Troika: False Promises
by Francis

I. Hero Complex

At some point in the future their relationship would disintegrate as fast as an apple thrown into a wood chipper, she was well aware of it. Underneath all that bubbly exterior, pouty lips, rebonded hair and the killer body, Natalie was a cold, hard realist. Things like these never work out.

Yes, you're sleeping with the one person you adore in all the world and it's great. When the novelty of it is gone, when it becomes ordinary, it'll all fall apart. Sooner or later, it'll happen.

But not now, not anytime soon.

"Mmmm..." Madison murmured as Natalie crawled up and cuddled her. "That was the best." She put her arms around the younger Angel and licked her cheek.

Tingles traveled down Natalie's body and she couldn't help but giggle. "Really?"

"Yeah, it was. That's the best head I've had in a long, long time." Madison smiled weakly like she didn't mean it. But Nat knew she did, no Angel would fake an orgasm. "God, you're so good."

Nat blushed at her personal heroes compliment of her. "Wait, till you see me on a mission," she told her as Madison rolled on top of her and started nibbling on her. Her small breast being cupped by legendary hands, nipples in between heroic teeth. God, Natalie was on the verge of complete release already and Madison just started on her.

"Do Angels fuck each other nowadays? Or is it still just friends-for-life crap we were taught?" the hero asked her number one fan in between adoring her inner thighs with lips and suction, fingers and drag.

"No," Nat dragged feeling wet tongue circling her for the kill. "But there was, um, ohhh..."

Madison stopped her assault and looked up to Nat who held herself up with her frail looking arms. "There was what?"

Natalie choked seeing this hungry and voracious look in Madison's eye as she resumed on going down on her. "There, ahhh, there was this one time when, ummm, I fucked, ohhhh..."

"Fucked who?"

"Alex, mmmm. God. Ohhh fuck!" she buckled against lips, tongue and fingers and collapsed on her back. Her breathing was quick and shallow like just after a big final-showdown-type fight. Only here, no bad guy. No guy at all. Madison crawled up to her and she wrapped her legs around the other woman's hips.

"Was she good?" the raven haired Angel asked. "Did she turn you into a God-calling, curse-screaming Angel?"


II. Last One for the Road

Pete was cool. Just the fact that he was the high school mascot was enough to send Nat rolling all over the floor in sheer delight. It was great that Natalie finally found someone worthy of her. But Dylan, wasn't really that happy about all of it.

And it isn't just about the prospect of Nat resigning from the Agency. It was about losing Nat, period. Losing her best friend, business associate and that one time in Hawaii, her vacation fuck buddy.

"What do you think?" Natalie asked swirling in her bridal gown.

"Wow, you look fab," Dylan tried in her best I'm-so-happy-you're-getting-hitched voice. "But you've always looked fabulous."

"Awww," the bride to be turned towards her maid-of-honor and gave her a hug. "That's so sweet of you to say."

"Won't say it if it isn't true," was all Dylan could say. She remembered how their bodies curved against each other under the tropical sun. The smell of coconut and sun block came back to her then like a cruel joke.

"Thanks, Dylan," Nat said pulling away from her, her fingers tracing the curves of her outstretched arm. "Thanks for, thanks for everything."

"I didn't do anything Natalie," the maid-of-honor told her, her eyes burning with tears. "I didn't tell anyone."

"I know, Dylan."

"I miss those days so much, Nat. I miss you."

"Me, me too," Natalie agreed coming closer to Dylan in her obviously horrible maid-of-honor dress. "I missed kissing you here." Natalie kissed her so lightly it was just like a butterfly landing on top of her lips. "And here." The blonde Angel's lips are now on Dylan's neck, licking and sucking.

Their hands roamed over each other, until finally settling to that magic place in between each other's leg. Dylan was against the wall and moaning into Nat's mouth. They were slow and deliberate with their moves letting each sensation last for as long as they could. They would've stretched that moment to an eternity.

Afterwards Dylan sat alone in Nat and Pete's bed, her hair disheveled as much as her dress. The shower was on and Nat was in it.

There she was, her last chance at happiness, humming the bridal march and washing her away from her skin.


III. Cookies and Cream

Alex baked a fresh batch of cookies that were as hard as stone. Jason would've lied about how tasty they were. The poor bastard would've actually eaten all of them just to prove he wasn't lying.

He wasn't that great an actor to begin with, but with the promise of choking to death, his visage was see-through like plastic wrap. And Alex hated being lied to. How was she supposed to figure out if she was doing things right if no one tells her she was doing it wrong?

That was why she liked Dylan. Dylan never yanked her chain or blow smoke up her ass. Dylan was straight with her.

"They're still like cement," she complained checking her teeth, afraid that they might have chipped by the cookies.

"Fucking cookies!" Alex screamed launching her oven mittens across the kitchen. Dylan laughed at her, which was fine, she was there to critique after all.

"Lighten up will you? I mean it's good that you're trashing out all your Jason-frustration into baking but not on the mittens."

"I'm sorry," Alex apologized. This wasn't about Jason and his I'm-the-one-wearing-the-pants-at-premieres talk and the proceeding break-up. Well, maybe it was, just a little. It was about learning how to bake. "I'm sorry. I'm just tired."

"Okay, see you tomorrow at the Agency then," Dylan stood up from the kitchen stool and reached to take two cookies with her.

"Wait. Would you like to spend the night?"

Dylan paused, cookies in hand. "Sure, hey, do you have something besides stone hard cookies?"

Alex giggled, "Well, there's Alex-meat."

"Great, I'm in," Dylan nodded dropping the cookies back on the baking tray with a loud clank. Alex took off her apron and pulled Dylan by the buckle of her belt. She ravished her with a kiss that was rough and hard and inconsiderate. Their teeth scraped against each other.

"Eat me out here," Alex ordered. Dylan dropped to her knees in front of her and slid her skirt up. She started kissing her, burying her nose in the thick growth hair and probing into her with her tongue that never lied.

"Oh fuck yeah! Oh fuck! Tell me you love me Dylan!" Alex screamed pulling Dylan by the hair to go deeper in to her. "Tell me you love me!"

Dylan didn't stop to answer, she always finished the first task before doing anything else. When Alex was spent and satisfied beyond all reason, her voice hoarse, Dylan stood up and with glistening lips told, "I don't love you Alex, and you don't love me."

Alex kissed her hard trying taste what happiness was. Because she figured whatever it was, it was all over Dylan's face again.


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