Into A Man
by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

David lay on his stomach, elbows on the bed, head propped in his hands. He glanced around the room and grinned. "Your first time." He paused as the others laughed. "The first time you did it, the first time you got laid. And details, I want details. But nothing too graphic." He met Jon's eyes and laughed. "We have innocent ears listening!"

Jon laughed and threw a cushion at David, sticking his tongue out at the other boy. David was only older by a month but was always teasing him about the fact that everyone in his band was older than he was. His band. Excitement rushed through him; he liked that sound of that - His band. He bit down on his lower lip to stop himself from laughing out loud and turned his attention back to what David was saying.

"We'd been dating on and off for a few months, nothing serious really. We were in my bedroom listening to some records and uhmm... we started kissing and things uhh progressed." He shook his head. "It was clumsy, we didn't know what we were doing but..." He trailed off, a dreamy look on his face.

"Ok, I'll bite." Alec spoke up from where he sat on the other bed. "Her name was Rachel and we were 17. We'd been going steady for about six months and we both wanted it to be special. One evening I took her down to the beach. I'd arranged everything; a blanket, a picnic basket and I'd uhh borrowed some wine from my dad and well... it was perfect."

Tico laughed and threw a cushion at Alec hitting him in the face. Alec retaliated and the two of them were soon embroiled in a pillow fight. One of the pillows burst, scattering feathers all over the room.

"Cut it out!" Richie called, waiting for them to stop. "We can't afford to break anything," he pointed out.

Alec scowled but agreed, dropping back down to sit on the bed, breathing hard and laughing.

"Yeah, Ok." Tico nodded, stretching out along the length of the couch. "I just can't believe Alec's an old romantic," he laughed.

Alec shook his head, ignoring the teasing taunt. "So let's hear yours then."

"I'd just turned 18 and it was decided that I was the oldest living virgin on the planet. She was the 25year old sister of one of the guys I hung around with."

"Oh." Alec swallowed heavily, his eyes bugging out of his head. Tico laughed at his shocked expression and turned to Richie.

"Uh..." Richie swallowed hard and looked down at the floor, face turning red as he spoke. "We met in a bar, got talking over a few beers, went back to his car and drove to some motel." "His?" Tico echoed.

Richie nodded, not looking up "Yeah," he replied quietly.

"You... you're gay?" Alec asked.

"Pretty much so, yeah." Richie admitted.


A stifling silence descended, as the others took in what Richie had said. Richie swore under his breath; perhaps that hadn't been the best way to come out. But no one had said anything so maybe...

The bed sheets rustled as David sat up. "Not exactly... uhh... romantic," he offered.

Richie laughed and shrugged his shoulders, looking up. "Not really, no" he agreed, smiling slightly as the others laughed at his dry tone. He let out a long breath, relaxing as he realised the rest of the band were accepting him.

All eyes turned to Jon who had stayed quiet the whole time. He sat on the floor, back against the wall. His knees were drawn up to his chest and his long hair obscured his face.


Jon glanced up at Richie through his hair. "What?"

"Your turn."

"No." Jon shook his head.

"What? Why not?" David complained. "We've all told our stories, that means it's your turn."

Jon lifted his head. "And I said no." He rose to his feet in one fluid motion and walked out the door.

David, Tico and Alec exchanged confused glances. "What the hell was that about?" Tico asked and David just shrugged, shaking his head. Richie frowned, staring at the closed door.

"I'll go talk to him." Richie followed Jon down the corridor, watching as he opened the door to his own room. He waited a few minutes before knocking on the door. "Jon? Jon, it's Richie, can I come in?"

"It's open," Jon's muffled reply filtered through the door and Richie pushed it open. Jon was curled up in one of the chairs, staring out the window. He turned and looked over his shoulder as Richie walked in the room. "Hey," he smiled weakly.

Richie sat down on the bed and watched Jon. "What's wrong?"

Jon shook his head. "Nothing."

Looking away from Jon, Richie sighed heavily. "It's because of me, isn't it? Because I'm gay." He stood up and walked towards the door, a disappointed look on his face. "I'll go," he offered, tone emotionless. "Give me half an hour or so and I'll be..."

"Richie, no." Jon interrupted. "It's not, I promise." He waited until Richie turned to face him. "Don't go, please. I want you to stay; I want you in my band. I don't care if you're gay, really."

"Really?" Richie couldn't damp down the hope in his voice and Jon smiled.

"Yeah, really. And I'm sorry if I made you think that."

