Death And The Death Eater
by Manic

Perfect, absolutely perfect, thought Severus, as he entered the bar. It was under lit, vaguely damp, definitely dark, and to cap it all off, muggle. There was not a single chance of running into anyone who might know him. He walked through the surprising large crowd to the bar and ordered. He had worried he might look out of place, wasn't as if he'd actually spent time associating with these muggles, but to his astonishment, he fit right in. All the patrons were clad in clothing similar to his, black leather in all its various guises; trousers, vests, basques, blazers and long coats-so much like his beloved robes as to make him slightly homesick. Then again it might just be all those muggles pressing in on him, making him jumpy. Severus did, however, raise his glass in appreciation of the brave chaps in chaps.

Severus' eyes widened in surprise as curtains opened to the rear. Moving with the stealth that years of stalking had equipped him for, he made his way through the throngs of people to verify what he'd glimpsed. Two more patrons walked through the curtains and he followed behind, downing his drink as he entered the curtained area.

Against the walls, across the floor, and in every single crevice of the room, muggles were copulating. Severus blinked several times. To be accurate, and he was a spy, quick observations of the immediate situation were a necessitation, every man in the room was buggering another man. Sometimes, there were three or four men acting in concordance . Calmly, it never paid to show one's emotions, he turned back into the main room in the bar, and reevaluated the situation. There wasn't a single woman in the establishment, not a one.

Stalking back through the crowd, he walked outside the bar taking in the name once again, Glory Hole. Well, he grumbled to himself, he was here to celebrate the glory of the Wizarding world. A child who conquered the Dark Lord, no less, and the only thing he was absolutely certain of was that he wanted to crawl into a hole and not emerge until the millennium. Seeing as that was not forthcoming, he did the next best thing, stalked back into the bar and ordered another drink.

Sometime later, he stood in the corner of the bar, glaring at the masses before him. The corner was the only decent place to keep diligent watch for possible threats. From here, he had a magnificent view of the room. He watched as men walked into the bar, mingled in the main room, only to disappear sometime later into the curtained-off area. The same men exited the room, some walked a bit unsteadily, but that was obviously to be expected. The last time he'd checked the back room, a crowd of men had watched two men on the floor, engaged in a rather banal activity. He'd fought against his instincts to provide some sort of commentary. The Muggles, however, seemed to take the act as an oddity. Severus didn't really understand it, wasn't as though he'd never seen anyone do that before. With a snort, and another trip to the bar, he stalked back to his corner. Muggles must be desperate for entertainment if they thought having another man's hand up your arse was something exciting. Walking through the throngs of Muggles, he stopped short at the sight of an obstacle in his way. Someone was in his corner. There were always obstacles in his way, he thought in annoyance. Muggles, Dark Lords, annoying classmates, and as always, Headmasters. This time he drew to a halt and glared down at the pest before him. The idiot who had taken his spot.

The man smiled up at him. Severus, of course, snorted back. The other simply took another sip of his drink and smiled. Severus seethed in anger. Were muggles completely ignorant? Here he was, a threatening presence, and this idiot grinned at him like an idiot savant. Obviously, the man needed some motivation.

"You are in my spot," growled Severus.

The twit, Severus smirkingly named him, just looked at him. Severus upgraded the twit to blithering idiot. Everyone Severus ever met had adjectives assigned to them. There was a large repertoire to choose from. Idiot, git, moron, simpleton, plebe, murderer, cretin, and the one he'd bestowed on this hapless idiot, twit. Severus was pleased with himself. In a matter of seconds, he'd managed to bestow yet more divine names upon this muggle. He took another drink from his cup. He'd always had a sharp mind.

"Pardon?" the man said, looking calmly at Severus.

Well, this wouldn't do, thought Severus. He might be in a muggle establishment, but they should show him the respect he deserved. Certainly, others had this night. As he'd kept a watchful eye on the bar-from his corner, he reminded himself. He'd been approached by a succession of muggles, intent on some form of communication with him. He'd dispatched them all with a quick sneer and a biting remark. To his puzzlement, some had returned only to be sneered at once again. One moronic muggle had returned three times, the last placing himself directly in Severus' line of vision, quivering. That one required more than one biting comment before went on his merry little way. The muggle before him was proving to be a tad more stubborn.

"You. Are. In. My. Spot." Severus enunciated, clearly.

The twitting idiot looked around, as if puzzled. He stared intently at the walls, the floor and quite ridiculously at the ceiling, before returning his gaze to Severus.

"I don't see your name here."

Severus took a closer look at the walls. There were indeed initials, names and number sequences etched into the walls. Some looked to be placed there by crude writing implements. Severus ran a thumb across one such marking, oblivious to the fact that his arm brushed against the twit, leaned down and snarled, "I have not given you my name."

"Well, no, you haven't," the twit replied, taking a sip of his drink, crossing his legs and staring back at Severus.

"Severus," he ground out. "I can assure you, my name would not grace... this... establishment." Severus thought he might be giving this place more than it deserved, but that was still his spot.

The muggle made an obvious show of checking the names that surrounded them. "No Severus here. I'm Adam by the way," said the twit, extending his hand to Severus.

