The Sausage Test
by Charles

"Nyahahahaha! You guys wouldn't pull anything 'cause I'm blindfolded, would you?"

"Of course not, Steve-O." That was Johnny, his voice fading as he headed into another room. He knew that he would start laughing once the tasting began, and that would give things away.

"Okay, cool."

Someone's hands grabbed Steve-O and guided him over to where the tasting was to take place. He was put into a chair with rollers on it and wheeled to the first sausage. There was a selection of sausages from around the world on the table, and then down at one end, stood Bam, with his own sausage, already out of his pants and ready for tasting.

The plan was to get Steve-O to try a sausage or two from America and another country, and then move him down to Bam.

A voice, Steve-O wasn't sure whose it was, told him to open his mouth and get ready for the first sausage. "This one's your basic sausage patty, from America."

"Okay, co-," Steve-O's words were cut off by a hand shoving some of the patty into his mouth. He obligingly chewed and swallowed. It was okay, a little spicy, but "Dudes, did you have to make the sausage room temperature?"

"Hey, Steve-O, that's the way it's eaten in some parts of the world. Room temperature sausage is a, um, delicacy." That was Bam.

Steve-O shrugged and laughed. "If that's the case, then cool."

"Okay, open up," another voice instructed and Steve-O was given some Cumberland sausage. There was some snickering from the guys in the room because the sausage looked like dog shit.

"You guys didn't sneak something other than sausage in here, did you?"

Bam grinned as he answered. "No way, man. It's all one hundred percent sausage. I swear."

Steve-O accepted the Cumberland and ate it. "Not bad," he mused.

"Time for the next one!" a voice called, and Steve-O was pushed down to where Bam was waiting.

"They say that this sausage should be savored, Steve-O. It's the kind that just melts in your mouth," Bam said as he walked up to Steve-O. "Open wide."

Steve-O opened his mouth wide, and Bam grabbed his flaccid penis and put it in Steve-O's mouth. Bam couldn't help but get an erection as Steve-O worked his tongue around the "sausage".

Eventually, Steve-O caught on, and pushed back in his chair and pulled his blindfold off. "Dude!"

Bam smirked as he put his dick back in his jeans. "When did you catch on?"

"Hahahaha, sausage isn't supposed to have hairs on it, and it's not supposed to get hard either."


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