Richie returned Jon's grin and sat back down on the bed. "So what's wrong? Why'd you bolt outta there?"

Jon sighed and looked away. "I couldn't..." he took a deep breath, cheeks flaming red. "Nothing to tell." He mumbled.

Richie frowned, his eyes widening as realisation dawned. "You... you're still a ..."

"Don't say it, Richie, please..." Jon begged, still not looking at him.

"Ok," Richie nodded. "I won't. But it's nothing to be ashamed of."

"Then why do I feel like a freak of nature?" Jon asked quietly, looking up at Richie.

"Because of those guys?" Richie frowned. "Because of what Tico said?" Jon nodded and Richie sighed. "It's not a race, Jon," he smiled lightly. "Ignore what they were saying. Sex, especially the first time, should be something special. And come on, you're only 22, you've got plenty of time." He laughed out loud at the slight scowl on Jon's face. "You mind if I ask why? I mean, a good looking guy like you, I would've thought the chicks would have been lining around the block!"

Jon laughed and shook his head, a faint blush covering his cheeks. "All the guys at my school were into sports and that was what the girls liked. I wasn't a jock, so..." he trailed off, uncurling in the chair, sitting on the edge of the seat." You think I'm good looking?"

Richie smiled, shivering under the intensity of Jon's piercing blue gaze. His stomach flipped and he chewed nervously on his lower lip. "Yeah," He nodded. "You're fucking gorgeous," he admitted. He dropped his eyes to the floor, missing the grin that spread across Jon's face.

"Oh, good. Then you won't mind if I do this..." Jon slid out of his chair and tipped Richie's chin up with his fingers, lips brushing faintly over his before pressing a firm kiss on them.

Richie eyes widened and he reached out, cupping Jon's face in one hand. He stroked Jon's cheek with his fingers, lips curling up in a smile as their eyes met. "Jon..." he breathed as he leaned forward, returning the kiss. He pulled back; tongue running over Jon's full lips. Taking Jon by the hand, Richie pulled him out of the chair and over to the bed.

Jon sighed and wrapped his arms around Richie, pushing him down on the bed and lying on top of him. He caught Richie's lips under his own, tongue pushing past them and running over Richie's. Richie groaned and pulled Jon tighter, the kiss turning greedy as he returned it. Jon broke the kiss with a gasp. He rubbed against Richie's leg, trying to relieve his hard-on. He could feel Richie's erection pressing against his stomach and it sent fire straight down his spine.

"Oh God, Jon..." Richie felt his hips rocking back against Jon's and tensed on the bed. He slid his hands down Jon and unzipped his jeans. He slid his hand inside, fingers curling around Jon's hard cock.

Jon whimpered, thrusting into Richie's hand as the guitarist slowly stroked him. He clutched at Richie's shoulders, his head thrown back, biting down on his lower lip. "Richie, please..."

Richie laughed softly and sped up, pumping Jon's cock until he felt Jon tense, body shuddering as he came with a soft cry, slumping down on top of him, breathing heavily.

Forcing his eyes open, Jon looked up at Richie and grinned. "Wow," he gasped, reaching up and kissing Richie on the lips. He could still feel Richie's cock, even harder now, pressing into his stomach. He swallowed nervously and touched Richie through the denim of his jeans. "What... what about you?" He asked hesitantly.

Richie's breath caught in his chest at Jon's softly spoken question. Just the thought of Jon touching him and he nearly came in his pants. He ran his fingers down Jon's face, smiling when Jon leaned into his touch. "You.... You don't have to."

"I... " He paused and licked his lips, voice stronger when he spoke again. "I want to."

Jon's hand was still resting on the crotch of Richie's jeans and the guitarist tensed, fighting the urge to thrust up. He felt himself growing harder, his jeans growing uncomfortably tight. "You... you know how?"

Jon laughed. "I think I can work it out."

Richie blushed faintly and Jon laughed. "I'm sorry."

Jon leaned forward and kissed Richie. "Don't be." He rubbed Richie through his jeans, smiling when he hissed and arched up. Kissing Richie again, Jon trailed his fingers up to the waistband of Richie's jeans and, with clumsy fingers, unzipped them. He slid the jeans down to rest low on Richie's hips, finger trailing along the length of his hard cock. He froze and looked up at Richie. "I... "

"Jon?" He ran his fingers down Jon's face and along his lips, waiting until Jon met his eyes. "You alright?"

Jon nodded. "Yeah, I just... I wanna... I want it to be good for you." He admitted softly.

