Richie's 'Fuck Me' Jeans
by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

The screams of the crowd were still ringing in his ears as Jon watched Tico, David and Hugh pile into one of the cars waiting for them. Richie's arm was slung around his shoulders and Jon pulled them both to a stop. He looked around the corridor to make sure the coast was clear and grinned, before pushing Richie up against the wall.

Richie braced his hands on the wall and spread his legs, groaning at the feel of Jon's hard-denim clad cock rubbing against his ass. He unconsciously pushed back against Jon, throwing his head back as he felt Jon's hand slip inside his jeans, fisting around his cock.

"J... J.... Jon..." Richie gasped, locking his knees to keep himself on his feet.

Jon laughed breathlessly - still panting from the show - and ran his tongue up Richie's neck, licking off the droplets of sweat that clung to the guitarist's skin.

Richie growled and straightened slightly, grabbing Jon's hair and pulling him up for a kiss, fucking his mouth with his tongue until the singer was thrusting hard against him.

"And just what is going on here?" Heather asked, laughter in her tone.

"Heather!" Richie gasped, breaking the kiss he and Jon shared. Both men span to face her, Richie blushing and Jon trying his hardest not to laugh.

"Richie," Heather grinned, stalking forward to push him against the wall, pressing against him and sealing her lips over his.

Jon turned to leave, but Heather reached out and stopped him, massaging his hard-on through his jeans. "You're not going anywhere," she told him.

Jon groaned, grabbing hold of Richie's shoulder to keep his balance. "Not here," He gasped.

Richie nodded. "Hotel," he agreed, grabbing Heather's hand and pulling her into the car that was waiting, Jon following behind them.

Heather laughed as Jon and Richie pushed her down on the bed, one laying each side of her, pulling her top off. She wrinkled her nose up and pushed them away. "You two stink," she realised. "Go and have a shower." She watched as Jon and Richie met each other's eyes, identical grins growing on their faces. A knot of arousal tightened in her stomach as Jon laughed and pulled Richie off the bed and over to the shower.

She lay back down on the bed, listening as they propped the door open and started pulling each other's clothing off. Her hands strayed around her back to unfasten her bra and push it off as she listened to them kissing. Biting down on her lip to stifle her moans of pleasure, Heather pinched her nipples between her index fingers and thumbs, rubbing her breasts with her hands. The water started pounding down from the shower and Heather's hands found their way to her jeans, unzipping them and pushing them down her legs, kicking them off. She could hear Jon and Richie laughing in the bathroom, the sound slightly distorted by water and walls but she knew exactly what they were doing. Her eyes slid closed and the fingers of one hand slipped past her underwear as she touched herself, two fingers entering easily inside her as her thumb found her clit. She whimpered under her breath, her other hand moving up to play with her breasts as she imagined the scene in the shower.

Without breaking the kiss, Jon pushed Richie up against the slick tiled wall of the shower and grabbed a sponge from where it sat on the shelf. He picked up the soap and rubbed it over Richie's chest, teasing his nipples with the bar before washing the suds of with the sponge, again paying careful attention to the hard nubs.

Richie groaned, arching his chest up into the soft, yet also coarse touch, fingers tightening on Jon's shoulders as he tilted his face into the spray. His erection pressed heavily against Jon's hip and every time the singer moved, pleasure sparked through Richie.

"Turn around," Jon whispered into Richie's ear, teeth nibbling gently on the lobe.

"Uh... Jon..." Richie moaned as he moved, hands up against the wall, mirroring the position he was in earlier when Heather had walked in on them. He moan grew deeper as Jon pressed against him, hand circling his erection. "Fuck..."

"Oh, definitely," Jon laughed softly, reaching out for the shower gel. He poured the gel into his hand, coating his fingers before sliding two into Richie.

Richie whimpered, thrusting back against Jon, pushing his fingers in deeper. "More," he begged. "Please..."

"More?" Jon echoed, and slid a third finger in, twisting his wrist to brush over Richie's prostate. "Like this?" He asked, repeating the action until Richie was rocking continually back against him, cock growing harder in his hand.

