Halo Above My Head
by Lassiter

There's a lot to be said about muscle memory. It's been over a year since the first and only time, but Oz finds himself following through with the actions as if they're a familiar routine.

Kevin is kissing him.

Like before, it was Kevin who moved first, backing Oz against the lockers despite being smaller than him. It was Kevin slipping his hand around Oz's neck, pulling him lower.

Like before, Oz is thinking of Heather and Kevin is probably thinking of Vicky. Oz just isn't sure if he's thinking of Heather in an 'Oh shit, I hope she doesn't find out' context or if he doesn't really care all that much. The situation suggests the latter. Wrists pinned to the locker, mouth parted with tongue, the guilt overhanging them translated into a contest of who can bruise lips first.

Kevin's hand moves to Oz's crotch.

This is something new.

Although the memory doesn't include this, Oz's body seems to think it does and his hips jut forward. Kevin's hand slips inside Oz's pants and wraps around his cock, and Oz wonders what it says about him that the first thing he thinks is 'someone might see.' But god, Kevin can... But. Shit.

Oh god.

Oz'll be damned if he's going to be the one to stop this, but.

Ah, shit.

Hoarsely, thick-voiced, Oz says, "Not here."

Kevin looks him in the eye and Oz wishes he wouldn't do that. It throws everything off. Eyes say too much. Or, they're always fronting like they're saying a lot. He doesn't know. Oz isn't very good at that kind of stuff. At knowing things and extracting nuances from eyes and little signs. So, he just repeats himself: "Not here."


But Kevin kisses him again and for a few seconds, Oz lets him. Then: "Kevin, we can't... Kevin."

So the kiss ends, regardless of whether they want it to or not. Kevin steps away and, Christ, there's the eye thing again.

Oz looks down the hallway. No one, at all.

Kevin starts walking. Oz follows.

Halfway down the hall there are bathrooms. Kevin goes into the girls' one and for a moment, Oz just stares. The door is slowly closing and Kevin stares back, asking a silent question with the raising of his eyebrows and the tilt of his head.

The door closes.

Five seconds later, the door opens again. When it closes, there is no one in the hallway.


"What about Vicky?" asks Oz as he closes the stall door behind him.

"What about Heather?"

There's that inevitable silent spot that usually follows someone saying something really stupid, and Kevin says, "Fuck it."

Oz thinks that's almost funny, considering circumstances.

Then Oz's fly went 'zip.' Then Oz is thinking, "Fuck." Then Kevin is running his tongue down the length of his cock and Oz isn't thinking much of anything anymore.


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