a kiss all you want, baby?"

Richie shook his head, hands fisting in the cuffs as he struggled to reach out to Jon. "No, " he gasped. "Want you."

Jon laughed, his tongue trailing down Richie's throat, pausing to suck hard on the pulse point, marking him. Richie groaned and lifted his head, exposing more of his throat to Jon as he licked, sucked and nibbled his way down to Richie's chest. "You taste as good as you look," he told him, lips plucking one red berry from Richie's chest. He licked the cream off Richie's chest, moving over to the other nipple, sucking both it and the strawberry on it into his mouth. His tongue swirled around them, pressing the strawberry harder against Richie until the guitarist was arching up into his mouth.

"Jon..." Richie whimpered, the handcuffs rattling against the bed-frame as he pulled on them.

Jon laughed, and sucked the berry fully into his mouth. He leaned up and kissed Richie lightly, pushing the berry past his lips, lapping at the juice that trickled down the corner of his mouth. Richie's tongue darted out to meet Jon's, but Jon dipped his head back down to Richie's chest before the kiss could deepen. He felt Richie's growl and grinned to himself, starting to lick up the rapidly melting cream from Richie's stomach. Eating the strawberry from Richie's belly button, Jon rolled his tongue around it, dipping in and out quickly until Richie was writhing on the bed, begging Jon to stop teasing.

Ignoring Richie's pleas, Jon followed the line of cream down Richie's thighs, lips leaving a trail of love bites along the skin. Richie moaned, rolling his hips forward into Jon's touch.

"You're making a mess," Jon muttered as he licked the cream from Richie's balls. "Cream's melting everywhere."

Before Richie had time to respond, Jon's agile tongue pulled the strawberry from Richie's ass, eating it quickly before plunging his tongue back into Richie, and scooping out all the cream.

Richie tensed on the bed, eyelids fluttering closed as two warm fingers - fingers that were pumped in and out until he was writhing on the bed, begging Jon to fuck him, replaced Jon's tongue. He whimpered as Jon pulled his fingers out and lifted his head to look at him. Jon flashed a grin at him and grabbed one of the pillows from the bed. Breathing heavily, Richie lifted his hips, a soft moan escaping him as the pillow was slid under them, raising him slightly. A soft touch to the insides of his thighs and he bent his knees, pulling his legs closer to his chest. The change in his position caused some of the cream from his cock to slide down his thighs, and he jerked at the feel.

At the sound a foil packet being opened, Richie shot his head up, his lips parted slightly as he watched Jon roll a condom on. Feeling Richie's eyes on him, Jon looked up and caught the guitarist's gaze, grinning widely at him.

"Ready?" He asked, already knowing Richie's answer, grin growing as Richie nodded.

"Yeah," he replied gruffly. "Jon..."

Their eyes met and Jon shivered as sparks of electricity danced between them. His grin faltered and he swallowed hard, skin tingling with lust and arousal. He licked his lips and lay down next to Richie, trailing his fingers down his face. Leaning over, he kissed Richie hard on the lips.

"Love you so fucking much," he whispered.

Richie grinned and pulled hard on the cuffs, trying to reach out to Jon and whimpering when he couldn't. "Love you too. But if you don't... fuck, Jon!" He gasped as Jon's fingers played across his chest, pinching his nipples hard. He writhed on the bed, Jon's knowing touch driving him wild. "If you don't fuck me soon, I'm gonna kill you!"

Jon laughed and looked up. "Demanding tonight, aren't you?"

Richie sighed in frustration as Jon's hands left his chest. "It's my birthday," he ground out. "I'm allowed to... Jon!" He arched up as Jon shifted on the bed, kneeling back between Richie's spread legs, entering him in one smooth thrust. He groaned, pushing down against Jon, tossing his head from side to side, begging Jon to move.

"Open your eyes, Richie." Jon begged softly.

Richie moaned, eyes slowly sliding open, meeting Jon's dilated blue ones. He gasped as Jon dipped his head, teeth pulling the last strawberry from the head of Richie's cock.

Jon grinned lopsidedly. "Looks like I missed some cream." His tongue swirled around the head of Richie's cock, tasting strawberries, cream and pre-come, his hands pressing Richie's hips down on the bed when the guitarist bucked up into his mouth. "Tastes good," Jon told him, running his tongue along the underside of Richie's cock, feeling the blood pulsing through the vein. He shifted his grip on Richie's hips, grunting as he starting pumping his cock in and out of his lover's body, mouth going down on his cock in the same rhythm.

Richie whimpered, pushing his hips against Jon's grip, trying to rock between the warm wetness of Jon's mouth, and the hardness of his cock. He tensed, his back arching as his orgasm raced through him. He slumped back down on the bed, hips still rocking to meet Jon's thrusts as they grew more and more frantic the closer the singer was to coming.

Jon threw his head back, calling out Richie's name as he came. Breathing hard, he pulled out of Richie and lay down on top of him. They lay quietly for a few minutes, both trying to catch their breath. Richie wriggled under his weight and Jon looked up at him grinning. He reached over to grab the handcuff key from the table and unlocked Richie's wrists, rubbing the red marks from where he'd struggled with his fingers.

"Happy birthday, baby," Jon whispered in Richie's ear.

"Thank you." Richie sighed contentedly and wrapped his arms around Jon, who snuggled closer, pulling the sheets up as sleep claimed them.


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