by Francis

Josie blinked while staring at her likeness printed on the glossy paper. She stared as she tried to contemplate that the girl who was now on the bed in her pajamas was the same girl that was wearing the tight red shorts and thin white shirt in the picture.

Val who was looking over Josie's shoulder looked intently at pictorial-glorified-Josie's shirt. "Is that a print on the shirt, baby? Or is that your..."

"Nipples," the lead singer just breathed it out. "Oh my God! Those are my nipples, I can see my nipples through the shirt."

"And they're pointy nipples aren't they?" Val added. "Horny-Josie type nipples, I should say."

Josie fell back on the bed and covered her face with her hands. "I'm a whore!" she cried. "I'm a media-lovin' publicity whore!"

"Baby," Val snuggled close to Josie. "It's fine, all the big time stars do it now. Even the male ones. Have you seen DuJuor's layout in GQ. They were practically naked."

"DuJuor doesn't count Val," Josie almost screamed. "They have a monkey."

Val laughed, "C'mon, Josie-sweetie, didn't tell you that you're the most beautiful band leader in the world."

"Stop that, Val."

"You know, if you want, I can pose like this too," Val told her taking up the picture. "And maybe, we could talk Melody into it too. It'd be like see-through shirt nipples solidarity."

Josie looked up to Val and smiled, "No need honey." "Good. So is this going to be the new album cover?" Val wondered.


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