Good Girl, Bad Girl
by Patricia R.D.

Almost three in the morning and Chloe Sullivan can't sleep. She sits as close as she can to Lana's bed and watches the moonlight glowing in the sleeping beauty's skin. Every once in a while, a hand will raise and reach for Lana's face before moving away. Because Lana is a good girl. And good girls don't think of other girls the way Chloe thinks about Lana.

So Chloe says nothing and keeps her lustful thoughts to herself.

There's one thing she does, and often: stand between Lana and Clark. The old Žif she can't be mine, nobody else will have her' bit was cliche, but true. Funny thing, everybody thought she wanted Clark. And they're not really that wrong. After all, Clark has black hair, clear as glass eyes and smooth, lickable skin.

And so does Lana.

And Clark is really nice and everything, but Chloe knows better. You don't spend a few years hiding an obsession to realize you weren't the only one with a secret. Clark and Lex couldn't be more obvious if they tried to. But of course, in order to keep the facade, the guys went and look for girls. They pined after them and probably thought of male anatomy when they finally got to kiss them/bed them. Everyone here is good at faking they're straight.

God, is everyone in Smallville gay except for Lana?

Just Chloe's luck. The one girl she could hold and kiss and make love to all night long seems to be the only straight person in this little town. The one good girl. And she lives under Chloe's roof now, a constant temptation of delicate features and an ice melting smile.

Sometimes they get together late at night and eat Rocky Road ice cream, giggle and have pillow fights. It's on those rare occasions when Chloe gets as close as Lana as she can possibly get, the pillow moving in one hand while the other reaches for the other girl. Then they fall together on the rub and there's more giggling and hands moving to places hidden by clothing, and maybe even a stolen kiss. And since Lana is such a good friend, she lets Chloe kiss her.

In fact, sometimes Lana kisses back. She tastes like green apple and roses, and Chloe wishes sometimes she could gather the courage to use a little strength, to grab Lana's wrists and hold them above the raven head and then use her other hand and her mouth to make Lana see the light. There is no such thing as black or white. Everything is a queer shade of gray. And Lana's very own knight in plaid armor? He likes purple, as in purple shirts ripped away from Lex Luthor's chest as Clark bends him over the pool table and...

"So Lana, snap out of it. You want someone to be there for you? I'm here. I've been here for a long time. I think Clark is cute, but I'd rather left Lex have him."

Is this said aloud or is it Chloe's imagination? Whatever. Lana stirs a little, and Chloe's hand has strayed again, this time a lock of dark hair falls on the palm, shiny and pretty. Chloe holds her breath, but Lana doesn't wake. It's a risky game. After all, what would Lana said if she woke up and found her best friend sitting so close, a dark look in her pretty eyes? Lana's own eyes would widen and her voice would barely raise to ask Chloe what was going on. Another con of a good girl: that innocence, a person unable to believe that what Chloe wanted could be good.

Chloe would probably make a lame excuse -- she couldn't sleep, she was looking for something, she had a nightmare -- anything that could fit into Lana's world of nice, no words about how cute Lana looks when she sleeps or much Chloe wants to get in the bed with her instead of going back into her own room and pretend her fingers in the dark are Lana's.

Which is why Chloe is surprised to see the scissors in her hand, hovering near Lana's face, then above her heart. Did she the bring them along or picked them up from Lana's desk? The realization that one sudden movement could change everything both terrifies and thrills her. Moonlight daces across the scissors' blade, reflecting on Chloe's face. Can she do it?

One look at sweet, beautiful Lana -- whose smile probably comes from a strawberry flavored Clark dream -- and Chloe knows what's next.

A minutes later she's back into her room, examining the dark lock in her palm. She brings it closer to her face and feels the silky smoothness against her cheek, and the green apple scent as well. She can hide it inside the secret compartment on her nightstand, bring it out in nights like this to add a physical element to her fantasies. Not as good as the real deal but it will do.

Because even though Chloe Sullivan is a bad girl, she's not that bad. And she'd rather watch Lana and Clark locking lips with tears on her eyes than lose what they have. It may not be perfect, but they're close enough for Chloe to daydream and night stalk. Plus they're friends, and a good, honest friend is hard to come by. Specially friends this pretty.

It is only when she's finally going to sleep that she notices the cut in her hand. Small and copper flavored, caused by a pair of very sharp scissors. She closes her eyes and tries to ignore the blood, not even wondering where the scissors are now, or considering going back to Lana's room to get them. Because she's afraid where the twin blades may be impaled now.

Or maybe not, because Chloe may be a bad girl, but she would never hurt Lana.

Wouldn't she?


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