Just What To Do
by Wendy

Fred has her tongue clasped gently between her teeth in concentration as she follows the teacher's instructions. She had realised quite quickly that it would never do for the new head of scientific research at Wolfram & Hart to not be able to dance. She had too many clients to impress for that.

She'd taken Eve up on the suggestion of a dance teacher. And whilst this dance teacher was good, and now Fred felt sure she could Tango and Foxtrot and Boogie, she wasn't so sure that the manner in which the dancer taught the warm up would ever be of much use. Well, until margaritas and a night out with the gang had led to some rather innovative use of her new skills.

There had been money at stake. That was her excuse. And it had nothing to do with the sceptical look in Gunn's eyes as she strode to the centre of the floor. Nor the bored look in Angel's eyes. Nor the cynical look in Eve's eyes. Nor the lust in Wesley's.

Her outfit wasn't as suited to this as she had hoped. Blouse and skirt and flat shoes were not exactly ideal material for what she had to do. Fred shook her hair out of her ponytail as she sashayed towards the pole in the centre of the floor. The area around the pole was empty, and apart from some rather drunken interns, no one had touched it all night.

Fred ran a hand up and down the slick pole. A slow thrumming spread from the speakers as the DJ caught her eye and winked. It seemed as if the whole world slowed down and there was Fred and the pole and the music. She was vaguely aware of dancers gyrating to either side of her. She took a deep breath. Now. Now or never.

The music sped up in tempo and she flung herself into the first few steps of the routine. She recognised the song now, and knew exactly how long it was. And she knew exactly where to place each hand, and when to swing her hair, and suddenly she wasn't caring if she flashed the entire room. Her legs swung and bend like she had been practicing for years. She finished with a slow prowl around the pole, and one final swing and dip, tongue caught between teeth in concentration.

She winked back at the DJ and strolled back to the group, the sound of applause ringing in her ears.

Willow winked at her as she slid into the seat, and Wesley made a run for the bathroom. Eve flung her arm around her. "Lilah would have been proud."

And she leant in for the kiss.


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