Xeno's Paradox
by Don't Make Eye Contact

She sneaked quietly through the woods. The full moon provided enough light for her to see and she knew exactly where she was going. Willow's journal had been quite specific about where she and Tara were going to perform the ritual. Dawn had reread the word skyclad about seven times before she got control of her visualisations and read the details. It wasn't to defeat a demon or anything, it was a ritual of Goddess worship that Tara had done for years. From the entry it sounded like Willow wasn't really into it for the worship but didn't want to either upset Tara or miss out on naked cavorting.

Naked cavorting wasn't something Dawn wanted to miss out on either. She felt like such a loser to be watching them all the time but somewhere along the line it had stopped being a choice. She would watch them together, just being affectionate and casually touching each other as lovers did and she would feel such jealousy and loneliness. But she couldn't stop herself, it was too compulsive. Dawn wanted to be a part of it, wanted the intimacy and love, the sex. She would listen to them at night, imagining herself between them. Tara's lips on hers, Willow kissing down her spine. Fingertips brushing over her skin, hands stroking her possessively, hearing ragged gasps as she touched them. She would fall asleep dreaming that she was between them.

Dawn reached the edge of the grove and concealed herself close enough to see the two witches. She was half disappointed that they were still dressed even though she didn't want to miss any of it. Dawn recognised that they were setting up a protection spell for while they were distracted.

Dawn's fantasies had grown more and more intense over the past few months. She was getting to the point where she could barely stand to see Willow and Tara when they smiled at each other because she wanted so much to be a part of it. She was so happy when she distracted herself with her imaginings, sometimes they were so vivid that she would forget she was alone as she came and for a second she would be confused before the loneliness crashed down on her again.

Dawn analysed herself enough to think that maybe it was the stability of their relationship she wanted, but that didn't really explain how wet she got when she thought of lying between them as they kissed down each side of her body.

Dawn crept closer, the foliage concealing her perfectly from sight. She knelt down before realising how muddy it was and grimaced at herself in disgust. She really hoped Buffy didn't catch her as she sneaked back into the house, she would look like she had been getting laid and Buffy so wasn't ready to deal with that.

Dawn's attention stopped wandering as Tara pulled off her jumper and unhooked her bra. Part of her marvelled at Tara's lack of self-consciousness in this setting. She realised that Tara had probably done this all her life with her mother. Tara was naked now and the blonde did blush when she saw how Willow was looking at her. Tara smiled bashfully and moved to help undress Willow too.

Dawn's heart was pounding loudly in her ears and she was trembling. She didn't hear him until the hand was over her mouth and the fangs were in her neck. She kicked wildly but she couldn't make enough noise. She could still see the shapes of Willow and Tara, the blonde witch pulling her lover to the ground. One of Dawn's kicks smacked against a tree but Willow's moans masked the sound. It wasn't long before Dawn lost her strength.


Dawn's awakening into unlife was easier than most vampires. She hadn't been buried, Just laid out on a cold, stone slab. She jerked alive with a start and looked around. She recognised that it was a crypt but it wasn't Spike's or any of the ones she had been in on patrol.

"You will be wondering where you are? What has happened to you?" The voice was low, with a hint of a mysterious foreign accent. Dawn saw the speaker, sitting on a stone coffin at the other end of the crypt shrouded in darkness. "Soon the thirst will hit you and you will start to understand what you have become."

"A vampire, yeah, I worked that out." Dawn pushed back the rising hunger and looked at herself. Her sire obviously hadn't thought to change her clothes, ripped and muddied from the attack.

"Well, yes." He collected himself. "I knew you were special when I took you. I knew that you would be worthy to spend eternity..."

"When is it? How long was I dead?"

"You know most people would be a bit more confused around now. What is your deal?"

Dawn walked over to her sire. He was shorter than she had thought and had wispy stubble. "Got anyone to eat around here?"

"Well I thought we could go hunting, like together." He smiled hopefully.

Dawn smiled back at him. "I'm gay. Better luck next time." She walked out of the crypt and found herself in a familiar cemetery. It was only half an hour walk home.


It took her an hour to get home because she stopped by the bronze first. She was nicely full when she reached the house and she now had a leather jacket and jeans that she had taken from a tasty butch.

Dawn was torn between going to see Buffy and seeing Willow and Tara first but although she was eager to rip out her sister's throat she was becoming consumed with the idea of vamping Willow and Tara. Fantasies of leather and blood and sweat ran through her mind.

She sneaked round the side of the house and climbed up to Willow and Tara's window. The light was on and the curtain was open a crack. She peeked in and was disappointed to find them both fully clothed. They were sitting at opposite sides of a map and Willow was holding one of Dawn's necklaces.

Dawn frowned as she saw a tear slide down Tara's cheek. Willow paused in her scrying and leaned forward to wipe it away. "She'll be ok, I'm sure."

"What if something happened to her? I couldn't..." More tears came and Willow moved closer to hug her.

Dawn smiled and tapped on the window. Willow nearly jumped out of her skin but Tara saw it was Dawn and hurried to open the window.

"Sweetie, where have you been?" She wiped away the remaining tears and beamed at Dawn.

Dawn forced herself to look contrite rather than staring hungrily at Tara's body. "Is Buffy real mad?"

"She's really worried, Dawn." Willow answered. "She's out searching for you now."

"Maybe I should go find her."

"No! Just come inside. She'll call in soon, we were doing a finding spell" Willow gestured at the assembled spell ingredients. "What happened?"

