The Disappearing Girl
by Don't Make Eye Contact

Looking in the mirror

Marcie watched Cordelia all the time. Even before Marcie became invisible she would find herself sitting where she could get a good view of her at lunch, gazing at her in class, following her at recess.

Marcie was self aware enough to know that nothing would ever happen, that her fantasies were hopeless but she still couldn't stop herself.

She wanted to be noticed by Cordelia so much it hurt, that no one else noticed her either was just a twist of the knife.

She thought she would faint if Cordelia ever spoke to her.

But she didn't faint when it happened.

What Cordelia said was:"You tell anyone about that and I'll kill you."

Marcie's mind was still reeling and her breath short from the searing kiss but she took in what Cordelia said.

Nobody would have believed her anyway.

Marcie had been alone in the bathroom when Cordelia stormed in. Cordelia was obviously angry, unhappy about something. She didn't even notice Marcie until she saw the other girl's reflection in the mirror.

Marcie hadn't meant to stare but she had and her face was an open book. Her adoration clear.

Cordelia looked at her and saw blind love reflected back. Just what she needed.

She pushed Marcie back against the wall and kissed her. The kiss was violently passionate, all about power and control.

It was the best moment of Marcie's life.

Cordelia pulled back and regained her composure in a second. Her voice was cold as she ordered Marcie not to tell anyone what had happened. Then she stalked out and Marcie was left trembling and wanting.

Months later, after Marcie had become invisible, she sneaked into Cordelia's house and read her diary. She wanted to know what Cordelia really thought of her. To know that Cordelia only ignored her because she didn't want to lose popularity.

Her entry for that day talked a lot about how annoying Buffy was and said she'd gotten so worked up she kissed some girl in the bathroom.

When she realised that Cordelia didn't even know her name, that was the first moment she truly hated her.


An internet love story

Marcie usually enjoyed being invisible but it made sex difficult. People tended to be bothered by it.

After her first six months of training at SD6 she started to go online to meet people. The cybersex wasn't even close to the real thing but she figured she wasn't going to get the real thing anytime soon so what the hell.

She met Oracle in a Wonder Woman chatroom and they hit it off right away. After a month she discovered Oracle's real name was Barbara.

Marcie liked her a lot. Barbara was sweet and Marcie loved that she respected Marcie's privacy.

It had been going on for three months before security section put Marcie on lockdown. Three of them came to her apartment with infrared goggles to take her in because of a security breach.

SD6 was serious about security and she knew that they wouldn't hesitate to neutralise anyone who was a threat.

She killed two of them and tortured the third to find out what the breach was.

Naturally it was Oracle.

She was an infamous hacker who lived in Gotham and her knowing anything about Marcie was too dangerous for SD6 to countenance. Oracle was just too good at finding out information.

A hit squad was preparing to take the hacker out.

It was only three more minutes of torture to get Barbara's address and two hours to get to Gotham.

Oracle lived in a clocktower with highly advanced security. It was state of the art but it wasn't designed with invisible spies in mind.

Marcie got in no problem and almost laughed at the scene inside.

She had been expecting blood, murder and mayhem. She saw a three-man squad, unconscious and tied up with a leather-clad woman standing nearby.

An attractive woman in a wheelchair came into the room. She radiated confidence and intelligence.

Marcie recognised Barbara immediately.

The look in the other woman's eyes as she watched Barbara was painfully clear and Marcie felt a stab of jealousy. Barbara hadn't even mentioned the woman online.

Marcie wished that she could have got to know Barbara better but her online lover immediately started telling the leather babe why the men had come. She had learned a lot about Marcie, school records, surname, address. Virtually everything.

Marcie listened with half an ear as Barbara justified her actions to the leather woman. The invisible girl remembered times when she had worried she had said too much, accidentally revealed details of missions. She thought that Barbara hadn't picked up on them but apparently Oracle didn't miss a thing.

