Vision: A Trilogy
by Glenn

I. Clarity

I was rushed to the hospital because I passed out moments after it happened.

But I've been awake about an hour now -- I just didn't want to open my eyes.

As if it could really freeze I wouldn't have to deal with all this shit:

McManus inquiring if I really did it.

Sister Pete asking if I was alright.

Dr. Nathan wondering if there was anything else she could do to help.

No, I didn't. I wasn't. Nothing...there isn't a thing anyone can do.

Because he was gone.


Killed himself.

Because of me.

No one can do anything for me.

Not now, not ever.


II. Focus

I woke up again, disoriented.

I didn't know why I was in the hospital at first.

Then I began to remember:

Chris and me arguing.

Him falling.

Me shouting.

Chris dead.

My eyes began to burn.


I turned my head towards his voice.

I couldn't believe it, but it was...


"Hey, baby."

"But you...we fell..." And I couldn't continue anymore because I was crying.

"Shhhh...Don't cry. I'm alright." And suddenly, I could feel his arms around me, his lips pressing kisses against my forehead.

"It was just a dream."

And as I looked at Chris, I knew I was going to be alright.


III. Second Sight

I really should be happy for Tobias Beecher.

Because a month ago, it was really bad. He wouldn't talk. He'd sleep the whole day, and if he was awake, he'd be crying.

Then one day, it all stopped. He woke up alert and bright-eyed, looking healthy despite everything that happened. He was smiling a lot, and finally, he was talking again. But not to Timmy, Sister Pete, me or anyone on the hospital staff.

He only talked to Chris. Who visited him, gave him gifts, made him laugh...

Who had been dead and buried weeks ago.

I looked up as Toby smiled at me.

I forced myself to smile back.


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