Snow, Moments, Honor, Different, And Senses
by Laura Smith

1 - "Snow"

It's snowing outside and she knows it. Knows she should be out in the swirling white, dancing and playing with her friends, reveling in the brisk cold until they're all shivering so hard it hurts, invisible wounds to be assuaged with hot chocolate and warm fires, chocolate biscuits fresh from the oven cooling on the tray.

Instead, she looks down at the warm cinnamon hair that's splayed over her lap, the pale skin that's flushed with sleep and leans forward, resting on him, breathing him in as her eyes close, the shouts of her classmates ringing distantly in her ears.


2 - "Moments"

There are moments that are perfect. Moments captured easily and forever, few and far between.

All of her moments came during seven years in a school she'd never heard of until an owl gave her a letter. She hasn't had one since Graduation Day; the day Harry defeated Voldemort, the day Ron died, Neville died, Dumbledore died.

She doesn't remember much after that, her life a swirl of hurt and pain and too much to do. She doesn't remember those thousands of days, but she'll never forget the day she met the Boy Who Lived and the Boy She Loved.


3 - "Honor"

He's always been an afterthought. Which sounds worse than it is most of the time, but is perfect for those few times that it hurts more than he ever could imagine.

When he asked her to the dance too late and too wrong. When he sees Harry fall in a blaze of green light too magical to be real, for all the sense that makes.

And it's perfect for when the blazing red eyes turn toward him and another curse flies, death in two words, no blows.

He was supposed to die protecting Harry. There's no honor in dying after.


4 - "Different"

He can name a thousand ways they're different, but no one else can. He wonders if anyone can do better than noticing that they don't have the same name, even though everything else seems a perfect match.

He watches as George disappears, moving quietly, thinking he's asleep. He watches as she follows his twin out of the room, hiding her hushed giggles behind the hand that had lain on his skin just moments before.

He knows George's routine, will hear the moans and gasps. Knows what he does. What he doesn't. He notices the differences.

He wonders if she will.


5 - "Senses"

There are disadvantages to living with three other boys, he thinks as he stares around the room. The house elves clean up as best they can; their efforts thwarted at every turn by socks and sheets, books and parchments, ink stains and wrinkles.

He sits on his bed, the unmistakable scent of Sirius coming off the shirt he's wearing, the shirt he'd found draped across his duvet. He sits and watches as Sirius drops the towel he's wearing and starts to get dressed.

There are disadvantages to living with three other boys. But, Remus admits, there are advantages as well.


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