Dawn climbed in the window and shrugged. "Well it was like this..." She tried to think of a suitable excuse, couldn't and instead hit Willow very hard in the face. Willow collapsed. Tara just stood shocked and then dove for a cross. Dawn had grabbed her almost before she moved. She nuzzled at Tara's neck, feeling the warmth, the soft skin, the pulse.

"Oh sweetie." Tara's voice cracked as if her heart was breaking.

"Don't worry about me. I feel good. It's not like how Giles said vampires were." She looked in Tara's eyes and kissed her. "You'll see. It is so freeing." Then she rammed Tara's head against the wall.

Dawn knew that it would have been easier for her to drain and turn Willow and Tara at home and then carry them someplace else to keep them out of Buffy's way. That would have to be quick though, she knew that her sister could return at any moment and Dawn really wanted to savour drinking their blood. She wanted it to be special.


The crypt was the same as before, with her sire still there. He was sitting on a chair reading Frankenstein. His eyes lit up as she walked in carrying the two witches and set them on the ground. "My sweet daughter of the night. You have returned with food. Hmm. I'll take the blonde."

Without missing a beat she kicked him against he wall, snapped off a chair leg and staked him. Then she set about tying up and gagging first Willow and then Tara. She propped them against the wall and sat to watch them until they woke.

Tara came to first, struggling and frightened. Dawn reached out and stroked her hair. "Don't worry. I'm here." Tara looked at Dawn pityingly, her soulful eyes boring into the new vampire.

"I'm afraid I can't take off your gag. You'd put a spell on me and then you'd miss out on all these incredible sensations."

Tara shook her head managing to put across that she emphatically did want to miss out on all these sensations. Dawn leaned in and started kissing along Tara's jawline and neck. Tara trembled and Dawn's new vampiric senses could tell it wasn't from fear.

"You like that. I always wanted you to want me but I didn't know if you actually did." Dawn's smile was almost contagious.

Tara refused to meet her gaze, ashamed of her own reactions. She looked at Willow who was still out cold. Willow would probably be able to undo these ropes and restrain Dawn without even having to speak a spell. But then what would happen? Now she met Dawn's gaze. She had never encountered a vampire she had known as a human before. She knew Dawn better than even Buffy and all that separated this Dawn from the one she had known was the naked lust and confidence.

"It will be incredible with the three of us together." Dawn said, excited. "We can all sleep together and pick up girls to feed off together."

Tara wondered if Dawn really believed it would be like that. She started to wonder what it would really be like but she couldn't think straight. She didn't want to be a demon, she had spent her life not wanting to be a demon. She didn't want Dawn to die. She realised that her hands were tied loose enough that she might be able to get them free. She did her best to test them without giving the game away. All the while trying to avoid the thoughts swirling around in her head.

"You know." Dawn said thoughtfully as she stroked Willow's face. "Maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to let her wake up." She leaned closer to Willow and licked her neck, tasting the skin. "Mmmm. I always loved her smell."

There was a crash from the door and Dawn looked around to see Buffy standing in it's shattered remains. "Dawn!"

Dawn stood up. "You know that wasn't locked, you could have just walked in but you just had to make an entrance."

Tara used the distraction to struggle harder against her bonds. She almost had one hand free.

"What happened to you?" There was tragedy in Buffy's voice.

Dawn put on her vamp face. "I'll give you three guesses."

The slayer and her sister started to circle each other. Dawn looking for an opportunity to pounce. Buffy trying to reason with her. "Look, we can work something out. We could get Willow to put your soul back. We could..."

"I don't want my soul back. For once I don't have to feel inadequate compared to my superhero sister. Finally I can get Willow and Tara."

"You want... Eww." Buffy's eyes darted to the two witches and Dawn took the opportunity to launch herself at the slayer. Her vampire strength making her feel godlike. She had watched Buffy fighting for years and she would use that knowledge to beat the slayer. Two punches from Buffy and she changed her plan to escaping and returning with a vampire army.

"You can't win, Dawn, don't make me do this." Buffy begged, pushing Dawn back to the wall with a series of kicks.

Tara finally got her hands free. She ripped off her gag and unbound her ankles. Her eyes were on the two fighters as Buffy pinned Dawn to the wall, a stake pressing against Dawn's chest. "I'm sorry, Dawn." She pulled back the stake to strike, tears forming in her eyes.

Tara couldn't stand it, Dawn meant too much to her to lose. She shouted "Vis zenobia! Solvere!" and Buffy was thrown back against the wall. Without hesitation Tara grabbed Dawn's hand and ran with her out the door. Dawn glanced back towards Willow but didn't stop, they would come back for her.


Dawn sank her teeth into the brunette's thigh. After a month of vampirism the hot blood was still better than anything she had ever tasted as a human. But still she felt cold inside. Her eyes were drawn to Willow and Tara. They were feeding from the girl's neck, their eyes locked in obsessive desire. Willow reached out and threaded her hand into Tara's hair, gripping the back of her head possessively.

Dawn gazed at them, empty and lonely. She should be happy, Willow and Tara would fuck her nightly, making her gasp and bleed and orgasm in orgies of kinky creativity. When they slept she would spoon against Tara, reaching a hand over to hold onto Willow's hip.

But the two witches would look into each other's eyes and nobody else would exist for them. Dawn now knew that she could never be a part of that.

She knew that the closer she got the more she would hurt because she could never reach it.


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