Richie felt his heart melt at the tender tone of Jon's voice. He tilted his chin up with his finger, and kissed him gently, moaning when Jon deepened the kiss. "It will be, baby. Just do what feels right." He smiled at the worried look on Jon's face and laced his fingers through Jon's, bringing their hands to his lips and kissing the palm of Jon's. "Relax, Jon.," he whispered. "Trust me."

"I do," Jon reassured him, forcing himself to relax as Richie moved their joined hands down to circle his erection.

The feel of Jon's fingers on him almost made Richie come straight away. He sucked in a shaky breath, brushing his damp hair away from his face with his free hand. "If you don't want this Jon, tell me and we'll stop."

Jon didn't reply and moved his fist slowly along Richie's erection, relaxing as the guitarist shuddered on the bed, arching up into his hand. Richie gasped, his hand falling away from Jon's to grab hold of the sheets, his arousal inflamed by Jon's touch.

Encouraged by Richie's reaction, Jon repeated his action, speeding up until Richie writhed on the bed, his come coating Jon's fingers.

The look on Jon's face, was to Richie, a pure classical one and he couldn't help but laugh breathlessly. Grabbing Jon's wrist gently, he licked his come off Jon's fingers. "You ok?"

Jon nodded and swallowed hard, the shocked expression still plain on his face. Richie grinned and pulled Jon back down on top of him and kissed him needily, their tongues duelling as Richie wrapped his arms around Jon, holding him tightly. He broke the kiss, lips sliding down to suck gently on Jon's neck. He raised an eyebrow and slid his hand down Jon's body as he realised he was growing hard again.

"What's this, Jon?"

Jon moaned and arched up into Richie's hand. "It's called the... uh... stamina of youth."

"Youth?" Richie laughed, rubbing his palm over Jon's semi-hard cock. "So what are you saying, that I'm old?"

"If the cap fits," Jon giggled breathlessly, batting Richie's hands away as he started tickling him.

"Old, huh?" Richie flipped them over so he was straddling Jon's waist, his greater weight holding Jon down as he tickled him. Tears of laughter streamed down Jon's face and he writhed under Richie as he was mercilessly attacked.

"No... Richie... stop it... please..." he begged, laughing and crying at the same time.

Still laughing, Richie wiped Jon's tears away with this thumbs. He dipped his head and caught Jon's lips under his, tasting the salty tang of his l... of the younger man's tears. Jon moaned and tried to deepen the kiss, his hand snaking down to Richie's cock, touch growing bolder as Richie's body responded.

Richie broke the kiss with a gasp, bucking up into Jon's hand. His fingers clutched at Jon's shoulders and he threw his head back. "Oh God, Jon... Don't.... So good... Please..." He took a deep breath and looked back down, meeting Jon's eyes. "Jon, stop."

Jon's hand stilled and he pulled away, a nervous look in his pale face. He tensed as Richie rolled off him and moved to sit on the edge of the bed. "What is it, Rich?" Did I... Did I do something wrong?"

"No! Oh God, Jon, no. Not at all." Richie hastened to reassure him, turning his head to kiss him gently on the lips. "But I think we need to talk. I need to know why now," he continued. "I want you, Jon. I'll admit that. I want you so fucking much, but I don't want this if you don't want me. If this is just some knee-jerk 'I have to lose my virginity' reaction, then I don't want any part of it. Your first time should be... it should be special, Jon. Not some quick fuck, thank you very much and then forget all about it. Tell me you want this - tell me you want me."

"I..." Jon swallowed hard and met Riche's eyes. "I want th... I want to be with you. I like you, Richie. I like you a lot and when I'm with you..." He trailed off, shaking his head. "I can't explain it... I've never felt this way before." He broke eye contact, fingers fiddling with the edge of the duvet.

Richie smiled and covered Jon's hands with his own, kissing him on the lips. "You mean that?"

Jon nodded and returned the smile. "Yeah." He pulled Richie back down on the bed and rolled them over so he was straddling Richie's hips. "I want to see you," he whispered. His fingers shook slightly as he started unbuttoning Richie's shirt. Richie lay still, his breathing speeding up as Jon's hand brushed over his chest. His shirt was pushed over his shoulders and slid down his arms, exposing his tanned body. Jon's hands slid down to the waistband of Richie's jeans, fingers running over the soft skin of Richie's belly just above his jeans, making the guitarist wriggle on the bed. Jon slowly slid Richie's jeans and boxers down his legs. He lay down next to Richie on the bed, one hand propping up his head. He swept his gaze over Richie, fingers tracing lazy patterns on his chest before leaning over and kissing him on the lips.