Richie groaned, leaning his forehead against the wall, water pounding down on the back of his neck, cascading over Jon. "Y... Yeah, that works..." Richie agreed, thrusting between Jon's fist and fingers. "Fu.... Fuck me, Jonny!" He growled.

Jon laughed again, his mouth finding its way to Richie's earlobe and sucking on it hard. "You sure about that?"

Richie groaned in frustration and need. "Yes," he ground out, breathing hard as Jon pumped his cock.

"But I wanna hear you beg," Jon pulled his fingers from Richie, grinning at the whimper of loss the guitarist failed to stifle. "Beg...." Richie shook his head. "No way, Jonny. I've been begging you all night," he reminded the singer, who grinned and grew even harder at the thought of Richie's jeans

"See, I knew those jeans were for me and not Heather," Jon grinned, guiding his cock slowly and gently into Richie. Richie groaned and swore, fingers clenching into fists before rocking back, encouraging Jon to fuck him. "You sure?"

"Yes!" Richie growled. "Jon, just.... Just... fuck me already."

"You gotta ask nice, Richie," Jon admonished him jokingly. "Say 'please'"

"Jon... Uh.... Fuck.... Please..."

"I thought you'd never ask," Jon grinned, adjusting his grip on Richie's hip to pound into his lover's body, brushing his prostate with every stroke until Richie cried out in pleasure.

"So good," Richie gasped, thrusting between Jon's cock and his fingers. Jon laughed, tongue running down Richie's shoulder, sucking on the flesh, marking him. His grip on Richie's cock tightened and he changed pace to stroke Richie on alternate thrusts to fucking him.

The guitarist stilled, a choked-off moan leaving his lips. He couldn't decide what he needed more; Jon's fist on his cock or Jon's cock in his ass. "Jon, shit... don't... need... " He thrust back to meet Jon's strokes, breathing growing harder and faster, their movements getting more desperate as they both neared orgasm.

"Richie... Fuck... Gonna... Gonna... uhh... Come for me, baby."

Richie groaned, tensing as his orgasm hit him and he felt Jon come at almost the same time. Jon's arms slid to wrap around Richie's waist, pulling him to the floor as his knees buckled.

Laughing, Richie reached up to turn the water off before leaning back against Jon. He twisted his head towards Jon, blindly seeking a kiss. A kiss that Jon gladly gave him. Richie grinned and buried his nose in Jon's hair, sniffing deeply. "You don't smell anymore," he declared.

Jon giggled and copied Richie, sniffing the guitarist, tongue flickering out against his throat. "Neither do you."

"Oh good," Richie relaxed against Jon, head falling back onto his shoulder with a contended sigh as the singer tightened his arms around him.

The two men sat there in silence, words not needed as they relaxed in each other's company, hands playing lazily over drying skin. A soft moan filtered through from the other room.

Richie swallowed heavily, his mouth drying as he met Jon's eyes. "Heather," he whispered, cock starting to grow hard again.

He pulled himself to his feet, then held a hand out to Jon and pulled him up as well. Their fingers tangled lightly together and they kissed gently on the lips before walking back out to the main bedroom of the suite.

Jon stumbled to a stop, eyes widening, and breath catching in his throat. Richie followed his gaze and grinned; Heather was lying exactly how they had left her. Almost. She was naked; her eyes squeezed shut, one hand playing with her breasts, the other inside her panties. The scent of her arousal hung heavily in the air.

Richie looked back at Jon. The singer's eyes dilated with lust, his breathing growing heavier. He met Richie's eyes and opened his mouth, but no sound came out. Instead, he grabbed the back of Richie's neck and pulled him down for a hard kiss, his tongue stroking over the taller man's.

A soft whimper caught their attention and they broke apart, turning to look at Heather. She had lifted her head from the bed and was watching them with hooded eyes, her breath coming in short pants, her hips rocking desperately into her touch. Pinching one of her nipples, she arched up into her touch, slumping back down to the bed with a moan as her body shook with another orgasm.

