A Master Of Deceit
by Kathryne

Jekyll lay on his bed, clothed in only undershirt and shorts. Although the temperature inside the Nautilus was reasonable, he was flushed and sweating heavily. He stared up into the darkness, his eyes open and unblinking. The gentle motion of the submarine rocked the cabin slightly, and he could hear the glass vials of his potion clinking as they swayed back and forth in their box.

Every night, it seemed, as soon as the sun fell, he had this same battle with Hyde. Most nights, of late, Jekyll had been losing. Hyde had become so strong over the past months; he sapped Jekyll's will until it almost seemed as if the doctor had no control even when Hyde was restrained to nothing more than a sneering voice. Tonight, though, had to be different. In a confined environment like the Nautilus, Hyde could not be freed; Jekyll knew that his monster would have no qualms about destroying either the ship or the other League members.

He balled the sheets up in his fists, twisting them as though to vent his inner torment, only to drop them suddenly as they began to rip.

Henry! Hyde's voice sounded in his head. Henry, let me out!

"No," Jekyll rasped. "I know what you'll do, Edward. I can't let you out. Not here."

You have no idea what I'll do, Henry, you little coward! You think I'll go running around the ship punching people, don't you; that's the worst thing you can come up with, isn't it? Hah! Hyde's laugh felt as if it was splitting Jekyll's head. Or maybe you think that I'd like to go find that delicate Mrs. Harker and do to her what you've let me do to so many others.

Jekyll shuddered. It had frightened him, earlier in the corridor, to find Hyde so fixated on Mina Harker; he knew from experience that women with whom Hyde became fascinated ended up bleeding and pale, sprawled against dirty cobblestone streets.... He shook off the mental image and said shakily, "I'm not letting you near her, Edward. I won't have you ruining this mission -"

You don't care about the mission, Henry. You just don't want everyone to see what the beast inside you is really like, Hyde sneered. You think I'd like to forcibly have my way with her, is that it? I wouldn't need to force her, Henry. I saw the way she looked at me; she was the only one in the room who didn't cringe. She was fascinated. Do you want to know what I'd do with her?

"No," Jekyll said weakly. He could barely hear his own voice over the rattling of the glass vials of potion, and Hyde ignored him.

First I'd take down that hair, tear it out of the bun, let it drop down over her back. I'd grab that ridiculous scarf she always wears and pull her towards me with it. She'd get weak, dizzy, because I'd hold it so tight, and while she was off-balance I'd shove her around and rip her blouse down the back. I'd bite through her corset and throw the whole thing on the floor, leave red welts on that perfect pale skin of hers, and she'd let me. She'd wriggle back against me, and then she'd turn to take off my shirt and she wouldn't be gentle either.

Hyde's voice, normally near-deafening, had dropped in volume to an almost hypnotic rumble. Jekyll was held captive by its intonations, Hyde's fantasy filling his brain. His hand snaked down into his shorts - he almost wasn't sure whether it was his hand or Hyde's - and curled around his hardening member.

Her nails would scratch and draw blood, because there's something just as fierce about her as there is about me. And when she pulled off my trousers, I wouldn't have to break her arm to get her to take me in her mouth. She'd do it herself, get on her knees for me and use that red, red tongue. I'd fuck her mouth, Henry, do you dream about that?

Jekyll's hand was moving faster, in time to the rise and fall of Hyde's words.

Before I finished, I'd pull her back up; I'd shred her skirts to pieces with my claws, turn her over, and drive into her from behind. I'd force her onto the bed and nearly crush her with my weight. She'd love it. She'd cry out my name - mine, Henry, not yours. She wouldn't even think of you.

Jekyll knew it was true. He was nothing; he would never be able to look at a woman and expect her to want him later. He envied Edward's freedom, in a way. Jekyll could never imagine the things Hyde did. Everything Jekyll wasn't, Hyde was. Hyde was virile and strong; Jekyll was wasting away to nothing, not a man, not even a human being any more. All he had was Hyde's voice in his head, Hyde's rough hand moving with his, on him....

I'd fondle her breasts, kiss her neck. I'd pound her against the bed again and again, feeling her tighten around me. It would take maybe a minute, maybe a few. She'd moan as I finished inside her.

Hyde's voice turned to stone and his words dropped into Jekyll's head. And then I would bite off her head.

Jekyll gasped, arched into his hand, and came against his will.

He pulled his hand out of his shorts desperately; the warm liquid sticking to his fingers felt nauseatingly like blood. He fell out of bed and crawled over to the washbasin, managing to haul himself up before he vomited. Hyde roared with mocking laughter.

Not so noble after all, eh, Henry? Not so pure as you want to be?

Jekyll took off his undershirt and used it to wipe his mouth, then to clean himself fully. He was silent as he crawled back on to the bed; Hyde's taunts couldn't rouse him to a reply.

The next day, he met Mrs. Harker in the corridor. He spoke just a little louder and looked at her just a bit longer, and when he left, she looked back at him, not quite sure what had changed.


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