Severus looked at the proffered hand in astonishment. This muggle actually expected him to touch him? Severus upgraded the twit to suicidal idiot. He produced his best sneer. "That was not an invitation for an introduction. I'll repeat this slowly, you are still in my spot."

Adam smirked at him, finishing his drink. He took Severus' glass from his hand, vacating the desired spot, "I'll just go get us another round, then."

Severus settled back into his corner, watching the muggle with anger. It wasn't right. That muggle's smirk was better than his. Surreptitiously, Severus practiced the smirk. Sooner than he expected, Adam returned with the drinks.

Adam lounged on the wall next to Severus and calmly sipped his drink.

Severus sneered at the man. To his surprise, it had no effect on the other. Must be the alcohol, thought Severus. The two men drank in silence, watching the other patrons. Severus allowed himself a measure of admiration for the muggle. Adam certainly knew how to observe people. Severus found himself becoming a bit uncomfortable. He realized that for the first time this evening, he was the one being watched.


"Pardon?" Adam answered, calmly sipping on his drink.

"What do you want?"


Severus stared at the man. The muggle was obviously impaired. "I am not here for your enjoyment."

"Well, why are you here?"

"A celebration."

Adam raised his eyebrow and folded himself bonelessly against the wall. Severus glared at him. Adam, obviously, had no clue how to conduct himself in a hostile environment. One could never relax their guard. This muggle was far too complacent.

"You would have no clue as to the nature of my celebration. It is a private matter. Suffice to say, I am, celebrating." Severus winced at his last words. He resolved that this would be his last drink. He was losing his renowned ability to articulate.

"It's Halloween, everyone here is celebrating."

Severus raised his eyebrow and gestured towards the man exiting the curtains. "That one, does not look as if he's celebrating. He looks to be in pain."

"Well," Adam replied, "pain can be something to celebrate."

Severus looked at Adam in surprise. In his experience, muggles were never this astute. "As can death."

Adam smiled. "Death is always one," toasting Severus with his drink and draining it.

Severus looked at his own glass in surprise. It was empty. He gestured at Adam's glass, took it and walked to the bar. He did have some measure of common courtesy. It was his round to buy. He returned to their, his corner, he corrected himself with a quick mental shake to find Adam still leaning against the wall. This time, the fool had his eyes closed. Severus splashed some of the drink against his hand. He'd come to an abrupt halt when Adam's eyes snapped open upon his approach. He handed Adam's drink to him and curled back into his corner. This time, out of simple respect for the muggle. Adam had some defensive abilities. Severus allowed himself to invade the man's personal space. Testing the boundaries, Severus told himself. The sneer hadn't worked. Adam's smirk was better than his. Although they had shared a few drinks, it was, he decided, time for Adam to depart. Physical intimidation was the next logical step.

Adam, as he had the entire night, confounded Severus.

Adam hooked his foot around a vacated chair and pulled it to him. From there, he proceeded to sit himself down and lounge down in it. To make matters worse, Adam had the audacity to lean back in the chair, tilting it, and balance himself against the wall. His chosen method of doing this was to place a foot on either side of Severus. Then the man had the tenacity to smile at him. Not even his mother had bestowed that expression upon Severus.

"What do you think you are doing?"


"No one relaxes around me, do you hear me?" Severus leant forward, trying to dislodge the feet around his sides. To his surprise, he couldn't.

Adam smiled up at him, "In my experience, a celebration consists of two things, death and sex. You've already had one of those tonight, why not the other?"

Severus stared at deranged fellow, "pardon?"

"You heard me," Adam replied. At this Adam removed one foot from the wall, and placed it directly on Severus' crotch.

Severus looked down, it wasn't as though he'd been oblivious to his body's reactions. He'd gotten hard at Adam's refusal to capitulate to him. He hadn't planned to do anything about it. The man was a muggle. Now the infuriating man was flexing his foot against Severus' crotch.

"You know all this in your vast experience?"

Adam stood, with a quickness that surprised Severus. He leaned against Severus and whispered into his ear, "you'd be surprised at what my experience is in these matters. Now, do you want to finish this?"

Severus knew he was rapidly losing control of the situation. Later, upon analysis, he realized that he'd lost control the moment he spied Adam in his corner. In the present, he tried to regain the upper hand. He placed his hand behind Adam's head and pulled his hair. "Do not press me, you have no concept of whom you are dealing with."

Without flinching, Adam dislodged Severus' hand with a quick jerk. He looked Severus right in the eye and replied, "actually, you have no idea."

Severus fell back against the wall. He took Adam's hand in his and placed it against his crotch. His other hand went again to the back of Adam's head. He pulled Adam into him, his last glance at the populace of the bar revealed the sniveling sycophant who groveled before him earlier. The man looked mournfully at the two men in the corner before returning to his drink. Severus caught Adam's eye, as Adam also turned and smirked at the pathetic fool. That was the last consideration Severus gave to the muggles before him. He had much more interesting things to do.

