by Charles

Jeff and Steve were bored. They'd grown tired of the Playstation and there was nothing interesting on telly. Jeff looked at Steve and Steve looked at Jeff.

"D'you ever wonder if it really is easier for gay blokes? I mean, you get your kit off with another bloke, he's got the same equipment, so it's gotta be simple."

"Of all the possible topics for discussion, why did you think that one was appropriate?"

Jeff shrugged. "I dunno. It's just one of those things you wonder about. Haven't you ever...?"

Steve blushed. "There was this one time at boarding school... No, wait. I refuse to talk about this with you."

"What about that one time at boarding school? Or am I too good to hear about your adolescent experiments?"

"Fine. At boarding school, a mate and I played around. I didn't like it. Can we drop this now?"

"C'mon, you were young then. Now you're older. Why don't you give it a go with me?"

Steve reddened and shifted in his seat. Jeff leaned forward with an eager gleam in his eye. "It'll be just like tryin' something new. If you don't like it, you just have to say so, and we'll stop."

Steve locked eyes with Jeff. "And you swear upon your porn and Playstation that you will never tell another living soul about this?"

Jeff solemnly swore that he would keep it secret. "Right," he said, standing up and stretching, "D'you want to start or should I?"


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