Willow, Waiting
by Don't Make Eye Contact

I really hope it doesn't turn blue.

I found the test in one of Jenny's spellbooks. I wonder if she ever found a need for it. Somehow I doubt it.

I shouldn't be pissed off at Oz for this, it's not his fault the condom burst. Doesn't help matters. I am angry at him. He was so calm but he didn't anticipate this. Neither of us did. That's a lie actually. There was always a worry at the back of my head. The bit of me that worries about everything, goes over every possibility. I've tried to bury that voice but it's always there, warning me.

Please, Goddess, don't let that water turn blue.

It's currently red, my blood added into the mixture. A simple, foolproof spell.

I know why I'm angry at Oz. If it happens, when he finds out, he'll be guilty and devastated for me but he'll secretly be ecstatic.

It's not his fault.

If it's true... how could I tell everyone. They wont understand, any of them. They might even think it was deliberate. Oh god, how could I tell my parents? Like I would have any problems keeping it secret from them... It's changing colour.

It's changing to....

Oh god.


I'm a werewolf.


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