Flying High
by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

Tico sighed; he hated night flights. He could never sleep on an aeroplane. He glanced down at David and ran his fingers through his curly hair. David muttered in his sleep, the arm he'd thrown across Tico's chest tightening.

David lifted his head from Tico's shoulder to look at him. "You're thinking too loud," he complained sleepily.

"Sorry." Tico kissed him gently on the lips, smiling fondly at the dopey look on his face. "Go back to sleep, Dave."

"'m awake now," David insisted, barely concealing a yawn.

"Sure you are."

"What's wrong?" David trailed his fingers down Tico's face, sighing lightly when Tico kissed them.

"Can't sleep."

David grinned and moved to straddle Tico's lap, kissing him hard. "Maybe you need some strenuous exercise to wear you out." His hand slid down to toy with Tico's growing erection through his jeans.

Tico hissed and thrust up, his groans lost as David deepened the kiss. "Dave... " Tico pulled back and ran the backs of his knuckles down David's face, his voice dropping to a whisper. "We can't, not here. The others..."

"Jon and Richie know about us and Hugh's asleep."

"I know they know, but I don't think they'd appreciate watching."

"Jon would probably enjoy the show!" David laughed, pulling a face at Tico's unimpressed look. He sighed and slid off Tico's lap back into his own seat. He stared out the window, a thoughtful expression on his face. A cheeky grin soon spread and he turned back to face Tico. "We're on a plane."

"Uh... yes, David, we're on a plane."

"Planes have toilets"

"Yes, planes have!"

"Why not?" David pouted. "I've never had sex in an aeroplane before."

"And you're not going to now, either."

David turned away again, crossing his arms over his chest. "K," he replied.

"Oh, David, no. Don't pout." Tico sighed and turned David to face him, kissing the pout away.

David's eyes sparkled with laughter. "Is that a yes?"

Tico nodded. "If you really want to."

"Cool!" David grinned and stood, brushing against Tico to show him how turned on he was. He reached down to cup Tico through his jeans, laughing when Tico groaned and thrust into his hand. David grabbed Tico's wrist and pulled him out of the chair, tugging him down the gangway to the toilet.

Richie and Hugh were both asleep, but Jon was awake and looked up from his laptop as David and Tico rushed past him. He raised a questioning eyebrow and David stuck his tongue out him in reply. Laughing, Jon shook his head and turned his attention back to his laptop.

David pulled Tico into the cramped toilet, pushing him up against the door. Their lips met in a greedy kiss, hands pushing clothing away desperate for the feel of skin. Their hips slammed against each other, hard cocks rubbing against denim as the kiss broke, David's lips sliding down Tico's throat to suck on his pulse point.

Tico moaned and pulled David back up, devouring his mouth in another kiss. "Dave..." he whispered against his lips, fingers battling with the fly on his jeans and dragging them down. Dave stepped out of his clothes, watching with undisguised lust as Tico stripped as quickly as he could in the enclosed space.

Tico ran the palms of his hands over David's chest, chuckling breathlessly when David squirmed against him, kissing him harder. "Tico..." David gasped, pushing against him, their cocks brushing teasingly over hipbones. Cupping Tico's head in his hands, David pushed him back up against the door, fucking his mouth with his tongue, shuddering as their cocks rubbed against each other.

"Oh, Fuck... David..." Tico growled, spinning them round and slamming David against the door, returning the kiss just as greedily. His hands slid under David's shirt, pinching his tight nipples. David groaned and thrust up, pushing against him.

Tico stumbled, the backs of his knees hitting the edge of the toilet seat. He fell heavily on his ass on the toilet, legs spread wide. David stood between his legs, running his fingers down Tico's face.

"You OK?"

Tico nodded, smiling at David and pulling him down for a kiss. "I'm fine."

David laughed, sitting on Tico's lap. His eyes widened, his grin returned and he stood up again. Bracing himself on Tico's shoulder, he slowly slid down on his lover's cock, grunting against the initial burn of penetration. His breathing coming in short pants, David pushed down until Tico's cock was fully sheathed in him. He leaned his forehead against Tico's, their lips meeting in a soft kiss while David adjusted to the feel of Tico inside him.

"Uh..." David broke the kiss, throwing his head back as Tico rolled his hips. "Ti... Teek.... Please... fuck..."

Tico moaned and wrapped his arms around David's waist, thrusting up as David pushed back down again. Every movement brushed David's cock against Tico and it wasn't long before David orgasmed, biting down on his lower lip hard enough to make it bleed as he tried to keep quiet. He slumped forward, head on Tico's shoulder as the drummer tensed and came inside him.

Relaxing against Tico, David sighed, nibbling gently on Tico's earlobe. "Think you can sleep now?"

Tico laughed softly. "No." He wrapped his arms around David and leaned against the wall behind him.

"Oh." David sounded thoughtful. He looked up, eyes sparkling, a mischievous grin on his face. "Wanna try again?" He wriggled against Tico as he spoke.

Tico's arms tightened around David and he pulled his head up for a kiss. "You are incorrigible." He told him even as he felt his cock stiffening again.

"I know." David deepened the kiss, fingers sliding down Tico's chest to circle his nipples.

A knock at the door startled them and they broke the kiss. A bright red blush covered David's face and he stood, wincing slightly as Tico's semi-erect cock slid from him.

"Pilot says we're coming in to land," Jon called through the door. "You two might wanna get back to your seats."

"K!" Tico replied, grabbing David's jeans and throwing them at him. Laughing, the two men dressed as quickly as they could without kicking or elbowing each other. Still blushing and holding hands, they made their way back to their seats and fastened their seat belts as the plane started to make its descent.


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