Marcie ignored both of them as they discussed her. She was busy finding the C4 the security team had brought.

She was busy thinking that her privacy wasn't that important to Barbara after all.

She knew that SD6 had been right and Oracle was a security risk. She knew she should shoot both women but this was hard enough on her as it was.

She set the explosives in a hidden spot and waited outside till she saw the top of the clocktower explode.

On her return to SD6 headquarters she reported everything to Sloane. He seemed pleased with her but Marcie was just angry. She felt betrayed.

She wished she had shot Barbara after all.


The woman in red

O-Ren Ishii had a lot of contacts but Bill had even more and when he backed her bid to take over the Tokyo underworld he arranged for SD6 to lend her Marcie for a month to help make it happen.

Marcie received her first assignment before she even met O-Ren. At the airport she was met by a car to take her the house of Asano Kaoru.

He was a Japanese businessman who was opposing an important merger. Marcie sneaked into the house behind him as he came in from work. He gave his wife an affectionate kiss and Marcie politely waited until they finished before cutting his throat.

His wife was sprayed with blood and she was so shocked she didn't even notice the knife being slipped into her hand.

When she was back in the car Marcie wondered what his wife thought when she realised she was holding it.

She went to O-Ren with one assignment already completed.

O-Ren liked her.

She sent Marcie out often and gave her detailed descriptions. Which method to kill with, how to set up an accident. How to frame the right people.

Marcie didn't keep count of how many she killed but she lapped up O-Ren's compliments.

When they were alone O-Ren would strip Marcie by touch. She loved watching her hands as they touched Marcie, tracing her invisible curves, seeing her fingers curl up inside her.

Marcie marvelled at how tender O-Ren was.

Afterwards they would talk for hours about many things. Their pasts, knifing techniques, best kills. Marcie found herself with a friend.

Afterwards the memories of her time in Tokyo bled together in her mind. The sex morphed into the death, the spraying blood with the screaming orgasms with the screaming victims.

The memory that always remained clear was deep in the night when they were sleeping together and sometimes O-Ren would wake up, drenched in sweat, a whimper escaping her lips. Then she would let Marcie hold her, comfort her until she slept again.

And Marcie would lie awake and wonder. Why did she never wake up screaming? Why did she sleep so well? Eventually she decided she just didn't have a guilty conscience.


Free and clear

Hermione was a head girl who hid her lesbian promiscuity under a teacher's pet image, Marcie was an invisible ex-assassin who was hiding out in Hogwarts school. They didn't fight crime.

They fucked in corridors till both were raw.

Hermione would wonder the school at night, waiting for Marcie to grab her and push her against a wall.

Sometimes when she discovered that another girl had fallen prey to Marcie's seductions Hermione would stay in her bed, sulking but the following night she would be out again. Unable to resist.

Marcie used Hogwarts as a place to rest between jobs. She had bought an amulet that made her impervious to magical detection from a London mage and he had told her about Hogwarts. They had no computers, not even any phones. Like the Amish, except the Amish learn more science and don't cast spells. The perfect place to stay under the radar.

"There's talk of a succubus terrorising the school." Hermione teased as Marcie licked up her neck.

"Are you terrorised?"

"Fuck yes." She spread her legs.

Marcie knelt down and started eagerly stripping the Head girl.

She started kissing Hermione's pussy gently, teasingly. Loving the little frustrated whimpers. Hermione's fingers tangling in Marcie's hair, tightening as the invisible girl sucked at her clit.

Neither heard the Englishman till it was too late.

Marcie had seen the Englishman and his wife with the scarf around her neck with their servant earlier. They had said they wanted to check out the place before they sent their daughter to the school.

He rushed for whatever he thought was attacking Hermione and tripped over Marcie. Both went flying and she caught a knee the ear and cried out.

He was up in a second and grabbing for her. "I can feel someone; there's someone here."

Marcie elbowed him in the nose to shut him up and started for the door.

