It's A Drag
by Charles

Jay glared at Silent Bob. "Goddamn cheating tubby motherfucker..."

Silent Bob looked at Jay and shrugged as if to say, "You lost the bet. Now you have to pay up."

Jay continued to rant even as he pulled the pantyhose on. "Cocksmoking lying no-good fat bastard..."

Silent Bob handed Jay the dress he had selected and helped him into it.

"You'll pay for this you silent bitch. Someday soon, I'm gonna kick your ass for this, so help me..."

Bob did Jay's makeup and Jay managed to curse even as this was being done.

"You think you've won, you Force-usin' fat-ass, huh? That's the wrong shade of lipstick for me, dipstick. I swear on my cigarettes, I'm gonna kick your ass when I get home."

Silent Bob picked up a tube of frosty pink lipstick and used that instead. He watched as Jay got to his feet and stomped towards the door.

"I swear to God, if you whistle at me, I will take off these heels and bash your fuckin' skull in with them."

The door slammed behind Jay as he left. Bob ran to the door and opened it. He stuck his head out and yelled, "Hey, Jay!" as loud as he could.

Jay turned and gave Silent Bob a most unladylike gesture.

Bob wolf whistled at Jay as loud as he could and then shut the door tight. He collapsed to the floor, giggling like a little girl.


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