Desire: Making An Example Of Her
by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

Jon looked down again at the crumpled piece of paper in his hand. Tico had slipped it into his pocket at the end of the photo shoot, and whispered in his ear not to open it until he was alone in his room. Which was exactly what Jon had done. Screwed the paper up into his fist and held it tight, trying his hardest not to think about it until he had made his excuses and fled to his room. Clothes were on his bed and Jon stared at them, confusion furrowing his brow; he didn't remember laying any clothes out the previous night. A lot had happened since then, he reasoned, and immediately forgot about it. Turning off the main lights, he flicked on one of the lamps and curled up in a plush leather chair. Taking a deep breath, he relaxed his fist and straightened out the paper, stomach flipping with nervous excitement as he read the words.


Wearing the clothes laid out for you on the bed... Jon looked over at the clothes on the bed again. ...Be at Desire, 10pm sharp.

Master T

Jon looked at the clock and swore. If he was going to get showered and changed and at the club by 10, he'd have to get a move on. He leapt to his feet and showered quickly, towelling himself off as he looked at the clothes on the bed. Tight black jeans. Too tight, Jon decided as he rolled them up his thighs, twisting to look in the mirror. Skin tight, and too small, he realised, as he reached in and adjusted himself until he was comfortable. He pulled on the light blue sweatshirt Tico had chosen for him, and shrugged the long leather jacket on. He slipped his keys and the note into the pocket of his jeans and raced out of the door.

His breath caught in his throat and he stumbled to a stop, leaning against a brick wall, staring at the club across the road. He could do this, he told himself. Going in there tonight was no different than going in there any other time. Except it was. Everything was different. And Tico...

Jon shook himself and dropped his half-smoked cigarette to the floor, stubbing it out with his foot as he crossed the road, wide grin growing on his face as he recognised and greeted Jake, the bouncer.

"j!" Jake grinned broadly and swept Jon up into a crushing bear hug. "How you doin?" Jon laughed and returned the hug before slipping out of Jake's arms and brushing himself down. He pushed his hair behind his ear and straightened his mask. He opened his mouth to reply but Jake continued. "Heard you got into some trouble the other day with a drunken bastard. Everything OK? And Master T sorted everything?" Jake was impressed, Jon could hear it in the sound of his voice. "I have to ask; you've met Master T? What's he like?"

"Jake, Jake... Calm down," Jon laughed. "I'm fine," he promised. "Yes, I got into a... spot of bother. And yes, Master T sorted it all out. So, yeah, I met him."

"And," Jake wanted to know. "What's he like?"

Jon paused. "He's... "

Before Jon had chance to answer Jake's question, a short blonde girl came racing up to him and flung her arms around him, kissing him hard on the lips "j!" She exclaimed, pulling back to look at him. "How you doin'?"

"Nessie," Jon grinned, returning her kiss. "I'm good, you?"

Nessie nodded frantically. "Look, j, I gotta tell you, I'm very very excited. You've... You've been summoned! By Master T himself! I... I've got to take you down to his... to his private area, j! Hardly anyone's ever been there. You really left an impression on him at the weekend. You must have. Wow, how exciting is this?" She babbled constantly as she looped her arm through his and tugged him through the club. She looked back over her shoulder at Jake. "Later, Jakey." She turned her attention back to Jon. "I would give anything, and I mean anything to be in your place tonight. Master T. Wow."

"Breathe, Nessie," Jon reminded her, laughing. "So, what's so exciting?"

Nessie's eyes widened and she shook her head. "I... I can't tell you. I don't really know, not exactly, but I was told only to take you down there. Other than that I can't say. As much as I respect Master T, I so don't want to be punished by him. Sorry, j." They came to a stop outside the heavy door to Master T's office. Nessie kissed Jon again. "This is where I leave you," she said apologetically, knocking hard on the door, before running off, leaving Jon waiting nervously for Tico to open the door.

The door opened silently and Jon walked in. Tico was sitting behind his desk, leaning back in the leather chair. He didn't greet Jon, just ran his eyes over him, smirked and told him to strip. Jon swallowed hard but obeyed, kicking off his sneakers and peeling the black jeans down his legs. He could feel Tico's eyes on him, but refused to look up at him. He could hear Tico muttering to himself, snippets of words that made him blush as he unbuttoned his shirt and was left standing there naked, fighting the urge to cover himself.

"On your knees, hands behind your back."

Jon shivered as he sank to his knees, crossing his wrists in the small of his back. He dropped his gaze to the floor, hair falling over his face. He took a deep breath and relaxed into his role as he watched Tico's feet draw closer to him. Fighting the urge to flinch, Jon whimpered under his breath at the feel of rope wrapping around his wrists as Tico tied them tightly, before pressing his elbows as close together as they would go and tying them with more harsh rope. His hands curled into fists and he flexed his muscles against the ropes, sighing when they didn't give.

"Get up," Tico instructed, watching as Jon rose to his feet. "Follow me." Jon followed Tico, blushing when the older man raised an eyebrow at his erection. Neither of them spoke as they walked into Tico's private area, Jon's eyes darting rapidly around the room, trying to take it all in. "On the floor." Jon lowered himself to his knees, grunting as Tico pushed him forward until he was lying down on his stomach. Jon's ankles were tied together and Tico ordered him to bend his knees. Jon struggled as Tico looped the rope from his ankles to the rope around his elbows and tightened it off. Wriggling on the floor, Jon moaned and tried to roll on to his side, but Tico pressed down on his back with a foot, swatting his ass with his hand. "Stay still." Jon whimpered and stilled, his eyes sliding closed as he flexed his muscles against the ropes again.

