The Fountain Of Magical Brethren
by Sami

Peilades Quirke was an artist. He had studied at all the finest of muggle art schools, but he was also an adventurer, and somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades. He used to sneak into the Forbidden Forest during his Hogwarts days and talk with centaurs. Working for Gringotts, he plundered tombs and became friends with goblins.

After he found his calling in art and settled down in England, he smuggled goblins and werewolves out of the country when You-Know-Who was at the height of power. Making his fortune painting portraits and such, he bought a mansion full of house elves. He had one pose for this piece. His wife Orla, the bravest and smartest person he knew, was standing by him as he smoothed the statue wizard's hat.

"Wow," Orla said after he was done. "Is that how the minister wanted it?"

Peilades nodded. "Yeah. It's the most expensive piece of garbage I've ever made."


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