Nothing To Justify
by Morvoren

She's awake right now, snuggled into her favorite chair in the common room and staring into the fire lazily. There's nothing really on her mind that she could verbalize, just a general sense of well-being and pure satisfaction.

It a normal world, she supposed that she really should be worried sick that she'd kissed a Slytherin who happened to be Draco Malfoy, of all people. But then, this hasn't been a normal world since she saw the great Harry Potter face to face.

She's changed over the years, gone from funloving and cute to mature and sure of herself. She has shaped herself into what she is as the circumstances are, she has turned into someone that can handle whatever life may throw at them with a smile.

That the smile isn't the same anymore is not all that obvious. For those who knew her, before and after, they'd be able to tell that something's different. But those that know her don't know her well enough to understand just what.

So she snuggles in the common room, curled up and almost purring as she recalls Draco's kiss. He might be a complete and utter tosser, but he can kiss. And the fact that he's an arrogant prat is really what drew her in the first place.

Well, that and he's so obviously riding hell-bent for Voldemort's side. He'll be a Death Eater, no question, and she knows that he won't accept being second-best. He'll be Voldemort's top man no matter what it takes.

Ginny admires a man with ambition, as long as it's backed by ruthlessness.

Ever since she got Tom Riddle's diary and became Tom, she's been...different. That's really putting it mildly, but for those who know her she's managed to hide the worst (or the best) of his presence from them.

Because Tom Marvolo Riddle, Lord Voldemort, isn't really gone from inside her. Ginny, once she got a look at Tom, found out she kinda liked him. He talked to her like she mattered, and even after the book was gone and she became the center -- well, the third ring of a three-ring circus, Harry was always the center -- he never went away. He knew that the attention would stop eventually, and he told her in his smooth voice that he'd be there when it did.

And he was.

He never lies to her anymore, he doesn't have to. It's a waste of his time and hers, because she feels so much of what he feels that it's almost like they're the same person. They aren't, but it's so close it's scary.

So she doesn't have to justify loving Draco, and that's why she isn't worried sick over the thought of betraying Harry. After all, Harry never returned anything she gave him. And Tom, Tom was always there.

And all she has to do is kiss Draco, keep him coming back for more and when school is out she'll be Mrs. Draco Malfoy, Death Eater by her husband's side and since she knows Harry so well, the most invaluable asset for the Dark.


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