by M. Scott Eiland

". . .it killed Kyle, and it was about to get me when I crushed it in some machinery. I was standing there wondering what the hell to do when my vision went blurry, and I found myself standing in front of you and your friend Willow." Sarah Connor's voice was still weak from exhaustion and her injuries, but her eyes were clear as she looked over at Buffy and said simply, "I don't understand how I got here, but I have to get back to where I came from--Kyle told me that the future depends on my son saving the world."

Buffy sighed. Memo to self--have Willow double-check her rituals from now on She looked at the older woman and frowned. Her story sounds familiar--where have I heard it before? Dismissing the question for the moment, she smiled reassuringly and said, "Willow's doing research on how to get you back, and since that thing that was after you is toast, we can send you back and not worry about you getting killed. Meanwhile, you should rest--you can't save the world if you drop dead from shock and exhaustion." She reached for the remote control and clicked the TV on: "A little quiet TV time will be just the thing."

Sarah relaxed, then watched as the TV came into focus. She stared for five seconds, then screamed loudly before fainting dead away.

Buffy stared at Sarah in concern, then looked at the TV--where the new governor of California was being sworn in. Yep, I knew that I'd heard that story before She picked up her cell phone and hit the redial button. After a moment, Willow picked up and Buffy said, "Willow, I know where she came from--I'll explain later. Let's be a little more careful in the future with these rituals, OK? Next time it might be a refugee from a Godzilla movie."

Buffy ended the call before Willow could say, "Huh?" and looked at Sarah with an annoyed expression. Not looking forward to explaining this one The Slayer waited for her patient to recover while on the TV behind her, Governor Schwarzenegger held his wife's arm up in a victory gesture.


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