by Wicked Cherub


Sirius discovers that Remus has a secret.

Remus pushes him against the wall and says, "If you tell anyone, I will kill you."

Sirius believes Remus is capable.

After all, he found out that Remus is a werewolf.



Remus's threat does not stop Sirius from playing games.

Every day, Sirius almost accidentally on purpose lets it slip in the common room.

Remus attempts a scowl and reluctantly agrees to do Sirius' bidding.

Sirius tells James anyway.



James and Sirius think of things for Remus to do.

Remus carries their books, saves them extra treacle pudding and provides them with alibis.

'He's really handy to have around,' says James.

But then they meet Peter.



So James and Sirius think of better things for Remus to do.

They stand watch in the corridor while Remus steals ingredients from the potions store.

Remus strolls calmly out with his pockets full.

Yet his face is flushed; they're now a team.



They all sit under the apple tree enjoying the autumn sun.

Sirius cracks a joke and they all laugh.

Sirius fancies he can see fangs behind Remus' lips.

Sirius wants to find out.



This time it is Sirius who pushes Remus against the wall.

Remus emits a soft growl as Sirius grins.

Sirius pushes his tongue into Remus' mouth and tastes the morning's cinnamon buns.

Remus clutches Sirius' hair.



Sirius and Remus now both have a secret.

They tumble around in the grass and leave bite marks on each other's skin.

'Do you trust me?' Sirius asks one day and Remus laughs.

This time Sirius does not tell James.



Remus is there when Sirius gets a tattoo.

Remus holds Sirius' hand while he pretends it doesn't hurt.

It's a small crescent moon on the right shoulder blade.

Remus knows that Sirius will always run with him when the full moon rose.

Forever and ever and ever.



Remus cannot believe that Sirius betrayed his best friend.

That Sirius betrayed him.

Remus cannot accept that Sirius would turn their worlds upside down like that.

But sometimes he can.



Fourteen years later and Sirius hasn't changed.

They no longer run together in the moonlight but their lovemaking is rough and desperate.

Remus is just happy to have Sirius back.

Remus wants Sirius safe. In the house. All the time.



Now Sirius is gone and Remus didn't even get to kill him.

Remus thinks that maybe Sirius is still out there somewhere.

And that one day Sirius will just walk through the door.

Then Remus would push him against a wall and might just kill him anyway.


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