"Gorgeous," Jon whispered.

Richie laughed and deepened the kiss, rolling them over again. "My turn," he said softly. "Want to see all of you." His fingers tightened in the collar of Jon's t-shirt and he ripped it apart, kissing his way down Jon's chest as it was uncovered.

"Hey, I like that t-shirt!" Jon laughingly protested, squirming as Richie bathed his nipples with his tongue.

"I'll buy you a new one." Richie pulled Jon's jeans over his hips, raising an eyebrow when he noticed the younger man was wearing no underwear. "Lift your hips, baby." Jon obliged and Richie ran his hands down Jon's thighs. "Gonna make you feel so good, Jon." Richie told him, mouth engulfing his cock.

Jon gasped, thrusting up into the warm wetness of Richie's mouth. Richie grunted and pinned his hips down against the mattress, tongue dragging along the length of Jon's erection, tasting the saltiness pooling on the head. Jon's fingers grasped the sheets and he struggled against Richie's grip. A strangled cry was ripped from his throat as Richie took his full length in his mouth, sucking hard. His eyes rolling back in his head, Jon trembled on the bed as he came, Richie swallowing all he had to give.

Chest heaving, Jon struggled to a sitting position, grinning as he met Richie's eyes. Holding his hand out to the guitarist, Jon pulled him down on the bed, their lips meeting, arms winding around each other.

"Richie..." Jon whispered, teeth grazing down Richie's throat.

Richie grinned and ran his fingers down the side of Jon's face and along his full, kiss-swollen lips. "How'd that feel, baby?"

"Good." Jon licked his lips. "Like, wow."

Richie laughed at the stunned tone in Jon's voice. "Wanna give you so much more," he whispered into Jon's ear, sucking lightly on the lobe. "Wanna give you everything." His fingers toyed lightly with Jon's tight nipples. "Want you so much, Jon. Wanna make it so damn good for you." His lips trailed down to suck on the pulse point on Jon's throat, teeth nipping the skin, marking him. "Wanna feel you, wanna feel all over you. Want to make love to you." He trailed off, waiting for Jon's response. Jon gasped and met Richie's eyes, his blue eyes dilated with lust.

"Richie..." Jon looped his hands behind Richie's head and pulled him down for a deep kiss, wrapping his legs around the older man's waist. "Do it, Richie," he begged. "Fuck me!"

Richie moaned and pulled back to look Jon in the eyes. "No, Jon. I'm not going to fuck you. I'm gonna make love to you, make you feel so fucking good." He pressed back down, rubbing his erection against Jon's stomach as he kissed the younger man before standing up and kneeling down in front of his suitcase.

"Richie..." Jon whimpered, sitting up and pushing his hair out of his eyes.

Richie glanced back at Jon over his shoulder and smiled at him. He opened a fresh condom and hissed as he rolled it on to his erection. Picking up his lubricant, he pushed Jon back down on the bed, kissing him hard. "I don't want to hurt you, baby."

"You won't." Jon's eyes shone with trust that made Richie's heart melt.

"Oh, Jon..." Richie whispered, bringing Jon's hand to his lips and his knuckles. "But I might if we're not careful. I don't want to hu..."

"You won't, Richie. I trust you."

Richie's breath caught in his chest and he swallowed heavily around the lump that had grown in his throat. "Roll... Roll over, baby, lie on your front." Jon rolled over and Richie ran his hand down Jon's back, caressing his ass. Reaching to the top of the bed, Richie grabbed a pillow. "Lift your hips." He placed the pillow under Jon's hips, raising him off the bed a little. "Comfy?"

Jon pillowed his head in his hand and nodded. "Yeah." He gasped, shuddering as Richie stroked his ass. "Rich!"

"If this hurts at all, Jon, you must tell me, ok?"

Breathing hard, Jon nodded. "Promise."

"Ok." Richie took a deep breath to try and calm himself down, as he coated his fingers with lube. "Ok." He repeated, gently massaging the ring of muscle around Jon's entrance.

Jon whimpered and pushed back against Richie's hand.

"You like that, Jon?" Richie asked, his voice wavering slightly.

"Yeah." Came the breathless reply.

"Ready for more?"

There was a pause and Richie kept on massaging Jon, feeling him relax more and more under his ministrations. "Uh-huh."

Jon's sigh sent a shiver of lust through Richie's body and he started to slide just the very tip of his finger into Jon. He stilled as the muscles spasmed around the digit, automatically trying to expel it. Jon's breathing sped up but he didn't complain, so Richie pushed his finger fully in. Feeling Jon tense up, Richie stopped, asking him if he was alright.