Now that someone knew there was an invisible girl here she wasn't safe.. She briefly considered shooting the Englishman but then she would have to shoot Hermione and that it would have all attracted too much scrutiny anyway.

She leapt for the door and pulled it open. The Englishman's wife was standing there.

Marcie pulled a knife, intending to push the woman aside, kill her if necessary.

She didn't notice the paint can until it was too late.

There was no possibility of dodging and Marcie was hit square in the face. She was blinded and panicking, knowing she could be seen now.

She slashed wildly with the knife.

The Englishman shouted. "Watch out, Lilah, she's very danger..."

Then Marcie felt the paint can wallop against her head and was unconscious before she hit the floor.


The mirror looking back

Marcie knew most of the specifics of Lilah's plan. Lilah and Wesley were well on their way to gaining control of the mystical side of L.A. and they had recruited Marcie with promises of money, safety and the chance to become visible again. She accepted because she wanted to see her face in a mirror again, she was starting to forget what she looked like.

Marcie kept close tabs on them both. She had had a couple of employers who believed that killing the assassin was an almost essential part of any evil plot. Luckily they lacked an understanding of the ramifications of invisibility and after she had apparently left would hear them say to their henchman.

"As soon as she has set the explosive, detonate immediately. Bwahahahahaha."

Marcie would usually let them get as far as"bwaha..." and then there would be the decapitation and the blood spraying and the killing their entire family.

Marcie knew that reputation was everything in the assassin trade.

Lilah's plan revolved around a law firm called Wolfram and Hart and as the plot neared fruition she needed to distract the boss, Angel.

She explained to Marcie that he was very attached to a girl who was in a coma and was taken care of in the depths of the law firm's headquarters.

Marcie's job was to sneak into her room and chop her into tiny pieces with an axe and then use the blood to write some specific mystical symbols that were used by a demon cult in San Bernardino.

It was a very shoddy frame job but Lilah said that Angel wasn't a big thinker and would just leap into action to avenge her.

Wesley just said to start by decapitating her.

Marcie added an axe to her usual equipment, waiting several minutes for it to become as invisible as everything else she carried, and got to work. Getting into the building was no problem and she followed the map to the room.

She was already planning what to do after the slice and dice.

The room was quiet and she spent several minutes searching for cameras before she even looked at the woman in the bed. A video of her in action would mess up the whole plan.

Marcie finished the sweep to her satisfaction and turned her attention to sleeping beauty.

She stared for a good five minutes.

One thought prominent in her head.

Cordelia cut her hair.

Even taking the coma into account she looked a lot different to how Marcie remembered. Even sleeping her face seemed more careworn.

Marcie reached out and touched her face, stroking the place she had cut Cordelia years before. She wished she'd left a scar. She was glad she hadn't got to mutilate her like she'd intended but she wished she'd left her mark on the woman.

She briefly considered doing it now but it wouldn't be the same.

Marcie remembered that she was here to chop her into tiny pieces.

She stared for another five minutes.

Gradually she realised that she couldn't do it. She couldn't kill Cordelia, she couldn't even let her die.

And she had no idea why. She didn't love her anymore, she was over that phase in her insanity. She did still hate her though. Even after the years the memories made Marcie angry.

She realised she'd raised the axe and lowered it carefully.

Another five minutes.

She couldn't kill her because she hated her. There was nobody else left alive that she gave a damn about.

Nobody she felt anything for but Cordelia.

Marcie lent over and kissed her and for a moment entertained a fantasy that her kiss would wake her and Cordelia would see her and Marcie would be visible and be hers.

But Cordelia was still asleep when Marcie walked out the door.

She found Angel's office and left him a note.

Professional ethics made her omit Lilah's or Wesley's names but she told him enough to keep Cordelia safe.

Marcie smiled wryly as she realised the amount of danger she was in from her former employers. She needed to retire. To disappear.


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