A Quick Study, Reflections, And Best Laid Plans
by Caeliste

A Quick Study

It began when Hermione found Padma carrying a stack of books larger than her own. They'd shared a table and quick, curious glances over dusty tomes.

And so they met in dark corners of the library every night after dinner, neither bothering to mention it to their friends. They traded revision tips, Arithmancy notes, and slow, warm kisses.

Hermione sat behind a desk, quill poised over parchment, waiting. Her stomach churned and cold sweat made her robes stick to her back. She pulled the material away from her skin and saw ink smudged fingerprints on her thigh. She smiled.




Padma realizes she can watch Parvati from a distance and predict her every movement. She knows when her twin will push her hair behind her ear or throw her head back with laughter. Padma loves watching this living, breathing mirror image of herself. She is grateful they were separated, because she wouldn't be able to hide this longing. So she is content to want and to need and hate herself for it.

It all changes when Parvati climbs into her bed on a rainy night in October. They shudder together and all Padma can see is a reflection of her desire.


Best Laid Plans

Hermione tapped Ginny's parchment with her quill. "You need to expand on the properties of fluxweed. Snape's very particular about --"

"Hermione, have you ever done it?"

"Of course, I had this assignment last --"

Ginny stared at her shoes, her face flushed.

"Oh. No...I...no."

"Me either. Dean wants to."

"You're only in fifth year. You have loads of time."

"I want to before I graduate."

"With who?"

"I don't know." They both giggled.

But now, a year later, with Ginny's mouth on her neck and her fingers sliding between her legs, Hermione wonders if this wasn't the plan all along.


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