Waking Up
by kbk

It was a bit weird, really, waking up with the same person day after day. Weirder that than the fact it was a guy, actually. Being in the travelling-hero business didn't leave much opportunity for anything long-term, and it wasn't like he could leave and settle down somewhere. It wasn't like he would ever want to. But even if he did, he really ought to stick around until the Doctor sorted himself out - after all, look what happened the last time they split up for more than a few days - and that just wouldn't sit well with most of the women he met. "But Fitz, what about me? He's only one of maybe three Time-Lords left and your best friend of several years who happens to be severely fucked in the head and wants you to help him save the entire universe. I'm your girlfriend!"

And OK, maybe he was stereotyping immensely but it wasn't like it wouldn't probably be the same with most guys. It was the fact that it was Oz that made the difference, because he was just so damn calm about everything.

Also, it helped that Oz came along on the adventures. He seemed to understand from the first that there were some things that were more important than self, that it was perfectly possible to live for a cause and live with a person at the same time. That made more sense once he started really talking.

It might have been something in the air that loosened Oz's lips, or it might just have been the right time, but it explained a lot. Fitz had been lying in bed, Oz curled around him, and found himself toying with one of the charms that hung around his lover's neck. "What's this?" he asked, holding it up so it caught the light - worked pewter on a leather cord that smelled faintly of something that was probably illegal.

"Anti-werewolf amulet. Well, it's of an anti-anger amulet, but my getting angry is only a problem because then I turn into a ravening beast, so..." Oz's tone deviated a little from the normal, in the manner that Fitz had already learned meant he was absolutely in earnest.

Fitz blinked, and very carefully didn't tense up and flinch away. "You're a werewolf," he said, and could hear the flatness in his own voice that meant he'd accepted it as fact before he even opened his mouth. Oz looked over at him, some trick of the light making his eyes glow amber, and Fitz looked back very seriously.

"Is that a problem for you?" Oz asked.

Fitz thought about it. He really did. But in the end, all he could say was, "no".

After that, Oz told more stories about his past, and while the things he mentioned sounded extraordinary and unbelievable, Fitz hadn't believed in time-travel when he was younger, and now it was just a fact of life for him. So why not magic and demons and all kinds of supernatural things?

There's a line that the Doctor likes, about magic and sufficiently advanced science, that Fitz thinks might be bollocks. He's never heard of any kind of science that could turn his lover into a wild animal. Well, the initial transformation could probably be done, but the back-and-forth? Especially without any equipment. Fitz has seen a lot, and he likes to think he's got a better idea of what's possible than most people. And he would have said werewolves were impossible before he found out he was fucking (being fucked) by one. So it must be magic.

Not that it really matters how, of course. It only matters that it happens. And it does happen. It freaked him out a little, first time he saw Oz in his wolf form, but since he'd been getting the shit kicked out of him up to that point, he was more thankful than anything else. Of course, when the wolf then turned around and went after Fitz, he wasn't quite as grateful.

Still, he knew how to take care of himself. Also how to hide. And when they went to bed that night, Oz had to exorcise his feelings of guilt, which Fitz didn't mind in the slightest, leading as it did to some really quite fantastic sex.

That was another thing that was strangely easy. The sex. He would have expected, if he'd ever thought about it, that it would be really weird and scary and, well, unnatural. But it wasn't, because it was Oz, and he just... yeah, well. Fitz blushed just thinking about it.

He shifted uncomfortably, and watched as Oz slowly turned his head. Fitz hadn't intended to wake his lover up, and felt a little guilty about it, but not guilty enough to stop him running a hand down Oz's chest. Oz opened his eyes and blinked slowly at Fitz, who leaned over and dropped a light kiss on his lips.

"Hey," said Oz. "What was that for?"

Fitz frowned a little. "I need a reason?"

Oz shook his head, smiling, and moved closer to the taller man, relaxing back towards sleep. Fitz had been planning on getting up, but the warmth of the feeling in his chest and his lover against his side made him change his mind.

It was strange waking up with the same person, but Fitz could definitely get used to it.


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