Temperature Anomalies
by Katrina McDonnell


"Yes, Toby?"

"Move them off me. Now."

"But you're nice and toasty."

"And yours are blocks of ice the size of flippers."

"You saying I've got big feet?"

"If the shoe fits."

"I'm disappointed in you, Toby. Resorting to cliches."

"It's 3:45, my brain's asleep."

"This isn't."


"Feel good?"

"Your feet aren't the only extremities that are freezing."

"Is this the reason we can't live together for any length of time?"

"I'm Hawaii, you're Alaska. What are you doing?"

"I know one part of me that's definitely warm."

"Hell, CJ. There's socks and gloves in the top drawer."


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