Two Hearts
by Cyberperson

The man flips the coin. It sings as it spins in the air, both sides sparkling in the light. One coin, but with two sides. One man flipping it, but one with two faces. Two. Everything comes back to two. Chaos and order, right and wrong, handsome and ugly, one and other. Life and death, black and white, good and evil. One and two.

(One and one is two. Two and two is two. Three and three is two. Four and four is two...)

The coin clatters onto the wooden desk, spinning and rolling before settling to a halt between a .44 Automatic and a photo of an attractive olive-skinned woman. Clean side up, the face of Liberty glinting brightly, catching what little light existed in the near darkness...

(And he is Harvey Dent, and she is Renee, and she wears a beautiful floral dress as they dance in the sunshine. She is beautiful and innocent and perfect, and she smiles at him as his hands begin to explore firm-yet-so-soft skin. And she whispers "I love you" in his ear, and they kiss, a long, gentle, loving kiss...)

The man flips the coin. This time, it lands on the scarred side, scratched and dented, Liberty's face a grotesque parody...

(And he is Two-Face, and she is Montaya, hot and wet and wild, her police uniform tight as possible. She is bent over this very desk, handcuffed and bound and aroused, dark eyes burning with passion and lust. She whimpers eagerly as he rips her pants down, and her ass is pert and smooth under his touch, and she screams when he enters her, moaning "Fuck me!" as loud as she can...)

Two men, both in love with one woman. The right half of his face frowns; the left half sneers. Three people. Not right. Doesn't work. For two men, there must be two women. He is Harvey Dent and Two-Face; if they are to be together, Renee must be two people also. It doesn't work otherwise.

But everyone has two faces; she is no different. Her first face is Detective Renee Montoya, respected Gotham police officer. But who is her second face?

If she loves him, he'll find out.

(Goods heads, she loves us. Bad heads, she doesn't.)

The man flips the coin, snatching it out of the air before it can fall.

The clean side winks back at him.


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