Early Morning Chill
by Megolas

early morning chill
bitterness is shared between
an elf and hobbit

Orlando's mouth is bitter with alcohol, twisted at the edges as he gulps whiskey and coffee out of a small flask. Dom's fingers clench inside his gloves as he watches Orlando's breath mist in the early morning air as Orlando laughs with the crew at the side of the set.

The scenes are shot and they're done for a hour. Freedom comes with chilly winter air at the opening of the studio door and Dom escapes outside, hobbit feet slapping in their protective plastic bags. There's a flash of blond in the corner of his vision and he slip-slids, changing his direction to follow. Orlando is trickesy but Dom finds him, leaning against a trailer, watching him in cool amusement.

Dom hesitates and watches Orlando, who stares right back with amusement written in his eyes. "Drink?" Orlando says, raising the flask to his mouth and then out to towards Dom, steam rising from its mouth. Dom nods but ignores the flask, choosing to drink the hot bitterness from Orlando's mouth.


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