Beloved Son
by Victoria P.

Don't worry too much about me, Harry. It's not bad here, not at all. It's not the ending I expected, and I really hate that Bella beat me, but it's better than sitting alone in that house, with my mother shrieking and Kreacher lurking.

Don't feel guilty, either. It's not your fault. You did what you thought was the right thing, and I'm so proud of you. You've taught your friends well -- I can't believe the difference in Neville Longbottom. His parents would be thrilled -- not that he was in danger, but that he faced it so bravely.

Your parents are proud, too. Trust me. They're the only ones who are prouder than me and Remus.

Speaking of Remus -- take care of him, please. Don't let him hurt himself or become so caught up in grief or research that he forgets to eat. I'm sure Molly will fuss over him, but he hates that. Don't let him take stupid risks, either. I don't want to see him here for a good long time. Even I'm not that selfish.

None of us wanted to say it, but it's obvious that Azkaban broke something in me, and I don't know if anything could have made me better, although Remus tried. Merlin, did he try. More than I ever deserved. He always was the best of us, though he'd never admit it. I was lucky to have had him as a friend at all, lucky that he forgave me for being an arse, time and time again. Listen to him - - he'll never steer you wrong. Remind him of how much he has to live for.

And listen to Hermione and Ron, as well. They're great friends, and if anyone knows the value of friends, it's me. Those two will stick by you through everything; don't shut them out.

If you learn anything from my death, learn this -- ignorance, secrecy and mistrust are Voldemort's strongest weapons. I didn't trust my closest friend, and we all paid dearly for it. Please don't repeat my mistakes.

Only if we all stand together can we beat him. And yes, I say we, because I'm still with you, Harry. Just not physically. Your parents are, too.

Pay attention in school; learn everything you can, because you never know what will defeat him. I don't mean getting lots of N.E.W.T.s and all that rot, though I suppose that's important. I mean, learn to see the possibilities in what you're taught, how one spell can become another; everything has multiple uses, if you can just see them.

The Death Eaters want to kill death, stop time, keep everything the way it's been for hundreds of years. But that's stagnation, which is just another form of death, though they're too stupid to see it.

I have to go now, but remember, I love you, your parents love you, and I couldn't be prouder if you were my own son.

Give my love to everyone.



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