Richie caught Jon's eyes and grinned at him. They crawled forward on the bed, again laying one each side of Heather. They each grabbed one of her wrists, and pinned her hands to the bed. Heather gasped and struggled against them, but they just laughed, dipping their heads, one mouth to each nipple.

Heather whimpered, wriggling on the bed as Richie's hand slid down her stomach, two fingers slipping easily inside her.

"Richie..." She moaned, pushing back down against his hand, begging him for more. He obliged, sliding a third finger inside her, thumb circling her clit until she was writhing on the bed, rocking between the mouths licking and sucking at her breasts, and the hand fucking her. "I... uh.... Please... more... "

Both Richie and Jon lifted their heads to look at Heather, and she whimpered at the loss of stimulation to her nipples. She tried to lift her hands to touch herself but they were held tightly to the bed.

"More?" Richie echoed, already starting to change position on the bed. He spread Heather's legs wider, bracing himself with a hand either side of her hips as he pushed his cock into her, groaning at the feel.

Heather cried out wordlessly, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and thrusting hard up against him.

Watching them, Jon groaned, feeling himself grow harder. He knelt, spreading his knees to accommodate his heavy cock, hands moving back to Heather's breasts, the palms of his hands scrubbing over her tight nipples.

Heather gasped and slumped back to the bed, her head lolling on the pillow, exposing her long neck. Jon grinned and dipped his head down, running his tongue along her neck before kissing, sucking and nipping his way along her jaw. She turned to face him, their lips meeting in a hungry kiss. She broke off, panting, as Richie's thrusts grew more desperate, bringing them both closer to orgasm. She moved one of her hands from Richie's shoulder to wrap around Jon's cock, stroking him in time with Richie's thrusts.

"Fuck.... Heather... Oh, God..." Jon arched up into her touch, hands kneading her breasts as he kissed her again. The sound of Richie chuckling broke the moment and Jon looked up, meeting the guitarist's gaze. He gasped at the pure lust darkening those chocolate eyes; his grin growing to match Richie's. He turned his attention back to Heather, voice a husky whimper. "You could hear us in the shower, hear me touching him, and hear me fucking him. And it turned you on, didn't it, Heather? You were playing with yourself when we came back, you'd made yourself come listening to us. You like it, don't you? The thought of me fucking Richie."

Heather tensed on the bed, body arching up as she came, screaming Richie's name, her fist tightening on Jon's cock. A low grunt from Richie's signalled his orgasm, the sound making Jon even harder. Heather rolled her head to look at Jon, meeting his eyes, before turning back to look at Jon.

"I want... I want to see it." She looked again at Jon. "I want to watch you fuck Richie," she whispered.

Jon gasped and met Richie's eyes, seeing the look of shock mirrored on the guitarists face. He tensed, pushing harder into Heather's hands, his hips pumping as she fisted him harder. He groaned and reached out to both her and Richie as he came, body shaking with the intensity of it. He slumped forward, head resting on Heather's shoulder, watching as Richie sucked his come from Heather's fingers. Moaning, Jon pulled Richie forward, tasting both himself and Heather.

"She... She wants to watch."

Richie nodded, tongue darting out to wet dry lips. "Yeah, looks that way." He tipped Jon's chin up with his fingers. "You ok with that?"

Jon leaned forward and kissed Richie gently on the lips, before pulling away and turning to Heather. He pushed her back down on the bed and straddled her hips, He sealed his hips over hers, and kissed her hard, his tongue tasting and exploring until she was rocking up against him, thigh rubbing against his still half-hard cock. He looked up over his shoulder at Richie and grinned. "I think I can cope!"

Richie laughed and snared Jon's wrist, pulling him up and kissing him hard, one hand drifting down to curl around his erection. "Really?"

Jon whimpered and thrust into Richie's fist. "Yeah." He pushed Richie back down on the bed, plastering his body over the guitarists, and kissing him hard. "What about you?" He asked, rolling Richie's balls in his hands, feeling him grow hard against his stomach. "You gonna be ok?" He pulled back slightly and looked Richie in the eye. "I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't," Richie promised, pulling Jon back down for another kiss. They parted and he looked over at Heather, grinning as she swallowed hard. He moaned as Jon's tongue swirled around his ear and he arched up against him.

