Girlish Illusion
by Sami

Wendy Bart reread her letter to William. Satisfied with her work, she clicked send. William ä William Wand. Even his name made her shiver and sigh. Wendy could spend hours fantasizing about him, and often did. He liked Stephen King, horror, and was sweet and sensitivečeverything she ever wanted in a man. Best of all, he paid attention to her, made her feel like she was beautiful and the most precious thing in his world. She really liked him and thought he liked her too. They had so many deep and wonderful conversations. OK, they had never talked in the literal sense, but by email. It didn't matter how they communicated; it was that they connected. It must have been fate, Wendy mused, meeting on that horror board in Einstein. She was sad that they would probably never meet. Jenny thought it was weird, feeling something like that for someone you've never even met, but Wendy couldn't help it. She was in love with William Wand.

"Wendy, it's time to go to bed," Jenny yelled from her room.

Wendy yawned sleepily and went to her bed. Pulling her blankets down, she called out to Jenny, ≥Good night. Don't let the boogeyman get you."


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