by Katrina McDonnell

She was resting her eyes when the phone rang.

"Damn," she mumbled as she juggled the phone from her bedside table to her ear. "Hello?"


"Danny?" She could barely hear him over what sounded like explosions and yelling. "Are you in a war zone?"

"Well I did have to fight for this spot." Claps followed another round of explosions. "I'm on a boat in the middle of Sydney Harbour."


"Oh, CJ, I wish you were here to see it. It's just amazing and there's fireworks exploding off the top of the Bridge and a golden waterfall off the bottom."

She smiled at the excitement in his voice. "You should be watching them more closely instead of talking to me."

"I wanted to share a little bit with you."

His husky tone did things to her she couldn't ignore. Not that she was trying too hard. She smoothed her hand across the blankets covering her stomach. "Thank you."

Another chorus of ohhhs and ahhhs were followed by his voice. "You got a late start?"

"We're working normal people hours today." She glanced at the clock. "I should be getting up and ready."

"You're still in bed?"

She could picture the salacious grin. "Concentrate on the explosions in front of you."

"Spoil sport. What will you be doing at midnight?"

Throwing off the blankets, she slipped her feet into her slippers and grabbed her bathrobe off the end of the bed. "We've got a small gathering in the Residence, so I could be doing any number of things." She shrugged into her robe as she headed for the kitchen and the coffee maker.

"Wait a minute, listen to this." Cheering and several large explosions were followed by clapping and then general chatter. "It's finished. They might show a bit on the tv."

"I'll watch out for it and be able to say I was kinda there." She balanced the phone between her ear and shoulder as she spooned out the coffee. "I can hear a beep, is that your end or mine?"

"Damn. My battery is dying. Can I call you at midnight?"

The words were out of her mouth before she could think. "How about I call you?"

"Okay. I'll make sure my battery's charged."

"Okay." She switched the maker on and silently blamed the lack of caffeine for her offer. "Good night, Danny. Happy new year."

"Have a good day, CJ. I'm looking forward to hearing from you." He made a kissing noise before disconnecting.

She turned off her own phone and immediately started formulating escape plans from the party.


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