Looking over his shoulder, Jon grinned as he met Heather's eyes, her hands already rubbing over her breasts, just watching them kiss. She grinned back at him, faint blush covering her cheeks. "How do you want us?" He asked her, laughing as her blush darkened. "You've dreamt about it, haven't you? Dreamt about how Richie and me make love. So tell us, Heather, how do you want us to do it?"

Heather's eyes widened and her mouth formed an 'oh'. Her eyes darted between Jon and Richie. "I... " She closed her mouth again and blinked.

Richie shook his head and pulled Jon back down, rubbing against him. "Don't tease her, Jon. It's not fair." He held a hand out to Heather, encouraging her to sit closer to them. She smiled and moved to sit next to Richie, running her fingers through his hair.

"No," Jon agreed, pushing hard against Richie. "But it is fun." He whimpered as Richie scrubbed the palm of his hand over the head of his cock. "Richie... fuck..."

"That's what I'm waiting for," Richie laughed breathlessly.

Jon moaned and closed his eyes, pushing hard against Richie. He reached out blindly for the lube on the table next to the bed. His fingers found the tube and curled around it, pulling it back to himself. He arched his back as he coated himself in the cool gel. "Uh... Richie... " He pressed down on Richie's thigh with one hand, waiting for the other man to shift position on the bed.

Richie groaned, pulling his knees up and spreading his legs wide, his head falling back into Heather's lap. He watched from under hooded eyes as Jon settled himself between his legs. He reached out, whining wordlessly when Jon batted his hand away.

Jon looked up and met Richie's eyes, holding his gaze as he thrust into him, feeling his muscles clench around him. He groaned as he watched Richie's reaction, the guitarist's eyes sliding closed and his lips parting, his breathing speeding up.

Richie moaned, his back arching up as he pushed down against Jon. He could smell Heather's arousal and his tongue darting out along her thigh, tasting her.

Heather whimpered and squirmed, her hands leaving Richie's head and moving to play with her breasts, fingers pinching her nipples. Every time Jon thrust, Richie's tongue darted closer and closer to where she needed it, but never close enough. She bent down and kissed Richie on the lips before changing positions to lie on top of him, her mouth at her crotch and his mouth at hers. She grinned at Jon before dipping her head down and sucking lightly on the head of Richie's cock.

Richie moaned and thrust up into her mouth, his lips finding her clit and sucking hard on it. She whimpered in response, pushing her hips against his face, taking more of his cock into her mouth.

Jon froze as he watched Heather and Richie, lusting shaking him from head to toe. He groaned and tightened his grip on Richie's hips, thrusting harder and faster into him, unable to tear his eyes away from the sight of Heathers lips around her husband's hard cock. Jon grunted as he came, pumping his seed into Richie's body before withdrawing just in time to watch Richie come in Heather's mouth, the blonde swallowing convulsively as she took all he had to give.

She lifted her head and licked her lips, before tensing and pushing back hard against Richie, whimpering, desperate for her own release as he fucked her with his tongue.

Jon swallowed hard, cupped her face in his hands and kissed her hard. He plunged his tongue into her mouth and felt himself start to harden again as she responded. She screamed into his mouth as she came, shuddering hard before slumping forward with a gasp. She lifted her head and smiled at Jon, then wriggled around on Richie to kiss him. She laid her head on his chest, pressing gentle kisses along his collarbone.

Richie smiled and, with a contented sigh, wrapped his arms around her. He tipped her chin up and kissed her lightly; his smile growing as she all but purred and snuggled closer to him.

Jon slid off the bed. "I... I should go," he said, pulling on his jeans.

Heather lifted her head and met his eyes. "Stay?" She requested softly.

"I...." Jon dropped his t-shirt and met Richie's eyes. Richie smiled back at him and Jon nodded. "Ok," he agreed, crawling back on to the bed and curling up next to Richie, one hand reaching out and turning off the lights


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