Draw It Mild
by Briar

"Either you got somethin' on your mind, Johnny, or you're startin' to get feelings for me. Now which is it?"

"Bill's taken quite a liking to you...I was bit... If you're up to something, bene, only I don't want no part of it."

Pull, tug. Scuffle.

The unyielding wall. They are surrounded by a witness of earnest carved statues.

Hard-pressed body of Amsterdam's, next to his, with fists crumpling the front of his shirt and a hot breath hissing next to his ear.

They are nose to nose. Amsterdam's thighs are pressed against his.

He can't breathe. The wrist keeping his throat pinned with a chokehold's not the reason.


Deadly, calm, all quiet-like:

"If you tell anyone, I'll kill ya."

The pressure eases. Amsterdam's moving as if nothing had just happened. He wishes he could do the same.


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