"Yeah, just... uhh.... Different."

Richie pulled out and lubed his finger up again. It slid in easier the second time, and he slowly fucked Jon until the slight resistance faded. "Ready for a bit more?"

"Yeah," Jon panted, spreading his legs slightly. He whimpered with loss as Richie pulled out again, the whimper quickly turning to a moan as a second finger joined the first. Breathing even harder, Jon pushed back against Richie, forcing his fingers in further. "Ri... Ri... Richie.... Please... Oh God!" Jon's back arched and he cried out as Richie's finger brushed over his prostate. "Shit!"

Richie laughed and pulled out again, confident that Jon was ready. He squeezed lube out onto his cock, pushing forward into his hand. "If this hurts, Jon, you tell me," Richie said as he lifted Jon's hips with one hand, guiding his cock in with the other.

Jon grunted as Richie's cock pushed into his ass. He grit his teeth and tensed against the intrusion, squeezing his eyes shut. Richie stopped immediately, hand sliding up to rub soothing circles on Jon's lower back.

"Jon?" Richie swore under his breath when Jon didn't respond and started to pull out.

"Don't... Stop..." Jon ground out. "I'm... Ok... Just... feels... strange... gotta... uhh... get used to it."

"You sure?" Richie needed to know, his hand never stopping rubbing circles on his back. "I can't... I can't hurt you Jon."

"Not... hurting me..." Jon insisted, trying to rock back against Richie. "Richie... please..."

"Please what, baby?"

"I... uh.... T.... touch me, please..." Jon begged, pushing back against Richie making his cock slide further into him." Richie moaned, one hand snaking under Jon, fingers wrapping around his hard cock, stroking him lightly. "Richie...." Jon gasped, breath coming in short, hard pants as Richie slowly pulled out before pushing in again, cock brushing over his prostate. "I'm gonna... gonna... need to .... Uhh...." Jon tensed, shuddering from head to foot as he orgasmed, pitching forward on the bed as Richie came inside him.

When Jon came around a few minutes later he was sitting between Richie's legs, back against his chest, Richie cleaning half-dried come from his body. Feeling Jon stir, Richie brushed the younger man's hair away and kissed his neck.


"Hey yourself," Jon twisted his head to the side for a kiss, a kiss that Richie gladly gave him, cupping his face as their tongues tasted each other. Jon sighed contentedly, leaning back against Richie.

"How you feelin'?" Richie asked carefully, dropping the damp cloth to the floor, his fingers still trailing over Jon's chest.

"S'nice," Jon purred, arching up into Richie's touch.

Richie laughed. "You cannot seriously still be horny!" He ran his hand down Jon's thigh and along the underside of his flaccid cock.

"No," Jon agreed. "But if you keep that up, I will be." He batted Richie's hand away, kissing his shoulder. "I feel...." He frowned. "I don't feel any different."

Richie tightened his arms around Jon, turning to face him slightly. "You were expecting to?"

Jon shrugged, a light blush covering his cheeks. "I guess so. Everyone makes such a big fuss out of sex and I just thought..." He sighed. "They're all gonna know, aren't they?"

"Who will all know what?"

"Dave, Alec and Tico. They're gonna be able to tell, aren't they? Just by looking at me. That I was... and now I'm not and that we, that we..."

Richie laughed softly and cut off Jon's babbling with a kiss. "Slow down, Jon." He curled his fingers around Jon's, pulling him over to the mirror. He placed Jon in front the mirror and stood behind him, wrapping his arms around him from the back. "Do you look any different?

Jon shook his head. "No. Uh... Not unless you count this." He ran his fingers over the love bite on his throat. Meeting Richie's eyes in the mirror, he laughed as Richie turned red.

Richie touched the mark and apologised. "They can't tell just by looking at you, I promise. You don't have some neon sign above your head that says 'I just lost my virginity'" He paused as Jon laughed. "But, yeah, they do probably know, or have the idea at the very least. We were talking about sex, you wouldn't talk and you ran out, I went after you and we've been gone for ages. They're not stupid Jon; they've probably worked it out."

"Oh." Chewing on his bottom lip, Jon turned to face Richie. "Should... Should we tell them? About us?"

"Is there an us?" Richie reached out to hold Jon's hands

"I'd like there to be. If that's what you want." Jon met Richie's eyes and smiled.

Richie returned the grin and pulled Jon back over to the bed, kissing him hard.


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