Girl Things
by Faithtastic

"C'mon, Sissy, she'll get over it. It's just a stupid crush," Missy said as she unsuccessfully attempted to fend off Chrissy's unrelenting advances. The blonde was nuzzling her neck and grinding slim hips with brazen intent against her own. Only a thin layer of underwear separated them and clearly Chrissy was aiming to remove that flimsy barrier - maybe with her teeth.

Sissy's brow creased, face like thunder, as she sat on the bed beside the other girls. "She fucking better. I swear, if we get caught because of that stoner dickhead she's swooning over, I'm gonna rip her fucking throat out."

"Can I watch?" Chrissy asked, laughing darkly before Missy quickly turned the tables around, rolling on top of Chrissy and straddling her thighs. Chrissy growled with delight; she enjoyed a challenge after all.

They'd left Justice pouting beside the pool and Sissy was half inclined to forget about her altogether and let the prissy bitch chase after Jay. She'd really thought Justice had understood the dynamic here, that Justice believed in the gang and everything it stood for. Sissy had taken a gamble allowing Justice to join them and it galled her to see Justice making gooey eyes at that pothead. Fucking ingratitude.

However, it was difficult for Sissy to maintain her ire when Chrissy, interrupting her exploration of Missy, reached over and began stroking fingertips across Sissy's collarbone, tracing a path between her breasts down to her navel and back.

"You need to work out your aggravation, girl," Chrissy murmured, looking so damn inviting underneath Missy, blonde hair spilling out across the rumpled bed sheets.

"I agree," Missy nodded and to show her approval she leaned across, kissing Sissy's mouth briefly. "I think you should come and play with us."

Sissy glanced at the pizza delivery guy standing in the doorway, rubbing his sweaty hands together. Apparently, all his Christmases had come at once. She'd been planning on getting some cock but now that a better option had presented itself... Whipping a twenty dollar bill out of her bra, Sissy shoved it in his pocket and ushered him out the motel room. "Scram, buster. Your services are no longer required."

Ignoring his protests, she kicked the door shut behind him and turned her attention to the girls with a feral grin. "So... where were we?"

"I believe we were going to fuck you into the middle of next week," Chrissy replied matter-of-factly, displacing Missy as Sissy sauntered towards the bed, her hips swaying hypnotically.

Pretty soon there were lips and hands roaming across Sissy's body and she couldn't exactly say which girl they belonged to. Her eyes drifted shut as they caressed her. Those hands made short work of divesting her of her underwear and pressed her back onto the bed. She felt the sprinkling of something hard and cool across her chest and opened her eyes to see Chrissy and Missy showering her skin with handfuls of diamonds, the jewels glinting in the late afternoon sunlight that filtered through the blinds.

Sissy groaned as Chrissy reached between her legs, as Missy leaned in for another kiss. One, two fingers slipped inside, filling her deeply, and she met the rhythm with her hips, riding Chrissy's hand and tangling her tongue with Missy's.

Sissy was thinking of Justice though. She imagined it was Justice fucking her, kissing her. They'd fooled around a couple of times but Justice wasn't really into the girl thing. So Sissy was hard on her, always bitching at her, because she wanted Justice so fucking badly. Sure, Chrissy and Missy were hot for each other, and they didn't mind sharing but it wasn't quite enough for Sissy.

The whole thing was royally fucked up.

So as Chrissy finally pressed her thumb firmly against Sissy's clit and Missy bit down on Sissy's nipple, it was Justice's name that escaped Sissy's mouth and hung in the humid, sex scented air.

In the uncomfortable silence that followed, Chrissy and Missy blinked at each other.

Sissy glared at the pair of them, propping herself up on one elbow.

"Fuck, Sissy, I thought you had better taste," Chrissy said under her breath.

Missy swatted her girlfriend. "I think it's sweet."

"Fuck you," was Sissy's savage response, flipping Missy the finger.

Chrissy smirked. "Nuh-uh, me first." She beckoned the other girls closer with one crooked finger.

And that afternoon, Sissy could fool herself into believing that this was enough.


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