Such as kissing Adam, an act in which he was currently engaged in. Adam's mouth pressed against his, while his teeth nibbled on Severus' lips. Severus moaned as Adam bit harder, drawing blood. His mouth opened and Adam swept his tongue inside.

Severus drew both hands around Adam's back, his fingers digging into the flesh beneath them. Adam's hands went to his arms, pressing hard enough to bruise Severus. Severus groaned, there was just enough pain to balance the pleasure.

Their tongues fought each other, plunging into the other's mouth. Every so often their teeth met. Severus pulled away and bit down on Adam's neck. Contrary to the beliefs of many of students, he was not a vampire, not in the slightest. It wasn't his fault that he found a man's neck extremely arousing. Everyone had a few sexual kinks. His were milder than some, harsher than others. To his delight, Adam instinctively knew which were his.

It was the only explanation for what Adam was currently doing. He'd pulled away from Severus' mouth, leaving some delightful teeth marks in his wake, and was now currently biting Severus' nipples through the fabric of his shirt. Severus' hands clutched at Adam's shoulders as the man nibbled his way down Severus' chest.

Adam knelt before Severus, untucking his shirt, pulling it out of trousers, and undoing his fly. The next thing Severus knew, Adam's mouth had engulfed his cock. Severus thrust up and deeper into Adam's mouth. Adam's hands rested on his hips, letting Severus thrust in and out of his mouth.

Severus moved inside of Adam. Adam's tongue was doing the most amazing things to his prick. It flowed up, around and over Severus' cock. Every so often, Adam would lift his head up and change the way he sucked on Severus. It kept him on the edge of orgasm, never letting him over the precipice.

Severus tried to thrust deeper into Adam's mouth, but was stilled by Adam standing up and again drawing Severus into a bruising kiss. Severus could taste everything. All his senses seemed more alert.

Adam withdrew from Severus once again. He looked Severus in the eyes. They nodded to one another, and Severus turned to face the wall. His forehead rested against the plaster as Adam pulled his trousers down further. Severus felt a wet finger circle him, before dipping inside of him. He heard Adam unzipping his own trousers, listened to Adam slick his flesh, then the blunt tip of Adam's penis penetrating him.

Severus splayed his arms against the wall, supporting himself as Adam thrust inside of him. As before, Adam never moved in a pattern Severus could predict and flow with. Overtime Severus thought he was going to come; Adam would change the pace, the direction of his thrusts, or withdraw completely, leaving Severus bending his arse searching for Adam's prick once again.

Adam grasped his hips and thrust in again. This time Adam kept up a steady, hard pace while his hands went to Severus' front. Severus pushed his head harder against the wall as his hands reached behind him to hold Adam's hips to his.

Adam's, admittedly, talented hands. Severus paused for a moment to marvel at his ability to remain master of the language, before forgetting the very thought, as Adam began to twist and pinch Severus' nipples.

Severus bit his lip, trying to keep from screaming knowing deep inside that he would be unsuccessful. Adam pushed harder up into Severus, and the Slytherin rose on the balls of his feet each time. He sobbed as Adam's hands left his chest, shoving Severus' away from his hips.

Adam returned his hands to Severus' waist and gripped the flesh beneath his fingers. Severus bent his arms and placed them on the wall, resting his head on his crossed hands.

Adam's mouth went to the nape of Severus' neck and kissed it. Severus found himself moving his head from side to side, trying to catch his breath and failing miserably at it. Adam suddenly pulled Severus' left arm from underneath Severus' resting head and laid it flat against the wall. He thrust harder than ever into Severus. Severus found his flesh tingling and quivering at each movement.

Adam dug his fingers into the flesh of Severus' left arm, directly around his dark mark. Now Severus did scream. For at the moment Adam did that, a flash of pain ran through his body radiating out from the mark. As that happened, Adam finally let Severus come, his semen splattering the wall in front of him. Adam held himself still as his cock pulsed inside of Severus, releasing a flood of wet seed inside of him.

They stayed locked together in that strange embrace for some time.

Out of the blue, Severus heard a strange voice call out, "Time, gentlemen, please."

At that, Adam withdrew from him. Severus turned around, flushed and breathing hard, to see Adam tucking his spent member inside of his trousers and fastening them. Automatically, he copied Adam's movements. His eyes narrowed as Adam drained the last of his drink.

Severus looked at his own glass, which was glaringly, empty. Adam then smirked that superior smirk and repeated the bartender's words, "Time, Severus."

Severus stared at Adam. The man had done the unthinkable, rendered Severus Snape mute. He pushed himself away from the wall.

Adam walked up to him and pushed Severus back against the wall. Severus turned his head and followed Adam's gaze. There on the wall, was an exact copy of the now fading mark on Severus' arm. Severus looked down at his arm once more and inhaled as the mark faded away to nothing.

Adam took Severus' forearm in hand, put it to his lips, and ran his tongue up and down where the mark used to reside.

"Understand this, little Death Eater. Dark Lords come and go. Tattoos fade with time. The only constant in this world is Death, himself."

For the final time that night, Severus shivered. He stared wide-eyed at Adam, who released his arm, took a few steps back, gave a half-bow to Severus, and in the blink of an eye, disappeared.


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