He tensed at the feel of lips against his and snapped his eyes open, trying to jerk away but Tico held his head still.

"Just relax," Tico whispered, his tongue forcing entry past Jon's lips. Jon whimpered, still trying to pull away as Tico lazily explored his mouth before slipping a large ball gag in and buckling it tight behind his head.

"Stay right there," Tico said as he stood up and walked away. "I'll be right back."

Jon watched with wide, panicked eyes as Tico walked out the door, the sound of the key turning in the lock echoing loudly around the room. He struggled in his bonds, feeling the harsh rope rubbing painfully against his skin. The gag muffled his cries as he screamed out to Tico to come back. Shaking his head and trying to expel the gag, he slumped back against the plush carpet, squeezing his eyes closed. Where was Tico and why had he left him alone? He tried to wriggle along the carpet, but barely moved; only managing to increase his arousal as he rubbed his hard-on. He moaned as electric arousal coursed through his body, his skin tingling from the feeling. He was close to coming, he could tell, only... Was he allowed to? He hadn't been told he couldn't, but then again he hadn't been told he could either. Groaning in frustration he forced himself to lay still and relax, breathing hard through his nose. He thought about s hifting on to his side, but his ass was still throbbing from the slap he'd had for moving last time. The last time he got a slap for moving and he was fairly sure he'd get worse this time. Another frustrated moan escape from him as he tried to get comfortable but he couldn't; his shoulders and knees were starting to ache. He shifted on the carpet again, trying to ease the stiffness setting in his joints but all he managed to do was rub his tender cock again. He shook his head, moaning as he realised the ball gag was starting to make his jaw ache. He made himself go limp; maybe he wasn't cut out for this, none of the other guys he'd been with had just left him there, not like this, and he didn't like it. As much as he needed the feeling of handing control over to someone else, this utter helplessness was something new, something different. He tried again to stretch the ropes but they were tied tightly and weren't giving at all under the pressure he was exerting on them, merely rubbing on his skin, leaving rope burns on his wrists and ankles and they started to ache along with everywhere else. What was Tico doing? And where was he? How long was he going to be?

Jon tensed, his eyes snapping open and focussing on the door as he heard the key turning in the lock, the door slowly being pushed open.

Expecting Jon to make some noise, Tico glared at him, one finger over his lips motioning Jon to be quiet as he led a naked and blindfolded young woman into the room and over to the far wall where he pushed her down on her knees. He lashed the rope around her wrists to a hook on the wall, telling her to stay still.

Jon swallowed heavily as he realised Tico was going to... to do something to the girl, and he suspected she was going to punished. Fresh arousal sparked through him and he was glad of the gag to keep him quiet as he rubbed gently against the floor, hands curling into fists behind his back.

Tico's footsteps echoed as he paced around the room, but Jon didn't take his eyes off the girl in front of him. From her colouring she looked Asian, possibly Japanese, but with her eyes covered he couldn't tell for sure. She was crying and Jon wondered exactly what she'd done to warrant being punished by Master T.

His thoughts were cut short by the sound of flesh hitting flesh as Tico's hand met the girl's ass. She whimpered and pulled away, before gasping out "One Master T, Thank you Master T." Tico nodded and carried on spanking her. She flinched away from every slap, counting each one out, her crying growing harder with every passing moment.

It wasn't only the girl who was reacting to the spanking. Every time Tico's hand hit the girl, Jon found himself shuddering on the floor. His breath was coming harder and faster, his arousal and need coursing through him until he felt himself explode in silent orgasm, spraying his stomach, his chest and the floor with come.

He assumed he'd blacked out with the force of it because the next time he opened his eyes, the girl was untied and half laying in Tico's lap, Tico holding her and running his fingers through her hair, whispering in her ear, glancing every so often at the door.

"Vanessa," Tico greeted Nessie as she walked in. "You took your time. "

Nessie glanced around the room, grinning quickly at Jon before turning her attention back to Tico and the other girl. "Sorry, Master T."

"I'm sure you will be. Now, I want you to take care of Kim, clean her up and stay with her for the rest of the evening. Whatever she wants, you are there to provide. And then you will take her home tomorrow morning. Do you understand?"

Nessie nodded. "Yes, Master T." She bent down and, with an arm around Kim's waist, helped her to her feet and out the door.

Satisfied that Kim would be taken care of, Tico turned his attention to Jon kneeling next to him on the floor, running a finger down his cheek. "You enjoyed that, didn't you, j? Were you imagining what it would be like to be in her place? How it would feel?" Jon swallowed heavily but didn't respond. "You enjoyed watching Kim being spanked so much you came, didn't you, j?" Jon met Tico's eyes and nodded. "I don't remember giving you permission to come," Tico said thoughtfully. "Did you have permission to come?" Jon felt his stomach sink as he shook his head. "No, I didn't think so," Tico continued. "You know what that means, of course. It means you have to be punished."


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